Scam letter(s) from Yana Sazonova to Emmanuel (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello Emmanuel I have just read your profile in the internet and it interested me greatly!:) my name is Yana. I'm from Russia. I'm very sociable person and i have a lot of friends. Though i have never talked to a person from another country. The thing is that i live in a small city and you may not believe but we haven't had access to internet till last year. a lot of my friends say that it's a great thing. But i was kind of laid back . i was too busy to go to the internet cafe and look what internet is. One of my friends told me that there are so many possibilities to talk to different people from the countries all over the world! And now i realize that it's really great! And i'm kind of sorry that i haven't decide to do it earlier. You are the first foreihner i'm going to talk to:) the thing is i'm so into English. I think this language is very beautiful and it's rather simple to learn. So i hope my English is all right and you will understand everything as well:) we have one channel in English and I often watch it. So I believe that I can speak it well Now about myself: I'm 28 years old. My weight is 53 kilos or about 118 pounds and i'm 1 m 67 cm or 5.5 feet tall. the USA, England and other the western countries has different metric system from what we use in Europe. I guess that kilos and centimeters tell you nothing about the person. It's like pounds and feet are weird for me:) i've got light hair and blue eyes. All of my friends say that i'm a very good-looking woman. I live in a small city Voljsk. Its population is 30 thousand people. It is situated right near by the Volga river . it's very nice green town and i like it a lot. It is about 559,23 miles from Moscow. It takes about 15 hours to go on the train from my city to Moscow. it may seem a lot. But for Russia it's not that much! I studied in school in my city but there are no universities in Voljsk so i went to study in Kazan. Kazan is a huge city. The population of Kazan is 5 million people!!! It was so different from my home city. So I graduated from Kazan State University when I was 22 and I have a degree in mathematics. i even have a right to be a teacher in school. Now I don't teach in school because the salary is too small. In my city teacher gets payed about $150 a month. And it's not possible to live on that money. I would love to be a teacher because I love children a lot!! I love working with kids and I love to teach kids something but if I do that for my living I'm not going to have money even to feed myself. and I want to be able to feed my self and to clothe myself and to pay my bills. I think it's not appropriate to ask my parents for any money because they have already done enough for me and now they should live for themselves. You know in my city some women live with their parents till they like 25 or 30 and even if they get married they can take their husband to their parents' apartments. And I think that's not right!!!i prefer living alone. I'm not married and I have never been married and I don't have kids. I think I haven't met the person that I would like to marry yet. I work like a manager in the cafe. We don't have restaurants in my city. I get payed $300. and that's enough to rent one room apartment and to buy everything I need. But I don't have the chance to save any money. though enough about money:) it's only my first letter to you and I hope that I will interest you!! I've got to go back to work. I had lunch for hour and now it's over. And I've got to run from the internet cafe back to work!!! You seem to be a nice person ! I hope we will get along and I will learn a lot about your country and about you Talk to you later Good bye Yana
Letter 2

Good day Emmanuel I'm so glad to get an answer from you!!! It means that I interested you:) and that's great!! Now I'm sure that we will know each other better!!! I want to tell you about another reason that made me write to you. As you know on May, 25th - my birthday (to me 29 years are executed) and I do not have my own family. i really want to have a happy family, loving husband and children. But it's not real to find a good husband in Russia at least not in my city. I had a boyfriend but we broke up half of an year ago, I loved him a lot and I thought that he is a kind of a man that I want to be my husband, but it wasn't so, it's hard for me to tell you all these things. But I feel that I need to do that so you can understand me better, so in the beginning things went well with my boyfriend and I was the happiest person in the world. He was 30 years old but he still lived with his parents. So when we decided to live together he moved to my apartment he didn't have a job at that time but he promised to get one, it's just very hard to find any job in my city. So when we started living together I still payed all the bills alone, i was the one who kept the food on the table, I even dressed him. After work I hurried home, cooked dinner then I washed everything up, I did everything around the house all by myself. and my boyfriend just stayed home or went out with his friends and didn't help at all. I loved him and I didn't want to notice anything I hoped that he finally will find a job and we will have enough money to have kids. I started to get tired, but the boiling point was when once I came home a bit earlier than usually and he wasn't alone, he was with a girl!!! she was something like a ****!!! I couldn't take that anymore!!! It was the worst day in my life!!! I still don't know how could he do that to me. He probably didn't love me at all. To tell nothing of it my heart was broken and it was bleeding for a long time. Now I'm so over him!!! I want to be happy. And I'm not going to let him spoil my life. He calls me sometimes and says that he loves me and wants to be with me. But I suppose that the only thing he wants is to have a home and food for free and someone to take care of him without giving something back. I just listen to him and say that I'm sorry but I don't want to be with the person who doesn't love me. Anyways sorry for telling you all that, but I couldn't help doing that, I don't know why but I want you to know that. Also I want to ask you on what purpose do you talk to women? Do you seek for love and marriage or just for friendship? Of course I want find a person who will love me for my personality. But if you wanted to be just a friend to me that would be great as well. Well, I'm going to change the topic now:) I've told you about my work a bit. I want to tell you more. Work is an important part of my life though it's not the most important one. The cafe "Belosnejka" or "Snowbeauty"( that's translation from Russian) that I work at is situated not in the center of the city. And I live near by it. I rent an apartment near by so I can walk to work. If I had lived far from it I would have to take the bus every morning at 7. I start working at 8 and I have to be at work earlier to check if everything is ready for work .the cafe closes at 10. and that's pretty late. Thanks god I live near by!!! It's very scary to walk alone around the city at night. There a lot of criminals. Many people get robbed and even killed. In my city any criminal can **** a person only if the person has like $5 dollars in the pocket and if victim tries to stop him or whatever. Isn't it insane????!!!! Person's life costs only 5 dollars!!!! I'm so ashamed of telling you that!!!! But it's how life goes in here. I'm happy that I live like 5 minute away from my work. Though don't think that all people in my city are criminals:) the majority of population is great. But there are some people who think that they are allowed to do whatever they want. And it's a shame but the police can't stop them because criminals have people among administration and police who protect them. That is a usual think in my city and in many other Russian cities. Enough about criminals I think:) it's something that is not going to change for a long time and we all have to live with it :( I work 5 days a week and I have 2 days off. My boss is very nice. She is in her fifties, her son is the owner of that cafe but she is the host and actually she is the one who rules everything! I'm not supposed to have a lunch brake but I explained her that I really need it now!!! I have time to go to the internet cafe only during the lunch brake. She agreed to give it to me sometimes but my salary will be a little bit smaller because I will work less hours a week but that's fine. I prefer to miss an hour of work a day and to have a chance to talk to you Oh well my lunch brake is over. it takes me a lot of time to translate everything that I want to tell you in English. I try to do it off hand. And time flies away and I have to go back to work. I wish I had more time to tell you more about myself.!!! I hope I didn't scare you with my little confession? I just felt like telling you all that... Bye bye Your friend Yana
Letter 3

Hi Emmanuel
I'm so glad that I haven't scared you with my previous letter!:) after I had sent it to you I thought what if you do not answer me back.
At that moment I wished that I wouldn't have told you anything. Thank you for your understanding and I'm happy that I opened up to you.
I feel that I've made a right choice when I wrote you for the first time.
In this letter I want to tell you about my family. my family takes up the biggest and the most important place in my life! I've got dad and mom.
My dad's name is Vladimir. He is 55 years old and he is a retired military man.
Now he doesn't have a job.
Most of his time he spends at home and does things around the house. My mom's name is Olga.
She is 52 years old. She still works. She works as a cashier at the railway station. My mom's work is hard .
she has to talk to different people every day.
Some of them are not satisfied with the price of the tickets and they blame my mom that the price is too high.
But she is not the one to be blamed. It 's not her fault that the price of the tickets rises too fast.
So many people don't understand that. So mom gets tired often. And when she comes home my dad cooks dinner for her.
And I think it's very nice of him!!! But of course when my mom feels good she cooks meals too and do the cleaning at home.
as for me I love to cook!!! When I was a small girl and my dad and mom worked a lot I cooked for them.
I found different recepies and tried to surprise them every day. Have you ever heard of Russian traditional dishes like borsh and blini or drinks like kvas?
i suppose that foreigners think that all Russians drink *****. But that's not true.
I mean of course a lot of men drink that, there are a lot of alcoholics in our country.
But as for me I hate ***** and I've tried it only once. My parents don't like ***** either.
Practically I don't drink. Just occasionally with my friends or family I drink vine.
i like vine and it's not only tastes good , in small portions it's good for our health:)
By the way I am the only child in the family. I don't have any brothers or sisters.
Of course I would love to have one and once I asked my parents why they didn't want to have another kid.
And they answered that they would love to but when I was small it was very hard to bring up even one child because they had little money.
So they decided to give everything they could to me and I'm very grateful to them. Now when I have a job I try to help my parents.
and we all together help kids who does not have parents. we have a shelter for homeless kids in my city.
And we bring toys and clothes to those kids and spend some time with them.
Attention is very important for them.
They are great kids. They are smart, interesting, sociable.
My parents think about taking one of those kids at home and became a real parents for him.
They want to take a boy who are 5 years old. His name is Vasilii. He is great.
But he has a heart disease.
He got it when he was just born. His mother was an alcoholic and she couldn't take care of him.
The most awful thing is that she wanted to **** her little son. When Vasilii was a month old she left in the carbage on the street in winter.
And it gets very cold in Russia in winter. One person who walked by that carbage can he heard the voice of a little kid and he brought him to the shelter.
It was a miracle that he survived but now Vasilii needs a surgery. It can be done only in Moscow and it's very expensive, it costs about $1500.
My parents a re not rich but they try to save some money for his surgery. They have only the third part of the whole sum.
That's so much money for us I try to help them as much as I can. I think we will take the credit in the bank. Because of this surgery I can't pay for my telephone.
I try to economize on everything. This boy needs to have surgery as soon as possible. And we will do everything that's in our power for him.
I feel like he is my brother now though of course he could be my son:) and if I were his mom I I would never done such an disgusting thing to him.
I wouldn't have eaten myself but my son would never be hungry and would have everything that he need for living!!!!! well that's my family and I love it to death!!!
Oh, almost forgot. I have one more family member. It's my cat Marsik. He is 2 years old. I love animals. And do you like animals?
When I was small I loved to go to the zoo. Now I don't have time for that.
That's why I've got my cat. I love domestic animals.
He is always glad to see me when I come home from work. And I know that he misses me much if I come home too late.
I like taking care of him. And I feel responsibility for him. My Marsik is like a child he understands everything I tell him.
And he even tries to talk to me!!!:) I'm serious!!! Though he talks on his own language!!:)
I don't' have any grandmothers or grandfathers. They all died when I was little.
I don't really remember them:( I wish they had more time to live but it's up to God to decide how much people should live. I'm religious.
I'm orthodox Christian. I believe in Jesus. I'm tolerant to other religions. And for me it's very interesting to find out traditions and beliefs of other religions.
In this letter I've told you about the most important part of my life. That's my family. I hope it wasn't boring for you.
Would you tell me more about your family? how are the families in your country?
What do you do together?
Do you have a big or a small family? do you meet up often?
I'm curious about everything!!!:)
Looking forward to your next letter!!!
I want to know more about you:) that's so awesome to talk to you. I like it a lot!!!
Do svidaniya. That's how we say good bye in Russian:)
Your Yana
Letter 4

Hello Emmanuel. Thank you for your story I mean for your letter:). I realize that I get to know you better with every letter of yours. And with every new detail you interest me more and more. and I have a desire to tell everything that is possible about myself so after some time we will be very close to each and we will understand each other perfectly well:) I want to tell you more about what I do during my free time. I'm very busy with work but it doesn't take up all of my time. I find some time to visit my parents and to have dinner with them at least one time a week, usually it's a weekend and then we usually go to the shelter that I've told you that in my previous letter. Sometimes we take 5 or 6 kids and take them to the bank of river. The Volga river is one of the beautiful rivers in Russia. We have gorgeous nature!!! There is a park in my city. And actually my city is one big park. And it's very green. Forests and fields surrounds Voljsk from one side and the river from another. We usually have picnics with kids. We play different games like badminton or we just run around the forest and play hide and seek:) I love to spend time with kids. I feel that they need our attention and help. When it's warm we all go swimming. I love to swim. And I try to do as often as possible. It's pity but there is no swimming pool in my city so I can swim only in summer in june or july. In august it gets a bit chilly for swimming. I like sports a lot. I do aerobics. I do it at home:) I've bought a video tape and I do all the exercises every day and sometimes I create my own so then I just turn on the music and do my own moves:) I like to dance too!!! We have one club in my city. I don't go there often like about once a month. i used to go there with my friend Kate. we danced and had a lot of fun:) I like to read books and watch films but to tell the truth I don't have to much time for that:( I spend a lot of time learning English. we have couple books in English in our city library so I take them and try to read them with vocabulary. I work ******* it. Recently I have read "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain. The language of a ***** Jim was hard to understand but I got over it:) I'm very proud of myself:) and u know that? Talking to you is a great practice. The friend of mine Kate, the one who I used to hang out with, left my city a year ago. Now she lives in the USA. She married and American guy Robert. They met in the internet. It was when the internet just came to our city. She lives in Pensacola, Florida. I didn't have chance to talk to her that year because my telephone didn't work. But I know her parents and I talked to them. They say that she is very happy. Robert and Kate love each other!!! I think she found the man of her live. Next month it will be a year since they have been married. And they are going to celebrate this jubilee in France!!! Isn't it amazing??? I wish I can live in your country and work there. Kate is a teacher of history. And her mom told me that she teaches in American high school. And she gets enough money for herself and she even has some money to send her parents. I wish I could earn good money so I could help my parents and Vasilii( the boy who my parents want to adopt). I'm very happy for Kate and her husband Robert. And I think that international marriages are not that bad. Some people in my city tell that foreigners marry Russian girls just to have a servant. After a while they become something like slaves. Russian girls become prisoners at their new houses. Their husbands don't let them talk to their families and of course they don't let them go back home…but I don't believe in that!!! I think people from your country are very decent people. From some news that come from your country I can say that you are very hard-working that's why the level of your life is much higher than ours. I would never believe that you could treat me in a bad way. I think it's not possible to talk to a person, to like him/her and than treat him/her badly or lie to him or her. I never lie and I hate when people lie to me. I personally think that a rough truth is better than a sweet lie. I hope you have a good opinion about me because I like you a lot and it will hurt my feelings if you think badly about me. In each my letter I open up a part of me to you. I trust you and I believe that you would never lie to me or betray me. I'm waiting for your letters impatiently. And every letter of yours is very important to me. Thank you for talking to me!!!! I think about you more and more.!!!! I hope you feel the same!!!:) I think we really do understand each other and it gets more interesting to talk to a person who likes me as much as I do him:) Many thanks for the big letter. It was very pleasant to me to learn about you a lot of new. My time is up:( I got to go:( my work waits for me!!!! I wish I had more time to write to you… but my free time from work lasts only for one hour and that's about it:( Talk to you later:) Good bye Yours Yana
Letter 5

Hello dear Emmanuel
How are you doing? Time goes so slow!!! And I’ve just read your letter.
it made my mood so better. And I want to tell you every detail about myself and to ask so many questions but it’s pity that I do not have enough time to do everything that I want.
Yesterday I went to Kate’s parents again. And her mom told me more about her.
I was seriously taken aback by her words. She told me that Kate and her husband Robert live in big house but she does not have to work in the garden and they do not have cows or ships or pigs in their house!!!
Many people from my city have gardens where all the vegetables grow and at least one cow.
They are something like farmers!!!!! And in Russia women are the ones who do practically everything around the farm.
They plant everything: potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and lots of other vegetables.
They take care of cows, ships and pigs!!! And men just protect their farmers from criminals.
I never liked farming because men never helped their wifes.
And in my city all people who does not have farms live in the apartment. I consider,
that to me I have carried also live in one of apartments of the big house.
In my city not many multi-storey houses. I love to do things around the house.
I love doing all the cleaning I like my home be clean and nice though I’m not into farming. :)))
is it true what Kate’s mom told me?
Also she told me that her daughter and her husband go to restaurants at least one a week!!!!
That’s insane!!! I cannot believe that!!!! I mean it’s so expensive to go to restaurant!!!!
To begin with we do not have a restaurant in my city though it’s very expensive to even in cafe.
And I have money to go to cafe only once a month!!! I certainly understand,
what not all people in the developed countries live well, but In Russia there are not enough people who can live also as Kate and its husband. Do people start driving when they are 16 years old???
We can get license when we are only 18! But it was not the age that surprised me!!!
Usual family from the developed country (UK, USA...) has at least 2 cars:
one for husband and one for his wife??? It’s amazing!!!! All the people in my city can just dream about that!!!
Only criminals have good cars in my city. And there are only about 5 people in here who has 2 nice cars.
And everybody knows that they are criminals because it’s not possible to earn money to buy a nice car honestly!!!
Our government tries to help people to earn good money honestly. But to tell the truth it’s not working out very well: (
and it’s very very sad thing about living in Russia: (People who work honestly are poor.
And they cannot afford to bye cars or houses. They get enough money just to feed themselves ….
As for me i prefer to work honestly no matter how little i would get paid!!!
I’m sure that i will never do something that is illegal!! I would rather live as i do now!!! that’s how i am!!!
That’s a shame that criminals in our country do not get punished because they have enough money to pay to police.
And policemen are people too. And they have families and they have to bring up their own kids.
And i can understand them!!! our government creates new laws to help people.
But a lot more time is needed for this laws actually start doing something … the situation in our country i very difficult!!
We have a lot of corruption. and that’s not good. And government obviously can do nothing about it!! :(((((!
Well, enough of politics …. If i start talking about something that i really care about i cannot stop doing that!!
And I’m very frustrated that it’s not possibly to live in my country for ordinary people: (((
and i want to live to work and to live good. And i think your country it’s the country where if people work hard they get enough money to live … and i think that’s awesome!!!
So tell me more about different traditions in your country??? How do you spend holidays?
How many of them do you have? What holidays beside New year and C holidays beside New year and C??
I suppose that we have different holidays …. And all that stuff interests me so much!!!
every new detail that we learn about each other cultures makes us so much closer!!
And this makes me feel so happy!!! You became a very important person to me and I do not even know when that happened.
One morning I woke up and I realized that you are the person who it is very necessary to me!! Yes, I require you Emmanuel!!!!
And I’m very happy that you became that person who I start to feel any feelings!!!!
I’ve got to go: (but I want you to know that you are the one who I have deep feelings for
Much love,
Letter 6

Hello. Its' yours Yana again:) I don't have chance to write to you every day as I don't get much free sometimes. But I try to come to the Internet-cafe every day. Lunch is the busiest time during the day. A lot of people who work not in the center of the city come to our cafe. And at the evening there are a lot of drivers. To be more precise people who drive tracks from one city to another all over the country. And often they stay the whole night near our cafe , they get food in there and then sleep in their tracks… there are a lot of great guys among them. And I like to talk to them. They are very interesting people . they have seen a lot of my country. They tell me different stories about different Russian cities. and I love listening to them!!! It so happened they I've never been out of my city. It's very expensive for me to go somewhere on vacation and moreover I have another r goal right now. It's saveing money for Vasilii's operation. Anyway I enjoy greatly listening to diver's story and it seems to me that o have been to many Russian cities. And they are very beautiful!!! I've seen pictures of ancient Russian cities and the architecture in there is great. Someday later I will visit them I hope:). I'm a very romantic person. And I often imagine myself walking around an ancient castle or beautiful old church. I imagine my fiancee and me walking in the park during the sunset. i'm all pretty and happy, we walk slowly and talk about all things in the world. And I feel that it's the person that I could spend all my life with… and this fiancee had no name… but now he does have it… you know Emmanuel I feel that you got very close to me. When I just started talking to you I hadn't even dreamt that I would meet a person like you!!! I know that we haven't been talking for that long but deep inside I'm sure that you are the person who I want to live with. I told about you to my mom. My mom is my best friend and I tell her everything that is important to me because I know that she can give a good piece of advice if I need it. I told her that you are a decent man. And I told her how much I love you.. it came as a surprise to her because in the beginning when I just started talking to you I didn't tell anyone about you.. I wanted to see what would be next. Now I realize that I have deep feelings for and I don't wan to hide them!!! My mom is very happy for us:) I told her how great you are and she said that you are the best men I could have found!!! When she said that she started crying because she was so happy!!! She watched my last relationships with Russian man and she was afraid for me. She was afraid that I would never meet the man of my life. She was scared that I would never love again. Now she is truly happy. And she is thankful to you because you are the one who makes me feel happy!!! My mo is very emotional and I can't describe all of her feeling when I told her about you. My dad was happy too though he tries not to show his feelings because you know he was a military man. And that says a lot about him! I know that he worried about me not less than my mom did. My parents opinion is very important for me because my family plays big role in my life!!!! And I'm very glad that they are happy for us!!!;))))) but my mom worries about me anyways… because she is my mom!!! And I think all moms are like that!!! :) The only thing I ask you is not to play with my feelings!!!!! If someone hurts me again I will never recover from that!!!! If you want just to play with me tell me now… and I'll try to get over that!!! i want you to be always honest with me. And I promise to you that I will be always honest with you!!! From this moment and on when I confessed you in my feelings I want our relationships to be clear and honest. I don't mean to say that I don't trust you. I just want you to say that now you mean a lot more to me than you did when we just started talking!! I feel that we are not just friends anymore. We have deeper connection though even we are so far away!! I believe that 2 people that are so far away form each other can deeply fall in love with each other!!! Of course it's better when people can talk face to face but unfortunately we can do nothing about that right now:( I want to translate one poem from Russian into English especially for you!!! I love poetry and I prefer to read poems about love!!! Because I can feel true emotions in them. Poets always write to people who they really love. I think they can't hide their feelings. And their feelings are always true!!! Do you agree with me dear Emmanuel? I want to translate to you 2 poems. The first one is very sad. It tells about lonely woman. That's how I felt before I came to love you!!! I'll write it in Russian first. Just for you to see how Russian letters look like:) and then I'll translate it but I'm afraid that it wouldn't be a poem in English, something like white poem:) Here it is: Odna. I'm lonely. i serdcem holodna, My heart is cold kak sad bezlistvennii. Like trees without leaves. Odna. i'm left alone lish s gorechyu vina with the bitter taste of vine. navek povenchana. I'm like engaged to it nu kak ti mogesh, How could you do that to me? kak ti mogesh vrat' mne How could you lie to me? kak ti mogesh lubit' druguyu genshina How could you love another woman kogda ti skagesh chto ti lubish menya When you told me that you loved me i ti znaesh kak ya bespokoyus' o tebe And you knew perfectly well how much I cared about you!!! I know that this poem is very pessimistic. I try to be optimistic all the time. But sometimes I feel sad. But since I started talking to you I'm always in a good mood and I feel totally happy. That's why here is another poem. It is about true love . true love is very rare thing but I think it's the case in our relationships:) schastliva na edine s toboy I'm happy when I'm with you kogda zabudem mi ves' mir zemnoy,- When we together forget about the whole word hranimie svobodnoy tishinoy When we are surrounded by silence i zanyati ti mnoy a ya toboy! And when we are busy just with each other schastliva ya d chasi blagogoveniya, I'm happy kogda polna blazhenstva tvoego, When I think about you ya o tebe molusya provideniyu I pray god for you i za tebya blagodoryu ego! And I thank him that I've met you These poems sound great in Russian and they don't seem to sound as great in English. I hope you will like them. Just remember that I speak from the bottom of my heart!!!! Wow. That is a big letter. I can't stop writing about my feelings to you:))) You asked about my arrival in this summer. I wish to ask you - when you have holiday? I can have holiday from work in 2 weeks. For me it is very convenient to arrive to you in the beginning of June. Till this time we can learn each other more well. For you the meeting in the beginning June is conveniently? Now I'm getting too emotional!!! And at this very moment I've got to back to work. I hate this moment!!! P.S. It is a photo I has made specially for you in "beauty salon" of my city. I hope to you it is pleasant. I very much tried to make to you pleasant. I love you Emmanuel!! Good bye honey!!!! Tons of love from your Yana
Letter 7

good day my dear Emmanuel. I’m glad that you liked the poems even though my translation was pretty bad!!! I cannot hide was pretty bad!!! I cannot hide that I love you!! And I can tell you that million times!!!! Also I want to tell you that It was so interesting to read about your holidays!!!!. Today I sat in the morning of the house with a cup of coffee and recollected New Year's holidays with my family. In our country we meet " new year " on January, 1st. I think thanksgiving is a very good holiday!!! We don ’ have something like that in Russia. it’s necessary to thank all the people who the person know because all of them help you in their own way. And I think that it’s great that at thanksgiving the whole family gathers and have good time together!!! You know that family is very important part of my life and I would love to celebrate this holiday as well:) though I believe that people need to thank their parents for everything that they’ve done for them not only once a year but as often as they are be able to!!! And I try to do it very often. I try to help my parents in any way I can and I try to visit them as often as possible. hristmas is very important holiday for me. My family and me, we go to church at night. The mess starts at 11 at night on the 6th of January and goes till 6 in the morning on the 7th. January the 7th is the day we celebrate orthodox Christmas. Then we spend practically the whole day with kids from the shelter. We gave them presents. And It’s so great watch their cute little happy faces!!! I enjoy spending time with them!! I wish I had my own kids!! Anyways I think it does not matter when people celebrate Christmas either on December the 25th or on January the 7th. What is really important that the Christ was born. And I think that everybody should celebrate this event by paying attention to those who really needs our help as Jesus helped everyone who needed his help. And he actually died for people. It means that he really loved all people. And u know I’m sure that I would be able to die for people I love. If something bad happens with people I love I am ready to give my life for them!!! It will be fast in Russia more warmly and people will start to put on easier. I love talking to you but what I really want to do is to meet you!!! You cannot imagine how bad I wan to look in your beautiful eyes, touch your soft lips and to kiss them gently!!! I dream about you all the time!!! i’m sure for one hundred percent that you are the man of my dreams. Somebody can tell that it’s insane and that it’s not possible to love person when he is thousand miles away!!! Someone can tell, that it is mad to love the person whom you know all some weeks!!! But those who tell so are not right!!! Everything is possible. Love has no boundaries. It’s the line from Elton John’s song. I love to listen to Elton John. And one of my favorite song is “Believe” I love the lyrics in this song. I want to write couple lines to you. And want to tell that I believe in this words too!!! here they are: I believe in love It’s all we’ve got Love has no boundaries No borders to cross …. Without love I would not believe I could not believe in you And I would not believe in me Without love I believe that these words are great!!!! I seriously would not believe in myself!!! love gives me strength. It makes me feel better!!! And life seems so great when I’m in love!!!! You is the purpose of my living. And I live with the only thought of meeting you and being with you!!!! My love to you and your love to me helps me to get over all my problems. I share this love with people around me, with people who really needs it. I give it to kids who happened not to have parents, they need special attention and I’m sure that I can give love to them. My love to you is so big that it’s enough of it to everyone!!!! The only thing that bothers me right now is how how are we going to meet each other??? I would love for you to come in my city but it’s very dangerous for you. I told you that there are very many criminals in our city. And I’m afraid of your coming here no matter how much I want to meet you. Criminals think that any foreigner is very rich and they will try to get as much money form you as possible and neither Russian nor American police can help you!!! That’s very bad. And again that’s a shame!!! I’m so confused!! I do not know what to do!!!! I want to see you so much!! I want to tell face to face how much I love you. I want you to meet my parents. I’m sure you would like them!! They are great guys!! And at the same time I cannot let you come to my city because I’m simply terrified that local criminals will simply make you pay them big money and if you do not ’ they might even **** you!!! Oh no!!! I cannot even think about it!! I do not want to loose!! I love you too much!!!! Remember I told you about my friend Kate who lives in the USA now? Her husband Robert wanted to come and visit her. Kate did not let do that she was scared to loose him. And I think he did right that listened to her. He has not met her mom or dad yet. Kate does not want to come with him to Russia. and her mom tells me that Robert agrees with her. So they are going to bring Kate’s parents over to the USA next year. And I think it’s the best thing that they can do!!!! I do not plan in the further transportation of my parents the country in which I shall live. My parents very much love me, but their roots in Russia. All friends and relatives in Russia. My parents do not know foreign languages and it it will be difficult in other country. I think, that the best - I should work and live with my future husband in other country and send a few money to my parents. 200 dollars a month. For you likely it is not a lot of, but if I can send in the future 200 USD to my parents - that they can not work. They will receive small pension from the state and a few money from me. Today I can dream of such future only. But I hope it can soon occur, in fact I am worthy it and I have deserved it. And you have deserved happiness. I care about you a lot Emmanuel!!!! I hope you feel how much I love you!!!! i’m so into you!! I print every letter of yours!!! And I read them over and over again!!! They help me to live!!! You asked 2 important questions. I shall try to be gentle always both with you and with children, But we know, that any person cannot be gentle all time. Life very complex also it is impossible to be constantly joyful, happy and gentle is not really. But I am ready to endow myself for the sake of my relatives. I wish to bring up kind, clever and cheerful children. i do not ’ have enough words to tell you about all my feelings!!! I’m going back to work with the feeling of happiness!! :))))! I’m going to read the last letter of yours as many times as I have free time at work and then home!!! Bye bye my sweet Emmanuel With all my love to you, yours Yana
Letter 8

Good afternoon the best man in the world!!! :)! i’ve just read one more letter from you my dear Emmanuel. more and more I understand that I cannot live without you!!! I cannot breathe without you!!!! you are the only man that I want in my life!!!! And it’s not just words!! It’s how I really feel!!!! I’Good afternoon the best man in the world!!! :)! i've just read one more letter from you my dear Emmanuel. more and more I understand that I cannot live without you!!! I cannot breathe without you!!!! you are the only man that I want in my life!!!! And it's not just words!! It's how I really feel!!!! Iam very open woman!!! And I cannot hold my emotions towards you inside of me!!!!!! I want you to know all my feelings!!! And maybe I often repeat myself!!! I think it never gets annoying to tell you about my true love!!!! I really do worry how can we meet each other!!!! nothing can make me let you come to my city because of the criminal situation. And I also ask you not to send me anything by usual postmail. It's not safe!!!! I'm ashamed of telling you either but I have to. Something like that happened before!!! Robert mailed an expensive present to Kate but she has not got it. Of course he went to post office in the USA and asked what had happened with his mail but he was told that the mail was already in Russia. and Russian post officers were responsible for it!!! And when Kate went to our post office she was told that they had never got anything from the USA. her present was just stolen. And they both were upset!!! And I do not want something like that happen to us!!! You know, that my purpose to find the good husband and to create family. For me has no value - in what part of the world it lives. But so it has turned out, that you are from meyand I wish I could come and visit you because of money!!! but I think it's not easy!!!. When Kate decided to go to the USA she had so many problems with visa!!! it was insane!!! She had to go to Moscow to embassy like 2 times and one way ticket from Voljsk to Moscow costs about $200. then she had a lot of expenses living in Moscow. Moscow is the capital of our country and it’s very expensive city. She spent about 50 $ every day on food and hotel (it was the most chip one!!) it's insane!!!! and visa costs a lot!!! Thanks god Robert helped her!!! I don ’ know what would she do without his help!!!! he really loves because he agreed to spend so much money for her to come to the your country!! He even bought her tickets!!! I think Robert is very generous man!!! Though Kate's mom told me that she works now and Robert and she share money expenses living together. And I think that's the best they could do. I think both husband and wife should work and bring up kids together. As for me I decide to go to the capital of my republic and to find out what I need to get visa. In my city there is only one travel agency, but it represents one of the Moscow firms. They will help me to collect documents, but to issue the visa it is necessary in Moscow. So once I get a bit more free time I will go there. So it will take some time to learn everything about visa and stuff!!! I’ll do as soon as possible because my desire to see you is so great!!!! Every day I dream of meeting you!!! and every night I dream of you too. I imagine you holding me in your strong arms! You kiss me gently and I kiss you back!!! And everything is great!!!! Every thought of you makes my life full of love and happiness!!! I believe that we will meet one day!! And we will be happiest couple in the world!!! we've got to be together because we both love each other so much!!! And I believe that god will help us meet soon!!! And I pray god for you every night!! I pray that you will be allright and I pray god meet each other!!!! I believe in God and I believe that our love will get over all borders!!! I love you so much!!!! You are the best man I have ever met in my life!!! Million hugs and kisses Forever yours, Yana
Letter 9

Hello my sweetheart!!!! Emmanuel, you can’t even imagine how big is my love to you!!! my love to you grows every day!!! I can’t sleep without thinking about you, I can’t breath without you being in my life!!! I can’t live without you!!!! and this feeling scares me a bit!!! You became the most important part of my life!!! And what if something happens and we won’t be able to be together??? I will die because my life doesn’t has any sense without you being with me!!! Promise me that you love me Emmanuel!!! I want to hear that form you one more time!!! I promise that I will always love you no matter what!!! And I’ll do my best for us to be together!!! Yesterday I went out with my friend. First we went to the movie theater. We watched Russian movie. But I didn’t like it that much I don’t even remember the title of the movie. And then we went for a walk. It wasn’t very late something about 7 in the evening. So we went to the park , sat on the grass and talked. I haven’t seen with my friend Sveta for a long time. I was too busy with work and Vasilii! We talked about friends of ours. Most of them left our city and we don’t keep in touch any more. When some of our friends moved to the ****** cities they forgot about us. They never visit our city. And that makes us very sad!!! I think it’s not right to forget about friends even if they are far away. My friend Sveta knows about you and me and she is very happy for us just like my parents are!!:) she is my truly friend. Yesterday she said that she noticed how much I changed since I started talking to you. she said that I was always smilinhe said that I was always smilinn better. Love changes people in a good way!!:) I feel that in my thoughts I always dream of you. but she told me some other things and she made me upset. You know some people are very jealous of me!! And they gossip about me a lot. And Sveta told me some of those rumors. Some of the women say that you don’t’ love me at all and that you tell that you love just because you want to have a pretty Russian girl to serve you when I come to visit you. or that you have some kind of disease and you can’t find a woman in your country that’s why you have decided to talk to a Russian girl!!!! I was so shocked by their words!!!! I was about to cry!!! I just understand why people are so mean to me!!! Of course I don’t believe any their words!!! How can they tell that if they don’t even know you!!!! it’s insane!!!!... you know I think people who say that about you and me and who tries to scare me never loved a person with all their heart!!! They are so mean because they actually understand that we l’m madly in love with you!!! and people are just jealous when they see my happy face:) I try not to pay attention to all these unfair rumors. They won’t spoil my life and my love to you no matter how disgusting they are. These rumors have no foundation!!!!! My friend Sveta didn’t want to upset me and she was sorry that she told me all that stuff!!! She tried to calm me down. And finally I was o’k. I will go over everything just to be with you!!!! I feel like I can’t see anything but you. maybe I’m kind of addicted to you. I’m happy that we found each other! everything is fine when you are by my side!! I strongly believe that our fortune will help us meet in real life!!! I’m happy that you feel the same!!! And I’m happy that my parents and my close friends support me!!!! Their support means a lot for me!!!! I got to go. I’m going home to cook a dinner for my parents because they are visiting me today. And I want to surprise them and cook some American dish. I found the recepie in the internet. I will cook Parmesan chicken for the main dish and cheesecake fro desert:) cheesecake seems to be unusual . we don’t have cheesecakes in Russia . I’ll try my best to cook it:))) I understand nothing in construction, but to me very much to like to be engaged designing rooms. You are now borrowed by replacement of a floor and many other things things. It is very healthy. I wish to have the good house in my old age. I wish to keep order in it and to look - as my children grow. I hope we shall look at our children together... ood bye my sweetheart!!! P.S. I shall try to call to you today on number: 32 *** to hear you today. I love you!!!
Letter 10

Hello dear Emmanuel!! Remember I told you about the dinner that I was going to cook for my parents!!! everything worked out great!!!! :)) food was delicious. I’m not sure that it tasted right. what food do you usually eat? What are your preferences?:) tell me what is your favorite dish and send me the recepie! Ok? And then I’ll try to cook it for my parents or friends. And I think that will be very useful for them and we will have fun:) I have some great news :))) my boss finally let me take 4 days off!!! ;)))) It’s so great!! It means that I can go to the capital of my republic and find out everything about visa and tickets for your country!! I can’t write a big letter because I’m about to be late for the bus. And I really don’t’ want to miss it and to loose one day. The bus to the capital goes once a day. And it takes about 4 hours to get to the Yoshkar-Ola. That’s the capital of my republic. Wish me good luck:)) there I will live at my friend’s house. She moved to the Yoshkar-ola 2 years ago. And she can help find the information that I need:)))) I believe that everything is going to be allright!!! I love you Emmanuel!! Soon I will write to you again!!!!! Good bye
Letter 11

Hi my Love Emmanuel !!! I learned about necessary documents for travel to Belgium. For short-term entrance to Belgium (no more than 90 days) to the Russian citizens It is necessary to have the passport and the Schengen visa received on the basis of the tourist voucher. The list of the documents necessary for long-term trips to Belgium, depends on the purpose of a trip. Registration of the Schengen visa guarantees to me an opportunity of free entrance to the countries of the Schengen agreement. The list of the countries, participants of the Schengen agreement: Austria Belgium Germany Holland Greece Denmark Iceland Spain Italy Luxembourg Norway Portugal Finland France Sweden The list of the documents necessary for registration of entry visas: 1. The civil passport for travel abroad of the operating sample (validity should be not less than 3,5 Months after the termination of a prospective trip); 2. 3 photos 3x4 (on each leaving person; Photos only color on a white background!); 3. 1 the filled questionnaire (Biographical particulars); 4. It is desirable to give the copies of documents confirming seizin (an apartment, the machine, a summer residence); 5. Reserved or a copy of a return ticket with precisely put down dates; 6. The medical insurance with a covering not less ? 30 000, valid in the countries Shengena and Defraying possible medical charges and repatriation; 7. A x-copy of the internal passport (only the filled pages); 8. The information from work on the firm form of the enterprise with the instruction of a post, the experience and the size of wages. 9. Presence at itself of currency means at the rate of not less $50/1 day of stay in Belgium for one person. Your invitation is not required. The invitation is necessary only for short-term travel. My variant of registration of the visa enables me to remain till 3 months. Term of granting of documents: for 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of a trip. My dear Emmanuel, I have learned these documents about the prices for all: The passport for travel abroad will cost to me 40 euro. The medical insurance will cost 90 euro. Registration of the Schengen visa costs 50 euro. All necessary documents (not including tickets) will cost 180 euro. All documents will be made out in Moscow about 2 weeks. All this time I should live in Moscow. Number in the cheapest hotel in Moscow costs 15 euro in day. The total cost makes 210 euro. My dear, for official registration of papers and at Moscow I should have residing 390 euro. I did not manage to learn cost air tickets from Moscow to Belgium. My LOVE Emmanuel, I have only 110 euro. I do not know - where to me to search 280 more euro. I love you and I hope you can help me. I very much wish to see you. I already tomorrow shall start to collect necessary information and copies of documents from work and from banks. I LOVE YOU Emmanuel
Letter 12

Hi Emmanuel. I am very glad, that your work well. I can call to you within the next few days. I wish to discuss with you my trip to you too. When you plan to meet me? Please write more concrete information. I shall try to call to you tomorrow or in target. I shall try to warn you in advance. I <3 U Emmanuel your LOVE Yana!!!!!!!
Letter 13

Hi Emmanuel!
I was very glad to hear you. I am happy.
I very much wish to see you. You have told, that is ready to meet me at any time.
I already wrote to you about necessary documents (the visa, the passport and others).
I need 280 euro. I am ready to leave in Moscow at any time.
All depends only on you! By phone you have told, that can help me with money.
My dear Emmanuel, I ask to send me 280 euro, by means of " Western Union ",
it is the fastest and convenient way for reception of money here in Russia.
I know, that they will take percent from remittance, but other output is not present.
In my city there is no place of acceptance Western Union.
For reception of money from you I should go in capital of my republic - Yoshkar-Ola.
It is near to my city (approximately 100 kilometers or 65 miles).
I am not assured, that I have correctly written the name "Yoshkar-Ola",
But me have told, that when you will fill the form about sending money - you can not write the name of city.
It is enough to write my country.
For sending money you need know:
My country: Russia My full name: Yana Sazonova.
For reception money, I should know:
Your country, city, first name and last name.
I ask to send me money as soon as possible it will speed up our meeting.
I <3 you Emmanuel
Your love forever Yana.
Letter 14

Hi my love Emmanuel. You have set many questions and I am ready to answer them: My address: street of a victory; the house 20; an apartment 26. My phone now does not work that I have not settled an account. I do not use phone and consequently there is no sense to pay for it. You asked about my last photo. On it are represented the man on packing with man's cowards. I have looked the reference on the Internet. I am very surprised. This concurrence is possible. I do not know. I do not know this girl. You asked about webcam. I heard, that it use To make sure of honesty of dialogue. If you do not trust me - I can make any photo, but in clothes. I can to show, for example, on one hand 1 finger, and on another 2. If you wish to be convinced, that I am real, I understand you! In it there is nothing strange. I heard about swindlers much. I am ready to make all - that you have believed to me. I hope you and now trust me. I love you. I hope you you will answer very soon. Yours Yana
Letter 15

Hello Emmanuel. I talked with the manager in the Internet-cafe. It has told, that webcam in our city is not on sale. webcam it is necessary to order from Moscow. It will cost nearby 50 euro. My dear, I very much wish to see you too. I wait from you for the answer very soon. I LOVE YOU! your Yana
Letter 16

Hi my LOVE!!!! I wait for your letter! I worry! At you all is good? Answer as you can please. Yours Yana
Letter 17

Hi Emmanuel. At last that I have enough time to write to you the full letter. I shall try to answer your questions in detail. You write about work on the house. For me it not a problem. I since the childhood have got used to cook food for all family. I have got used to clean all house when I still was the little girl and we lived in the private house. Now for me already the habit - to watch order in the house. I have got used to wash and dry clothes my was men (I to you told). To look after mine the beloved is it will be simply healthy. Everything that I wish - to be happy together with you. For this purpose I am ready to go on all and I hope you will meet me and will make 100 % of efforts for my happiness. You spoke what to live in your country very difficultly... It is the big step in my life... Much will change this... Yes, I agree with you - you are right! But I long thought before to make this decision. I agree to accept your customs! I agree to work so much, how many it is required! I shall try to be the good wife and mother for our children. Now I wish to talk about ways of dialogue between us. Tomorrow or the nearest 2-3 days I can establish yahoo messenger. I think, the chat is very conveniently for both of us. You spoke about webcam and sony ericsson. I think it is remarkable, but I cannot understand something. You wish to accept me in your country soon then explain to me - what for to me to buy webcam or telefon. I can call to you if you want also I I can probably use webcam. Now to city there has arrived the large company which should have webcam. Within the next few days I am going to go there and to ask use webcam. If they will be agree to help me - I shall inform you in advance. But please explain - what for this all is necessary to us? In fact is easier - to be together! What can be better? Really you will receive great pleasure from dialogue with webcam? I wish to see you in a life! At plot by phone you have told, that agree to meet me very soon. You have changed the mind or do not trust me? I love you and I try to make everything that you have believed to me. I called to you, I even have made for you special photos. Really it is not enough of it? That you still want? I hope now you is satisfied by my letter and my answers. Yours LOVE Yana...
Letter 18

My LOVE Emmanuel, I am very glad to your news about a meeting in Moscow. You asked - where I wish to meet: in Moscow or in Belgium? I am ready to meet you even in Africa or on North Pole :) But my dear, I would like to look the house in which we shall live together many years. I wish to look your city, your customs, I wish to feel spirit of your country. It is very important for me. You should understand is the important decision in my life. I thought, we have already solved - you will meet me in your country very soon. I learned about reception of the visa and other documents. My knowledge of English language is enough for reception of necessary documents. It is not difficult! But I am grateful that you offer the help. I constantly feel your care to me. I feel your experiences about me. This all is very pleasant for me. I feel ours LOVE!!!! My love if you have decided not to meet me in Belgium I agree to meet in Moscow. I am ready on all for the sake of you. You should fly to Moscow, and then we shall depart to you to your country? What for to you to pay superfluous tickets? If you will wait for me at you at home - you will save many money! Explain please - what for to you to overpay? Probably I do not understand something, sorry. If the meeting is your last decision I agree Moscow. But I very much would like to learn more about a place in which I should lead the rest of my life. I think it would be fair under the attitude to me how you think? your Yana with LOVE !!!!!!!
Letter 19

Hi Emmanuel. I am very happy to read your last letters. I am glad, that you at last are ready to meet. You have set many questions. I wish to answer only some of them, but you will hear the most important! I am ready to arrive in Moscow in the End of this week - 16, on June, 17th. I am ready to be with you in Moscow and in Belgium however it is necessary for you. I am am held nothing in my city, therefore by me completely at your order :) If you agree, tomorrow I shall go on station and I shall order tickets for this date (16, on June, 17th). I have enough money for a trip in Moscow. I very much wish to see you. I can be at last happy together with you. Please answer as soon as possible. Probably I shall have time to order tickets even today, If you will have time to answer this letter till the evening. I wait for your answer. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! your Yana
Letter 20

Hi Emmanuel. Your letter how many did not shock me. I understand you. When we shall meet, I wish to be all time with you. Your work very much would distract me. I am ready to wait some weeks. My dear, I hope you will be released very soon, because every day without you is an eternity. I LOVE Emmanuel your Yana
Letter 21

Hi Emmanuel. I shall be very glad to see your person. But I have a free time very seldom. Because of a difference in time zones our time variously. You can probably send me your photo if you want? I shall be very glad to see you even on a photo. Yours Yana
Letter 22

My dear Emmanuel, I am very glad to receive your photos. Probably you already sent me your photos, but because of bad communication I could not receive them. Today to me has come to work hard, that your letter has appeared on my computer in the Internet-cafe. Ooo my God, your niece is a miracle! It magic the child. My love, I want the child from you. I very much miss you. Your photos only have disturbed my heart, every day to me all is more difficult to wait for our meeting. I every day think only of you and about our future life. I think of different trifles of our future life. But when I represent our meeting - all trifles disappear!!!!!! You have written, that is ready to meet me on July, 10th. You want, that I have arrived to you or we shall meet in Moscow? For me there is no difference, I only wished to save your money. I very economical person on a life, I shall be excellent the economist in our house :) Now it is time to me to go to my mum. It badly feels herself since morning. Probably it because of temperature drop. The last some days were very warm (nearby 30 c). And today there was a rain at night and all the day long was cool. My mum did not leave anywhere the house. It all the day long laid on a bed. I hope shortly to it it will be better. I LOVE you Emmanuel. I wait from you the letter tomorrow. your Yana with love!!!!
Letter 23

Hello dear Emmanuel... Excuse, that did not write some time. I have forced you to worry, sorry. My mum hard was ill and i should work on one work for to pay medicines for it. It very dearly and probably to be necessary for it operation. I hope all it will be good. I do not know - whether I can write you often? I work all the day long and I can not spend money for the Internet-cafe. I very much get tired on work, but I very much love my mum and I want, that it was happy. In my city gangsters have many money only. If I cannot find the necessary sum for mum, I shall be compelled to address to gangsters and to ask from them money for my mum. It is unique chance, in fact my father on pension, and friends in my city have no money in general. The doctor has told, that within the next few days can put the exact diagnosis to my mum. I very much worry, in fact the doctor has told, that probably it is a serious tumour. I do not sleep this night. I cried all the night long and I do not know - that to me to do! I very much love you, but you should understand me. Now I cannot write to you often. I LOVE YOU Emmanuel. your Yana
Letter 24

Hi Emmanuel. I am very glad, that you very much wish to care of me. You very kind, close and careful. I love you for it. You the most remarkable person in the world. Today I talked to the doctor of my mum. It has stated an exact problem of its health. I badly understand in medicine, But I have understood that my mum should replace body of other person - the donor. I was in horror when the doctor has told, that this operation will cost 1100 dollars. This operation can make only in Moscow. My mum should lay in hospital even a week after operation. In hospital it will be necessary to pay 150 dollars for a life. I should go with mum in Moscow very soon as to wait it is impossible. The road up to Moscow will cost to us with mum in the sum about 300 dollars for two. When today I have come to the doctor, I hoped, that my mum will soon recover, but after conversation with the doctor- I shouted, that it is not fair, I have told, that nobody can pay such money. I was in a shock some hours. I could not speak. Today I ate nothing. I cannot sleep. My love, I in despair. I have sold all our family jewelry and have collected all of money which I had. I have met all relatives and they gave me 10-15 dollars everyone. I even went to church. In church my mum well know. I have carried our family " a church icon " which has got to me from the grandmother in church. The church has thanked me and has helped to collect at believing people of 100-150 dollars more. I have just counted all of money which to me managed to be collected. Now I have about 900 dollars. It very much greater money, but is not enough of them. I need in 650 dollars. My mum had no the insurance, and obligatory insurance in our country is not present. I addressed to the chief of my mum, but it has told, that has no opportunity to pay indemnification to my mum because of that That working life insurance the policy of my mum has terminated several weeks ago, and to prolong date my mum was not in time. I do not know - that to me to do!? I in confusion! Emmanuel, I do not know - where I can find 650 US dollars. I very much love you. Yours Yana
Letter 25

Hi Emmanuel. I am glad, that at you all is good. I do not know - that to me to do. I am very puzzled by health of my mum. I very much worry for its life. The doctor has told, that operation should be made up in current of 2 weeks. Every day to my mum all is worse. I should help it as soon as possible. I managed to find a little more money for operation. Now i need 300 dollars on operation and transportation of my mum Moscow. my love Emmanuel, I ask you to help me. Emmanuel, you last hope for me and my mum! Can you help me with money? can you send me 300 dollars. I know - we are not familiar almost, but I very much love you and my mum very much hopes for your help. If you will refuse to help me - I shall understand. I want that you have presented my pain: My mum slowly dies, and I cannot help anything to it. I very much hope for you. Please, help me. I love You Emmanuel your Yana....
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