Scam letter(s) from Diana Malinina to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my sweet Frank! Today is one more happy day for me, because I am in the agency again, writing to you! Honestly, it is an amazing feeling when you know that somewhere in the world there is a person who thinks and cares about you, to who you are telling a lot about yourself, with who your share your thoughts and feelings. You are such person for me, dear Frank, and I want to thank you for entering my life! Even if in future we will not be together, I will always keep you in my heart, you are lovely! Now, as we are getting closer and closer, I want to tell you more about my day, my routine.And this is I will do all week
So, I wake up at 7 o'clock, brush my teeth, have breakfast,do make up and start heading to work. My working day starts at 8 o'clock. As I have already told you I work as a shop assistant in the store of lingerie and swimsuits.
I like my work, because every day I meet a lot of people, mostly woman, and I have an opportunity to communicate a lot. I have a lunch break at 13-00, till 15-00, and this time is right enough for me to go to agency and write to you:) Then I go back to work and stay there till 20-00, so as a rule I am at home at 21-00. I get tired after my working day, so in the evening I prefer to read a book or to watch some film. Actually, I am not the type of girl who likes party very much. For me it is better to stay at home with my beloved man, what about you, dear? Do you like to go out often? I have only one day off, it is Sunday. Then, I can go for a walk with my parents, or I can also go shopping with my friends. I like shopping, as every girl does:) Sunday evening I like to spend at home or in some cozy cafe, so I need you in my life to spend this time together and for much more!:) My dear Frank, I honestly think that you are a very good person, and I want to say one more time how much I like you, and I only hope that you feel the same way about me! Please please say you do:) To hear this would be the sweetest tune to my heart! Honey, listen unfortunately I have a financial problem now and there is a big possibility that I wont be able to pay for our translations any longer.I was paying for every letter till now and now this situation accured. I don't want to lose you, I worry about this situation. I don't know how we will solve this problem and I would be glad to know, what do you think about this? I hope for your support.I am very interested in continuing the correspondence with you as you are aa gentle and a very interesting man for me. Ok,honey, I have to go by now and need to say Bye Bye, but I hope that we will talk again very soon, there is a lot that we still have to tell each other! Have a nice day, sweety, take care! Kisses, your Tanya!!
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