Scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Ethan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my fine Ethan!
This letter to me is to be started especially!
Today probably one of fine days in me!!!
How there were your days? What was interesting?
I hope, that your life have much more changed.
I want to tell you so much today because this day I have understood as you am necessary for me.
All that occured in me earlier, was not such as now! I thought of our relations much...
Now I with confidence can speak you, that my life has changed and filled by new feelings.
I feel need to speak about all to you. Because you very much like me!!!
My heart began to beat twice more! Earlier I tried to understand, that in me occur.
I tried to understand everything, but now I understand that these feelings are connected with you.
My dear Ethan, I have the big feelings to you!!! I do not know, whether it is possible to name it love.
Because such feelings at me for the first time. Earlier I did not understand, that such love.
I liked, but my love was not full!!! Now I understand, that such the present love!
I shall be to name you now my loved and fine?
Many times when I might not fall asleep, I thought of you. I dreamed of us much.
When I have woken up my ideas were connected to you. I have understood as you am necessary for me.
My feelings very light and fine. My soul sings also all my intimate impacts are stronger, than earlier.
I can not believe, as I have exchanged. I notice that now, I reflect on you much more.
I dream all more recently and begin to plan about the future.
Earlier I was very sad and on me seldom there was a smile. There was no mood!!!
You began for me to the most dear now! The way which was, time that I lived in loneliness-
Now remained behind. Now my life began in a new fashion.
Feelings for you Ethan, my heat which in me. I want to give all this to you!!!
This letter with all my feelings to you and only for you...
When I dreamed and represented us, I saw that we are very happy.
Our feelings are each other full and in us the big love. I want my dream to carry out!!!
I do not want to lose feeling, which in me now. I want to admit my feelings to you.
In the childhood I dreamed, that I shall be love in prince. The majority of girls dreams of prince.
But feelings and real love which occur in us the most fine that may occur in life!
I now precisely know, that you my prince! Such feelings I wanted to test to the man which means for me much.
It is pleasant for me to speak, that it the man are you Ethan!!!
I do not know, how my recognition to you will affect you? What you will tell to me in the letter?
But I promised to be with you fair!!! I have now need to embrace you...
I would like to look at your person much and to see happiness if I spoke you directly.
I hope, that can understand all my feelings in this letter...
You my prince Ethan! I want that we were lucky enough also love now.
I adore you and want to transfer my long kiss in this letter.
I with impatience shall wait your letter, yours Elena.
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