Scam letter(s) from Elena Gavrilova to Eddy (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my darling Eddy!!!
At me 5 minutes to read and answer your letter are literally.
Now concerning tickets. I have addressed in that agency which gives insurance and which guarantees return cost of one ticket.
The agency has made to me documents quickly and I should take from them tickets.
Why you do not understand me? You think that this money I demand from you for other purposes?
If you have sent 850 euros that I for a long time already would be in your embraces.
I specially with girlfriends have come on the area to take a place for review of parade.
The cafe the Internet to be just on against the area and I have decided to run to look your letter.
And at us today a holiday. On May, 9 - day of the Victory, over this day at us the second world war was terminated.
At us on all country today pass parades, and in the evening everywhere there will be a salute. Our city not exception and I tonight am going with Natasha to go for the area to look salute.
It will be very beautiful and a lot of people. At us parades pass very beautifully.
Soldiers march and any military technics passes. Especially it is beautiful in Moscow.
At us on the TV show as passes there parade. At us in the country respect such days.
Because at many the grandfather and grandmothers participated in this war.
At me at itself the grandfather (he already for a long time has died) the veteran of war. He was in artillery and at the end of war,
In Germany has received wound in a stomach and him have sent home in military hospital, and then he has returned to my grandmother. The grandmother waited for him all war and very much liked.
All my ideas now only about you.
You do not leave my head in the day at the night.
Painfully sweet dreams torment my heart.
I am happy and sad simultaneously, because suffer from separation from you.
On these days I see the love pairs.
They will be together these days. They are happy...
I very much miss you.
And now I am compelled to run as parade already begins.
All so long! I hope that you soon will answer me.
Yours Elena.
Letter 2
I write through the Internet Agency that is why my letter will be a short one.
To me has given your address of e-mail the manager and has told that you are interested in the Russian girl. It is the truth?
I am 29. My name is Elena. I am young but wise already to make a man happy and make the house cozy and comfortable.
If you want clear and serious attitudes that write. I shall wait!
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