Scam letter(s) from Oksana Sekretaryova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello ! It Nadya, you remember me?
To me it was very pleasant that you too wish to learn me more close. I too wish to learn about you new and to get acquainted with you more close. At once I wish to inform you that I search only for serious relations, I wish to construct strong relations, then marriage and a family. And if you only write to me for entertainment I will ask not to spend my time in vain. I hope that you too wish to have only serious relations and any entertainments. I wish to inform you that I live in Russia, in a city under the name Cheboksary. Yes, I understand that in my questionnaire has been written that I live in the USA, simply I have made an error at questionnaire filling, I hope that you are not upset, and that we will continue ours with you dialogue.
you are ready to continue ours with you dialogue?
I will tell to you a little about the work. I work as the doctor the dentist or the stomatologist, I treat a teeth to people which require it, I work on the state in a tooth polyclinic. I studied as this speciality at university, my study has occupied 5 years of my life. I very much liked student's days, it was so funny to study at university, I sometimes meet till now my friends with which we together studied at university.
On it I will finish the letter to you ! I hope that tomorrow I can read your letter.
In this letter I have sent a photo when to me was approximately 26-27 years time when I started to work as the stomatologist.
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