Letter(s) from Linda Gerald to Danny (Canada)

Letter 1

Just joined the site and saw ur profile. well, I would like to know u better, and if u wouldnt mind, I want you to write me to ayoladav0010@yahoo.com I will be so glad to read from you in my mail box.
Thank you.

Letter 2

Hi Danny,
I was very deligthed when I read your mails and it is very nice to hear from you.
So, I will like to introduce myself.
My name is Ayola Davies, a 27 yrs old Polish. single and haven't marry once.
My hobbies are reading, watching movies, listening to soft musics, long driving, swiming and travelling.
I hate delay, that is slugglishness and procrastination, I hate lies.
I love some one who is trustworthy. I love nature and sometimes I wish I owened a house in the country not far from a city. You wake up to fresh mountain air, gaze the green senery, see green veges growing in your little garden and so much more.
I wish we both have a wonderful and pleasant journey of friendship that has no end.
I will like to hear from you, get to know you better, what you do for living and where you are from?
I will like to see any of your pics in your next mail too.
one of my pics is attached for you.
bye for now hope to read from you soonest.

Letter 3

Hi Danny,
Glad to read your mail again. I really appreciate that a lot. In fact it dwells the spirit of friendship in me.
Well, If you could recollect it was written on my profile that I am a polish. My mum is from UK where I was born, but my dad from Poland. They both live and stay in Poland.
I was actually based there in Poland before, I left there cos I wanted to run away from my past, my past I meant was mainly my past and last relationship which was nothing to write home about, it all happened that I and my ex boyfriend were both in love for years. We met shortly I got admission to the university.
It was during our relationship my parent died in an auto accident which my elder brother took over the company in Poland with the aim of me joining him in control of the company after my graduation from the university cos I was already in 3 hundred level remaining a year to graduate.
During our courtship I never had any negative thing in mind towards our relationship cos am a kind of person that do things open minded with whoever am dealing with to the extent that I had turned down many men's offer who wanted my hand in marriage cos of my so called boyfriend. There was a day I went to his house without informing him and I did so cos of the negative attitude had been noticing in him, getting to his house, his door was locked, I entered with a spare key of his which is always with me, getting to his room I met him on bed with another girl. After all that, I forgave him when he came to apologies cos am kind of person that easily forgive and forget things cos I believe relationship is all about for better and for worse, later after some months he did some thing which broke the back of our relationship.
He travelled to germany with all the money in our joint account which I had the largest contribution , and you wouldn’t believe it was all the allowances my brother did remitted to my account monthly out of the total profit of our father company I did transfered to our joint account which my ex b-f travelled with all my share money in the joint account, not that the money was painful to me but the most painful thing was that I so much trusted and loved him that I never believe he could do such a thing cos of money and how I wish he knew how much I loved him but he took all he did to me to be the priority.
Shortly after he did that I was in need of some money for my final project in school which my brother had already paid all the money I would be needing for my project into my account in advance which I later transfered them all to the joint account b4 my ex travelled to germany, so I could'nt go back to him cos he would be wondering what happened to all the money in my account, later he got to know all that was hiding to him how my ex b f betrayed and duped me. He felt embittered and said all sort of words to me that ,was that how I would be managing our father's company by the time I join him, spend money lavishly cos up till now he never believe my ex b f duped me cos he knew I could never decensed so low to that extent of putting all money in a joint account with my ex, but then I was badly in love that I did everything to make I and my ex b f became one but to no avail I was paid with eveil.
Furthermore you would'nt believe that after all that my ex boyfriend did to me, I never gave chance to be loved and love for good six months cos my heart was badly wounded, it was later after my graduation from the university, my brother then decided to send me down to Africa to look after our charity home here in Nigeria, and I thank GOD life has been going smoothly for me and my past has been wiping away from my memory gradaully. This just my second year in Nigeria and I thank GOD I have been coping with the life style here, despite I don't have any intimate friend, only my colleagues at work.
Nice knowing you. Lastly if I may ask what has ever been your greatest achievement and dreams in life..
Bye for nowwwwww
Look forward to hearing from you...........
I will send you one of my pics again in my next mail Bye for now.
Ayola Davies

Letter 4

Hi Danny,
sorry I didn’t write you since yesterday. I was just too busy at the office today, and infact I just have to write you before going to bed.
Well, how're you doing today? Hope cool.
Your prompt replies makes the spirit of friendship dwells in me for real. Good to read about your greatest achievement so far in life and I pray may your achievements in life continue to grow. Mine isn’t that bad, firstly, I suppose my academic achievements aren't bad, got a decent job. Secondly I'll say it's great achievement being 27 years of age and I thank GOD for keeping me alive in good health up till this very moment cos many are not opportuned to get to this age of mine before they gave up the ghost but here I am today still alive with good things of life, good job, I get whatever I wanted anytime any day. I think this a great achievement on it's own. Moreso I see one of my greatest acheivement on earth to be opportuned in my life to bring happiness into the life of the less previledge ones here in Nigeria. I think this's all I can refer to my greatest achievement in life so far and I pray there should'nt be a limit to be my achievements in life About my dreams and what I need in a man, One of my greatest dream that has'nt come to reality is getting the right man cos it is the wish of every woman that loves peace, joy and happiness to get married to the right man and not the wrong person cos it takes two to tango, someone that will forever love me, that will be close to me like my parent, and that will appreciate me being his wife.
I have attached for you one of my picture I took here in africa. bye for now hope to read from you again.
I would have loved to chat with u online but I am too tired. But dont worry we will surely have a constant and frequent conversation without waiting for ones email or chat.

Letter 5

Hi Danny,
I was so happy talking to you on phone, u really make me happy and make me whole and complete. I have never being so intimate for the past 2 years of loneliness after I broke up with my ex.
Though I have not seen the face one on one but in my conversation with you, I can easily know the kind of man you are.
An impression without __expression causes depression. what am saying here in essence is that, you are a rare gem I cann't do without. is it your sense of humour, your caring talks. you see, I have pondered over this issue of relationship and I realize that to be in love is the greatest thing on earth "TO LOVE IS TO BE LOVED", when someone loves you, you need to love that person back in return.
I must confess that ever since the day I started with you, considering the fact that this is a broken heart, living that behind. you made me feel alive because you are so much interested in our precious relationship and these really gave me the rest of mind, the gut, effrontery to quit that word loneliness. though, the kind of feelings I have towards you is not measurable, no statistical calculation can determine the goodness of love I’m beginning to have for you.
I got ur text message. so nice and lovely, it make my day end with joy.
I will write u tommorow. Its time for bed.
and by the way, Zeta is my pet polish name

Letter 6

Feel good when somebody miss you,
Feel better when somebody love you,
But feel best when somebody never forget you.
I won’t forget you.
Thought of you lingers on my mind.
Good Morning my Love,
Ayola Davies

Letter 7

Danny Dear,
I believed this is Gods call for us. I've kept my feelings for you contained for as long as I could. I am in love with you though, from the first day we had conversation on phone. you sound like an Angel and a God sent. The feelings I possesed towards you is so different. I have never felt that before in my past years of loneliness. and true, honest love shouldn't be contained and kept quiet for too long. I think There is so much about you that most girls wont notice. They might only see half; see your body but my feelings for you is way more then skin deep. My feelings for you grow more and more every day, and my love for you grows deeper and more everlasting with every passing minute. You mean so much to me, I mean just talking to you on phone put so much smile on my face or hearing you heart-melting voice just brightens up my worst days and makes them so much better. I dream of you day in and day out; you're all that's ever on my mind. I hate leaving my phone because I'm afraid I might miss one of your calls. I would walk a thousand miles to see you for one minute and have not one question about it. I am in love with you and have been in love with you!! I love you,
I will see the travelling agent tommorow ok just to know how much it will cost me to be with you. I wouldnt mind coming over real soon danny. but just that I am scared. men could be funny sometimes. I have had so much ups and downs in the past and want to put a stop to it. Men are full of deceit, and I hope u are not one of those that has such attitude. However, with the kind of passport I posses, a UK passport, I have the right to enter Canada without Visa, but I must not exceed more than three months, only if something like marriage comes in btw.
I will let you know when I return from the travelling agent tommorow.
Take care of urself, and thank you so much for ur call. I love talking to you.
Love always,

Letter 8

I send a kiss from far away down to you to brighten your day tenderly it will touch your skin and free the loaded passion within. Have a nice day.
In love,

Letter 9

My Dear Danny,
Each night before I sleep, your sweet voice echoes through my mind. As I rest my head on my pillow a smile seeps through my soul, knowing that you, and you alone have made me whole. Without you I would simply be surviving, but with you I am living life to the fullest. Because of your love my spirit has been rejuvenated.
The simplest pleasures in life bring me so much joy that it is hard to find the words to describe them. A walk in the park becomes a reality based metaphor... it is our journey together hand in hand forever more.
Even in my moods, regardless of the irritations of daily life when I was lonely put so much joy in me when talking or reading from you. The sound of your Voice rings through my ears and touches my heart.
Love is not a job, love simply is. Unconditional love is what I offer you, and with you I receive the same. You are my heart of hearts, my soul mate, friend, lover and partner for life.
I will love you forever and a day. Thank you for being there, loving me and knowing what my true heart wants. Now I put my mind at rest for you will not betray my feelings and love I have for you.
I need to come to you Danny, there is no need we meeting at the stop over point! cos I want to know you well. It reminds me of an Autralian guy I met over the net, that was when I was still in Poland after the scene of my first love. I was so desperate to meet someone to love me so as to forget my past, but all came to no avail. I fell for him, and he invited me to come to Australia. I spent over $3200 for my trip to Australia, though we had a nice time in the first week, but to my suprise a lady showed up from no where claiming to be the wife of my so called Australian love. I was totally mad and couldnt know what to do. I have no choice than to leave immediately for Poland. It was after that I decided to yield to my brothers advise to come down here to Nigeria to coordinate our family charity home instead of sitting and thinking about my love life.
Well, I hope you are unlike them.
I met the travelling agent and he told me it would cost me to fly from here Lagos Nigeria to Toronto $1405. which is pretty much for me to come up with at the moment. and I was told can not get a one way ticket as a result of my first time visit to Canada.
Love always, and I hope we find a way out to be with each other real soon. Hope to read from you in the morning.
Ur Ayola

Letter 10

My Danny Love,
I appreciate ur call today and cant wait to feel you next to me. Danny My Love, Only two hearts can sing with all the joy life brings, inspiring hope in the soul's depths, scaling mountains never climbed yet, flying beyond the star's reach and discovering beauty in the light of each, seeking rainbows beyond the pall.
Only two hearts in love, have it all Danny--two hearts like ours.
I sat alone amidst the warm, soft glow of candles last night. I layed back amidst my bounty of plush pillows. sighed quietly smiled within the distant memory of you. I traced my fingers over the circles of my breasts feeling you inside of me... cos I was missing you so much even till now. The memory of you wont live my sight. I need you, and I thank God you came into my life. you wont know how much you mean to me, how much I love you until we meet.
I was very excited talking to you in the afternoon when u called, my day is never completed without mailing you or talking to you.
So honey, how is your day going? hope you are ok just as I am here, I can only complain cos I miss your presence. I cant wait to be with you, my body aches so much for you Honey.
We are faraway from each other and yet you still can get me aroused. sometimes, we did say "I LOVE YOU". Though, no words can describe how much we mean to our seleves. But what we have in mind is all that matter most.
I miss the way it feels for you to kiss my lips and slowly go down my neck until you get to my breast. Then you slowly circle ur tongue around my nipple while looking in my eyes knowing I only wish you to go lower. Then you make a trail of kisses down my stomache while you tightly hold onto my inner thighs. I know you will love to tease me with the little kisses while u will lay right on the outside of my panties.
I LOVE YOU and I wont stop loving you, and I cant stop thinking about you.
I will look forward to ur reply my love, I just have to write you cos I might be so busy tommorow. I need to have some documents completed and signed at the ministry tommorow.
Also, I just got a mail from my brother that he would send me $470 tommorow to support me for my ticket. so honey, all I will be needing to have my ticket booked will be around $950 USD. and I will be so happy if u can just help me out with it. u know quite alright that I can do anything for u my love, so also u can do anything to make ur love happy.
I want to be with you soon Danny, and I hope u will surely make me happy.
My brother wanted to have it booked for me from Poland but they wont just accept any online or ticket booked from abroad at the airport during check in by the custom and immigration of this country. this is a third world country.
I hope I will read from you in the morning before I live for office.
Ur love,
Ayola Danny

Letter 11

I am about going to the ministry of works and housing ok. Moreover, I just spoke with my brother on how I can be with you soon. I cant wait till that may, so also, its not a good advise you coming here without knowing who u are. u men are so deceitful that u pretend to be the most loving one on earth. Well, my brother said there is this client of his owing him some amount. And presently the client is at the hospital with his wife who had a stroke, and he was unable to have the money sent. in these case, he said all he could do to have the money sent is to have a check sent, and as a result of not able to have it cleared in Europe or here in Africa Nigeria, my brother said if u can help him me clear the check and have the money sent to me once cleared, I can use it for my trip.
So honey, all I needed from you now is just ur full name and address which u want the check sent to.
I love you honey, and cant wait to be with you real soon.
I hope I will read back from you by the time I will be back to office.
Ur Love,
Also, I will send you the answers u requested for in ur previous mail.