Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to Peter (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Peter.
How are you doing??I have been thinking about you since the last chat we had tonight..When we first met on the site, I didn't even consider you real. You were just a pixel on a screen. We talked more and I became so confused. "How could I have real feelings for a person I've never met?" I'd ask myself. Since then we have met and trying to get to know each other... I will never forget the first time I looked into your eyes on cam smiling and also chatting; it was at that very moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone like you but i know God is going to take in charge of this and to know if we might be meant for each other... Looking at your eyes I saw everything I needed to know. It's been a day now and to be honest i am already thinking about you.. Things have not been easy ever since i lost my ex but i try to forget about the past and to move on with my life... I hope we can be in a good communication and who knows what might come out from this...I have to live now and will be coming back in the evening to meet you online for chat..I have a lot to do at work and hope to hear from you soon...Send me some pictures of you before you live for work..Bye for now
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