Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Golubinskaya to Howard (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend!!! My name is Ekaterina!! What is your real name? To Me of 26 years. I live in the city of Cheboksary. It is small town. This city is located in Republic of Chuvashia. I work in medical sanatorium. At leisure from work I like to go to cinema, to prepare for dishes foreigns kitchens. In the winter I like to ski, I also go to an ice palace and I go for a drive there on skates. In the summer we with friends go on the nature. And during holiday I like to go in warm places of Russia, on the black sea. In Russia there are places where very much hot even in the autumn. When I come and the sea, I like to be engaged snorcling. Snorcling this diving under water with a mask and a tube. I always dreamed to plunge on big depth with an aqualung into the seas of other countries. I have finished faculty of physical culture. I the independent, cheerful, cheerful woman. But unfortunately not it is pleasant to all Russian men, therefore it is difficult to me to find second half. And then I have decided to get acquainted with the man from other country. I want to say that I'm looking for. I am looking for someone who will love and respect me. Who wants build strong family. I think that every woman deserves. This is quite a bit. Do not you? I'm not looking for friendship. Of course before embarking on serious steps need to learn a lot about each other. But I do not want a very long time have only correspondence. I think you agree with me in this. What it is interesting to you to know about me? I hope you will ask the questions. In the next the letter. And I am obligatory on them I shall answer.
I wait for your answer
Letter 2
Hello dear Howard!!I am glad to learn to you more. It is interesting to me very much. I really like your thoughts about the future. I also believe that family is important for any person. I also very much want to have a family. You have a lot of today's hobbies, and it is really interesting for me. Maybe soon I will be able to try it next to you. I want to say that I'm really looking for the most real relationship. I do not want to flirt, and do not want to play. I already had a bad experience of relations and no longer want to be wrong. I am very pleased your pictures. You're just beautiful. You love to cook. I would like to try your food someday, could also regale you with my goodies. I love to watch movies, and I think that I would have been neprotiv see a movie about love with you. I want to say that the age difference for me is not so strong is important. It is much more important to understand and love people. My mom will neprotiv fact that I met you. And I hope that our acquaintance will be very successful. As you were interested with my letter I wish to tell about you little bit more about itself and about the family. My family consists from four person. Mum, the daddy, my brother and I... My mum works as the teacher in institute. She well knows a structure of the person, and also various sports disciplines. My daddy is engaged in the organization of sports competitions in Moscow. Unfortunately mine mum and the daddy do not live together. They have divorced very much for a long time. To me from it it is very sad. But when they were together, we spent a lot of time together. We went in target in village, bathed in lake, fried meat. But now this all is not present. Still I wish to tell to you about the remarkable brother. He too lives in Moscow. There he is engaged in sale of sports stock. My brother is very dear to me. I have a pet. She is a cat of the British breed. she very beautiful. When to me alone I like to play with her. First I wished to strike up an acquaintance with the man from other country through agency. But has understood that this the expensive and it has decided to be registered itself on a site. If you read my letter I think that at me it has turned out to interest you. It is very interesting to me to know about your family much more. How in spend time together?? In fact people such different, but it is very interesting... Whether Not so???
I send you the photos and photos of my family. Unfortunately I do not have photo with my father. As I wish to see more than your photos and also your photo family. With impatience I wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Howard!!
I with pleasure have received from you the new letter. I learn all about you more. I am very pleased to hear about your family more. I really like the photo of your family and your cat. Your pet is very beautiful. I think that I would feel quite comfortable being close to your children. But I hope that you will not be embarrassed by the fact that I'm younger than you? Because I want to say once again that for me it's not a problem. I am glad to hear more about the history of your town. It is very interesting. Today I wish to tell to you about that where I work. I already spoke that I work in sanatorium. Our organization is engaged in treatment of people: invalids, pregnant women, and also usual people which wish to improve the health. And in days of a school vacation we have a children's camp for schoolboys. During camp I work as the head of educational work. My work as I think, very interesting since I have an opportunity to communicate with different categories of people. And if I see that people have fun, it very much pleases me. Certainly to work with children it is much more interesting than with adults. For example in the summer we participate in various festivals and competitions, we go to bathe and go for a drive on hills in an aquapark, we play, we have fun. Well and in the winter children have an opportunity to celebrate New year in a circle of friends. To me brings a lot of pleasure to see happiness in opinion of children... I very much love children! I finish the letter.I send you photos with me. Also I send photos of children which have a rest in our sanatorium. I hope to you it is pleasant. Also I shall be glad to see your photos. With impatience I shall wait for your answer.
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello dearest Howard!!
Is very glad to receive your letter. I am glad to hear more about your work. It seems to me that you too have an interesting job. I can not use Skype, because it is very difficult for me. I ask to send me your phone number and I'll try to find a way to call you. Do not be offended, but I really think that the letter is the most best way to get to know each other. I liked your photos, you're really in very good physical shape. With each letter we all become more close to each other. As we already a lot of time communicate, I want to share and tell to you something personal... Two years ago at me experience of acquaintance to the man on the Internet was. But this the man was Russian. We corresponded, then he has appointed to me a meeting. Soon I have moved to him to live. All would be good. BUT... he began to use my love, ha began to surprise me with the bad side. I began to learn him on the other hand. I began to learn about him that that could not understand in correspondence. he began to drink alcoholic drinks after work every day. he all time was angry. Started to shout and beat me... It has bothered me also I has decided to go home because so could not proceed more. But when I have told that I leave from him... he was in fury. he has locked me in the apartment and anywhere did not let out. I with the big work and scandals managed to leave home from him. He still for a long time called to me, sorry. But I have not forgiven him. I think that have acted correctly, because good men grades will never offend the woman. I think that you can know all this because between us there should not be secrets. Can to you too is about what tell? You have secrets from me? I shall wait very much for your letter.
Kisses!!! Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello lovely Howard!! Thank for the photo. I enjoyed it very much. My dear, I have no home phone. And so I want to ask you to continue to use email for our communication. It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter again. And in general it is pleasant to me as our dialogue develops. How you think to what it will result? I think that it will result us not only in simple friendship. Probably it something the greater. I already start to reflect on creation of the future family. How you think we can create new family? It is interesting to me to know that you think of it... It seems to me that we approach each other for the further relations. Probably it is necessary to learn each other even closer. It is necessary to talk, glance each other in eyes and then all will be clear. What do you think of it??? I want to tell to you, that I the person which live sensations. I feel that the beginning of our relations passes successfully. I think that we should make a step on a meeting each other. Can when we shall meet we shall understand, whether there can be we together. We shall embrace and we shall like each other for a long time and happily. Or we shall simply stay friends. But to understand usual correspondence it is not enough. My intentions to you are serious, and I hope that you also serious to me. If I am fair is ready on much to find the happiness. I think any distance not a handicap for people which want to be together. Please, answer me sincerely my letter. In fact it is very important for me. On it will depend that will be with us in the future.
Yours and only yours Ekaterina
Letter 6
Hello my honey Howard!
I again receive your letter. I see that I am valid not indifferent to you. And our relations promptly develop. Probably that our relations will very successful. And we shall be together always. I understand that a trip to your country is expensive. But I really hope that I will be able to pay its own costs. Yesterday I came to mum. We drank tea and talked much. We spoke about my future. We assumed much. But my mum, her by the way call Olga it is sure, that at me all will be good. She very much experiences for me. She also is very much pleased to that that happiness of her daughter very close. She wishes me only the best, and she is sure in that that our relations it not simply friendship.
My mum called to my brother. he has told that I went up to end was afraid of nothing. But with you lovely I am afraid of anything. I think that you always will support to me. Also you will always protect me in difficult situations. I want to tell that my brother has girl. She from Ukraine. They have got acquainted when he went on business trips there. Then they have found each other on the Internet. he has suggested her to arrive, and has agreed. Now they together live and are happy. I also want, which our relations developed, also I think, that for development of it we should have a meeting in real. I think, continuation to send long letters each other, we never can solve, whether we with you can have relations in the future. I think, that only in real on a meeting we can solve our future. That you think of it? It would be to meet very much great pleasure for me you in the person and to have acquaintance to you face to face. I hope, that my letter will give you the big mood.
I shall look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours Ekaterina
Letter 7
Hello my dearest Howard, thank you for your nice letter.
I read your imagination and was greatly surprised. Of course, many words were a bit ******, but now I understand that you are very passionate man and I love it. Your imagination is very ****** and she brought me the desire to provide with you as soon as possible. I'm not offended, but very surprised. ))
I am very glad to know that you don’t want have 1000 letters, I sure that real meeting is much better. I think it will be really special time, when we can meet and spend together wonderful time. I would be really glad to meet you and your friends. I think they will envy to you, because you meet so beautiful girl from Russia.;) I never have been in your country and I dream to look how people live there, it is so interesting to me. Also you will show to me your city and all beautiful places there. We can visit cafe, cinema, restaurants, theaters and all places which you would like to show me. Now little more news about trip. Today I have meet my girlfriend Sveta from Moscow, she came today because her mum will have birthday soon. I have spoke with her about us and that we want meet. She have told that if it will need, she can try to help me with travel documents. Because her boyfriend working in embassy and if all will be good, to get visa will be not so hard. I didn’t meet her long time and I am very glad that she came. Today we will visit cafe and have some fun with her. My lovely Howard I am very happy that I have meet you and we can have great time together. I dreaming how we shall meet at first, it is so excited! I imagine about our quiet romantic dinner with candles, on table red rose and we will have some glass of wine. Howard I have so many dreams and I want embody all of them together with you. I will be waiting for your ideas my dear. All yours, Ekaterina
Letter 8
Hello DEAR!! I do not get your letter some time. What happened? that the Origin of walk? You do not want to have a relationship with me? I ask you to answer something. For me, it's important. I'll wait for your answer. Ekaterina
Letter 9
Hello my lovely, how are you Howard I happy to read your letter and nice ideas.
I am glad that you have not left me and still stay close to me in our letters. I hope that you have a good weekend.
Things go better and I hope that we will make the best for our meeting. By the way, I had good time with Sveta at cafe. Quiet music, sweet cherry pie and glass of fruit juice it is great. We with Sveta have spoke about many things, also I have asked her about her help with my trip. She told that she will communicate with her boyfriend which working in embassy in Moscow. As soon as she will know more information about it, we will meet again and she will tell me more data. It is big happy that Sveta have connections in your embassy. I don’t worry that there will be any difficulties with registration of my travel documents. As soon as I will have more information, I will tell you it my dear. If you help will be need for me, I hope that you can support me. Because I want that we work together with our meeting. Howard you agree? I am so glad that we become more than simply friends and I want that our relations continue to grow. Also, my girlfriend will learn more about what you told me. I want to ask you. They needed money to live on just do not have to spend? I can be confident that I can get them back? My darling, tell me more about your ideas and dreams. I hope that you will accept me at your home? Which weather you will have at nearest time? I want be completely ready to my trip and our meeting. Because it is very serious step for me, I feel so exciting with it. Howard tell me more about air flights, because I had never used plain and I don’t know nothing about this service. Dear did you flied by the plane? I want that we seriously considered our first meeting, because our first meeting can be start of our serious relations. I will be waiting your nice ideas and thoughts. With all my love, only yours Ekaterina
Letter 10
Hello my dearest Howard. Thank you for your nice ideas my love. I think that our relationship really have a great chance to become strong and
discontinuous love. Thank you for your compliments.I am very glad that our meeting will happen soon and I can hug you personally, it is exciting!
Dear Howard, I have some good news for you. Today I have meet Sveta and she gave me all information. She already communicate with her boyfriend from embassy. Well, she have told that I need to make a lot of different documents which will be need. First of all I need to make my international passport in local government passport service. With new law, it will take only one week to get my international passport. Also I need collect papers from my work and home. After this documents will be ready, I need trip in Moscow. There I will give this documents in your embassy, also sign questionnaire. After that to me will make my visa and medical insurance. Sveta have told that to me will need to make my air tickets. But it will be necessary only after all my documents will be ready. So today I already was at the government passport service and spoke about international passport. To me have told that it I want to me can make it for one week and it will cost 4350 rubels, it’s about 150 dollars U.S. Also Sveta have told to me about cost of visa and medical insurance. It is 170 and 410 dollars . My love I am worry. Because I have some difficulties with it. I already pay almost all my money for my accounts and I have not enough money to pay for my trip documents. Dear Howard, it is very inconveniently for me to ask this sum from you. But I hope that you will understand me right. In life I am independent person and I can care about my needs. But trip in other country it is completely another. Trip in other country cost many money and I hope you will not leave me with this problem. I hope that we can care together about our meeting and money will not become a wall for our relations. My dearest, I will be waiting your answer and ideas with big impatience. Your unique woman Ekaterina
P.S. I like your photo

Letter 11
Hello my dear!! I thought that we can seriously talk. But do not you show me the proper interest. Why are you doing? If you do not want to communicate with me, I beg you to tell me about it. I'll wait vtoego letter. Ekaterina
Letter 12
Hello my dear Howard!!! I am very glad to see your response. I understand your concern for me. I was very sorry to hear that you're not going to help me with the payment documents soon. And you promised me I do. It turns out that you're just playing with me and did not want anything serious. I know that what is required for the flight in your country. I understand that 4000 dollars is a very large amount. But I think that I are removed to take the credit or loan from a bank. My mother's good friend works at a bank and he promised that he could arrange such a large sum for me. We thought a lot with my mother about the situation. She is very happy for us. But he was not pleased by the fact that our meeting may be postponed. She gave me 200 dollars so that I had the opportunity to defer the money for closing costs on the documents. But I need a larger amount. I think that you still find the opportunity to help me. Very soon I will have your holiday ... And I do not want to spend this time alone. I think that this is the best time to spend time together. I hope you can help me, or is that I will take out a loan will not be confused. I will wait for your answer. Only your Ekaterina
Letter 13
Hello!! I look forward to your reply. I hope that you have not forgotten about me and soon I will answer. Ekaterina
Letter 14
Hello my Howard!! I'm so glad to see your letter. Thank you for this. I understand that in many internet not real women, but I'm not. I want to be with you and be ready to do everything to prove to you my sincerity. I think that few women would send you photos with your name in their hands. And I did it. But today I have prepared for you a special surprise. I think you will like. I made a little video for you. I asked a friend of the camera for this. It is a pity that I failed to record a message more. But I'm sure that you like. So I ask to view the video and think about what we will do next. I want to tell you again and again that the difference in age is not a problem for me. You can not worry about it. I'll wait for your answer. Only your Ekaterina
Letter 15
Hello! My dear Howard!!! I am very glad to see your answer. I understand that you have great difficulties with money. I talk about is his girlfriend. and she said that we can find a way out of this situation. We can do my documents, not all at once. It is not necessary. She said that we could start developing a passport to start. And only then do the rest. I think that this is a really great option. What do you think about it. I want to hear your thoughts as soon as possible. After all, a passport costs only $ 180. I think this is quite a bit for you. Your Ekaterina
Letter 16
Hello dear Howard!! I am very glad to see your letter .... How did you spend your day off? I could not answer you earlier because internet cafes were closed. I spent the whole day yesterday with her mother. I told her a lot about you and to say that I really want to be with you. This is evident from the gleam in my eyes. I'm sorry that you had a very bad experience with a Russian woman. I think that she was not even true. I do everything for you as a token of my sincerity to you. I told you about that and how much it costs. The passport costs 150 dollars, the visa costs 170 dollars and health insurance costs about $ 410. I understand that this is an amount large enough for you. But I do not have anyone to ask for help. I think that once we make the documents, you can buy a ticket for me. By the time everything will be ready, I can receive a loan in his name in the bank at 4500 dollars. I learned about it. But for this to happen will take about 2 weeks. As soon as I'll fly to you, I will immediately send money to my mother so that it closes the loan. I think it's a great plan and we must seize our chance for that to be together. I want to be with you, and I have no problem in that you're older than me. The main thing is the fact that between us there is a great feeling that we should not lose. I hope you understand me and will help me in the near future. I will wait for your answer. Only your Ekaterina
Letter 17
Hello dear Howard!! I am very glad to see your letter. Thank you very much for what you started to write me every day. Now I'm at work and all my thoughts only about you. Thank you for your confidence in me. I am very grateful to you for that. Without trust, we could never be together. I am glad that you will help me in my near future. It is so good that you do not leave me and always supported. In the near future I will try to find out how you can send to me to help. This is so exciting for me to feel something that we will soon be able to be together. I am grateful to God ha what he joined our hearts. How do you spend today? I am waiting for your good news. Your and only your Ekaterina
Letter 18
Hello my Howard!! I'm glad to see your words. I would also like you spent a typical day. Now I was free from work and I am writing from internet cafes. Thanks for the info about what I need to buy two tickets, in order to obtain a visa. Thank you very much for what you will help me in my closing costs for documents. Without your help I could not do without. Your support is so important to me. My dear, do not think that I'm rushing you. I just want to have certainty in our future. You could not give exact dates of when you can help me? I'm doing everything possible so that we could be together as soon as possible. I also learned how you can send to me to help. This can be done through money transfer systems Western union. Have you ever heard of this. I was told that it is in every city in the world. I hope it is in yours. Tomorrow I'll go to the office to have a consultation. I want to say that I have had correspondence with several men, but after I met you, I immediately realized that I do not need others. I am now trying to write men from other countries. But I reject them, because I want to be with you and soon I'll be with you. I hope that you will have a nice day, waiting for your answer. Only your Ekaterina
Letter 19
Hello dear Howard!! I'm glad to see your answer quickly. I am glad that you know about western union. I am very sorry that this way you lied. But you can be sure that my hand would not be cheating. Today I visited western union. They told me about what is required in order that you could send me their help. To do this you need to know my full name and country. It's a little bit and I am pleased to give you this information. My full name Ekaterina Golubinskaya. Country Russia. so that I could get your help I need to know your full name, city and country of departure, as well as your address. I hope that soon you will be able to help me with this. I almost forgot, you're going to send me a secret code that will give you when you send money. I think that we will succeed and we will soon be together. My dear, when you're still you begin to help me. I'm ashamed to say it, I do not want you to hurry. But I want to be with you as soon as possible. We did not move to places in the planning of our meeting. I hope to see your reply very soon. Only your Ekaterina
Letter 20
Hello my Howard!! I am very glad to see your letter. Thank you for your information to me. It was nice to hear. You really familiar with western Union. I understand that you are very tired and so sleepy. I think that you gain strength and will to excellent condition. My dear, Howard! Forgive me that I was again beginning to talk about money. But I still do not have certainty. When exactly can you help me? Through the pen of days, week, month, year? It is important to know Understand me and do not be angry. Can you help me with the closing costs on all my documents at once? I am very ashamed to talk about it. But I am afraid to stay alone. I do not want to be lonely. I want to be with you and only you. With love, your Ekaterina
Letter 21
Hello dear Howard!! I am very glad to see your letter. How did you spend your weekend? I'm sorry that I did not answer you yesterday. Just on Sunday, my internet cafe was closed and had no access to the Internet. I understand that you had a bad experience with another Russian girl. And I understand that you want to take all precautions. Tomorrow I will send you a copy of my passport, it is not a problem for me. I want to be with you, and I will do anything for you as a token of my sincerity. I hope that you will be satisfied. Yesterday I spent the whole day with my mother. And once again talked about you. My mom tells me that I'm not as usual. That's all in me there is a great feeling. These feelings for you grow each day and hope that they will break out when I'm next to you. I will wait for your answer. Only your Ekaterina
Letter 22
Hello dear Howard!! I'm sorry that I did not answer you some time. My mother was not very good. She had a small problem with the heart ... All these days I did not leave her not to move. But now everything is in order. And I can once again write to you. How are you? as warriors are you? What were you doing lately? I promised to send you a copy of my passport. I will definitely do it soon. I want to do everything for you as a token of my sincerity to you. This is not a problem for me. Tomorrow I'm going back to work and I will make a copy of my passport. You can not worry about it. I would like to ask you. how your financial affairs? I hope that soon you will be able to help me with the development of the passport. I want to be with you shortly. but sorry that sometimes not everything depends on the willingness of the people. I will finish my letter and will wait for your answer. only your Ekaterina
Letter 23
Hello my dear Howard!! I'm glad to see your letter. My happiness is more than just thanks to you and because I am convinced that soon I'll be there with you. You recently asked me to send a copy of my passport tbe. And I'm happy to do it for you. This is not a problem. I do it for you as a token of my sincerity to you. Thank you for what you will you help me. I hope that this will happen very soon and very soon we will be together. Thank God that the volcano stopped erupting in Iceland. After all, because this was interrupted by all air traffic in Europe. But now being established, and all order. Have you heard about this? What will you do in your weekend? I'll wait for your answer. only your Ekaterina
Letter 24
Hello dear Howard!! how are you? you missed me? I miss you. I am glad that you got my last letter with a copy of the passport. probably Russian language is very hard for you. But I'm glad that you still knew what day I was born. You were right, I was born June 4, 1983. And this fact. My dear, what is tested will you do with my passport. I am very interested to know that. I hope that you tell me how was this check. What are you doing this weekend? I beg you to tell me that. In my city, now the weather has deteriorated dramatically. And today, hail and some snow. At work I have everything in order. I keep telling you a lot and often my staff about you and they are very happy for us. I will wait your next letter. Only your Ekaterina
Letter 25
Hello dear Howard!! I am very glad to see your letter. How are you? I'm glad that your city is very warm, but in my town the weather while playing with us. The street is cold then hot. Maybe it's natural disasters. I am glad that you want to start helping me. Unfortunately I do not have a bank account, I have learned all the necessary information in order to open it. But I'm afraid that I will not. Because to open an account at our bank, I need to go there at least 10,000 rubles, is more than $ 300. Indeed, the bill must be approved only a while. I think that this option is not possible for us. I think it would be much easier to use Western Union. Ntv more that we both know how to use it. I'll wait for your answer. Ekaterina
Letter 26
Hello my dear Howard!! I am very glad to see your letters. I'm sorry that I did not write you a long time. I was ashamed to explain something to you ... The thing is that I can not open a bank account. I can explain to you why. That's because two years ago, my mom took out a bank loan. But the loan is repaid with a long delay. And it still should be some of the penny jar. I hope you understand what I'm telling you. So my mom and I are not allowed to open a bank account. Because my mom has a bad reputation for this. And the true values, I am a close relative, then I, too, shows a ban on it. Therefore, the only correct option is to use Western union ... I'm sorry that I did not tell you about this before. I thought that you will laugh at me and never will write to me. I am still not convinced that this will not happen. But I will wait to see your letter very soon. Only your Ekaterina
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