Scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Paolo (Italy)

Letter 1
Hi my love Paolo. Lovely, thanks for your letter. I was very glad to read it and I is very happy that you think of me. Lovely, what weather you have there?
I was very glad yesterday to speak with you on the phone for me To hear your vote was very pleasantly.
Today I was in agency of travels and found out the information concerning my travel to you.
Lovely, that I could arrive to you, it is necessary to me to have the international passport, tourist visa, package of insurance and also air tickets. Dear Paolo, I have addressed to agency of travels to speed up preparation of the documents for my travel. I found out that if I made these documents independently, it would borrow a lot of time. The agency will prepare all documents within two weeks.
This agency of travels has huge experience in sphere of rendering of tourist services. With the help of this agency many people without any problems have left for other countries. Paolo, cost of all documents and also cost of services of agency of travels makes 589 Euro.
I did not expect that the sum of the contract will appear Whether such large. I asked today my chief at job can he give me in addition of money to the salary.
But he has said that no at us there is a reduction of the people from job and dismissal.
It is connected to world crisis. I can not itself find all this money I do not know where I can find such money. Lovely, you can help me with my arrival to you. My love, I want to say to you, that if you can not help me, I can not arrive to you. Dear, me is very a shame to ask you money, but I to not have other exit. I am very strong love you and I want to be only together with you. Lovely, please do not leave me. I know that you also want that I arrived to you. I do not know that I shall make if you leave me. I love you with all my heart and I want to be only together with you. Mine perfect for me is very heavy to ask you of money, but I to not have other exit. I can not to arrive to you if you can not to help me. I am very strong love you and I want to be only together with you. Please write to me as soon as you will have such opportunity. I shall be with impatience to wait your letter. I love you, Paolo. Only yours Olga
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