Scam letter(s) from Linda Glay to Lammert (Thailand)

Letter 1

The contents of your mail are very well understood , however we are security company that have been operating for so long a time now and part of our principle is that we do not allow sentiments to becloud our modus operandi.
You will also agree with me that the consignment you talked about has been in our custody for a long time now without our charges being attended to ! this in itself is a bad precedent in our code of operating. Be that as it may, we have allowed more time for her until now.
It is pertinent to quickly mention at this juncture that a meeting was held recently on her case and it was generally accepted that the office of the director should confiscate the consignment! that was when you automatically showed up and immediately another meeting was conveyed where the director pleaded on her/your behalf for some time to allow us know your position on the issue as you really seem serious to assisting her, we do believe that this trend still remains as time is not in her/your favour at all.
Concerning the contents of the box , we will reiterate here that as a security company we however do not demand to see the content as we always tell our clients to seal their boxes before we eventually seal it in our vault, this way everybody is safe .However from records, the late Alfred T. Glay declared the contents as Diamond Jewelries.
Sir, we thank you for your efforts but as a company with high professionalism , we do not compel our clients to pay up , we only advice them to pay! We do understand your relationship with your friend and his family and we respect it.
We do hope that with these information , you will expedite all means to assist the little girl to pay up like you rightly mentioned as time is of the essence here.
Thanks once again as we remain always committed to assisting in the best possible way.
Yours sincerely,
Md Mariam ( sec. A.G.P.S.C.)
for director
Letter 2

We shall await your mail on Monday , we are about closing for the day, Have a nice day!
Yours sincerely,
Md Mariam ( sec.AGPSC)
for director
Letter 3

The demurrage charges excluding tax is stated in the certificate of deposit ! and from records ,Alfred T Glay deposited the consignment as FIXED - in this case , it means the consignment should remain in our custody until such a period of time when he will come for it .Therefore from records he has not paid any charge from the date of deposit till now .
As for breakdown , we shall issue a company's invoice in due course when other modalities must have been taken care of like the nonrefundable 350 euros partnership form like stated before as this is protocol.
Thanks once again for your understanding, we await your soonest reply.
Yours sincerely,
Md Mariam (sec.AGPSC)
Letter 4

We are writing you now because it has become necessary to do so. For starters, we must state that you wrote quite an elaborate mail, we will however try to tackle it in a succinct way:
For the issue of FIXED , we discovered that you were not too clear on our policy of fixed, we will throw more light here, our FIXED policy here carries a duration of time depending on the value of the box. In the case of Major General Alfred T Glay the FIXED here was (7) seven years i.e July 24th 2003, but like you rightly mentioned , the cold arms of death took him in 2002.
Once again we feel sorry for all she must have been passing through but like we mentioned before now in one of our mails to you we can not change our policy on sentiments ,our organization runs with money i.e that we are still in this business, is a function of the charges that are paid for every item that is kept.
Your proposal is quite interesting however we must state here categorically and emphatically that that has never happened in the history of A.G.P.S.C.With due respect to you sir , it is not possible for her to be allowed to open the consignment without first and furmost paying the charges , we are a reputable organization here in Bamako, Mali and most of our clients value our responsibility on this that is why they still come to us .It is against our code of conduct! and once again we can not amend this conduct on sentiments.
We always have solution for cases such as this where charges are not paid and this is quite explicit on our web site however we had to hold on it because of your mail which we respect.
Let it be known sir that we have a slogan at A.G.P.S.C. despite our humane nature we do not compel our clients to pay, we only advice them !!
We shall review this your mail once again and if we feel in anyway that there will be delay in the payment of the fee then we shall have no choice but to confiscate the box.
Thanks for your understanding as we do hope you understand our position.
Md Mariam (sec. A.G.P.S.C)
for director. NB: This is the personal line of the director Mr Abubakar Kumi - +223 6732050 it is on 24hrs 7days a week.
Letter 5

This is the POA I told you about , with this certificate you have all the rights like Linda to claim the consignment.At this point in time , I will like to state the following : 1) You will be very straight with me i.e no iota of lies in any way 2)That you will follow my directive so that we can see this case to a conclusive reality. 3)Desist from communicating with the company untill I say so to avoid complications. If you can adhere strictly to these then I assure you that in no time your box shall be by your door step.
I have also communicated with Linda and made her understand that for any relationship to thrive there must be TRUST. And she has vowed to listen to all your directives till this case is over , she even calls you dad.
Anyways, like I told you on phone try to effect the payment ASAP as the ball is now in your court , I have contacted the company again stating that you are now my client and I am taking the case thence. REGARDS,
Letter 6

In view of the recent development with your lawyer Barrister Issa about certain clarification with regards to the Power of Attorney , we hereby state that we have now accepted the fact that you are TRULLY the representative of Linda Glay and that henceforth we shall so recognise you in any matter concerning 'YOUR' consignment.
Here is the breakdown of the charges : Demurrage Charges spanning between
July 24th 1996 - February 24th 2006 i.e 115 months = 13,800 Insurance = 1,250 VAT = 680 Partnership form = 350 TOTAL = 16,080 *All amount is in Euro Thanks for all , we do appologise for all the inconvenience our mails/calls would have cost you hitherto . Yours sincerely,
Md Mariam(sec A.G.P.S.C.)
for director. Allied Guider Publicist
Letter 7

I want you to send the money on the name of my assistant CHARLES UJUT, Bamako, Mali.
Thanks for the understanding
Letter 8

Sir ,
This is the copy of the company's receipt acknowledging that we have trully collect the amount from the beneficiary and your lawyer.
Letter 9

Upon the receipt of the part payment for the accrued demurrage of the consignment of late Major General Alfred T Glay , the board have deemed it fit to extend the date as stated in the attached LETTER OF EXTENSION.
Thanks for all your efforts ,
Yours sincerely,
Md Mariam (sec.A.G.P.S.C)
for director. Allied Guider Publicist
Letter 10

Upon the receipt of the second batch of part payment, A.G.P.S.C will like to get the following information from you :
Name :
Address :
Phone number :
With the receipt of the final payment tomorrow as stated by your lawyer Barrister Issa Esq., we shall commence the conveyance of the consignment to Diplomatic Express Courier Service DECS in the presence of the beneficiary and/or her lawyer. This is to inform you to tell them to get prepared for this movement as soon as we get the final payment.
We shall however issue a full payment receipt to you tomorrow when all is done .
We want to once again thank you for all your correspondence to our esteemed organisation and we do hope that we will be available when the need arises.
Thanks like always,
Yours sincerely,
Md Mariam(sec.A.G.P.S.C.)
for director. Allied Guider Publicist
Letter 11

With heart felt wishes, staff of A.G.P.S.C. wish to use this medium in congratulating you for releasing the consignment belonging to Major General Alfred T Glay.
We do hope that you will one day patronize us as we still remain the best security outfit in the Africa. Our ethos is second to none.
We have successfully transfer the consignment to DECS , all your information provided have been forwarded to them and we believe you will here from them soonest.
Your receipt will be processed and sent to you ASAP.
Once again we say thanks for all the correspondence ,
Yours sincerely,
Md Mariam(sec A.G.P.S.C.)
for director. Allied Guider Publicist
Letter 12

Letter 13

MALI. Our Ref: C.E.CS/PLI/2031/8161/04 Dear sir,
Prior to the delivery of your consignment from A.G.P.S.C ,your details have been verified and registered with your consignment.Modalities for transfer and transaction will proceed with immediate effect on your conclusion with the references below as this is in line with out company's policy. Note that we fully assure of a maximum 72hrs delivery status after all transactions are concluded. Do be informed. Awaiting your response. Here are the details of your package awaiting dispatch :
Box Weight: 250kg
Package content: Undisclosed(only for Recipient)
Package status: Trunk metallic diplomatic seals
REG Number: CVEL/OWN/9876
Delivery duration: 72hrs after transaction process is over. COST OF DELIVERY:
Diplomatic packaging & shipping charges 7000 Euros
Custom duties: 155 Euros
Administrative/company charges:180 Euros
Insurance fee: 360 Euros
TOTAL DUE : 7695 Euros You are to make this payment via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER in the name of our accounts officer:
After which a payment receipt will be forwarded to you.You are to forward payment details to this office via email which must include the following. NAME OF SENDER.
MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER.(M.T.C.N) Upon the receipt of the above, modalities to send your consignment will commence immediately.We are obliged to inform you that your parcel will get to you in three days after your transfer has being confirmed. Sincerely,
Ali Usman. (Conveyance department DECS).
+223 6899160
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