Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kovareva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Michael! First of all I would like to wish you a pleasant day. Thank you for your lovely message and I was glad to see your pictures!
You know, it seems to me, that our life consists of chances and we should do our best not to miss them. It may happen so, that our just started communication is going to change our lives. So, why not to find that out?! In general I think we (I mean modern people) are very lucky because we can communicate, share our feelings and emotions without even seeing and hearing each but it is only the beginning and I think that everything may change in future.
Now I think that it is high time for me to tell about myself. So, you already know my name, it is Irina. My date of birth is September, 12 1980. I am 172 cm tall and my weight is 52 kg. I have long brown hair and green eyes. I live in Ukraine, in Nikolaev city which on the south of the country, near the Black sea. I work as a hairdresser. Speaking of my character, I would like to tell you, that I am an optimist by nature and I always believe that everything that is happening is for better, even if it does not look so in the beginning. Sometimes, I can also be unpredictable as very often my actions depend on my feelings or intuition. I am always listening to them and they do not let me down, as a rule. That’s why I decided to search for a man of dreams here in Internet.
I have already told you about my optimistic nature and, to tell you the truth, it is even hard for me to remember when I was in a bad mood last time. Most of the time I feel real joy living this life, it is so very bright and it can give you so much pleasure. The only thing that we need is just to be attentive to everything that is around us and enjoy every moment. And, what is really important, is that we always need that very special person to share these unforgettable moments with and live a happy and enjoyable life together… I am looking for a best friend as well as a lover. Someone to hold my hand when I am feeling down and someone to share my joy when I’m happy. I am a very romantic and affectionate girl. I am sociable and lively, I like an active way of life. I like dancing, walking and playing tennis sometimes. I just adore spending time at the seaside, swim and tan in summer and in winter I like to ski and skate at the skating rink. All this helps me to be in a good physical shape and moreover makes my mood go up.
And one more thing, I want to tell you is I don’t speak English so far, but I know, I should start learning it and I am planning to do it in the near future. Language is possible to learn and I hope that it won’t frighten you.
Well, I truly hope that I have helped you a bit to get an idea of who I am.
My dear, I am seeking my true love. It is not important, where he is coming from. He just has to be loving, sincere and honest. I hope, you are the man what I am looking for. But you also have to know, that I don’t like to write endless e-mails and as my intentions are serious, I would like to meet in person and may be continue our relations in reality when we learn each other better in letters. Please tell me, if it is possible for you to visit me in Ukraine once. As for me, I am ready to move abroad to the country where I find my soul mate and if we like and love each other to stay with him forever! Warm hugs and kisses, Irina.
Letter 2
Hi Misha! How are you? It’s a great pleasure to read back from you!
It would be a great idea to meet in person, but I should see your photos at first, to learn more about you so that I could realise for myself if I want to meet with you and continue our relations in reality. Are you joking, I am not sure that I want to communicate with you at all, and of course I won't make for you any photos. I am searching for a man and I choose, not I will be chosen. It's your problem that you don't trust me, if you don't trust, lets stop and search for women whom you can trust. Now I want to tell you about my family background. My mother perished when I was 5 years old and unfortunately I almost don’t remember her.
I was brought up by my grandmother and father, though I never was close with my father as he was a sailor and liked women a lot whom he gave all his free time, money and love. My grandmother passed away 4 years ago and since that time I live alone. My father remarried and lives separately with his new family. I have three siblings; two step brothers and one step sister. I am not very close with them as we brought up in different families and homes. I have many friends, whom I really can rely on and trust them. Although I have my immediate friends around me, it still makes me feel empty inside not being able to love a man and to be loved. I am not searching for a superman or rich man and I don’t ask much. All I want is a man who will always be honest with me, will respect me as himself, who will be faithful, and will love me for who I am. I’m looking for a man who will be my best friend, my lover and who will stand by my side through the good time and the bad, who will love me and only me, and I will do the same in return. I’m looking for a man I can love and be happy with for the rest of our lives. Money and looks is really not important as much as a person’s heart! Sure we do need money to survive in this world but I think having a lot of money and no love is no way to live life! If you don't have some one to love, you have nothing! I know people who love each other a lot and are not wealthy but they get by and are very happy just having each other! I know that everyone is different but if two people are reasonable, honest and willing give as much as they receive, they can easily have a good relationship! I want a serious relationship, leading to marriage and having a family.
Do you believe in destiny, Misha ? I think we have a course we are put on when we are born. We just follow this the best we can, and sometimes good things come of it to use. If somebody would have told me just a year ago I would have an interest in a man on the other side of the world, I would have just laugh! But now I am talking to you. It is kind of a small miracle! Would you not agree? After my disappointments in men I decided to try to search abroad because the men I met on my way here in Ukraine were not serious and shallow. May be because women are much more in Ukraine than men or because of the hard economical situation and instability they are afraid of serious relations and responsibility for woman and starting family, but I was not lucky to find my love here. I want to get your reply as soon as possible and I want you to know that I like you very much. I want our friendship and communication to be open and honest. I would like to take the time and learn all there is to know about you and I will be happy to tell you all about me and my life.
I look forward to hearing from you. Irina.
Letter 3
Hello dear Misha! I was happy so much, when I saw your name in my inbox, because I was waiting very much for your letter. When I read your letter, my pulse gets quicker. I don't know what has happened with me :) I liked your photos. I think, it's a man should 'pay a price' for having opportunity to be with me as his woman and lifepartner and I am not going to do it. Especially if I am much more younger and much more beautiful than you are. If you don't like to continue relations with me, I still will have many chances to find my love and many men who would be ready for everything to have me as their women and I don't see any reason to prove you something. Imagine if you was a young and beautiful 29 y o man and a woman who would be twice older than you ask you to prove you something if you want her to be yours, what would you do and how would you react? I am very romantic and always love holding hands when walking or going out, I love cuddles and showing my love at home or in public because I want people to see I am proud to be with my man. I like to spend romantic times with some delicious supper, candles, a fire in the fireplace and some soft music. When I am in love - I love to pamper and spoil my loved one. Love and life is measured by the moments not by years and I want to experience as much wonderful, romantic and unforgettable moments with my beloved man as possible. I like that we can use Internet because some things are very difficult to say face to face and it is necessary some time. With Internet we can tell about personal things and don't be afraid.
I am sure that *** is a very important part of the relationships, but I will never be able to make love with man to whom I don't have feelings or if I don't respect him. First, we should become friends, soul mates and after it I am ready to belong to my man with my soul and body.
I'm a dreamer and as all dreamers I love dreaming about my future, my life and my love. So I confess that I've made eye opened dreams about you. I tried to imagine how could it be meeting you and then to see you, how could it be to hear your voice, how could be to look you into your eyes, how could be to embrace you...Maybe this is not normal when you know someone who lives so far and maybe I should keep my feet on the ground but it’s so nice to dream about you near me...besides this dreams help us to go on and let us feel alive and free! Imagine we would sit on a beautiful beach and we were watching the sunfall. I would sit behind you and have put my arms around you. I lean my head on your shoulder while your hands are going over my legs, over stomach up to my ******* which you softly ****** and feel that my ******* get erected. You turn your head to me and we kiss each other very passionately. Would you like that?? What do you think we will do then?
I let you continue my dream, honey! I believe, we can make all our dreams true together and the distance that we are apart is easy to overcome. As we get to know each other better the distance will become closer and closer and our feelings will get stronger. I'm interesting to move on with you for a serious relationship in the future. I feel that you are special, openhearted and honest man and I want very much that things work for us. If we match, I'll always stay behind you and give you a shoulder to lay your head on as you need it. Honey, I am sure that your intentions are serious like my intentions.
I do not want to be disappointed and deceived again. I want to be happy. It is very simply. Would you like to be happy with me? I do not know how, but I want to put a smile on your face, that will stay always. I wish I could reach across the distance and give you a hug and kiss you like you have never been kissed before and to take your breath away. I want the sun to shine for you always! May be if my will is strong enough you will feel a wisp of breeze on your lips ! I wish you a nice day. With hugs & kisses, Irina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Msha, I am so happy to get your letter. How are you doing? I have been thinking of you so much lately. I cannot get you out of my mind. And I like it very much. You have changed this world for me with your presence, and some things are not looked the same they have looked before. Dear, I was glad to see your photos but there is no need to send me your photos of 40 years ago when you was young and handsome as you will never be the same again and if I want to have relations with you, I will have a man who looks like as on the photos which are your recent. You are good in advertising yourself, but I am that kind of person who doesn't believe in advertisement and I have my own opinion in everything. If something is advertised, it is not in demand among people. In any way, yourth and beauty are on my side and I hope you undestand how lucky you are that you have a chance to be my man and have such a beautiful, wonderful, loving, devoted, caring and passionate woman as I am. I was told many times and by many people that I have all the chances to become a model, movie star, celebrity or beauty queen as I am beautiful, I don't have any physical defects, I have all the standard for a model parts of body. Any man would be proud to walk with me and call me his wife and woman. You are right, we all have our age, and it is a law of nature to grow old, to loose beauty, health and strength in old years and die at about 80 years and we can nothing to do with it however money we would have! By the way, are you sure that you are still strong enough to satisfy a young wife in bed and make her happy woman because I am a very passionate woman and taking pills like ****** is not a way out as it can ruin your heart very fast and you may die while making ***. You know, even if we are not together now, I feel, that between us there is a deep connection. And later, when we will live together, we will keep our romance and affection to each other as we do now. I hope our relation will get closer and stronger. I was tired to be alone, but I didn't think that the Internet can bring to me luck, but it gave me a change to go on-line to search for my life partner, and I was lucky to meet you, Misha!!! I imagine how wonderful it would be to kiss with you for the first time.. I wonder how incredibly pleasurable it would be to touch you in the way you have always wanted to be touched, and begin to feel the excitement and the passion growing as I begin to kiss you ever so softly, in just the right way, in those special places that cause your whole body to quiver with excitement. I imagine the comfortable feeling of gently caressing your face, your cheeks, running my fingers through your hair, softly rubbing my fingers across your lips. Kissing your neck, down further to your sensual places, as the excitement builds even more, as you begin to desire my kisses all over your body.
I have more impudent dreams, but I am not sure if you are ready to for them??? I need to see you soon! I need to feel the taste of your skin and your smell. I need to see your expressions of pleasure when my tongue touches your body and... and to hear every single moan that follows the wet sounds of my lips on your fingertips. Today in the morning I woke up with the only thought insight me - you and your letters. Have you missed me? How did you spent this day? I beg you pardon for such abnormal interest, but you live deep in my soul, dreams, feelings. And I want that you stay in my life forever. I want to meet with you in person, to see that man, who captured my heart and soul. Letters are not enough for me, and I want you in real life. I want to leave this country, where I am lonely and don't feel comfortable. Letters for me is just a way to meet each other, and to learn each other better, but I am ready to move to you and be with you forever. With love, Irina.
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