Scam letter(s) from Elena to Rob (USA)

Letter 1
Good day my new friend!
How are you? I hope all well! I have seen your profile on a dating site. Your structure has very much liked me. I would like to get acquainted with you more close. I would like to learn about you more. Than you are engaged, your interests. My name - Elena. I not that person who wishes to deceive. I the girl who wishes to find the love. I would like to create family and to live happily with second half. Probably it you.
For me main is heart of the person! My age is 28 years. I hope you do not reject me, and will write back. If you liked my structure write on E-mail and I will send my photo and video is possible. I shall hope that my letter will not be rejected by you. I hope you have correctly understood me. I shall wait your answer.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear friend Robbie !
My name is Elena. You can tell me also Lena or Lenka. I like the name Elena most of all. Do you like my name?
I hope that yes... I have found your structure on a site of acquaintances. I do not remember its name. The manager in the Internet-cafe has prompted me as it to make. I very badly understand on the Internet. You know, it is my first experience of the Internet - acquaintances. I have never done it earlier. But I have the great occasion to do it. Once I’ll tell you about it!!! I have always lived in a small city, practically in a village. It’s a very beautiful place! As soon as I had finished my school, I left my city for studying. I have graduated for a long time ago and now I work and live independently in Marakulino. Marakulino is also a very beautiful city.
It’s a typical Russian city. Houses, parks, prospectuses and churches.
I really got used to live here. I have my work, friends and my independence. I appreciate my independence very much. I am 28 year old. To my mind, it’s a good age for a young lady. My growth is 170 sm, my weight is 55 kg. I’m slim. I like sports. In my opinion, a girl should keep fit. It keeps body and health both! I send you my photo.
You can see my appearance. You know, I’m not so photogenic. My photos are not usually so nice. But they are necessary to see a partner for changing correspondence. I hope, you like my photo. By the way, I’ll also wait for your photos. It is rather important and interesting to me. I like pleasant and gentle music. Besides, I like to watch sensitive films. I have some friends. And I spend much of my free time with them. I’ve good sense of humor and like to laugh at good jokes. I have no bad habits; I don’t smoke and take no alcohol. I think a girl shouldn’t have any bad habits. My parents are doctors. So I know about the harm, what brings nicotine and alcohol. My mum is a children's doctor. My daddy is an ambulance surgeon. I am the only child in the family. I would like to have the brother or sister but I realize that it’s too late. I work as a lawyer in small lawyer’s consultation. We don’t have many clients. Our work is really hard, because every person is different. That’s why I have to explain some things many times. But I like my job. I get good experience at my job. I hope I’ll work at a good lawyer’s consultation or firm soon. I have made it my aim! And I must reach it! I have no computer at home. Only at my work, but in other cabinet. But that computer has no access to the Internet. That’s why I’ll have to go to an Internet cafe to write you a letter. It is convenient for me. All O.k.! Probably I’ll finish for today. The letter turned out to be really HUGE!!!Unfortunately I can not write such letters. I would like to tell so much in the letter. May be you’re tired of reading it…sorry. I’m waiting for your reply. I’m waiting and hope. Hope to be interesting for you. Elena.
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