Scam letter(s) from Elena Hlopova to Rodger (USA)

Letter 1
Hello from Ukraine Rodger! :)

Thanks for giving me your e-mail address.. I really had no time to chat at the site.. So, let me tell you more about myself. I believe you have seen my profile but still I want to remind you that my name is Elena. I'm 27 years old. I'm high, dark-haired with brown eyes.I live in Ukraine and I am very lonely here:(

Now you can look at this letter and my photos and ask yourself "WOW! Who is this Lady?" I can tell you: - "Maybe I'm your destiny? and you want know me better?". Because I want to know you closer and maybe fall in love with you! I want to find out if we have much in common. I hop that the same as for me distance does not matter for you! I think we can have nice time together, first corresponding and then in person if we decide to meet!
So, will we begin to know each other and to experience new feelings?

Your response and your thoughts are very important to me! I will wait for your letter and I hope it will be soon!

Letter 2
Hello, dear Rodger!

I am very pleased to receive the letter from you! I like that you're with me, I feel warmth in my heart and I hasten to write you a reply!

I think, we have a lot of in common, we have the attraction to each other and I think that this is only the beginning! I want to spend a lot of time with you,but I can do this only in my letters! I hope we meet in reality some time!I like you and I want to speak with you about everything! It is very easy for me, because I'm flying in my mind when I write you a letter! And what do you feel when you write me?
Today I want to tell you a little about my family. You know,that I don't have father. He died when I was a little girl. I remember him very badly. It was a very big shock for our family. My parents loved each other. When I was child, I really missed my father. My mom was always with me, she is all in one for me - my mother, father and best friend. It's very difficult, but Ukrainian women are strong!

I want to find my love! I think Internet will help me with this. I see my future husband - an interesting person, kind, honest, affectionate, romantic! I want to be in love every minute,every morning, evening, night! Honesty, understanding and trust in the relationship is very important for me! I think that you can be this man, Rodger! I hope that we will have a great future with you!

Rodger, I want to ask you,it is a delicate question for me.
Can you share me something about your sexual life? I think for man and woman is an important question! What do you think?

I think friendship and love is important in our life. I am missing the love of my life. I do not want to be without her. I am alone woman and i will give all my heart and soul to my lovely man.

Honey, I will wait for you letter! And remember - I am thinking of you!

Kiss you!
Your Elena
Letter 3
Hello,my sweety!

Your letter arrived and when I saw it was from you it made me smile and my heart started to beat faster. I would be very proud and happy to be the woman in your life to satisfy your needs and desires and would be a very lucky woman to be with you every night and wake in the morning cuddling beside you..
I hope that I will be this woman!I love romance, kissing, gentle touch and warm words. To make love by candlelight and feel Scent of Love!
I like to make love with my man a very gently or very passionate , kissing his body and play with him in different exciting game.I will be your woman! I am interested and like to learn more about you. You should show me what you are like so I can start to plan how I can have you in my life as I already have you in my heart ,dear Rodger!

Internet has given me chance to have a wonderful man in my life maybe for our mutual loving future. But, you know I have difficult situation in my family. And now I have some problems, I can't pay for the interpreter's service I don't know what I can do now! I think I need some time for find the money for our correspondence. I don't want to lose you, Rodger! I thought I would write you in Russian so you could translate it at your side, but I cannot do that as I have no computer and Internet at home.. I went to the internet - cafe,but I could not use any programs and people did not want to help me in this. Also many drunk boys was picking on me. I was upset :( But in this Translations agency I have everything - good people,smiles and very good service. Now we live in different countries, but distance can also be conquered and over time we may and we will meet in person so I can look into your eyes..

Oooo, I want to show you some photos. You know that I like to be photographed. I have a girl-friend, photographer, and she knows about you. She made a photo session for me. And these photos are just for you! I hope you like it..

I am thinking of you, of our future...every minute! I want to be with you and will hope that my dreams come true!
Rodger, I don't now what I can do now, it is very sad for me. I will hope that after some time we will be together!

Kiss you!
Your Elena
Letter 4

Good day,Mr. Rodger!

Thank you for your letter to Miss Elena !We are the Translations agency "AWFU" (All World For You) which helps Miss Elena communicate with you.
Your lady Miss Elena does not have possibility to receive translated letters and write you since her account is empty. She can not pay for our service.
But your letter on Russian language Miss Elena can not understand because it's just set of words with out any sence. This programm does not properly translate words.
Normal communication for relations with such a program is not possible. But she is serious about you and she wants to continue to communicate with you, if you want the same you can kindly help her with translation fees. Please, send us your soonest reply!

Thank you for your time!

Truly yours,
Natalia Popova - manager of "AWFU"
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