Scam letter(s) from Elena Gavrilova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my friend!
How - you? Thanks for a prompt reply.
I hope, that at you fine day. What can you tell on the account of my English language? Probably I do a huge set of mistakes? =)
Yes, I understand the pain and disappointment you went through in your previous relationship. I am a gentle soul who is ready to share with a special someone who will be loyal to me also. And no, I will never hurt you. Here is what happened to me, so that you will understand how sincere I am about that.
I am very much interested in acquaintance to you and I want that you knew as much as possible about me.
To me of 28 years, but October, 21 to me will be 29 years.
My speciality - the professional ecologist! My speciality has given me professional nature protection and the social - arts education opening a way to maintenance of steady development of a civilization and ecological literacy; this knowledge promoted formation of new outlook and a way of life, the person necessary for mutual relation and a nature.
I wanted to work my speciality, but it is difficult to find work in this sphere of employment!!!
I a lot of time tried to find work of the ecologist. But my searches did not give results if only to move in other city.
In a result I have decided to work the seller. I work in interior furniture. On my photos (which I send with this letter) you see it me on a workplace. My duties the seller - adviser.
That is to sell and offer subjects of furniture. It is good work and earnings suffices me to live.
My main vital principles it - honesty, kindness, decency under the attitude to all people, Tenderness and love and respect for loved to the man. I do not love lie and I do not love false people. I do not respect arrogance in people. I think, that the arrogance worsens a life for all people. In people I respect honesty, compassion to poor people, love and respect for the partner. I as try to not think of the person poorly, I do not like to hide the truth! Well, my main hope and dream - the search, loved male and creation with it of family. I search male which will support me when support will be necessary for me, that who will understand me.
I am sure, that I shall have the happiest family. I shall make all that my husband and I lived in harmony and mutual understanding. I would look after for beloved when it will be sick.
I do not think, that the age and formation are very important. What is important for you and how you concern to our friendship?
I am ready to that what to make my family happy.
I think, that we should use all opportunities to find our happiness.
The life is too short to use her only, for ideas and dreams. I sincerely hope, what we shall correspond each other, and probably we shall more than friends? =)
I very much want to know about you everything, and I hope that we shall continue to get acquainted? Whether your dreams coincide with my dreams?
Please answer sincerely all my questions and you also can ask me any questions interesting you I with pleasure I shall answer them.
If you have still sent a photo I would be twice grateful to you.
Once again I thank you for your letter.
With impatience I wait the new answer.
Your new girlfriend Elena
Letter 2
I am very pleased so soon to receive your letter.
It is very pleasant, that you have not left my letter without the answer.
It is not a pity to me that I might write to you at once. I hope, that it - will not be for us a problem.
Beforehand forgive for mine not absolutely good English. I learned it at school and then in institute.
So it is interesting to correspond with the foreign person.
I Very awfully know computers, but studied curriculums on the computer.
I now know, how To use a mail on the computer.
As you have understood, that I live in Russia in city of Yoshkar-Ola.
If you want, I shall inform to you about my city.
My growth of 170 centimeters, 52 kg of weight. I have hair of the blonde and green eyes.
I am the Russian woman. How you concern to the Russian women? I have been never married, and I have no any children.
I know many Russian people. But they were not serious to the attitude of family.
Russian people also similarly to alcohol, it - is not so pleasant for me. I think, that you have no any any such habit. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not use strong alcoholic drinks, but sometimes I can drink slightly in the good company, but it happens seldom.
I live with mum and I do not have brother or the sister.
I want to have serious attitudes to find love and to create happy family. I shall be very pleased, if you as will want it as well as me.
I want to inform you, that I write letters from the Internet center.
I hope, whether, whether that it will be a problem for our attitudes?
I want to now more about you, your family.
Now I finish my letter.
I shall wait for your letter. Elena
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