Scam letter(s) from Dana Sayfullina to Stephen (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my darling Steve!!!!!
Today there was a solar weather, there were no clouds and there was no wind. I have taken a break on work and have come to write to you the letter. You very interesting the man for me. I constantly think of you. I am fair and serious with you. My girlfriends speak, that I got acquainted with you personally. My parents want, that I got acquainted with you personally. You know, that parents always want happiness to the children. Therefore mine parents want, that I personally got acquainted with you and together with you was some time. They want, that I was happy together with you. They speak you Hi!! I do not know what to tell to you. You understand, at me the butterfly in a stomach. Steve, my heart knocks very quickly when I come to the Internet and I read your letter. Steve, You take place to me in a dream. I cannot explain the feelings. It for the first time for me to fall in love and not meet the man. I hope, that my words do not frighten to you. I hope. That you do not think.
That it is silly ideas to fall in love and not meet you. Please, tell to me your opinion on my ideas. What do you think of me???? What do you think of my ideas?? You think it silly??? Please.
Answer, my heart knocks also my ideas break off my head because I do not know, that you will answer me. I very much wait your letter. Your love for ever Dana
Letter 2
Hello my light Steve!!! Please, I want the serious answer from you. In the last letter I have told to you about how my heart is filled by love to you. I did not sleep today night, I constantly thought of you.
I understand, that I love you, I cannot live without you. I never tested such feeling before. Steve I cannot live without your letters.
I cannot live without news from you. If your intentions serious we should meet. We should meet personally and learn each other. We should start to decide this problem. I can start to learn about arrival to you. If you feel.
That you are not serious with me please, write to me about it. I very sensitive woman, I hope. That you will not break my heart. I have completely opened to you the soul and heart. I have told to you about the clean love to you. Steve, only you Steve, my life, you my angel, you my future. You my destiny!!! What do you think?? I want will receive the concrete answer from you. You should me write about the feelings and about the ideas on our future.
I hope, that you will not disappoint me. I love you very much. 1 million kisses and embraces!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours forever Dana
Letter 3
Hi, sunshine Steve!!!!!!!!!
I never was such happy in my life!!! It's very good solar weather here. And the main thing is that YOU are!!!!!!!!! I have such strange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I need you very much. I want to be with you, to give you all heat and tenderness which for a long time I saved inside me. I love you!!! I love you!!! I am ready to shout about it for the whole world. I think it's time to solve what we will do. I think, it will be better, if I'll arrive to you. I know agency through which my girlfriend Anna has received the visa and tickets. Visa was making for very short time, and a two weeks later she has departed from Moscow by airplane.
Tomorrow I'll go and I find out all about the visa and how can I arrive to you. I should know the name city in which I should arrive. You will meet me???
In the following letter I'll tell to you all about it. Write to me about yourself. Is all good with you???
My parents send a regards to you. They are very glad, that I am happy. I love you.
Love Dana.
Letter 4

Hello my honey Steve!!!!!
I today have come in the Internet of cafe and I am happy. I read your letter and flied on heavens with happiness. I am very glad, that you will accept me.
Then I have set off home and talked to my parents. I have told them, that you Steve, remarkable man, man of my dream. I spoke about you with my father much.
Certainly, I spoke earlier about you, but today there was a long serious conversation. My father has told, that you Steve, true man. My father has told, that he will give me money to the visa and passport. My parents are very happy, that we have found each other. They transfer you the attitudes. My aunt will help me to do the visa. I spoke you, that my aunt has of the friends in transport agency, which can help me to receive the visa much faster. Today I shall collect my things to arrive to you. I already spoke with my chief at work, I spoke him, that I am soon sent to the favourite man in UK,he has told, that is very glad for me, because I have found the love. I shall finish my letter, I want to tell you Steve, that I love you very much. I am very happy, that we shall be together.
I love you!
Love Dana
Letter 5
Hi mine love Steve!I have understood for myself, that I any more do not present the life without you! Today I have woken up very much early. In the morning we with the aunt send in the UK office. I to receive the visa not through embassy on a straight line, and through tourist agency. It is much easier and faster. I want that we did all together, 10 days are necessary that the visa was completely ready.It is very difficult to receive the visa in UK. Here very much Bureaucracy. In embassy constantly speak, that one paper, other document, and then is necessary that to me in the end speak, that they have given up to you in reception of the visa!!! It is bad they do, BUT IT IS RUSSIA, here all officials such!!! Therefore I have addressed to tourist agency!!!!! In it agency the friends of my aunt work. She today has acquainted me with them. It is the very good people. People who work in agency have told to me that there are no problems with the visa. There is a visa for the bride, but it's not the best variant for us because we didn't meet and we have no photos together. They will not allow to me arrive to you as the bride, but it is possible to receive the tourist visa and passport. They will give to me this visa easily and quickly. They have told, that will be glad to help me. I always knew, that in the world there are good people. I today am very tired. I am very grateful to my aunt, she helps to me much. She the very kind woman. Tomorrow I shall find out all concerning the tickets. But how was difficultly I shall do everything, that we were together. I shall wait and to hope for a miracle the Sirs of the God. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Now for me life without you is not meaningful. That I was Ms."Locker" two had one bed that at us the general pleasures and general to mountain that we were the best pair inthe world that all people looked at us and were surprised to that we the happiest pair in the world full with love and trust! That your friends looked at us and envied, to that what at you the remarkable wife that my girlfriends looked at you and envied that at me the best and beautiful husband all over the world! I of you ask to think of it as it is possible more seriously, but I know, that these feelings at us are mutual also we like each other. On it I shall finish the letter, and very much I wait for your answer, it is necessary for me to know your opinion of that I have told you. For ever yours DAna.
Letter 6
My most loving sweet love, Steve!!!!!!! How you??? All is good???
I constantly you think of our meeting. You think of our first appointment???
You have dreams about on, when we together? Today I went to hospital and did the analysis of blood and ***** also did full inspection. To me have told, that tomorrow I should be again behind results of the analysis. I hope, that all analyses will be good, because I shall die, if to me will not allow to get out of the country to be with you. Also today I have visited the photographer and did photos which are necessary for documents. By the way, I nearly have not forgotten. Me asked to learn the exact information concerning the name of the airport and the name of city to which I should arrive. Please, write to me. You will meet me at the airport?????
You can write to me your address??
Please, tell, how is the weather there??? Warmly or cool??? Today here solar weather. I am very tired, I now shall go home and there will be a rest. I shall write to you tomorrow. I love you very much, I know, that we with you shall together soon. I dream of day when, I can kiss you and embrace you. I wait the answer. Love Dana.
Letter 7
Hello my love Prince I am so happy to have you in my life Steve. The weather here has been fantastic. Warm weather, kind of cloudy It would be perfect for a morning walk with you hand and hand. Yes you are right, your dream will be reality. We will be together soon. No more long distance torcher. You will be able to hold my hand, kiss my lips caress my body. Be next to me every day, every minute. Your dreams are beautiful as wall as you are. I love you so much Steve. I yesterday went behind results of analyses. I am happy, that I have good results. I can receive the visa now. Today I have paid for the passport. I now have the passport. Also to me have told, that I shall receive the visa in 8 days. There is no other man on this planet that I want in my life, only you Steve my prince of my dreams. You are the only one who I want in my life, the only one who I want to kiss me, to make love with me. To hold me tight and never let me go. All I think about is our meeting, seeing those gorgeous eyes of yours just before I give you the kiss of a life time.
I miss you so much Steve, its hard not to be with physically of every day on my life, Just to hold your hand it makes me hurt. I need you so much. You mean so much to me that words cant not explain it all. I love you so much, I need so much in my life right now. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, loving you, holding you, kissing you, or just being there for you. I am your woman and you are mine. You complete me my love Steve. I wait to be with intimate with you for the first time. I wait to here from you again my dearest love Steve. Love Dana
Letter 8
Hello my dearest Steve, I missed you so much. I cannot live without contact from you Steve. You are all I think about and I too thank the lord for having us find one another. You are the greatest gift any man can have. You are full of joy happiness and love and I have fallen madly in love with you. You give me hope in life to end this dreadful lonliness. It will be a great feeling for the both of us to have someone to come home too. I thank you so much for being my best friend and I will show you all the love that I can Steve. I very much love you and I want to be with you. I today went along the street and saw the man and woman together. They went both were embraced and were kissed. I very much want also to go with you, to observe of birds and to look at the sky, to be kissed and to be embraced. We went for a walk much with you and then have got tired and send home. I have prepared supper, we had supper and then send to sleep. I left at first, and then you have come. You looked at me and I could not wait to be engaged in *** with you. You gently have kissed me in lips, then in a neck and you kissed me all below and below. I flied in heavens from pleasure, then were engaged in ***, both of us have received a lot of pleasures, I was the happiest woman in the world, because I was with you, with mine most favourite the man. I do not know, how to you to tell, but I have bad news. I learned concerning the ticket to arrive to you. When I learned, concerning cost of the ticket. That I was in horror. Why tickets so will cost much???? Why??? I thought, that tickets will cost less. My father saved money for my wedding and already gave me all the savings. I too have no additional money. I tried to borrow in bank of money, but the bank refused to me on credit. What to me to do? I require still in 420 uk pound to arrive to you. I very much require yours the help. You can do the help to me????? Please, do not throw me, please, do the help to me, I cannot live without you. I love you very much very much very much. I wait your answer very much. Always your DAna.
I very much love you.
Letter 9
Hi my lovely Steve!!!!!
Certainly, I understand, that you cannot do the help to me or do not want. I understand you, certainly, probably it there were simply your words about love. Certainly, I was warned too by the manager in the Internet of cafe that is a lot of swindlers on the Internet. I very much regret, that I cannot find still other money to pay for the ticket. I thought today much, I on cheeks had tears. Misfortunes. I understand you, that you do not trust me. Why??? Why you spoke, what you love me??? Why??? How you can love me if you do not trust me??? I understand, that the love can do everything, and also I know, that is available miracles on light. Steve, forgive, but it is very a pity to me, that all so has turned out. I think, that I shall not pay charges of the visa, because I have no other money to arrive to you. It is very a shame to me before my friends and the father. I do not know what to tell to the father, that I have spent his money all for nothing, that I shall not arrive to you because you do not trust me. I all have told, that I shall send to the to the beloved, to you Steve.
It is very a pity to me, that all so has occured. I have the passport for travel, I have already paid for him. The passport for travel will constantly remind abroad to me of you. Forgive, if I have offended you or have offended ever, but I want, that we remained friends.
Certainly, me it will be very heavy, that I cannot be with you, forgive, but it is the validity. I wish to send you a copy of mine the passport that you never forgot about me. I want, that you knew, that there is in this world a person which loves you and will always love, which wished to be with you, but any money became a barrier between me and you. I love you. Please, write to me if you wish to say goodbye I want that you knew, that I shall always wait your letter. I love you and I shall always love you.
Love Dana.
Letter 10
Steve, My Love !!!! I crave passion for you, I yearn for true romance.
Knowing love and deeply waiting to be happy,The opportunity to create an atmosphere of love around a man who can sense and respond to being supported in life's endeavor, I am a strong woman, I cannot imagine anything greater than being the author the representative of the purest form of love for the man of my life I have dreamt it and imagined it Steve I have come to the Internet of cafe and have read through the letter. I have gone home and have taken a disk from a photo. I send you a photo which you asked. I also send you a photo to a bathing suit. Please, do not show this photo to anybody. I ask you.
I am badly familiar about the Internet. Why you think that my surname Lobanych?? It was made to me by the manager in the Internet of cafe. You understand??? I asked the manager in the Internet of cafe that he has helped to do to me E-MAIL the address. I do not know why my address comes to an end uk. It is a problem for you.???? I should make another e-mail??? Honey and when we shall meet for the first time I will be entranced at you and my heart will be filled with delight and I will hold you in my arms and look into your eyes and kiss you like you have never been kissed before just like the first time and it will be a kiss that we will always remember for the rest of are lives and of course honey I will have roses for you but you know that already don't you ,We shall begin this journey of life together as one . With all my love Dana.

Letter 11
Steve, my love, how you??? I understand you. When I for the first time have come to the Internet of cafe me the manager warned of possible bad people whom I can meet in the Internet. But I had hope that I shall find correct the man.
I am tired from a deceit and lie. I was deceived often by men and I was disappointed in men from Russia.
Therefore I searched the man outside Russia. You understand me??? Then I have got acquainted with you. I did not think that my heart will be broken off from a pain that I cannot be with you. I have very much become attached to you, I have fallen in love with you. Probably it and is silly, but after all my unsuccessful relations with men probably you my last hope. Why destiny against us??? I do not understand. Why??? Why there is a barrier between loving hearts???
Probably the destiny tests our feelings?? What do you think??? Or you simply do not trust me??? Without trust there can not be a love. If you do not trust me, you should tell at once to me. It will mean that you simply played all this time. Steve, answer me fairly. It is better to hear the truth at once, than to be again deceived man. You agree with me??? I once again speak you, that I am tired from a pain in heart and lie. If you will refuse me I cannot love more. I shall be thoroughly disappointed. You are necessary to me only and more nobody is necessary to me. You understand??? You and only you. You refuse me or you want that I arrived to you?????????????????? I want the fair answer. You will help me?? When??? I should know. Please All My Love & Kisses Forever Yours Dana
Letter 12
My beloved one Steve!!! I miss you so much. Every day without you is like a year for me. I am so tired to be here without you. My friends already say that I am crazy as sometimes I begin to talk to you. You can't imagine how hard it is to be without you here. Steve, I want always to be with you. In addition, I do not want ever lose you. Life without you will have no sense for me. Steve, I love you so much.Thank you for responding to me, I hope everytime I received a letter from you that we will get closer and closer. I have been thinking about you a lot, everyday I come internet cafe from work I turn on the computer to see if I received anything from you. Just thinking about you makes me happy, I think a lot about the day that we can be together, I truly think a lot about us having a life together. I know that I can make you very happy, and I know in my heart that you can make me very happy also, my intentions are very serious about you. My intentions is to make a life with you, I want to be the woman that kisses you good night, ( every night ) I want to be the man that kisses you every morning. I truly believe once we get to that certain point of our corresponding will be ready to move to the next level. I'm looking forward to that man magic I can't wait to see it, to feel it, to touch it, our cultures are so much different but that's what makes us unique, we could truly learn so much from each other. That is why it would be so romantic. I will always be faithful and true to you I will never leave your side, I will do my best to make you the happiest man in the world, all I ask is be true to me, always be honest with me, and love me, if you can promise me that, I can promise you a very happy and healthy life together. I am very serious about us I want to give us and our relationship 110% which means, their is no need for me to be going elsewhere to try to find my better half, I truly believe in my heart that you are the one for me, so as I write this letter to you I am committed to you totally. I do not know that to you to tell.
At me bad news. When I have come in agency to learn concerning the visa to me have told, that I should buy the tickets here in transport agency, because it is specified in the contract. Still me have told, that if I travel from Russia, I am obliged to buy the tickets here, because it is not known with what purpose these tickets for me are bought. The government in our country very much worries for the Russian tourists and also for a national economy. You know, that the economy of our country very bad, therefore government wants, that the tickets should be bought here, that the travel agency had profit on booking the tickets for the citizens of Russia. You understand, if the citizens of Russia will buy the tickets here, accordingly will be more paid of the taxes in the budget of Russia. Therefore tickets I should buy here. Please, tell, that to me to do. Please, do not throw me, help to me. I learned that it is possible to receive from you the help by means of system of remittances MoneyGram I should know the name city from which you have sent money I should know your full name I can receive money in Money Gram:
MoneyGram address
KAZAN 420043
I should know eight-digit number of the control to receive your help.
It will tell to you when you will send me the help My full name Dana Sayfullina I learned about MoneyGram in your city. GREGS WOOD ROAD UKPO
TUNBRIDGE WELLS, TN3 9ED Take Care My Sweetheart
All My Love & Kisses Love Dana.
Letter 13
HI my dear Steve!!!!!!! How you? At me all is good. I constantly think of you.
You my prince. I require in 420 uk pound. It is not necessary to have in MoneyGram an account. When you will send me the help??? I should know date. I shall not miss, I shall always wait for you from work. Yes, I to try to arrange flight on Friday. You most favourite, and most dear to me the man. I am tormented from impatience To meet you. Each your letter fills me tenderness and love to To you. You see I never before was in others the countries, we shall be seen very soon, will see, I shall care of you and To love you. I do not want, that to you was sad, I want, that you Smiled and were happy. Think of our meeting, as we shall be spend time together. Smile immediately, I do not want to represent As you it is bad, I want to see you joyful.I hope what yes. Because I love you. I shall be arranged on work at once as soon as I shall arrive in you. I can not sit on a place, the work is simply necessary for me. I very very LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! Dana
Letter 14
Hello my light my honey Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How at you weather as your affairs my sun? I so am glad that today I can to write to you. It is the happiest oment in my day!! Because I can write to you. I tried to receive money. But here now and I can receive holidays of money only on Tuesday. I shall wait your letter when will return from Munich. I want to repeat it again and again I love you!! You the est the man all over the world. Loved you have occupied all my heart.
Now I do not present the life ithout ou!! I want you each second. Very pensive person loved I probably. But while it is all that I can allow yself. But I think very soon ours with you of dream. Will turn in a reality!!!! I am right? Lovely each night to e to be taken off such remarkable and beautiful dreams. In each my dream there is you my loved!! If I ead before dreams the historical book I see you in the dream by fantastic prince. Which flies on a white orse. Towards to loved. Ready to give for it both life and freedom. Loved I so want to tell to you about the ream. Forgive me loved. But I would like to tell to you about all that occurs to me. Simply this dream so as strongly remembered to me. Loved to me has dreamed that I am in what that beautiful restaurant. eautiful music plays. What that the voice speaks me Dana sing!!! And I begin to sing. To me why it was emembered that I sang a song about the love to the person which to be so far from me!!
And as strongly I iss on his kisses and caress. My sight loved then has seen persons. Which sat opposite to a stage. ovely ever before saw your person so clearly. It seemed to me that you are in several centimeters from me. ovely I was it is simply happy that can to see you. Lovely you have run up to me have embraced me. And e have begun to spin with you in magic dance. It seemed to me that we have come off the ground. Also e ance with you in air!!! Lovely this was so wonderfully!! Loved I have woken up also to me it seemed that our hands continue to concern my body!! Loved today at us such sad weather. In the sky grey clouds. nd such feeling that they now will fall on you. Also will press you. In such days loved to me to become specially sadly from that that now I was not present with you beside.
I like in such days there are houses. nd to not leave on street. If I should not go on work!! I today have made a dough in the morning. And after hall write the letter to you. I shall go home and I shall bakee pies. Lovely I now try to prepare new dishes ery much!! That when I have arrived to you. I might be going for you. Yours a loved meal.
Loved to me s very sad to finish the letter. But it is time to me to go. Loved I so wait for our meeting. I think of this day lways. Lovely I shall write to you tomorrow. I think that can receive from you letters!! I Love you!!!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MY ANGEL, Love, Hugs, Kisses, Take Care My Darling All My Love & Kisses Forever Yours Dana
Letter 15
Steve, I love you very much very much. I have received your help. I wait your letter. I know that you can write only November, 13th
Letter 16
Hello my honey Steve!!! Your letters brimg me so much joy and happiness. I read your letters 4 or 5 times when I get them. You are the last thing I think about when I go to sleep and first thing I think about when I wake. I hope very much that some day soon I can wake up next to you. I want very much to see you and to be together.
Thank you for the nice things you always say in your letters. I feel exactly the same way as you do. I miss you and think of you often. I still am amazed that I have been so luck to meet you on the internet, when I could have met so many other men. It must be destiny. I don't want you to be afraid of what I am going to say but I just want you to how I feel. I am 100 % sure that you are the man for me!! Also I toay have learned bad news. Are required to have at least 600 uk pound with by me when I travel in UK as well. It is supposed to be some kind of prevention for women who travel in UK and could wind up as prostitutes. I do not know that to me to do. For me this misfortune.
Why owing to bad behaviour of other women I should suffer? Why so happens? I was very lonely and very much suffered from it. But when we began to write each other I I have understood, that not one in this world. I have understood, that I have found the man, which is capable to make me happy, with which I can lead the of the life. I thought, that we will have happy family, we shall catch together fish on lake, to go for a walk in park, to listen to singing birds, and in cold times to sit at a fireplace, having nestled to each other, and to look at fire. I thought, I shall come I shall work, to earn money. My father will wait for us with you at home in MAR, I spoke him, that you at this time can have free days to visit Russia. I wanted to learn you Russian, that you spoke with my parents, because they do not know the English language. That to me to do. I hope for your help. I want to be with you my love Steve, I love you. Why I should suffer because of prostitutes??? I do not understand it. In agency to me have explained, that this money is necessary to sit in the plane, then I shall return money to you. This money is necessary for me. My aunt speaks, that you will not throw me, because you the present man.I love you very much.
Please, do not throw me, I can not live without you. I hope that you have a nice day and that you are happy. It always makes me happy to write to you, so right now I am very happy. That is all for now......
To me you are the most beautiful man in the world!!!! I love you very much. I wait for our meeting very much. All my love to you. Love Dana.
Letter 17
Hi my golden sunshine Steve!!!! I just want to say good day. I'm thinking of you. I hope you had a good day. I can't wait to share my days and nights with you. I can't wait to share each waking moment with you. I can't wait to touch your skin - kiss your lips - look into your beautiful eyes. I have been thinking about you a lot. I think about the time when we can sit and talk, laugh and smile, and learn to be close. We will be much more happy if we wait for when the time is perfect. Sweet sweet Steve, I do miss you. Your letters too, are very sweet and special to me. I enjoy getting them. I enjoy thinking about you and dreaming of a time when I can hold you in my arms. When we with you shall be together I shall prove your, that I love you and you are necessary for me to live. Without you I will not have life. My dear Steve, you should understand, that I am not guilty that has taken place. Russia other country and other laws. I want to be your wife. I want to have remarkable family. I want, that when we shall meet and we shall discuss everything, we shall be together. I love you. I'll write you more when I get internet cafe. I promise you to return 600 pounds at once. All my documents are in agency as the mortgage because I should have 600 pounds.. I shall ask my cousine that she could receive your help. I shall go to agency and I shall ask to make a copy of the visa. I miss you and love you too. I'll catch you later. I'm dreaming of you love Dana
Letter 18
Hi my beautiful love Steve!!!! I hope when you see me in person your feelings will be the same as in your letters. I hope you are going to be my prince forever! I can't wait to start my life with you. I hope I don't disappoint you. No it is not crazy when you trust and love someone. It is one of the greatest feelings there is. I definitely want to meet you in person. I want to see your smile - look into your eyes - hold you in my arms. Will you be my prince? I today went to transport agency and to me have told, that my documents will be in transport agency until I shall not have all of money. You understand, that I have concluded the contract with transport agency and consequently I should have all over again money, then I shall receive documents. These documents will be in transport agency with a view of safety, that I shall not leave with documents and to not have money.
Also I should have soon. Otherwise on conditions of the contract I should pay the penalty. You understand??? I do not know what to do.
You can send me the help addressed to my cousine????? My cousine a name: Albina Muhametova I went to agency and the copy the visa asked to do. You have received a copy the visa??? I would like to arrive to you November, 21st. You can send me the help 600 pound tomorrow or the day after tomorrow??? I very much want to be with you and to have happy family. Our family will be happiest. I very much love you. We shall meet together pleasures and poorly. I shall do you happy, I shall look after you.
You my most favourite man on ground. To me you are necessary only.
Without you I can not live. I'll be dreaming of you tonight love Dana.
Letter 19
Hello my darling Steve, my prince, my soul mate Steve, my love, my sweethart Steve, i have read your letter about 10 times and each time i come closer to tears. You make me so happy and complete, i feel like a new woman waiting for his man at the alter and watching her walk up the isle. I love you my darling and i cant wait for the letter that says i am arriving tomorrow. I'll be preparing for my arrival my prince, your home will be neat and tidy when I get There. Steve, I cant wait to smell your beautiful fragrance, kiss you, hug you, look Your letter is full of passion and love and when I come i will be whispering beautiful words of love and sexiness to you as we hold each other tightly. Thanks for making me believe that dreams do come true and you are the only Love, Hugs, Kisses
Take Care My Dearest Steve
All My Love & Kisses
Eternally Yours Dana
Letter 20
Please, forgive me Steve. You will swear now. I such the fool. I such absent- minded. Forgive me, please. I am ready to stand on knees before you. I know, I am guilty. Please, forgive me. Yes and the cousine, I have received your money. But here there was a misfortune. But while I and the cousine went along the street, at me any villains have struck me on a head and have pulled out from hands my bag and have escaped. The bag has torn also a part of money they have stolen. Money have dropped out of a bag. They have stolen 185 pounds. Other money have remained with me. I shouted, called the people to the aid, but nobody has helped me. Then I have gone to branch of militia, but there me have told, that these criminals cannot be found. In a bag there was your money, which you have sent to me on cash. Now at me the pain a head from impact is strong which to me was made by these criminals. Their place in prison.
I any more do not want to live in this country. Criminals here surround.
Please, forgive me. I know, you now very malicious. You hate me for it. But I ask you, forgive me. I love you. Now I have gone to the doctor. At me the pain a head is strong. I pay. Please, do not throw me. I love you very much. I love you. Do not throw me. You at me the sole man, who have not turned away from me. You my hope and love.
Please, tell me, what to me to do? Please, forgive me. I wait for the answer soon. I love you. Love Dana.
Letter 21
Steve, how you??? You are angry with me??? Yes, I a silly woman, I a silly woman. Please, forgive me, I very much ask you, forgive me. I very much love you. I recently have returned from the doctor. he has told, who will not be fast bruises. Tomorrow it will be already badly visible a bruise. I have purchased ointment against a bruise, therefore tomorrow I can without shame and bruises to go along the street. It is very a shame to me before you. I very much regret. To me very much that have stolen 185 pounds. It is very a pity to me that 185 pounds divides us. I hate criminals. Because of them I could not arrive to you. You can help me??? I very much love you. I cannot live without you. I ask, why the destiny puts barrier??? Why??? I ask the God that he helped us to meet. I now again should go to a drugstore because at me ointment against a bruise comes to an end. Tomorrow a notch I shall go and write to you again the letter. Please, forgive me. Love Dana
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