Scam letter(s) from Laura Emily Hickey to Willie (South Africa)

Letter 1
Dear Willie.
I will like thanking you for your pleasant mail, which I enjoyed. You look cute in your picture, I want to ask for apology to keep long to write you, my computer crashed and I haven't access my email. I'm a fun, loving and caring person. I love life and all it has to offer. I enjoy new experiences and am not afraid to try things once. I work hard and when it comes to time out, nothing beats relaxing with my partner and friends, spending time on the beach or chilling at home.
I want to go out and have fun with my partner, and enjoy the outdoor life, but also enjoy a quite night at home with a DVD and good company. I seek to meet that special someone that believes in commitment,loyalty, trust and communication, a department I have failed terrible in.
I believe successful relationships ought to be built on a solid underlying, friendship between two people. I believe in intimacy, as it is the secret in letting someone into our private worlds. I want to meet that special man, whom I can love and cherish.
Things I really love… the touch of a man... long beach walks, music, good wine with beautiful food, Sunrises and sunsets at the beach, keeping fit, swimming, travelling to new places (overseas). Road trips, roaring fires, gardening, DIY projects, animals, kids, music, liars terrible annoys me, I am not into quick flings or casual *** and do not play mind games with anyone.

I felt for you about your wife death, I will make you think less if not forget about your wife when things work well between us. I'll care and give you love you will require from a woman. I will like to know you likes and dislikes. Where do you live now? What do you do for a living? Do you have any bad habit?
Have a nice time.
Letter 2
Hello Willie
Thank you for finding time to mail me. I do appreciate it seriously. I glad you desire my pictures, and you want nuaty in future if things go well between us we meet you will see all of me. I can see things around for our good, for the fact that we are looking for the same thing here. That you are in full time ministry tells you will be God fearing I have always dream to meet someone who is God fearing as me.
You letter can tell how lovely you wife was to you, I notice how much you miss her in your message, she was really attach to you, I understand how hard it is to lost our dear one, I hope this doesn't affect you, you should try and keep it behind you and move on with life. Blackpool is far from you if you were close to England I will come to you spend sometime with you keep you accompany maybe in near future if things work well for us. I really don't wish to paint a wonderful picture about myself; neither do I wish to show how perfect I am. At the moment I can only say that a true and lasting relationship can only be founded on true friendship first, afterwards comes compatibility. I know people come on line for various reasons. Some are on line for fun, some to make friends, while some are to seek someone to be their life partner. The reason I post profile on the site is to meet a man I will get to know as my friend first for a serious relationship. I'm single never been married have no kid. I will never consider engaging in a relationship that will not be accomplished as you might have found out in my profile. It will be amazing if we are both looking for the same thing here, if you will desire meeting in person, I would like to meet you as well. But that will be after we have get to know each other and see things we have in common…I know what I want and I will always try to lay a proper foundation to make it a lasting one. I will be glad to be real friend first. Then we will be in a better position to tell what we want... I will be delighted to hear from you again, till then take good care of you.
Letter 3
My dearest Willie.
Thank you for your letter I enjoy it so much, I can see in your words how witty you will be, I can tell how lovely it will be to live where you are by your description. What else can I say, It will be nice when we go to the beach ****, I have just one heart I will give it to you I don't know what I say to this demonstrating sense that you have, just I say I'm lucky, I wish one day we be together and exchange love and read love history together this is what I feel love talk to me I am hearing you you are fare from me but I feel that you are with me when I am writing this letter for you. I wish to build happy and lasting relationship with you.

I will like to let you know that I will be travelling to Senegal tomorrow for my psychology environmental research program.

Have a nice time
Letter 4

Dear Willie
How have you been? I guess you are keeping well in health, sorry I haven't written you, I can't access internet often, I think reinstalling my private internet will be good idea so I can always write you, I'm getting better getting use to the climate here...I feel so much for you reading you will be sad for you as you remembered your late wife birthday, being the time you always go to park for fun, I understand how heavy this will be in your heart, I wish I was there with you to keep you accompany, we will go beach together... I will care for you, I'll massage you and want the same from you I wish were here now, you can't imagine how I feel inside me right now, how lovely it will be, I will like it so much. You want to see my pic with *****, you sound so interesting to go **** in the sleepingroom touching each other, and shower lay in bed as we cuddle. I can guess what is going to happen between us, I think you will know how to take care of a woman, you are honey. I hope you don't mind but I already think of you as my boyfriend, As far as qualities I look for in a relationship I look for honesty, love, caring, truthfulness, and faithfulness. We seem to want the same thing out of a relationship. I will love you, be faithful to you, be honest, caring and love you with all my heart. I will do my best not to stray. I will respect your opinions and feelings. I would not want to go to bed angry; I would want to talk things out first. I would love to cook for you and eat some of your great meals. I do want to say that I love you. Hope to do not mind. I try to be open minded about things and I would want my better half to be the same way, if possible. I feel we may have a future together. You are growing so rapidly in me,...I wish you could visit me here in Senegal will even bring us closer, I just can imagine being with you in all you mentioned, I wish this will happen in few week. I like to travel but and I do enjoy travelling so much, you meet new people and make new friends. Well I will close for now. Hope to hear from you soon, as I feel love for you now.
Have a nice pleasant moment.
Love always.
Letter 5
Dearest Willie
Thank you for your letter, I suppose you are doing fine as well. Thanks for the pictures, you are good looking. I enjoyed reading your words in your letter, I do not get angry that easy, I like the fact that you are open to talk about bed, I am an adult I know what it mean to get into relationship, I am interesting we are looking for the same thing here. I'm very open to all conversation feel free to say anything, I believe it is good to say what you feel about someone if not you will regret for have not said it when the right time has gone. I understand you need someone to care for will be missing someone to hold close at night I'm completely new is this in this internet dating, I have heard a lot of liars in the internet I believe that there are honest people looking for genuine love to be happy all their life. I hate liars with passion, I will have nothing to do with someone that is not truthful. I trust you, I know what your age you will be very serious in what you are looking for. I'm certain you are God fearing, I put God first in whatever I do, I was brought up in a Christian home where human value is being respected. I will be grateful if this will lead us to something serious, our desire. I like a mature man like you; I really hope things should go well for with us. I will like to get to know you better as I believe every relationship start as friends and develop to love.
I am very honest, sincere, loving, faithful, caring, sensitive person, I have a load of love in me that I want to share with my dream man, and I am also a big romantic! I think I have great knowledge of life again from my psychology environmental study...I believe a woman life is complete when she have a man in her life, I thought I should pursue my goal to create a family, I'm seeking for undivided genuine love full of great attention, understanding, kind thoughtfulness and endless love. I enjoy out door activities, during my free time visit amusement park, strolling, reading, listen to music, and watch my favourite movies. I like to dance and sing. I'm a good cook something tasty, I enjoy nature, and I appreciate such traits as honesty, truthfulness, respect, faithfulness, sincerity, and ability to share dreams and to respect other people’s opinions. I want to meet a romantic man, who will love me for who I am, a man that will share with me his happy and sad moment. I am that will be there for his family who will be comfortable with whom he is. I appreciate this quality in a man, kindness, trustworthy, faithful and loving; I need a man who would become a wonderful husband for me. Be honest and decent and I will reciprocate with the same. I believe in love. I think a family is built on it and…on trust. I think honesty, trust, sincerity, love, understanding and a great sense of humour are key qualities in a relationship. Without them, there would be no foundation for a good relationship. I hope you will be a caring man, someone that will take good care of a woman. I think in relationship attention is very important. What are the key qualities in a relationship to you?
Have a pleasant moment.
Love always
Letter 6
My sweethaert.
It is delightful read from you; I hope you and your daughter are all fine in health as it is very important in life. It true it took me some time to write you, I have limited access to the internet; I would have been emailing you always if I have my private internet connection. I feel so delighted about the image you have for my person , like I told you before I’m very open about our communication, I like the face that you are very open to talk about *** and my heart pounds reading how you appreciate my pictures. Frankly, you don’t know how I feel right now, I wish the distance between us was walk able I would have come to you now.
I assume you are a perfect gentle man I have been longing for, I need a man in my life to care and be cared for the rest of my life I am ready to go to any length with him so far he is nice, appearance or riches does not matter just his character alone and his thinking is what I care... I'm honest, sincere, loving, loyal, and a true romantic. I believe in treating people as I would like to be treated with kindness and respect. I think those involve in love are equal and should treat each other with mutual respect and understanding...I must tell you that I'm an easy going, honest, faithful and a one man's woman ...who is seriously looking for a long term relationship and probably getting married I describe "LOVE" as the following... "Love is like a river, never ending as it flows, but gets greater with time!" Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty. The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don't become less of who you are; you end up being complete with your loved ones." "Love is when there are a million things you want to say to someone, but when they look you in the eyes and hold you in their arms nothing in life matters other than being with that person at that moment." so dear ...if you are sure of what you want and you are in for something nice ... and I must state that I do dislike liars and cheaters, not those that will pretend love and disappoint in last minute...I trust you will not be any of such ...I am hoping and looking for a man who is kind ,honest and faithful.... someone who is not afraid to tell the truth at all times ...if ever if it hurts. I am in search of a decent gentle God loving man that will have time for me. Ages are just numbers and shapes are just sizes your heart determines whom you really are. I am not searching for money it never determines love I am in search of a good man who had really know all about life and who is ready to settle down with me. Who is ready to share what I have and who is ready to understand and who is loving caring honest God fearing and faithful as I will like to meet someone who is serious in relationship... I hope to keep our communication with hope that it will lead us together in person someday in near future.
Here are few questions for you. How do you treat woman? Do you keep grudges? How do you react when you are annoyed? Do you raise hands on women? How do we meet, who will move to meet the other person? I hope I haven't asked lots of questions. I will stop now, and will look forward to read from you. Have a nice time.
Best regard
Letter 7
My dear Willie.
How have you been? I guess you are doing great in health, I will not fail to thank you for you pictures. My dear, I know you have been expecting to my letter before now. I like your response to my questions; I think we have a lot in common. I most confess to you that I'm falling in love for you more in each letter from you. It is true that we do not know where this road we are on will lead us, but we must be mindful that this is not like playing lottery. This is not a game of chance here my dear. We do have a common objective and a common consensus about what we want and we know what to do to obtain it. There is no chance here at all. You are seeking for real love and I am. And yes, there are natural forces that we cannot control, but the fact is that we have the right to decide our own destiny here. I like it when you wrote, "God, has brought us together for a reason" I think anything can happen if a person mind is set on what he/she desire or want in life. Therefore, I will now discuss what I understand about chemistry between a man and a woman. Firstly, if having chemistry between a man and a woman is all true to bring them together and to have them to fall in love and remain in love, and get married, and remain married, then there won't be a high rate of divorce in our societies today. I strongly believe that the matter of chemistry is mainly proven and studied in the chemistry lab, for the benefits of humans, because when the right chemical and formulas are put together the proper, the results are always good. However, when the wrong chemical or formulas are put together, there can be great disaster and sometimes fires in the chemistry lab. So therefore, I believe that chemistry is too practical a term to describe mutual feelings between people of the opposite *** as it relates to their common need to be together. I believe in absolute compatibility in which the woman and man has more in common than those they do not have in common in it’s totality. There must be some things that they do not have in common or agree upon, but they must learn and accept to learn how to agree and disagree. However, they must be mindful about those things they do not have in common, because it may just be one of those things they do not have in common that might **** up their relationship. In this process, it must be pointed out that there is a time during which the couple would realize that they cannot live their lives without the other person in it...and this is the bedrock of love and marriage. So it takes a lot of hard work for the couple to come to this realization after their mutual hard work to get to know each other for the sole purpose of being together.
So chemistry usually is important for men and women who are not willing or capable to do the ground work. It's like eating a meal that is already prepared, but they are not willing to cook the meals themselves. If everything we need and desire in our minds is found in the person we want to be with, then this is chemistry, because chemistry is an exact science, but on the other hand, the behavior and issues concerning humans as it relates to being with another person is not an exact science. Humans have bodies, spirits, and souls, and therefore, it's impossible to find in another person the exact things another person desires in any situation.
So my darling, finding another person to be with is an opportunity that must be taken advantage of. We find the person, we work hard to see if there's more that we can have in common with the person, and then we continue to work on it all the time. It's like a camp fire in the dead of winter when a man and his woman are out camping. The fire must be tended too at all time, or else, they will freeze. They must take turns to keep the fire going for heat. This is what a good relationship must's never over. We must keep the fire of the relationship burning always. Most couples who find themselves out of love with each other are those who sit back and become victims of their own self imposed expectations of their partners. Expectations can be a hidden disease that can ruin a good relationship. The man expects the woman to do this or that, the woman expects the man to do this or that....
My dear, you might be wondering why I say all these; I want healthy relationship between us. I wish it was possible for us to meet and have face to face talk, I think we shall have a lot to talk when we meet in person to know how compatible we are physically and mentally, I think when the time comes we shall meet. Our meeting has to be planned by both of us when we feel in right. I believe I have shed some lights on how I think about some things. I have missed you. I believe you have enough there for me to work with you. I think more things we have in common and those we do not have in common, can only be found out after we meet and have some time to spend together. There's no need to over reach on this one because we only going know this after we meet, I hate lairs and cheats with passion, there is no doubt you have had bad experience in relationship as you have written. I'm a complete one man woman and I will expect same from my man. Attached are my pictures maybe you will like see me when I was little girl..Take good care of yourself as you have been doing my dear. I am thinking about you always here, and I always want and desire to remain yours
All my love
Letter 8
My dearest Willie.
It is always my pleasure to read from you. I hope you and the kids are doing perfectly well in health today. Thank you very much for the complete about my pictures. I just can't beat the smell of your words, I want to bring a smile to your face. I'm so thrilled about the situation I know how heavy your heart is about your wife death, I feel so much for you. I know difficult it is to lose someone at such an early age, is such a loss to everyone, even those who would have known her in the future. People who chat and interact with her will also be in pain. And it really ***** that the death come and take someone when we need them more. I am so concern about your present situation, I know you need time to recover from this lost. I want to come in your life to give you all the care you might require, I know I can't take a place in your heart as your wife did, anytime you want to talk, give me a call I will be there for you.

I wonder who is taking care of the kids? I know how much they will miss their mother, but thy should be strong, I believe you are giving them the care the need as father. Do not forget to extend my greetings to the kids tell them I cares for them I believe if things workout well for us in near future, I will meet them. I will stop now and look forward to read from you. Have a pleasant moment.
All my love kisses
Letter 9
My love Willie
My heart is filled with delight reading your letter, and your cute pictures, they caught my eyes. I believe deep in my heart you and your family "children" are all fine. You just can't imagine how I feel inside my heart for the expression of your love towards me, my dear I can't stop thinking of you as well. It is true that we are from different part of the part of the world with different culture. When we have great connection between us we shall see beyond all this difference and distance that stand between us.
Of all the things, places and people I've ever prayed for, you are by far my best blessing. As your wife I will love and cherish all of you including your faults. I will always do my best to ensure you're happy and to keep you that way. My goal is to be your best friend, wife and an excellent mother to your beautiful children. I will nurture them with all the love inside me and with your help raise them to become well rounded, respectful, Intelligent, happy adults. I need you to know my trust in you exceeds the fairest mountains and the widest seas. You'll have no reason to ever question my love or my trust. I will remain as beautiful (inside and out) as I am today, lasting tomorrow and continuing forever. I will strive to be all you'll ever need in a woman. From bedroom role playing to family meetings, I'll strive to do it all. I'll cook, clean, work, educate, inspire, encourage, and Console. You may call me your superwoman. However, like any human, I have my faults. But what I can promise you is that my faults, pride and ego will never cloud my vision of what's most important for us. I will stand beside you when you need me, behind you to always watch your back, and in front of you to light the way. Together we'll face the world head on and make it a better place. And when it's all said and done at the end of each day, I'll thank GOD for allowing me to experience what most never will... pure, honest, blissful LOVE
My love I'm not as busy as before, it is possible for me to travel to come to you if you want me to come to meet you in South Africa to spend some quality time together find out physical things we have in common. I have not told you that Preference are given to married and engage members in the research program. The research program committee boards are very strict with their rules. We are allow to travel if there is an emergency or marriage arrangement for those that stated in the files they were engage. I will get a ring to let them know we have been engage and we are planning to get married. I have enquired a letter will be needed from you to proof I am your fiance that way it will be easy for my travel to you be approve.
I will forward to you the information of my department supervisor to whom you will address the letter, when I read from you know when you think it will be suitable for you to welcome me in your country South Africa. I wish you all the good thing and my God be with you in all your endeavours. I enclosed couple of my pictures for you. I will stop now till I read from you. Have a pleasant moment
I remain your new love one hugs/kisses
Letter 10
My darling Willie.
I feel delight each time I read from you, I see you can communicate easily now that you have internet access through your mobile phone. You talked about sending pics to your telkom address, do you access with your mobile? Don't you receive pics this address maybe I should copy letter to your telkom address.
It is nice to hear that your business is getting better, I believe you will come over the arrears and be free, it is always the case in business I'm certain you are strong to meet up with all. I understand you can't not travel because of the kids, you need to be close to them. I'll come anytime you think it will be possible for you to welcome me. Like I wrote in my early letter, I made enquiry a letter will be require from you as my fiance and my travel will be granted. When I know when to come to you I will communicate you the person you should address the letter to.
I am also having strong feelings for you each day, it is difficult for me at night, I hold my pillow with your picture in my mind, I must confess you have grown in me, and it give me good feelings that you feel the same way for me. I believe you, from your writing that you have fall in love with me and I have falling in love with you too. Because of excitement you touched the wrong key while typing my name. I thank God we have found each other and falling in love I look forward to the day we shall meet in person. I will be looking forward to read from you.
All my love embrace

Letter 11
My love.
I write to let you know that I received your, I will be expecting to read from you as you promise. Take good care of yourself and remember to rest when you fell weak. Darling, I want a relationship that will never end with you, I wish you wee here to notice how fast my heart beats for you. I long so much to meet you, I miss you so much.
All my love hugs/kisses
Letter 12
My dearest Willie.
I can't find words enough to express to you how I feel when I receive your "PassionUp Greeting" my heart skip a bit reading the words content, you have made your way into my heart, I don't know what you think about me. I felt so quite relieved to see your letter dear to my heart, you are now angel my dreams my love you changed a pulse of my heart to say with every heartbeat that I'm falling for you. I hope you have the same feeling for me as I have for you. I wish there was not great distance between us, I would have walk to meet you if the distance between us was track-able but I keep hope that someday our paths will cross...I'm missing you already.
All my love warm embrace.
Letter 13
My love Willie.
I feel so much delight in my heart to read from you from. I hope you and the kids are all doing find in health. My dear, the content of your mail tell how decent you are, I begin to picture our life together how happy it will be. Do you need to say sorry for wrong type my name, there are common mistake when we feel love, I guess that was the course you touched the wrong key while writing. My dear, my mother thought me when I was a kid to always deliver message when someone message me, and I still keep it till date, I will take your message to her...also tell Willie that he has taken a girl heart with him and he should take good care of the heart...I like your joke dear, I think you have a witty sense of humour. I think you have a load of it, I imagine how lovely it will be being around you. My dear, I have seen your pictures and I like you, you do not need to be worried if I will like you, the greatest mistake one can do is to fall in love and get into a relationship with someone because they are good looking, for me what matter is the heart, despite you are good looking I want to fall in love with your heart, I want to be shown undivided attention to live in harmony with you. I feel the same way about you thinking about you, I can't concentrate in anything else. All I think is how to meet you in person and I hope it will be soon. I do not have time to go on the site and I do not reply to all men that show interest on my profile I was told how they play with girls feelings, lying and making jokes, some will seems serious and disappoint at last minute. Honestly, I really can't tell what make me pick special interest on you; I trust there is something special about you. I know what I'm looking for genuine love where a man and a woman are living in harmony; I don't need money as it is not everything. My dear, I feel deep in my heart that we are match, Almighty God knows the reason we met here on line, and I believe His is going to perfect what He has start for us. I'll do any thing in my power to make sure this relationship come to reality and I will hope the same from you. I'm addicted to you and I have no regret about that, I want to tell the whole world that I love you and want to marry you. My heart refresh to read the kids want to meet me, extend my greetings to them. I will be here thinking of you as always.
All my love
Letter 14
My dearest Willie.
I hope the message find your well, below is the letter as in the attachment, fill in your information and send back to me I will print it off email and transmit the my supervisor. If you will like send the letter to him on:
I will be looking forward to read from you.
All my love hugs
Letter 15
My beloved Willie.
You can't imagine how I feel, all I think now is to be with you, thank you very much for the Passion Up greeting they make me feel good, and I must tell you chose the right ones. The more I read from you the more I fall in love for you, the more I know you the more I want to get to know you. I can't stop looking at your pictures, and I can't find enough words to describe the love I'm feeling for you. I believe time will tell when we meet.
Warm embrace.
Letter 16
My Dear love,
I am forever grateful for your desire and attention to me. I can't stop staring at your pictures, they give me good feelings, thanks for sharing them with me. You have given me a chance to experience a true feeling of being wanted and needed by a man with a beautiful heart. The heart is a powerful controlling factor to living our life's. What you feel deep in your soul, is what drives you forward.
I am a woman that has been on a quest throughout my life to find my soul mate and other half. I have been very sad at times, because I thought it would never happen for me. You and I would have never crossed paths without the use of the computer. I never thought much in long distance relationships, but when I saw you, everything changed in a moment.
I can not explain very well, what is going on in my heart, only that it is driving me to be with you. Not for a casual moment in the sun, but for a fulfilling desire to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to watch you as you wake up in the morning, as the sun shines all around your face. I want to look at you as you dress and start your day.
I want to feel you as you get excited for whatever is going to be that day.
I want to hear you as we spend our moments together as one soul.
I want to know you as no woman could ever know.
I want to touch you every minute of the day.
I want to kiss you when you do not expect it.
I want to smell the sweet fragrance of you, as you stand near me.
I want to long for desire to love me.
I want to **** for your ****** nature.
I want to give you all my heart.
I want to fall asleep in your arms as you hold me closely
I know I have wanted a lot of things from you. What I never asked was, what do you want from me?
I know that plans of being together are made sometimes faster than the way we are going but, I feel that it is the best way to make a lasting relationship over time. I feel our spirit are united already, my heart shivers I feel out of control my body are in a hurry to come and be with you, and I hope you feel the same.
What we have not answered is, will you stay and be my husband forever?
I wanted to come to you, and spend time courting you in your country. After time spent, I know I would ask you to marry me with a ring. But, to me it does seem that will happen soon, I don't know about you. As you have explained it won't be possible for you to travel otherwise, when you come to see me, I will have to make it special for you in hopes to propose to each other with a sincere marriage agreement. I know that we will find a newness of being together, as if we just met. That way, we can feel as if the life was not planned already. I want every day to be fresh and new for you. I am nervous at what is happening to us to quickly. I want everything to be perfect for you when we are together. I do not want to disappoint you with anything you want to have. I thank you for your loving kindness and wonderful pictures to keep my soul at peace while we are apart. I got the letter it is well written, I will print it off email and submit to my supervisor.
Soon, I will need to help make all arrangements for you and I to be together. Before you realise it, that day will come! I love you and respect you for who you are. Please do look over the kids, and let them know I care for them, I look forward to meet them.
Always,my love,
Letter 17
My dearest Willlie.
I couldn't sleep at night all I think is you, you have made your way inside my heart and I like the feeling I have for you. I love you more each day, it is morning I was only waiting to see day light to check my email if I have letter from you, and I found your emails I smile and feel relax knowing you have the same feelings I have for you. I'm going to print out the letter off email I'm told it has to be legalised before submitting. I note your numbers let me know when it will be suitable to reach you on phone. I have problem with my phone it is in repair I will give you my number when I get from repair. I miss you so much, I'm itching to meet you. Have a nice time.
All my love hugs/kisses
Letter 18
My dearest Willie
How have you been? I hope all is well with you today; it is nice to read you feel the same way I feel for you, I couldn't sleep last night I was yawning rolling over in bed with you in my thought. I imagine us sleeping together holding each other closely. Honey, our spirit is united already all we need now is to make our dream happen physically, I also dream of you at night. I wish you know what is happening to me, I can't concentrate in anything, I miss you so dearly. I could not email you because of power failure. I printed off the letter and take it for authenticate and was come to back I notice it was because I didn't have the complete money. I went for the letter yesterday, and it was already legalised, they could have given me the letter but they wanted complete money, so they ask me to come back with the balance the next day. They would always take their time in every thing they do. They are very slow in everything even when they eat. I have transmitted to my supervisor; I'm now looking forward to travel to meet you. Darling, I will like you to check the flight fare at your end, if it will be cheaper there, maybe we can purchase it from there. I made flight enquire here it very expensive I can't cover all the cost, I still have to obtain travelling insurance and exceed guarantee and this require money. I so so much itching to meet you and I know it will be soon. I love you so much, I'm missing your already. I will be looking forward to read from you.
All my love kisses
Your wife to be
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Name: Ksenia Kolesnikova
Age: 26
Name: Larisa Mansurova
Age: 29
Name: Dela Pomary
Age: 30
Name: Vera
Age: 31
Name: Anita Olivia
Age: 31
Name: Melody Sereno
Age: 24
Name: Ekaterina Vahrusheva
Age: 31