Scam letter(s) from Oksana Sekretaryova to John (Ireland)

Letter 1
Good day! How are you???
I am happy, cheerful girl.
I really want to find my second half of life!
I'm tired of being lonely...
I have many interests, I like sea, sun, beach and travel.
Also I like to sit under a warm blanket and read what an interesting book.
I like to know different people.
Write me, I woukd be interesting to see your fotos.
sincerely Ruzaliya ....
Letter 2
Hello my New Friend !
I am very pleased to begin to write you a letter, and I am very pleased that we're we can begin our acquaintance, to be honest I do not even know where to begin to write to you because I have never written a letter to no one through the Internet. but I very much hope that I will succeed and you like my letter.
From the outset, I want to tell you that I am very much in earnest about development of our relationship with you, I do not want to play with you no what game, I want to from the beginning between us were honest and frank attitude, I will always tell you the truth and why will not hide from you and I very much hope that you me reciprocate.
I want every letter we grew confidence. I want to tell you not much about myself, I am 32 years old I was born on November 1, the sign of the horoscope I'm Scorpio. I was born and live in the city of Kazan, this is a very beautiful city and not a little, but I really like it live. I have gray eyes and my height 168 cm. you can see me at my pictures, and I hope that I'll like me. Even a little worried. I live with my mother in one-room apartment that we removable. my dad died, it happened 19 years ago. We have a grandmother which lives in a small village about 40 km from Kazan. I'll tell you about it later if you it will be interesting. I'm working Stomotologist is the treatment of **** cavity of person. In other words, I dentist and work for a long time for this work. I love to play sports, still in school, I practiced sports gymnastics and even went to competitions of the city. Now in order to maintain her figure, I engaged in a sports hall, but because of the work I do not do that often because that the work takes a very long time. I like to run, early in the morning with a girlfriend or not, it's very bracing before work. as you see I do not use much makeup because I think that the girl should be beautiful by nature and do not use an artificial beauty.
I want to tell you that I am writing to you through the program translator that installed at an Internet cafe from which I am writing this letter. I want You ask if I did not answer some of your questions then please ask them again because the program interpreter is not very works well. I have not spoken bad English and could easily talk to you on the phone and understand you. I do not know all the words English and therefore unfamiliar words I have to translate and form sentences using the program.
I want you to ask John that you did not hesitate and ask me all questions that you want and that you are interested. I will be very happy to answer them. Now I must hurry home, I'll answer your letter as soon as possible! Your new friend Ruzaliya. PS: I am sending you my pictures, but the next letter I shall send you the photos of childhood that you would see me a small and beautiful as an angel, you have a picture of childhood?
Letter 3
Hello John!
My John I'm glad to see again your letter and I want to tell you thank you very much that you correctly understood me and my letter.
I today is a very good mood. Your letter is great smile. Today at work I had to make a very difficult job, and it actually succeeded well.
I have had for a long time to heal tooth elderly man he was hard to endure the pain.
John I wanted to tell you what I told my mother about this with you acquaintance, I hope you do not mind about that. I always say mother all, and never anything from it not hiding. She was very happy for me that I found someone who suits me. Mama said that I was very cautious in her acquaintance, but I'm confident in you and I I know you did not cause any harm as well as I never harm you. I see that between us are formed very good druzhiskie relationship, and I very much hope that our relations will evolve and will only go forward.
I see that you are very good, good and faithful man who John understands completely and can be a very good friend, I see that in John you have the main qualities of man. it is kindness, honesty , Understanding and loyalty. I am very glad that I met such a person like you. perhaps it is fate? I believe that not what life is done just. I want you to know that I write a letter just for you and anyone else, I'm interested in only you and I am confident that between us there might be a very strong relationship. I just hope that you write only to me.
I want to tell you that I very much enjoy cooking and I do very good, I want to tell you that my future husband will never be hungry to me and I will always feed your lover very tasty. I know a lot of dishes and each has its own individual taste and they are all very tasty.
I mostly love cooking (soup - Shi, potatoes for French, pure, roast chicken on Russian.) There is still a very large number of dishes and it is possible that try it as I know how to cook, I am confident that you will like. Of his rich experience in my life I know what you men are very fond of a tasty meal and I love when the guests at my house eating my cooking. some dishes from his country do you love most eat?
you love to cook by yourself? I wanted to ask you about Your friends are not friends of your people and about real friends in are you sure in yourself! John you have real friends?
I have only 3 girlfriend with whom I grew from childhood and which I consider my real friends, I have pictures my friends, but I'll bring them to you later as soon as I can, I'm you want to show them. their name is Olga, Anna, and Oksana. we love spend time together, although now we have grown and not so often spend time together but sometimes we love to get together, we like to go to a cafe and sit just talking tea, yet we are very like to spend time in nature for example in the park, to me gaily in them and interesting, but I'm not often I walk with them because they have Family and waiting for their husbands.
I want to ask you a phone number so that we could talk to you on the phone, I very much dream to hear your voice, I think that my knowledge of English is sufficient that we understand each other very well understood. I do not have my phone because it is under repair but I learned that I can call you with public phone, for this I need a map for international calls, I hope that I will soon be able to get this card and if you will send me your phone number correctly with the country code and city complete phone number we can talk to you.
These photos that I brought to show looks like my mom, she always says that when she was small she looked like me! More of my photos when I graduated college and got a job the first time I am there still very young. good John I finish this my letter and hope very much that hear from you early reply. girlfriend Ruzaliya.
Letter 4

Hello my dear John .
How you? that you have new? how is your job? I was glad to read your letter and I want to tell you thank you for your letter to me.
I am very glad that between us there is an understanding and honesty and I am very glad this. Your photos for me have very much liked thanks you big that has sent me them to me so to pleasantly you to see such small, you were very amusing child and cheerful is final.
I do not take alcohol if only on a holiday champagne and that not taking a great interest because for me alcohol it quickly operates, and when I was young that I did not visit a disco and with girlfriends I did not drink took a great interest in gymnastics while my coevals went on discos and drank there. I tried to smoke when was small but it was not pleasant to me because I have poisoned at small age with cigarettes it there was at school since then I to time have smoked.
My country is full of alcoholics and drug addicts. I am confident that in your the country as there are such people because over all the world is full of such ******** who think confusing place to soothe their animal instincts. Many of these dependent people to have a girl or a wife who loves him and forgives him all his deeds. I have a friend who suffers at the hands of such men. When a person is in any intoxicant in alcohol and addictive it is very aggressive and nervous and can do all that anything. In this state they love to dissolve the hands and think that he all you can and all he must indulge. If these people refuse they can even ****. Most of the people closest to them was money for further fun. The police certainly can help in this situation but how to forgive people for the next day if you love him greatly. I want to know John you're not a man, and in any case not you can raise your hand to your beloved and not only him but also general, the girl who had it not been?
My disappointment in The Russian men are very much big and therefore I have decided to reach Acquainted with you. I think, that it is good, which I have Acquainted with you John. Our dialogue to have a certain support should seems to me that that we in each letter could understand each other and realise the purpose of our search. John I wish to tell to you about that that I search in the man. For this purpose I have decided to write points which I especially I appreciate in the man and I want that my future partner in life had these character traits:
1 Nobleness. 2 Fidelity. 3 Bravery. 4 Honesty. 5 Erudition.
6 Propensity to romanticism. 7 Care. 8 Mercy. 9 Sense of humour.
My dear John I understand what probably now very seldom to meet such man which possessed all these character traits. Yes I understand that all people different. John you are possible can to admit fairly only to me about presence of these important advantages at yourself. It is necessary for me the nobility that as it is possible to understand is better you and to be convinced of that that I am not far from the ideal. Yes I know that ideal men very little. The darling probably at you is lacks. I ask you only speak me the ***** truth.
Understand that it very important for me. During dialogue with you I can tell about you only good words. But I so know you a little.
And me it will be pleasant if you can open to me lines of the character.
I hope that it will be not so difficultly for you. Probably you too have an ideal of the woman which you dream to find. It will be very pleasant to me to know it. John I hope that you can share with me the thoughts concerning ideal values which you wish to see in the future woman. I will be glad to know it. Probably our ideals will be similar. I hope that you will not be at a loss with it.
I got today from a photo and I know that you are very like. At one of the photos I with love dog - her nickname: Doli - we named it in honor of her mother, she a girl. I love her so much and when I finished school I spent with her many times, even she was always there, only the last time I was far from it. I know how much you enjoy these photos, another photo that I brought - I just comedy when applying for a job. I not when did not travel outside of Russia, for me all that is outside of Russia very interestingly. I have understood your letter very well and everyone words could understand. I hope I'm not hurting you, not by their words, if I'm What is hurting you and ask you to forgive me for that, I honestly do not like you have nothing to offend. you mean to me a lot though we are not so long ago familiar.
I hope that you fully understand my letter and I will eagerly await your next letter, and now I will finish this letter and send it to you.
Sincerely Ruzaliya ....
Letter 5
Hi my dear John.
I was very glad to receive your letter. Photo where I stand about a gun very amusing, it made in our park, is my girlfriend did a picture.
Thanks for a photo of that where you work interestingly to see your place of work, I saw your car and I wish to tell that I badly understand cars at me even there are no rights to it, but I dream will learn to go at least by it because it to me interestingly in the future. I will wait your phone number in the following the letter and a photo of your house and other photos, it so will be interesting to me. John at me it will be valid possibility to call you on Monday for your mobile phone, but I do not know your number mobile?????? If you have written me number mobile and a country code???? That we could talk to you on Monday I can call you, I so wish to hear your voice.
Interestingly that in it weekends you will with the younger brother in college at you there should be a cheerful trip, I think that 180 kilometres there and back 180 kilometres it very much a long journey, but it was interesting to read your question on football, I do not look football as I do not have to it interest, but I look the championship on swimming, sports gymnastics, and volleyball.
These are one of most mine love a kind of sports and me so it is interesting to observe them on the TV.
I wrote the last letter to you, that that person who really counts relations normal is really necessary for me. Such as 50/50. Because when there comes love I know, that this great feeling, and I also know, what not all people can love each other, understand, feel any sympathy for someone. I think, that love it something such, that heart forces to tremble, to excite your blood when you see the loved person.
When you start to worry and know from whom this excitement proceeds.
I do not love such words as " I love you ". For me it is simple words.
My purpose to search and find such person which words let also are not told by him in the person, and are written in the usual letter, it is sent by simple e-mail, really give such energy, that it is transferred and in the letter. I loved the person, but I loved him is not realized, as though in dream, instead of in reality. And when my dream has left from me, at me feelings to this person were gone also. You know, what I can love and you John? But the love is a long part of mutual relations between the man and the woman. And also as time treats, as well the love demands to itself the special approach. This feeling, instead of a thing. And to this it is necessary concerns with extra care. If you have lost such person John which you loved, and liked very strongly. I regret to you John and I express you the gratitude, that you really felt, that such love.
I very much would like to notice, that you John, have understood all values of my words which I have written to you. Understand John, that now you for me very important person and I trust you.
I never thought of making to the person bad. And I did not know, that such happiness (it is possible in my dreams). But I do not know as you to tell John, that you of very wide soul and the good person.
And I shall be never capable you to offend even in ideas John.
I wish you all best on light John. And it seems to me, that I test something to you. But let we shall name it not love, and very deep sympathy, it is good John?
I wait for your letter with impatience and I hope for your sincerity John. Ruzaliya which tests to you deep sympathy waits from you for letters John. With impatience.
Letter 6
Hi my lovely, my love bear cub John...
I was pleasant to talk again to you I do not know when I still can talk to you probably then when I will go to Moscow or when I will arrive to Moscow. Is not present John to me it will not be necessary written invitations from you because I after all will have a visa of the Tourist and under its arrangement I will be obliged to leave your country after 30 days residing there. It is a pity to me John but I have not adjusted communication with the girlfriend in America.
I am very glad again and again to receive from you the letter my love John. I only am glad to write to you the letter and I am glad to speak with you hope that at you all well and that all goes at you as you would like. I am glad that to you was pleasant to a photo me with Doli when I feed with its ice-cream I knew that it is pleasant to you, I like ice-cream ice cream it very tasty and always to me liked. Doli is a breed of a dog "German shepherd". Yes I think that next year we with you will visit ice-cream coffee where I eat it it such there tasty you will want to go there once again.
I wanted to speak with you about a problem of people only would like to know what people live in your city As to each other relation at people they ready to help or only it is people which care only about itself. I want to know what at you a society of people and what relation between people. Why I ask you all this there were some cases at me and that I understood that people in Russia only have been occupied with themselves never care of others. People in Russia only became severe understand me that because from for shortage of money people began to concern severely to each other. Once I went on street and passed a lane and in a lane beat the person and nobody helped it though passed many people understand my love John. So I could not help I wanted but as I the woman I only could not help the that person and after that I understood that people very severe in Russia and care only about myself. I cannot and to me is sad to look at it and how all occurs understand me? I only so do not want to see all this cruelty and many lie understand I I speak you about Russia and as people in Russia live much but it is very sad that all so occurs. I cannot do anything I only I can not change all. So only I ask tell as at you in the country. I simply want to know that there is in your country as at you people a relation to each other. John dear I promise to you that I receive the visa in Moscow and at once I will call you from Moscow or I will write the letter. At me my holiday the next weeks on Tuesday this official beginning of my holiday will already begin, I hope that now you understand why I so I would hurry up with money what faster to arrive to Moscow. As soon as I receive the visa I buy tickets in Moscow and from there I to you by the plane I at once treat I will phone to you when you should meet me but if I do not phone to you I probably I will write to you the letter to the Internet of cafe is assured that in Moscow there is many Internet of cafe.
Well now I wanted to finish and I ask you only if not answer me well because I want to know all this so do not take offence at me and I shall wait only for your answer. Because you for me are a lot of value - I LOVE YOU John. I have seen your photo in the letter and you already sent it to me at me already there is such photo from you.
I shall always speak you these three words remember my love big for you.
So I love you and I want all care of you.
Yours and only yours - FOREVER RUZALIYA...
Letter 7
Hi my lovely man John!!!!
I am again glad to write to you the answer to your letter to me and it so it is wonderful to see your letter practically every day in myboxof mail yousimply do not imagine it happiness my life is filled and I live you this time. I was on a visit in a zoo and my girlfriend has made this a photo, I have thought that to you very interesting will see them, dear here I it photo with this animal have, it a porcupine yes? I think that you in the life saw this animal? John dear I have read your two letters and I very much even understand you to me it is very a pity that it is girl Faina have deceived you and have caused to you awful painfully, very much it was inconvenient to me to ask you this money yesterday in the letter and so it is awkward it has turned out. I love you and I wish to tell to you what you trusted me and that you would understand that I not scammers and in this life money and relations serious with you is necessary to me not. I am assured that you me should to understand certainly that that I have asked you money for the help on hotel and a life in Moscow to me simply does not suffice. I have learnt yesterday that in the airport: Dublin, tickets will stand for me - 490 Euros. It is the price of two return tickets and other money I I have paid for the visa to you and the passport for travel abroad, as many money would spend what to collect all these documents and certainly painfully to receive such letter from you but I you I understand you not to time me did not see and + you in the past have still deceived. If at me it will turn out to find this money for a life in Moscow that I will inform you in the letter the exact arrival in Ireland. Yes my work has phone but it will be very sad if we talk to you on it especially as I know phone it accepts only trunk calls and calls from for borders does not accept. I always call to you from number of the girlfriend and I use the international card the payment express train is called "MTT". It is insulting for me that you it speak all to me I thought that you trust me also I would want that you knew that to me so it was inconvenient to ask you this money, but me there is nobody to ask more to help as all native and so to me have helped as could, all my best girlfriends and so to me have helped as could and at me was last hope of you and today you has very strongly spoilt to me mood I will continue to search for money and on it I will not stop. I wanted to speak you as much from my love and as much I love you in this letter I as wanted to speak you a little bit Russian traditions which there is at us in Russia and it so much everyones a custom. So a little I shall tell to you at us there is such tradition or custom that the husband before wedding should not see the bride about 3 days at you is such? Then we have custom in Russia that it is impossible when sit for a table to sit on a corner of a table or will not marry within 7 years. At you is what or interesting which you can tell custom what at you there are national dishes national Russian kitchen these are pel'menis as a shish kebab pancakes, plov so at us very various food and I as interestingly to know what at you there are dishes which always eat in your country. Whether at you in city is what or the well-known monuments are a legend of your city? At us very difficult life in Russia even at all the custom they beautiful but is a lot of lie which has appeared only because to people do not pay a payment from work normally.
How in general to you a life in your country? But I precisely know that it better than at us? It is the truth? Sorry that so many questions but it is simple to me very interestingly to know all about you where do you live as you you live and than you are engaged in your country you for me very interesting person and I wanted to meet you in the person. So I now finish my letter and I shall write to you little later now shall go home very much got tired today and I hope you can I shall soon write to me to wait for your answer.
Yours and only yours I hope the future love and wife Ruzaliya!!!
Letter 8
Hello my dearest John...
I am glad to speak again with you John. Yours the letter has made me happy now, at me it is so much emotions from your letter. Now I have received your photos and could see them, at you a new tractor and it pure enough in comparison with our domestic tractors. Your photos have very much liked me. John but I cannot answer you your question as I do not know from what a web of a site agency have found your profile??
I have addressed in agency of acquaintances in our city and they have asked to fill me questionnaires and to write the letter with the limited words for my future man, I was written only by you and I began to communicate at once with you, but I cannot answer you whence they took yours email, would be final better if you have removed from all sites the questionnaires (if you want it). I can spend with you 30 days of the vacation in your country but it what will enough not want to come back back I (Joke), John I have written you the sum of euro because I think that so it will be more convenient for you to understand me better. I did not know that you understand roubles, for the documents I have paid only 170 Euros is 6 thousand 630 roubles - in translate on our money. I have copied the name of airport Dublin and soon I am going to learn the price of tickets. I will write all to you later in the letter I so is glad that soon we will meet you. When I will go to Moscow in Embassy behind my visa and I will receive it that I will book the tickets and I will wait for the plane at once from Moscow I will depart to you and I will call you I will inform when you can meet me, I am final in advance to you I will call also you I will warn about it.
I wanted to speak with you about what. John tell to me only tell to me the truth all that truth which words go from soul from the heart well? About what feeling you to me concern as far as I dear for you?
Yours the purposes in a life concerning me? These questions I wanted to ask you John excuse only if it is many questions which I only wanted to ask you but do not abuse me only well. And I wanted to answer all these questions which I set to you. Also it is that answer which only I feel. I want to speak you that I only searched very much for a long time for such person as you John I simply were in search I not thought that in general I can find such sensitive and careful the man as you and I only recently understood it that you for me that which precious person I searched and with which I only wanted to be always but unfortunately I found you not at once but and there should be I should pass all over again all these bad men which were at me start up them was not much but they were also now I understand it as far as you the good person. I want to be only with you both only for ever and only with you you should understand that nobody is necessary for me. That I only still heard such saying that each person is a star in the sky and that each star burns on miscellaneous which more brightly which dimly. And so when people love each other these two stars turn to the polar lights which most beautifully on light.
And so I thought that you my star with which I wanted to do this polar lights. I dream about that family which we could create that center only you and our destiny will decide for us as all will take place and that with us there will be only that love which in me I think that it for ever that it only my feeling for you which will be for you always and we should be trusted only that all at us turns out also I there will be with you you will be with me. And all at us will be good so I wait for you I I wait your love to me love for you simply I love you John.
I shall see you and I very much hope that I love you and I believe in our relations. I wait and I love you John so only write to me as soon as you can I wait for your letter and I wait for your answer.
With all my love Ruzaliya!!!!
Letter 9
Hi again my most good and kind person my loved John!!!
These photos are from the botanical garden in our city, me photographed my girlfriend Oksana, confident that you like them? Dear my it was pleasant to communicate for me with you yesterday by phone to me so your voice is pleasant, I wish to hear in the future it constantly, dear you will tell to me as there has passed your birthday on Tuesday it it will be very interesting to me. John yes it is normal for people from Russia to work here 6 days in a week because some firms work round the clock and they have a holiday only new year.
I a little that know about your country Ireland and when we will meet you you will tell to me all and will show too much that interesting.
Oksana was in many countries but in your country it was not I already it asked about it, but soon I will visit you and that will tell Oksana in the future about your country. You understand at me there was to you such feeling care and excitement that at you all was good your health your life and that you simply were happy and I think that this feeling care of you and very big feeling when I show about you care and I am very glad that you are during my life and it so I was good is very glad to show about you care and I shall be always when you only do not ask me I shall be care of you and very all my sincere love to you I shall show to wait for you. I always only dream what you the good men. And I know that you simply very good person simply as the person I think it very well because very few people now began very bad and only things are interested in money and everyone but only they overlook that we people and should help always each other understand me?
The flower daffodil is in Russia but it grows in special botanical gardens or there where for it there are conditions a survival the convenient. But very much it is pleasant to me daffodil especially white they beautiful very much. Yes you are right that the river Volga very big and there so a lot of fish what even there is a fish the overage which very big such as a catfish. Mackerels tasty fish and very well costs at us here, I am not able to fish and I not so like fishing I consider that this man's hobby and there it nothing me, for me to prepare more interestingly that not be from fish than it to catch in the sea or the river. My favourite dishes it is a hen and all that from it is prepared - but most of all I love chicken rylet with a boiled young potato and vegetable salad filled in with oil. I would want that you knew that at me is not present favourite dessert because I can attempt that not come what may as that indifferently to it I concern. It so is romantic that you have asked me in the letter, certainly I would like to eat in the mornings porridge is sounds very unusually but have got used to eat rice in the mornings or a buckwheat cereal and will be so pleasantly for me to see tasty porridge prepared by you in the morning. Still I wanted to speak that I simply understood while from our letter which we have written while each other I understood that you which that men I searched that you that person which I need to connect a life you that whom I you wanted to see every day that person with which I you wanted to speak every day that men about which I the care every day would like. I understand that it not probably while but it is possible that ever or can we never we shall together simply know this that that I to you shall tell now you that person which is necessary for me and which I shall always remember all years while I do not die you that person which submitted my soul and that which writes only always to me and brings to me happiness I want to tell thanks for that happiness which you give to me thanks you for all that that you bring to me thanks for all yours words love of thanks you for that that you simply is and is during my life the part of you is in my soul and you near to me. I am very glad that I know you. And here has come to finish time my letter, and I can write to you more to me more many words for you which I are not necessary to go now at still is simple I cannot to write yet all that as much wanted to speak to you and now I only want to finish and wait your answer. Dear thanks for your photos was to see them interestingly.
Always your woman which searches for yours letters as soon as I can Ruzaliya!!!
Letter 10
Hi my lovely man my knight...
I am glad to receive your letter. Dear I am very glad that we have communicated to you by phone I be going to send soon to you a copy of the passports what you knew that I the good woman and that I am not going to deceive you you should understand it, I and so to you I trust that you exist both always trusted and all the same it is interesting to receive a copy of your documents. Is not present John at me there is no bank account and I think that you cannot be surprised about it as many people do not have bank account at me there would be no such big sum of money what to store it in bank. Here the economy not so good but it remained same breaking and was several years ago though who that speaks that crisis has affected them I so I do not think.
I every day only think of you as you there in your country than you are engaged every day you in mine ideas and my dream. I think of you so much how many only probably on work I think of you as you do affairs that you do. When I come from work too I think of you simply in my head always. Even when I go to a bed and I lie on a back to sleep I think and I dream of us and it so I was important for I want to be with you want to love you up to the end my life. I want to speak you about love so much I want speak you in the person I cannot to write all that I feel but it is exact love now I completely confident. I know that you will like my photos them my girlfriend, these photos did me in a bathing suit, made on the river Volga, my the following photo with a dog of my acquaintance such sand the innocent. :)
My weekend I have passed sadly not where did not go at me there was a bad mood I there were houses and to me my girlfriend Oksana we with it together came have spent all the Sunday long watching TV and I talk on kitchens, we prepared and wished to surprise mine of mum in the evening when it has come from work. Whether if I do not forget that I will look football game as they will play but you already know that to me not so interestingly to look football only interestingly to learn Russia has won or not, but I will better look swimming or gymnastics on the TV. I do not know who to you it have informed well here people marry or marry on a miscellaneous and on different age usually it by a youth you are right I on were on such weddings young. For me it is important to live with the man together nearby 3 or 4 years what then to marry it and to be the husband and the wife.
Wanted to write to you a little about my country as I see my country and as at us a life. At us very difficult life if you the fair person and the fair worker that is very difficult to live in the country Russia at us a lot of deceit many swindlers deceive all even old men.
The state is not disturbed with corruption in the country. It is a lot of bribes and many lie in words of the president And it is simple in our country a brothel and I want to speak that I did not want to live in general in Russia and would like to be only where that where laws and where respect people which well work work. At us do not respect work and simply nothing nobody is necessary to all also helps another.
Our country. This such place. I am very glad that I can meet with you and to spend with you a better time in my life, you're so much like you and I fell in love with you like a girl, but I'm sure that life in your own country better, and what at you is much less bad people.
I love you John and I always will and I will write to you as quickly as possible, I always think of you. Your darling Ruzaliya.

Letter 11
Sorry I do not understand about what you to me have written but I and knew that you will not send me money and that I at all did not wish them to ask from you simply so it has turned out that did not suffice me. Now I understand that you will write only to me the letter and always to speak that I is guilty or that that like it. John you like me very much and consequently while I have a holiday I I have gone to village to the grandmother I wish to take at it some councils for my future life. Now I will not spend any more the money for a trip to you, to you me not to deceive that that I a forgery I such breaking I am and I wish to tell you forgiving. I will probably write to you but I am rare now in search of other husband for myself.
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