Letter(s) from Irina Nett to Antonio (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, Tony!!!

Thanks, me are very pleasant, that you give to me of a few attention and have answered my message. We have hardly got acquainted also to me it would be very interesting to learn about you more. It, is unconditional, difficult to get acquainted in such a way, through the Internet, but nevertheless, we can try. I hope, that you have come to the Internet in search of serious relations. I wish to test the most beautiful, unforgettable feelings in relations with the man. And it definitively adjusts me on gravity in search of my man, after all I search for the significant other with which we will create the most ideal, beautiful relations, are constructed on love and respect, trust and mutual understanding. If you really want serious relations I with the great pleasure I will continue with you correspondence. I hope, that we soon learn each other is better, and it will allow us to communicate easily. I think, what you agree with me Tony? Now I wish to tell to you not much about myself. Unfortunately, in one letter it is not obviously possible to tell all my life, and all my interests, but I think, that in due course we will know much more about each other, and very sincerely to tell each other all about our life, dialogue very much pulls together. As to a place of my birth, I have grown and was born in the city of Kazan, republic Tatarstan capital. It is an ancient city, not so long ago to it it was executed 1000, in our city known people were born many. My city very beautiful. But I think to you it will be much more interesting to learn a little about me and my character traits. As I already mentioned my name is Rufina, me of 29 years. My sign on the zodiac of "Libra" and consequently I am very dependent on people with whom I am in close relations. My friends say, that I am very trustful, and consequently I can be easily deceived. Probably for this reason, I had so much failures in dialogue with Russian men. My weight of 57 kg, and my growth 176 see I believe in God, I the Christian and whenever possible try to visit church as it is possible is more often. I think for the first letter of it will be enough, now I wait for your letter in which you as can tell to me about yourselves. I have enclosed pair of photos, I hope, that it is pleasant to you. I would like to continue to speak with you, but I need to come back to work. I hope to see your answer very soon. I am very glad, that have got acquainted with you, and I will wait your answer to my letter. With the best regards, Rufina.

Letter 2

Hello Tony!!!

Very pleased to see your letter, Tony!!!! How are you? I hope that everything is fine with you?! I'd like to tell you, that I was glad to receive your letter ;-) And I am done not confused at all with our age difference because I and search for such man for serious relations. After all the adult man knows that is necessary for the woman, and can give her it, can give her love and caress, relations constructed on trust and understanding. In difference from young men for whom all relations it is only easy flirtation and if they and speak about love that only for this purpose what to drag the woman in bed. As though it is rough did not sound, but it is valid so. I do not have children. I wish to apologise before you for this small misunderstanding, my profile really speaks that I live in America, but unfortunately it not so, I understand, that in America much speak, that many Russian women and woman of other nationalities arrive in America to the men only to receive citizenship, and then have divorce. But because of such women we simple can not get acquainted with the serious men and have happiness. I was disappointed by the Russian men and for this reason has placed the structure in the Internet. The girlfriend of my mum has helped me to place my structure, as the people from Russia can not be placed there. But my profile all the same has been blocked, but I am glad, that have had time to send you the message, I hope, that you are not disappointed our dialogue to proceed. To tell the truth, it is my first attempt to acquaint with a foreigner, so I feel shy, now and then, please do not pay attention to this, ok? I promise you, I'll correct this sad fact in my future letters, (of course if you give me a chance to correspond with you). Believe me I have a burning desire to be in correspondence with you, Tony!!! It is necessary to say that I made up my mind to acquaint with a foreigner as a friend of mine told me about the girl that managed to find her happiness not long ago ;-) The point is that she met a good person with the help of Internet. Her friend, Gregory, if I'm not mistaken, came from Canada. They are very happy together. This girl found the very person she always needed. They completely understand, trust and love each other. So Internet helped two hearts to unite in a single whole. It sounds like a wonderful fairytale !! But it is true!! Well, I decided to try my luck too, and I hope I will not lose! I suppose you want to know, why not to find a friend (or a boyfriend) in my own city, in Russia? It is rather difficult question. But the answer is simple - I'd like to see near me a person, who will really love me, take care of me, think highly and respect me. (Like Gregory does it.) Unfortunately, I have never met such a person in my city. Russian men drink a lot and do not respect a woman… At the same time, of course, it does not matter that I have never had a boyfriend :-) I'll tell you about it, if you will take an interest in, ok? Well, I suppose you probably want to know something more about me? Am I right? So, let it be so :) and let me introduce myself: I was born on the 25th of September 1980 year, in republic Tatarstan, the city of Kazan. And what about you, when and where was you born, Tony? I have neither husband nor children. As for my education - I studied in the native city of Kazan, At the State medical university, and acquired a profession of surgeon. Now I work as the assistant to the surgeon during 6 years. I love the work because I like to help to people. I have two very good girlfriends Karina and Anna. One of the friends of mine, Karina, is a school woman. Anna works as the bookkeeper in one of private concerns. I know the English language, because I studied it at school and at university and to tell the truth I like to speak it. Certainly my letters will be written not so well as yours, but I hope that you can understand my letters and not pay attention to some my mistakes.:) Well, what else do you want to know about me? May be about my spare time? When I have some, I like to meet with my friends and visit for instance Cafe or we walk in park. I am also fond of cooking. I can cook anything you like, and my friends always tell me that I'm a rather skilled cook. My special is roasted sturgeon with mushroom, cheese, olives and under sour-cream dressing. It is really delicious!! Tell me, please cookery of what country do you prefer? I hope you like Russian one? And what are your favorite dishes? I also would like to know about your free time spending. What sport do you prefer? I'd like to know more about you to make our virtual intercourse easier. You see I ask you so many questions and I hope you will give me the answers!!! It will help us to know each other better. I' m eager to do it, believe me Tony! To tell the truth I've never been in foreign countries so I will be pleased if you tell me about your country - weather, points of interest, cookery, everything you like, ok? About your family, about yourself - I'd like to know everything about you, Tony! Unfortunately I should finish here L I hope it was interesting for you to read my letter to you. And I also hope to receive your answer as soon as possible!!!!!!!! Sorry, but this is a very long letter indeed. Please, give my best wishes, love and greetings to all your family and friends. Sincerely, Your new Russian friend Rufina.

Letter 3

Hi my dearest Tony!

I am very glad to see your letter, thanks for the necessary information, it is quite enough of it, that I without problems could arrive to your country. I will necessarily call to you as soon as to me will inform that my visa is accessible also I will buy tickets in your country I will call you and I will inform all necessary data of my flight, for this purpose that you could meet me at the airport. I have arrived to Moscow still yesterday, but I did not have a possibility to write to you, I have arrived late at night and I am very tired, I can tell to you, that Russian trains not so comfortable)) the only thing of that to me would be desirable to take a shower and lay down it to sleep. I have more recently left embassy and at once have decided to write to you. I write to you the letter and I smile. I'm so glad! If I could, I would speak with you for a long time. But unfortunately now it is impossible. But I am confident, that our meeting will take place also we shall speak in person. Tony, I want to tell to you about the commission in Moscow. I hope to you it interestingly!!! Tomorrow I shall already write to you from native city. I shall arrive to Kazan most likely tomorrow in the evening. I can probably have the visa. Because I tried for it much. I worry, you should understand it. I never thought that the commission will ask such unusual questions. They asked about my sexual life, they asked about children, about work, about patriotism, about my attitude to USA, about my conversance and awareness of events which happened in the world and in USA, about my religion and belief. I have told about all my life in detail. I spoke about everything fairly how it's really. To me have told that my answers are unexpected and as a rule applicants don't answer such questions so directly and openly. They haven't got used to hear such answers, but they said that to hear sincere and truthful answers is much more pleasant than words which come not from heart and reason. Now I should wait the decision. I hope, that my visa will be ready within the next few days. The representative of embassy at once informs about it to travel agency. After that I shall buy the ticket in your country. Write to me the most nearest airport. After I shall buy the ticket I shall inform date of the start. Now I agree with expression: "Expectation of death is worse than the death" I can't concentrate on anything. They have told that the decision will be accepted in several days. I so worry. I so want that this small dream was come true. I simply want to see my lovely friend. I think the God will help me. I simply want to meet you. I already see us together and I sink in dreams. I want to construct with you the ship to float under sails in boundless ocean. I want to meet with you a dawn and to see off a sundown. We will float on our ship and our love will illuminate our way. We will look at night at stars, we'll be pleased in the afternoon to the sun. If there will be a storm, our love will protect us. If there will be a calm, our love will be a wind. Our love will be a beacon for us. We will be floating at ocean of love and oblivion and nothing can separate us. We'll name our ship - Dream. It will be the small ship, but very strong. Because we will make our ship from belief, hope and love. It's impossible to wait, when your dream will fall to you from the sky. It's necessary to go to the dream. It's necessary to clear and build the road itself. If in heart there is a belief and dream, if in heart there is a love and hope, it is necessary to achieve the dream by all means. I always go to the dream. I don't sit on a place. In my life there were very few light moments. On this I try to make everything that my dreams have come true. I understand that now it's only dreams.
But these dreams brighten my life. I hope that yours also. Nothing will keep me to arrive to you Tony!!!

With tenderness your Rufina.