Scam letter(s) from Janet Mark to Dale (Canada)

Letter 1
Am sorry honey, i got home to meet power off and am so sad...i took some pics for u and here are they, am sure they will help u recover and also atone for missing me so much...I LOVE U DARLING KISSES
Letter 2
Good afternoon sir, sorry for the delay in detailing you about Miss Ethel Effah Tweneboah’s inheritance. It has been 8years since Mr. Tweneboah, her dad died, there were lots of complicated issues after his death which I think appropriate for Ethel to tell you more.

I have been out of the country for a long time until I received a message from the Security Company in which her dad left some properties hidden there for her. Her dad was a very successful man but family issues made things very bad for them after he died and that is the main reason why these Golden bars were hidden secretly in safe keeping at the Gold Coast Security Company with written Agreement covering it to a certain period of time.

I shouldn’t be doing this now since her dad wanted her to know about all these either when she is seriously engaged to a man or even married and this is where you come in since she told me she has just met you and that you love each other. Upon the message received from the Gold Coast Security Company warning to confiscate the 100 kilograms Gold as a result of delay in collection, this is so since her dad paid for just 5 years of safe keeping and now it has been extra 3 years. I am meeting Ethel and her mom today to discuss more about this and tomorrow meet the Board of Directors of the Security Company.

Thank You

Barrister Reuben Nyarko
Letter 3
yes but we will chat tonite. did u read the lawyer's email yet and did u reply him
Letter 4

Ohh i am very sorry honey, we met the lawyer yesterday but have been very busy today since tomorrow is holiday here...lots of customers, will talk with u later tonight when am home okay...honey i miss u so much and the lawyer told me yesterday that he sent u an email...Love u and please recover for me because am sad now because u are sick..ohh sweetie be well for me ok Love u so much
Letter 5
I miss u also, just spoke with my Mom and the lawyer on phone, its about my inheritance my dad left me, Its Gold which he kept in a security company for me..I am very glad but kind of complications.. it seems as if my dad didn't pay all dues for their safe keeping....Good news but am yet to know more and what we have to do....i am even amazed at this news darling a whole 100 kilograms gold for me ??????
Letter 6
You are on my mind darling and i really want to be with u...pls get well for me ok
Letter 7
I Love to hear your voice darling, You are incredibly sweet and i can't get u off my mind because i love the way i feel when i think about u enjoy ur sleep my sweetest heart
Letter 8
My Darling Dale, I do not know how to express the conflicting emotions that have surged like a storm through my heart all night long. I only know that first and foremost in all my thoughts has been the glorious confirmation you gave me the 2nd night - without effort, unconsciously, of course - of all I have ever thought of your mind and heart, you told me you love me and i felt your words in me like you were demonstrating your love in actions with me. You have the greatest soul, the noblest nature, the sweetest, most loving heart I have ever known, and my love and admiration for you have increased so much since we’ve known each other just this short time, it still amazes me and am always thanking God for this wonderful time ending the year 2010. You are more wonderful and lovely in my eyes than you ever was and have been for someone; and my pride, joy and gratitude that you should love me with such a perfect love beyond all expression. You are the best for me, God knows we are very much compatible and needs each other that's why he has brought us together, He works in miraculous ways and His times are always the BEST for His Children! Love You Dale Love Always, Ethel :X:X:X:X
Letter 9
wow thanks for the Pics, I AM IN LOVE DARLING
Letter 10
I will be safe for u dear, maybe u can try a loan from ur bank or something to get me into ur arms dear

Letter 11
I understand and thanks for the advice but i prefer to see how it goes between us before i include talking with another man
Letter 12
My dad was a big business man who deals in Gold and diamonds used to buy them in Ghana and Togo and then ships it for trade in the USA Canada Australia and many European countries so on one of his business trips to Ghana he decided to come with my senior sister and when they got here they were involved in a fatal motor accident that led to the death of my dad and sister. so we needed to come and take care of all burial rites in Ghana since it was way too expensive to bring their dead bodies to South Africa where am originally from.. this was very ******* us after everything my dad's family was very hostile on my mom when we got back to S.A and it came to a time i needed to start my high school and my mom couldn't take care of me since my uncles have taken possessions of everything that my dad worked for all in the name of my mom been the cause of my dad's death. I wasn't easy. This that my mom is the cause of my late dad's death hmm this was bad a good friend to my dad made me come to attend high school in Ghana and after some time my mom was feeling too lonely so he also decided to join me in Ghana and so my new family is this my dad's good friend who took care of me in high school and
college have prayed very hard about us last night and just this morning i explained everything to my mom so she could also help me in prayers, i believe with God's leadership, things will work out good for us, i would be please again if you will get the international calling plan since if you were to have that last night you would have been able to call me. I look forward to chat today even from work okay, kisses Hugs, enjoy your day bye now Yours, Ethel
Letter 13
Dont forget I want to here about how you ended up in Ghana, and any other things that are on your mind.....Ethel... this is serious now.... I have come to enjoy chatting with you and hope in my heart that you are sincere in seeking real love, honest love, devotion with no games, I dont have time for games... at 61 I am still searching for that special one in my life.... had a great time chatting with you today and look forward to our next encounter... Thanks for your email, am really enjoying chatting with You my dear
Letter 14
wow You are so lovely dear, that would be so awesome, i can't wait to dance with you to our own song. I want to be with you happily darling. Sorry about last night, i forgot that my internet subscription ended yesterday that's why i was unable to chat with u online but will make payments this afternoon since i can't sleep another night without chatting with my dear Dale. I hope even to chat with u when am less busy at work okay, have a wonderful days sweetie
Letter 15
I have viewed your website and i am still on it, i like reading about you, you are great man and i am wondering how big the world will seem to me if i become your woman, i will gladly love to learn more about you dear, here are few pics about, hope to hear back from you soon. Bye
Letter 16
Good evening and how are You doing, my name is Ethel. am 31 years old as my profile says and i am here with the hope of finding a good friend who can become my lover after we have come to know each other better. I am new to this internet dating stuff and would be glad if i could hear back from you in my private email address which is calmbabe//at/y/a/h/o/o/./c/o/m. just delete the slashes okay. So if you're interested let me hear back from you and am sure we can have a good conversation and learn about each other. Thanks for reading Bye Ethel
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