Scam Letter(s) from Irina Danilova to Svein (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hello Svein. How are you doing? It is Natalya.
It is my new address. On - to this I ask to write to me here.
I was glad to receive the answer From you. I so am glad, that you have written to me!
Our dialogue should proceed now that we could learn each other better.
I''m 29 years old, 165 height and 55 kg weight. My day a birth on april, 25.
I work as the chief accountant in a publicity agent. As to my life I live one, in small apartment in city Zvenigovo.
It to be very far from city Moscow, approximately 1200 km. I live, and I work here. I had, very heavy life.
My parents have left me when I was the minor. For our family there were very much hard times and my father has left on the North to work on mines.
There promised the big money. I am more never saw my father. It has left, and nobody is more than him saw..
It happens, when I was 13 years old. In 3 years, I have lost my mum. She has died of a blood cancer.

Letter 2

I have not received your letter today. What happened? You do not want to continue our acquaintance? Explain to me please.



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