Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Gavrilova to Bruce (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my reliable love Bruce!
Today I had difficult enough day!
But the most pleasant, that I can see your letter and answer you.
I hope, that at you all is good!!! You my beloved and I worry about you each minute.
In our life now much should change and still it is necessary for us of forces and patiences for all.
But time is so pernicious for us, that my heart is so sad, because you not beside me!!!
I love you now and I hope, that the future in us will be very fast.
For the sake of our happiness I want to arrive to you very soon and only in closer distance we can feel all our love.
Each day for me here similarly to tests, many young people wanted to show to me attention.
The majority of my girlfriends wanted that me have relations with the man here!!!
But my feelings to belong to you. Only our love for me is important now and only my arrival disturbs me much.
My beloved, my support and my fine Bruce, I would like to tell now to you more about travel.
As I spoke for me today very difficult day was and I this day worried much.
I was much excited with cost on registration of the visa.
It is necessary for me to pay 560$ to begin official registration of papers.
I have no this money, it is rather big sum for me. Because of it I was very much excited.
I have paid services of a travel company and already began registration of necessary papers,
But all this is not meaningful if I can not pay cost of the visa and the passport of travel abroad.
Also medical inspection is necessary for me and this is all included in cost.
I know, that it is very big money!!! And now I only can ask your help!!!
It is necessary for me to pay for the visa and as soon as I shall pay, registration of the visa will begin.
I hope, that you can understand me! I can inform you about it only!!!
I very much want to arrive to you and to begin with you high-grade life. We are necessary for each other.
I hope, that you can help me with payment of the visa.
My love, you believe in destiny? I am really sure, that our hearts were connected with destiny.
As you think my love Bruce, it seems to me, that ours a meeting
And joint life was outlined in advance on heavens.
I am sure that we not should to miss this chance of ours with you meetings which is presented us with destiny.
Such big and clean love happens only once in life.
I am sure that this moment in my life has come! What you think of it?
I love you and all my love only requires you.
I shall wait now for your letter with impatience.
Your love Elena.
Letter 2
Hi dear Bruce!!!
I am very glad to your letter!!! I so like to receive your letters, it does my day fine and I feel happy. I know that we shall be very happy together.
We need to wait not for a long time, soon we shall together. Our hearts and our lives will be for ever incorporated. I now feel such big excitement and the responsibility. I know that it will be possible the most serious step in my life.
I shall leave here my mum and friends. But in replacements I shall receive much more.
I shall receive you near to me, your love and your feelings. I am very happy now and with impatience I wait for our meeting.
I am very grateful to you that you have decided to cover the expenses connected with my travel to you. I did not write to you any information on a remittance because I did not know as it probably to make.
You can send me on a card. And I can receive this money during a week.
My data will be necessary for this purpose for you:
ACCOUNT NUMBER:30232840210092000010
BENEFICIARY: Gavrilova Elena
Stroiteley 13-117
Republic Mari El
PAYMENT DETAILS:card 6764 2105 6883 4475 I think that this information to you will be enough.
These data will be necessary for you to transfer me of money.
I Hope that you can use it.
Dear Bruce I am very grateful to you for your help. Once I hope that my mum also can thank you. I still want you to ask, that if you have an opportunity to transfer me of money within the next several days, I shall be very grateful to you for it.
I want to start to receive my visa. I want to see you and to be with you as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!
I very much miss on you!!!! The you can faster transfer me of money, the faster to me will start to make out my visa and all necessary documents and that more likely we shall be together.
For me the most important to be near to you then I shall be happy.
I very much miss, does not pass hour that I did not think of you though we so it is far. But it does my feelings to you only by stronger.
I love you and I with impatience wait for our meeting!!!!! I wish you fine day!!!!!! With love yours Elena!!!!
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