Romance scam letter(s) from Kristina Borosiva to Glenn (USA)
Letter 1
hi dear, Glenn!
I have no car, and I never resulted the car. It Seems that so difficultly. Is necessary to have time to look at road, to twist a wheel and press pedals simultaneously. You believe, what I can study?
If you me could learn it that I will be the good pupil. Well?
I want to tell for you very important thing, yesterday I went to church and prayed for us. I asked the god that he has given us more forces in our relations, and we in the near future have met you also our love has arisen with new force Glenn.
I so waited your letter and so wanted to learn that you will tell to me. I regret, that took place with you, but I hope, that everyone will be good, I shall pray concerning you. Thanks for your words and gratitude for your feelings. Your words have touched my heart and have penetrated into depth of my soul. Thanks for your sincerity and tenderness Glenn. And thanks for your feelings! I never thought, that in the world there is a man which can force to feel like me similarly to a flower only by means of words. Thanks, that you have brought spring in my heart!
Glenn, today I write to you with special anxiety, but also with pleasure and hope. I really hope, that everything, that I shall tell to you today, will do you happy. Last time, when I have written to you my letter, I had the big grief in my heart, and even that I tried to not show it, I think, that you have noticed it because my letter was short.
Yesterday I spoke with the girlfriend, we very long time talked to her about us. And I have told, that I want to meet you Glenn! I have told to it, that I want to spend my vacation with you Glenn! I can arrive to you, and we can waste time together if you want. And all over again I was afraid, that if I shall tell to you about it in the letter, you will write to me, that you do not want, to see me or cannot meet me. And it would damage my heart. But Svetlana has told, that you Glenn and I are such good friends, our relations are constructed on sincerity, therefore Glenn will be happy to waste time with me. And I really think, that it would be delightful. So, what you will tell, Glenn if I shall offer you a meeting? You would be happy to see me and to spend with me some days?
I cannot imagine in general as it would be wonderful. You would show me your life, we shall study each other in a real life. We would study eyes each other, we could hold our hands, speak each other silly histories, laugh and tease each other, observe stars in the evening sky and have romantic evening, go at cinema, or we could sit simply on a bench in park and who knows that else we could make together... I would be happy to make all this together with you, instead of again to be lonely without you and our friendship. I simply want to meet you.
Anyhow, we should meet. It is possible to wait eternally.
You would like to waste time with me? You would be pleased, to meet me?
You would be happy, to have the first meeting at your airport?
I shall look forward to hearing from you with pleasure.
Your sincere Kristina
Letter 2
hi dear, Glenn!
How - your mood? I hope, that up to my letter your mood was fine, but after my letter, your mood became high-quality (smile), I was probable is too self-assured. But I am happy again because I have again received your letter. I so waited within this minute, - when I can write to you Glenn. Our friendship became the important part of my life, and I hope it in your life also. Sometimes I understand, that a string which connects me to you now, is not strongest. But I do not want, that this string has been torn. Right now I sit, and I smile simply because I am pleased, that again I can to divide with you my ideas Glenn. Sometimes I so want, that you saw my smile during the similar moment because I think, that it - the most sincere smile! But sometimes my smile leaves me because I know, that now a unique thing which connects us - our ideas which we send each other, - the ideas transformed into the letters which are not capable to show all depth of ideas. But at the same time I understand, that nobody knows that waits for us in the future. I hope, that my words do not offend you, and it is possible you even think also, as I... I want to admit to you Glenn, that after all your fine letters, and your fine words, I want to admit really to you, that I you love Glenn, YES IT SO!!! I very much thought of that as to you to tell these words, but I the simple person and would be desirable to speak me with you simply, I know that all relations are under construction on trust to each other, and I trust you Glenn.
Thanks for all your words. I am very pleased, that you have expressed me your opinion. It is pleasant for me for understanding, that I have the friend - the true person. I really do not understand, how people can be very malicious if they like each other. I do not remember, when last time I have become angry. I do not like to be malicious, and I do not like to quarrel. I know absolutely precisely, that any disagreements can be solved with a smile on the person. I try never to lift a voice. To compel me to shout easier than to do me mad. I like to measure people and when my friends in quarrel, I always operate as the peacemaker. When I am upset, it can be understood on my eyes.
Svetlana speaks, that when I am upset, I have such sad eyes, that the ambassador seeing on me she wants to shout. Probably it - the truth because when I am upset, everyone notices it. I become silent and imperceptible. I as always conversation with people, I smile, but all the same everyone sees something not so with me. To bear quarrel in a bed or to leave a problem tomorrow day it is wrong. I never would do it. I never can be in a disagreement more than several minutes. I feel very much not conveniently if I am in a disagreement. Therefore I always try to settle at once. If people like each other and respect feelings and interests each other, I am confident Glenn, that serious disagreements cannot take place. I always accept in attention opinion concerning other people; therefore I very seldom have disagreements with someone. I respect any opinion. And I am confident, that any quarrel can be discussed simply in silent conversation. It is enough to express your opinion and closely and yours faithfully to listen to opinion concerning your beloved. And the decision will arrive. Also what can be more pleasant, than a soft kiss after a short disagreement? Really Glenn?
Tomorrow difficult day waits for me. Probably tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I shall work outside of clinic. We name it - " the working day of trip ". It - difficult day. This day some doctors and experts of our clinic go by the special medical bus in the various remote small settlements, small villages in a thicket of a wood. They - poor villages which are located far from the big cities and settlements. In these villages there are no doctors and clinics, and people cannot visit clinic at any moment. In such villages there are always many people which require the doctor, but clinic itself cannot reach. Frequently it are people which are not capable to live without the help of other people, - basically - small children or old and weak weak people. We enter into these villages by the bus with all necessary equipment. People in these villages love us and wait more than something. But it - really firm work if to take into account, that we go there at 6:00, and we come back sometimes even after 22:00!
But I shall wait your letter because our friendship and our relations gives force to me, and our dialogue - rest for my soul!
The my dear friend Glenn! I should go! Sincerely and with ideas on you.
Your Kristina
Letter 3
Hello the my dear friend, Glenn!!!!
Thanks for your fine message.
I simply want and I require you!!! Because only near to you I will be the happiest in this world!!!
Today I have gone to the Internet of the cafe, being absolutely confident, that your letter waits for me. Earlier I have always gone with an idea, that you probably nevertheless have not written, but today as well as always I have gone with an idea, that your letter already waits for me. I moved ahead street with a smile on my person.
I could not hide my smile. People which have gone by me, looked back back and looked at me. Here already a lot of serving know, that I have found such remarkable friend, and nobody is surprised, that my friend lives in other country. Everyone only is pleased. Anybody here is not surprised, if the woman searches not the Russian person. I think, that cultural distinction - a remarkable thing. I do not understand the Russian men and their culture of dialogue with the woman. They are not capable to estimate feeling of the woman, her fidelity, love.
They do not estimate sincerity and aspiration of the woman to make for the person absolutely all. A unique thing which she requires - heat and tenderness which she wants to receive from the person. It - a problem of the Russian men. The Russian lady does all for the person, but does not receive anything from him. Everything what she requires - at least some sensitive words and a gentle contact of his hands. Really it is so difficult Glenn? It is really difficult to present for your lady romantic evening and a supper with candles? In Russia as a rule such gift gives lady to the person, but not to the person of lady. You speak, that I am beautiful, it is very pleasant for me to hear from you such fine words Glenn.
I - the usual and simple woman with usual occurrence. The Russian men, actually all from them, usually show disrespect to lady. They believe, that the woman only should work, prepare, wash up fabrics and entertain the person when it wants. For the Russian person to offend the woman - a usual thing. I like to prepare and wash up fabrics, but sometimes I would like to receive simple tenderness, love and attention. I do not want to offend all men. Certainly, there are good men in Russia, but there are few from them. Men very much frequently speak dirty words (not the normative dictionary) when they speak from lady and believe, that there is nothing poorly in it.
I do not trust the Russian men. I am afraid to give my love, but back to receive roughness instead of love. I have told to you about it Glenn because I want that you knew, that I open to you my soul.
If you have disagreements from lady, you can apply roughness?
Whether it is valid you are capable to transform quarrel to the world, pleasure and a smile Glenn?
I hope, that my letter has not offended you by any way.
I should finish. With all my kindness and tenderness.
Your Kristina
Letter 4

good day, Glenn.
I am very pleased, which you have written to me. Many thanks. You Cannot imagine, as far as I wait for messages from you! Your letters Became a part of my days! Now in my ideas always only one question - " When I shall receive an opportunity to read your letter and to write Mine? "... And when I see your letter, I shout: " Kristina, you can jump up, You have received the letter! "
Yes my friends sometimes name me Kristina, Krissy or Kris. I not against if you me will as name.
Yes I saw film Avatar, to me have very much liked!!!
Today - good day, and to clinic I have arrived already with good mood.
Today were a little bit rain at night. In the morning I have left street
To run, and I saw, that all pathes of a leg and road completely
Filled with a rain. But I love such weather. I love any weather. Many
People do not notice beauty which has surrounded them. In my soul such
Sustain to wake the big energy and fine mood. I love all seasons. I
Autumn of love. Yellow leaves, gold trees. So wonderfully enter
Park and listen, as a rustle of leaves under legs; to see clouds which
Navigation in the sky to see, which birds leave to the warm countries. And
At night the sky starts to shout. It is wonderful. As it would be
Remarkable to appear in such weather with beloved in a small room with
Warm fireplace; weak light and singing. How you think Glenn? What
Whether can be finer than romantic evening this day? I at all do not know, I
Love what season more. The Russian winter is delightful. All world
Around it is white. And falling of a snow bewitchs, is especial in
Evening. When you see streams of light from a window, and on a
The background of the black sky small snowflakes is similar to stars. And
If during long time you look at the sky then it seems, that you fly
Through these remarkable snowflakes to something to the unknown person
The person. I love spring. The world as though it is given birth again.
Air is filled with freshness. All troubles and refusals thaw together
With a snow. Sounds of birds of the child singing for the first time.
Summer - fine mood, wish to study the world to have rest and to
Enjoy a life. I feel, that I speak nonsense.
Thanks for your fine words. Thanks for your sincere and gentle words.
Nobody spoke with me so softly, cautiously and sincerely before! Yours
Ideas and feelings are so beautiful and romantic. And I see me in yours
Ideas, and I force me to feel it that especial lady. Your letters
Glenn, and your ideas bring pleasure in due time and give calmness
My soul. I think of you,. I really want to
Tell to you, that I feel. I receive great pleasure when you write
I. Your letters and your ideas bring pleasure in due time and give
Calmness to my soul. I think of you, and I feel high temperature in heart.
Have such kind heart. Something in me has induced me that you very much
The sincere and true person. It so is important for me. I always think about
You, and it are pleasant to me. I do not know, where I go. But I - not
Being afraid of it. Nobody knows, that waits for us in the future, in one
Hour, or tomorrow, or in 20 years. I simply go there where directs me
My heart. I listen, that my heart speaks me. When time will arrive, in
Make a choice, to choose road, my heart again will tell to me, that I
Should do now. So was always in my life. And now my heart - falling
Outside of limits with unusual feelings, and I do not know as to
Describe it, I feel. I do not feel it between us one thousand
Kilometers. I constantly think of you Glenn. I never feel such high
In my heart. About yes Glenn! I like to kiss! (I want to intrigue
You! I could?) I think that a kiss it in general the most romantic and
Sensual way of expression of love, tenderness and desire. People allow
To study each other the private world and to test each other; people
Exchange breath. It - very sensual moment, and certainly it brings
Pleasure to any person. A kiss it - display of feelings. By means of a
The kiss is possible to tell very much. It - very important part
Relations. Any displays of feelings, a kiss or embrace - very much
Important. It - a primary factor of relations. I think more,
Better. I like should kiss in a neck! It - my magic place! Also
Shoulders Glenn, hands, a stomach and certainly lips!!!!! I like to
Be gentle. It - a part of my character. I like to give tenderness, and
I like to receive tenderness. Therefore I hate anger and roughness. I
Like to express feelings in all allowable ways. And I think, that it
Is remarkable. By the way, I operate many years. I really have good health
Because I always try to support my figure, and I run every morning. I
Try to spend all for nothing time in air in the biggest degree.
I really love a healthy way of life. And I am proud of it. I like
Sports meets meet very much. Though should recognize, that I never played a
The golf, football and basketball, never boxed. But I could surprise you
If I had an opportunity to compete to you in volleyball of coast.
The way when I studied at university, I has visited section
Navigation also has reached good results. Some times I participated in
Competitions of swimming. swimming - till now my favourite kind
Sports meets meet.
Glenn, I should finish. With the best regards and with ideas concerning you. Your Kristina
Letter 5
honey, is a pity to you to write me today this short letter. The matter is that today Monday and I have a lot of paper work.
To us for work public prosecutor's check is going to come. And I should prepare the report about twist to work for them.
It is the small report and the documentation. But I hope that with you all well, I hope that tomorrow I will have possibility to answer your questions!!!
How you today?
My honey in these days off I looked a fantastic film "Stephen Hokinga's Universe", you looked it???
It is beautiful, these are special effects, and I was very happy that people from your countries shoot such films. Because they tell our history. And whence we have appeared. :-)
It was very interesting to me!!!
I hope that once we together can look this film.
I wish to tell that I think of you. Also I hope that you have good days!!!
I will speak with you more tomorrow as soon as I will have more time from work.
I will be as is happy to receive yours of the answer!!!
I will answer all your questions. well?
Letter 6
hello Glenn!
Thanks for your anxiety on Svetlana. her illness, It is not dangerous, but has demanded to place her in hospital, to take the small review.
Now doctors have learned all and it is probable tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow she already will leave from hospital, but will be compelled to spend still some days home to provide rest.
At once I want to tell Glenn, that Svetlana sends you her congratulations. I was in hospital, and we carried out her birthday very well. I wanted to bakee a small pie, but it appeared opposite.
The pie was huge. It weighed two kg when I have brought it in hospital, we have divided it into a set of parts; both all doctors and some patients who were in this small branch - saws tea and eat a pie together with us, and everyone was pleased and happy. I have brought many balloons. She was very pleased and grateful to me. Day is remarkable today, and weather is good. The sun shines all the day long. To add to all it, I have your letter, and my happiness has no limits. So concerning your weather? There can be today after work I shall take walk. I like to go along the street and to inhale fresh air, is especial when weather of heat, even in the winter. Actually I do not want to go home. At home - it is very boring and lonely.
Sometimes I do not notice it, but sometimes when I come home with good mood, I want to speak very much, to divide ideas with anyone, to have an entertainment. But my apartment is empty, and I should be in full loneliness. And my good mood disappears. I simply sit in an armchair and I look at a window. And when the silence deafens me when I hear movement of my eyelashes, during that moment the hoop of loneliness compresses my heart. I can listen to music or read the book. I can go to my friends. But through some moment I understand, that I only deceive me. Actually I want, that the beloved person was about me with whom I could spend evenings, meet morning, speak about yesterday and dream of tomorrow day. I want to go and feel, that the strong hand of the person holds me. I do not want to prepare I peep only for me directly. I want, that someone has estimated it Glenn. But I think enough of it. Hello Glenn, again. I started to write the letter in the morning. The heavy working day today was. My working day arrives to the end soon. But, one employee has brought here to her small son, and she has asked me to care of him because she should leave urgently within several hours. The boy knows me very well. he already some times remained with me and wasted time. As our works of clinic till 22.00, we can be here up to the end of the working day. His mum works in our clinic only a few months, and she has no any friends or relatives here. For this reason I already have some times helped her.
her son - the amusing boy. he has told to me, that tomorrow he with mum should go to the dentist to consider his bad tooth. I have asked him: Of what you dream? he has answered, that he dreams to begin adults because adults have no problems with a teeth. It was so amusing. I frequently recollect the childhood. I always dreamed to begin adults as soon as possible. As each child I completely believed, that adults have no problems in general. I dreamed in the childhood, and I dream now. Certainly, the world of dreams - the illusory world.
We live in a real life so we should not decrease in the world of dreams and imaginations during long time. When the dream becomes obsession, it can bring only a pain and disappointment. Our dreams are carried out not always. It happens, that you use all energy, all aspiration to force dream to be carried out. But irrespective of the fact how tensely you try, not, all in this life depends on us. When the dream during long time is failed, the dream stops to be a star which was for you a beacon at ocean of a life. But anyhow, I think, that is impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When there is a dream, the life is filled with sense. Our dreams compel us to think, analyze, choose and come to a conclusion. Belief and Hope - eternal satellites of our lives. And regardless of the fact that waits you in the end, we remember pleasure of victories better, than disappointment and a pain of defeats. Unless you do not agree? I am surprised, that I write all this to you Glenn. I never had the person with whom I felt conveniently in division of my ideas. But now I have found you, and I am very pleased. Forgive to me for my frankness. If I have told, that something superfluous forgives me please. I can ask some small questions? You like to sleep, or to rise early in the morning? You like to kiss? (Smile) you - good the one who kisses? (Smile) Does you like, when your friends arrive to your house, or you prefer to go to friends. I adore, when Svetlana or Irina arrive to my apartment. You like to see what clothes in lady? I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Letter 7
Unfortunately I have my honey only some minutes to write you this message. Because I just from work and now I will need to run there again.
Today at us Monday, and we have a lot of work again there has arrived the bus from a countryside with children. And I lead with them discussion. I to Ask for leave for a dinner and instead I have come to speak with you!!!
Because I am happy that we have met and we will be together the happiest pair!
I hope that you for me will not worry today that I had not dinner and have come to speak instead with you!
I will not answer you questions in this letter, but I will do it next time. When I will have more free time.
I think of you and you always in my head!!!
your Kristina
Letter 8
Hello, the my dear friend Glenn! I hope, that you do not object to it, I speak so.
Thanks for your letter. Day after day I feel more needs for reception of your letter. Your mail is very important for me. My mood became better again when I have your letter. I should tell, that when I have good mood, I hear gratitude from my patients much more more frequently (smile). Therefore, now health of Russian children depends on your letters (a smile again).
In the letters we it is more and we learn about each other more. Our letters develop our relations and our friendship. But I understand Glenn, that it is not enough. And we should learn about each other more.
To my regret I could not visit an exhibition about which I to you spoke. The last days were a plenty of work, and I could not go. But it not death (smile). By the way, when I have arrived to work today, my mood was bad, because my friend Svetlana was ill, and now she is in hospital. The most sad thing - that she has birthday today. To her of 28 years today. Unfortunately she will spend her birthday in hospital.
But I already spoke with the doctor, and to me will allow to spend evening in her chamber. In the evening I shall bakee a pie, I shall buy balloons and to go to hospital. I hope very much, that she will have good mood on her birthday. She - my best friend. By the way Glenn, she works with me in clinic.
Svetlana the doctor otolaryngologist in our clinic. Actually I have only two real friends - Svetlana and Irina. Svetlana - lady who is in hospital. Irina - our friend within several years. Svetlana and I - similarly to sisters. We like to take walk. Usually we go in park. But also and we like to waste time in a garden of a vegetable of Svetlana.
She lives in the old wooden house. I do not know, whether you saw such buildings. It - buildings which have been constructed before the Second World war, in the fortieth years. They - very old buildings which have no a bath and a waterpipe. So people should take water outside in well. In the modern world such conditions seem very awful, but it - is valid so. We like to waste time in a garden of a vegetable of Svetlana. There she raises a potato, tomatoes and cucumbers to not buy them in the market. Every winter Svetlana, Irina and I together we build the big Yeti in her vegetative garden, using the big spheres of a snow. We place carrots instead of a nose, and a potato instead of eyes. It is very amusing Glenn. Children of all neighbour of the profit to see it. By the way, if we want to play the fool, we place carrots not only instead of a nose but also and is lower..... (a hint, and a smile) For the first time we have made such Yeti 10 years ago.
From now on we do it every year. It - tradition for us. We poured it with water to close ice. So it could stand within the whole winter. We have many small and big lakes and the rivers. Places are very beautiful. If there was no criminality, it would be paradise. But alas Glenn, the criminal in cities, just as in the big cities - an integral part our life. Unfortunately the crime in Russia is at very high level. But I do not want to tell about sad things. Some times, Svetlana, Irina and I there were to festival songs of the bard. It - a place at coast of the river where many people arrive from all country.
At night the coast is closed by one thousand fires. The stage - also has established the huge raft having the form of a guitar directly on water and everyone who wants to sing together with known singers of the bard, goes on it to a raft and starts to sing. And all thousand people become silent and listen to this singer even if he is absolutely unknown. It - unique festival.
At the end of the letter I want to ask to you a question on religion.
Because I the religious girl, whether also me very much would be desirable to ask you trust in the god. Because I believe in the god and I even think that our meeting not casual?! I last night spoke with the parents and have told about that that have got acquainted with you. My parents of me understand why I have decided to search for the love in other country. And all is good, they have approved my act.
I should finish my letter. I do not want, but I should make it. Today, when I shall arrive to Svetlana, we shall speak about you. She likes to ask about you, and I like to tell to her. I wanted to ask you, what does you happy Glenn? What was the best gift from the woman whom you have received? Sincerely yours, and with the best regards.
Letter 9
Today difficult day was, and dialogue with you deletes my physical weariness. The quantity of patients has considerably increased within several last years. Here many people live in the remote areas, impassable areas. They live even without an electricity in absolutely improper conditions for a life. The sad fact. Sometimes I want, that our president Medvedev lived here instead of the Kremlin, has simply understood, what life. Probably in this case all wars would end much faster? Forgive to me, that I speak you about our problems, simply I write all that in my head. If you do not like to read about it is simply speak me.
I want to explain to you much more about that why I have decided to search for the love in other country. The matter is that I had experience with Russian the man and I would not like more it. I do not want to connect the life with these people. I saw as many people in other countries have fine families. And the fine future. I have decided to search in the Internet because I do not want in the life more the Russian person. Because I before have been used. I lived with the person, very long time, all was good, but he started to walk from other girls. I have been simply lost. I could not understand why such have taken place. I thought that I shall have the finest future. About my God as I was mistaken!!! You imagine except for me at him appeared to eat some more girls which he as spoke one and too. he spoke that I like and that unique for him. I understand that people study on mistakes, there was my mistake in that that I trusted him, and trusted in that that he speaks me, I thought that I have met the person with which I shall be the happiest in this life!!! But I was mistaken. And any more I do not want that in my life there were problems in relations, it was very difficult for me to experience it. I hope that I shall make now a correct choice and I shall devote all life to the favourite person. I have been simply used, I gave all love to him, but he did not appreciate it and did not understand. To him was all the same. I hope that you Glenn, not such person. The most important in relations for me, is the truth!!! Only on trust all relations are under construction. I hope that you understand me?
Under your letters I see, that you are a beautiful person. I am confident, that you are a happy person. But anyway, I created my structure only to find the friend to a life, the favourite person.
I want to tell to you that I love all flowers and what most of all like you? But my favourite flowers - lilies. You know such flowers?
They - very beautiful flowers. But my favourite aroma - aroma of a jasmin. I adore a jasmin more than all. I love aroma of a jasmin more than lilies, and it is more than all flowers taken together. It - the most delightful aroma. Though a jasmin - a factory of a bush and to name a jasmin colors hardly possible. But for me it - flowers, the most beautiful and most delightful flowers of sense of smell on the Earth. Anybody and never allowed to me a jasmin. If it will take place, I shall go mad for happiness. You do saw a jasmin? You know a jasmin? My favourite color is is pink though in general I love all colors, each shade is fine. Hundreds shades, tones. I love all colors of a rainbow. But you ask to name one, and it is pink. It - the most gentle and beautiful color.
Since the early childhood I am capable to prepare, sew, knit and do any heavy physical work. Now I absolutely agree, that is correctly spoken that: " The thing which does not kill us, does us by stronger ". Unless you do not coordinate Glenn? I have left to study at good medical university in our city. At university for the first time in my life I have found the true friend (it is Svetlana, my girlfriend), who - my best and reliable friend till now. We have together passed through a hard time, when have been compelled to study and work in the evening and at night, - only to support myself. After the termination of university I should receive a management for the young expert. It - my life, and it - a part of me. And how you would study me more if I shall not speak you it, really? And I also would be pleased to study more about you. Your life is very interesting to me. Whether it is valid you are grateful to destiny for something in your life Glenn?
How frequently you get tired on your work? You love character, the rivers and lakes, a wood and mountains? You the religious person Glenn? I shall wait for your letter so please write to me soon!
Sincerely and with the best regards.
Your friend (I hope) Kristina.
Letter 10
My sweet Glenn!
My dear! I so worry. I so hoped to receive your letter, about YES, my God it has come. Has received your fine letter Glenn. I like and I dream of you, every second. I am simply happy that have found you, and now I can speak with you more and more and more.
I as would like to meet you in a real life, I understand that you the serious person, and seriously concern to my letters. I understand that the real meeting will not replace thousand letters, only at a real meeting we can learn each other better. You agree with me? I can try all to learn that to us it is necessary to be together, I could visit travel agency and all to learn about it. Well? I want that we have met you in a real life, and have discussed all plans for our future life, well?
Now I need in your encouragement more than ever. I so worry. I should make so much. I ask, that you have written to me. I am so happy, I am lost on work. Because I think of you always, I understand that you that person, you mine the man, my ideal!!! Only with you I shall be the happiest!!!
My girlfriends speak that I have fallen in love, it very well is visible, because all my conversations only about you, and all my ideas be relative only us!!!
Please, do not leave me now. As it is a pity to me, that you do not see, how Svetlana is happy, for our relations! She is sure, that our meeting will do us happy. It is simply impossible to speak with her now! (Smile). She has now only one theme for conversation - you Glenn! She constantly asks about you, asks - that I shall make together with you, she asks - that I shall make at the airport, she asks - that I shall prepare for you. She asks, as I am going to impress you, to intrigue! She even asks, as I temptation of you! (Smile). She speaks, that I do all correctly, and I should not be afraid of anything in general. Win road the one who goes on this road can only. Svetlana is very pleased, that I have found you Glenn, and she sends you her friendly congratulations and wishes of happy expectation of me! (Smile).
Glenn, please, will not be annoyed on me if I cannot write to you very much now. I am a little occupied on work.
You will sing songs for me? I would be happy, if you will sing songs and songs for me! I would renumerate you kisses! (Smile).
Glenn, I should finish the letter, the huge distance is very a pity to me that between us. I should make much so that you had an opportunity to give me massage and to receive massage from me!
Please, write to me because now I need in you and your letters very much very urgently because I worry so...
Yours Krisrina.

Letter 11
My dear Glenn, thanks for your fine letter, very pleasantly that for so much to time we with you now can speak me about us. And about our life. As I already spoke to you I the only child in a family. I work as the children's psychologist. It is my trade. Yesterday I spoke you that I shall go to travel agency that all to learn for that that to me is necessary to arrive to you. As I also have made. I have prepared for you for the list of necessary documents which are necessary for me in embassy for reception of the visa. You do not imagine as I is happy because I have met you, and you for me very much much mean, I want that we with you were together. I hope that soon there will come that fine day when I can kiss you in the real world when I can really kiss you. I want to feel your real kiss. If you could see my person after I was in travel agency, it light a huge smile. It is not very a pity to me that I can turn to a bird and fly to you, through this huge distance. My love to receive the visa to me it is necessary: THE LIST OF DOCUMENTS: 1. The questionnaires filled in English. 2. The passport for travel abroad: the original + a x-copy of page with a photo. 3. The certificate on a birth: the original, a x-copy, translation into English language (about Notarial assurance of translations). 4. The information on absence of a previous conviction and records it is criminal character. In the information from Militias should be specified all names, surnames and dates of a birth, with which you Ever used. The information should contain the information on each place (areas, territory, republic of the Russian Federation) where the applicant lived or lives More than 6 months, since 16-years age, including the periods of study. 5. Results of medical survey in the sealed envelope. Physical examination can be passed in One of the medical centers accredited at Embassy. Term Processings of results of physical examination - about 2 days. Behind more detailed information about Physical examination address directly in medical the centers. 6.2 color photos of a fullface in the size 50x50 mm for the visa. The image of eyes should To be at a level 28-35 mm from the bottom border of a photo. Photos are required in addition for medical survey. 7. Money for payment of consular gathering, and for registration of all necessary information - $442. My dear you could help me in registration of all these documents? I hope that you can study the information, and inform me as soon as possible. I hope that we with you shall very soon together!!! Your love Kristina
Letter 12
I write to you the letter, and in the street such sunny day, and it gives force to wait during that moment when we with you at last, that we shall be together. Because when I shall be together with you, I shall feel like in full safety. Only in your strong hands I. I look at the buteuful sun, and I think of you and about what you the remarkable person. You such cautious, you cannot imagine as it is important for me. I did not think, that I can meet the person who on is fine as you Glenn. My honey, for a dinner I eat soup, and a baked pudding, it is usual my dinner. But tasty.
:-) And in the morning I can eat an omelette and juice. Or sandwiches. And here for a supper I eat only yoghurt because I should sit at the figure.
Suddenly you will not love me. :-) Yes certainly our laws strict, but the most important thing not to break them. Mine religion Orthodox. I see, that you really very well concern to me, and I am ready to wait for our meeting, how many it is required, but nevertheless I want you to meet very soon. It, that it raises me now most of all, to similar me in all of you and pleasantly which is especial to me that, you cares of all nuances for my arrival in you. I am grateful to you of that you are ready to decide many problems, connected with it I, very much I estimate it. You can be convinced of it Glenn. It, that I see all this in you more and more and more I convince me in which the correct choice concerning you has made. My feelings to you are so pure and truthful, not, only my heart speaks, which loves you but also and the reason which I understand, that you my dear and loved. This season will wake in us especial feelings it that not probably to describe words this such magic feeling. The understanding of it, that in you is, you love what person also which, loves you, helps you to feel wings behind of a back part. You which that person I love also, you allow me to fly on wings of love. My soul sings also this song about you road!!!
I love you Glenn! Yours Kristina!
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