Romance scam letter(s) from Linda Kumi to Thonny (Sweden)
Letter 1
Good morning,my love
I also woke up tis morning very happy thinking of my chat with you and what my uncle also said to me after you had a chat with him.

I am also really glad things are moving rightly and moving very fast than i even thought.i was just home this morning when my uncle gave me a call and said i should come over for the traditional marriage form so i went there and he gave me the form so the items you will need to perform my traditional marriage rites are as follows:

2 Sheep's: ...:220dollars
4 Bottles of Schnapps's: ...160dollars
1 Cow : ...:300dollars
4 Fouls ...:70dollars
8 yards of Kente Cloth: ...:350dollars
2 round African beads(necklace) ...:90dollars
2 African beads(bracelets) ...:90dollars
1 round silver crown ...:80dollars
6 crates of soft drinks ...:500dollars
1 Gold ring(promise ring) ....:250dollars

Well honey this are the items needed and if there is anything else you will like to know concerning the rites you can call my uncle and let him know and he will explain the whole process to you..

Bye for now honey and will be looking forward to chatting you soon and also reading a message from you soon but i cant wait to be with you forever my love.We are almost at the point of living the happy life together so just get the traditional marriage rites done and we will be together.

Kisses And Hugs Just For You Alone Thonny Kweku Langhoff....

I Love You More!

Love Forever,
Letter 2
Hello Honey,
hope you had a great day and your night is going great.
About the traditional marriage,it should be done before i come over to you as the tradition demands we should not be together without the traditional marriage The traditional marriage here simply means you are showing your self to the family and taking responsibility of me.or culture here in Ghana is different so do well to call my uncle and he will explain everything thoroughly to you for you to understand the need for you to do this.

Kisses And Hugs.

Yours Forever,

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