Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lopacheva to Fernando (Spain)

Letter 1
Dear Sir,

We would like to inform you that you are contacted by the translation bureau "Saturn", lady Marina has been using our services for communication with you, Marina asked us to send you this message because she is not able to continue the correspondence with you as her account with us is over. The bureau "Saturn" makes translations from English into Ukrainian/Russian languages and vise versa, also our service provides with Internet access. Lady Marina is our client and she does not want to lose the connection with you and our aim is to unite people. If you have any questions as for our service - you can write the letter and you would get all the necessary information.

Sincerely Yours
General manager Tatyana Lopacheva
_________MARINA SATURN_________
Letter 2
Dear Sir,

Thank you for the letter concerning lady Marina, as you know Marina is our client and she would be informed that you have contacted us. In this letter we would provide you information about our bureau and our kinds of services. We make translations from English language into Ukrainian/Russian languages, our clients use our service for different purposes:communication through correspondence,translation of documents, for students we translate books and articles.

find all the necessary information about the majority of our services and how to refresh the account of your lady Marina.

Our service includes unlimited correspondence - this kind of service lasts one moth, it means that you and your lady Marina can send as many letters and pictures as you want, the price for this is 200 USD per month. Also there is an option of unlimited correspondence without printing and scanning pictures, you and your lady only exchange unlimited number of letters for the whole month, the cost is 150 USD per moth.

To your attention we can make translation for each letter, it means that we charge for each letter and for each picture, the price of one translated letter is 5 USD ( the access to the Internet - 2 USD, translation work - 2 USD, printing letter - 1 USD).

Please notice that printing and scanning pictures is also included - scanning of one pictures is 2 USD and printing of one photo is 3 USD.

You can use our methods of services for the further communication with your lady, we would assist you and your lady. You can refresh the account of your lady by sending payment through Western Union transfer system. The money you can send directly to your lady Marina, after the transfer you should write us the letter with the control number, your full name and your address, this information we would give to your lady Marina. When she receives money we would let you know immediately.

Here is the necessary information about your lady:

Full name - Shamrickaya Marina Oleksandrovna
Address - Ukraine, Stahanov, Komsomolskaya street, 9/25

Also, you can pay on-line with your credit card you need to visit this site:

Sir, if you have any questions concerning our services you are welcome to ask us and we would answer all your questions immediately. Please write us the letter to this e-mail address and we would do everything possible in order to help you and your lady.

Sincerely Yours
General manager Tatyana Lopacheva
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