Scam Letter(s) from Kelly Bates to Randy (USA)

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Letter 1

hi randy....i hope you good over there…sorry you have not hear from me for a very long time, i have been so sick but am fine now, when will you be chance to reply back or come online so that we can chat and et to know each other, am really sorry i keep you waiting for this long, but that really shows you have good feelings for me, i like that, can't wait to hear back from you.
kiss you your true love,,rosemary

Letter 2

Dear….yes that picture is me. i would not lies to you,, i not know who that girl lana brook is,, we might look the same to you. i sent you my picture that is real me. You must believe me cos i love you and god has picked you to be with me to end. i will not be a porno star as you say that girl is i will never be that . u can trust me cos i only love you ,,it not about money do not care you not send money i do not want ur money only need ur love… i will wait for u tonight so we chat about this. i sorry do not have not webcam and knows no one that i can borrow as u asked.
i send you my real picture and all saying on subject,, u will c that i am real girl 4 u kiss you my love and husband,, rosemary

Letter 3

Dear Randy,
It's a great pleasure for me to write you this short note Randy... I don’t mean to border you and please don’t think that i want to take advantage of you. Randy, there is protest that lead to riots here in the UK which affect our apartment. Please for now, i am down to earth and i need your help financial... please any amount you can offer from your heart at least to keep me leaving for now until the government was able to find solution to all this mess, i will be very glad. I look up to you and to read from you soon, Thanks.

Your sincerely Alberta

Letter 4

Dear Randy,
It’s nice reading from you this noon. How are you, work and life generally? I guess fine! Randy, I was badly affected in the riot and that is very annoying cos since then life has not been easy with me and my daughter. To top it all, my daughter is sick cos of the tremor she witness. Oh my God… Our house was burnt down and there is known cloth or food to eat. I don’t want to say much about how we are leaving cos it’s disgusting and shameful. I feel very sad, that I cannot meet my daughters need at this very critical situation when she needed me most “my priority now is to get us a house to leave in” but all I will say is thanks to you for being there for us. Below is my information which you will need to wire the money through western union…

Name: Alberta Asomoah
City: London
State: London
Country: United Kingdom

Hug Alberta

Letter 5

How are you? Let me tell you about myself as I have tell you my name and age, my name is Alberta Asomoah Fifgolk. I’m 39 years old I’m single with one daughter my daughter age is 14 years old. I’m work here in London as a sales girl in a small restaurant. I join badoo to find a long term relationship because since time my husband has past away I have been alone I think is time for me to find a man that we can share long term relationship.. I’m loving kind woman well I have never travel out of London before but I love travel…..Alberta

Letter 6

It’s nice reading from you this afternoon. How are you, work and life generally? I am so sorry you did not see me online for chatting. I don’t think, we will be able to chat cos I am a very busy lady, teaching my students require more of my time and when I get home, I may be tired, I do lots of research in other to improve my skills in teaching my students to the best of my abilities. I only have little time to do this stuff of online dating and I hope it yield good result cos I have suffer from men’s hand enough. I am not in for games but looking for the man who will be the love of my life, a man who will represent my father, uncle and brother. A man, who will love me for whom I am and not just for my beauty, I am 36yrs old, the name of my daughter is Precious and she is 6yrs old.

Letter 7

Dear Randy,
Honestly, i am very confused about this allegation you level against me. Please let talk about this step by step in other for me to understand you clearly. Did you say i sent you those two mail with different Age for myself and daughter? and my work as well?
I guess something is wrong somewhere! I know myself better than anybody so what will i gain turning around my age and my daughter age. After talking with you around May and you told me you are in Israel and very busy. I did not hear from you until of recent July ending which means the message you are talking about is within my conversation with you. I know you may not believe me that i did not write anything pertaining the second mail, God is my witness... cos nothing i could say to convince you!!!
Randy, If this is true and not mare allegation just cos i ask you for help. I think you have done me a great favor by telling me and not just avoid me because i just change my password should in-case some one is having access to my mail earlier.
Randy, i still stand on my word. i am the first lady you do talk with when you are in Israel, the same Alberta, 39yr who has a daughter of 14yrs and work in the restaurant. I don't know where your decision lies... But anything you conclude is accepted by me. I just need your help, i mean know harm to you, God is my witness.
Your sincerely Alberta

Letter 8

Dear Randy,
It's nice reading from you this morning... Randy, how can you think this way? I mean, how can you say i am not in UK? If i am not in UK, how can i ask you for money to be sent to UK? How will i catch the money? Honestly, what you told me in your previous mail is very strange to me and that is why i had changed my password.
If i may ask you one question.... What can i do for you to believe i am in UK? i look forward to read from you later, Thanks.

Letter 9

Dear Randy,
It's nice reading from you this afternoon. How are you, work and life generally? Here is the picture you request for being attach with this mail as i look forward to read from you, Thanks.
Hug Alberta



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