Scam letter(s) from Alexia Scheirloh to Brooks (USA)

Letter 1
Honey you are all i think of and i must tell you that you are the only one who has captured my Heart and made me a lady that ever have to love again. I never believed or knew there are still good and better men like you. All my life i have lived in Agony and pain loving . But i just don't know how this came through my mind and i am now in love with you and you alone i would love. Honey you are the best in the World to me and i would never forget you cos i can't wait to be with you and to hold you firm to myself. Honey you have made me so happy and comforted with the Love you showed to me and i swear to give this back to you in a Multiple return by making you happy all the days of your Life. I am so happy and right now i do not know what to write cos i am speechless . Hope you like this picture of mine. And i don't mind getting one from you as well. Love You Always . Alexia
Letter 2
Hello My Love. It Caused me a very big Sore inside my Heart to see the picture of what happened to you and i am really sad right here cos i am unable to be with you to stay by you when you are in problem. This really makes the whole World look like it's falling on me. I am not there with you but honey i know you can really sense the Heart that cares and really wish to be with you. I am not happy with myself here but Honey i just want you to try and take good care of yourself for me . Hope to get a response back from you. Love You Always. Alexia
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