Name: Victoria Seward
Age: 27
Name: Tamara Lezhnina
Age: 27
Name: Carly Jenni
Age: 33
Name: Kaela Lopez Gernale
Age: 26
Name: Lubov Pudovkina
Age: 33
Name: Maria Evdokimova
Age: 27
Name: Marian
Age: 24
Name: Sandra Asana
Age: 36
Name: Ekaterina Andreeva
Age: 26
Name: Rosaline Ranson
Age: 54
Name: Julia Daniela
Age: 30
Name: Marjorie Labasa
Age: 21
Name: Dana Covis
Age: 26
Name: Sarah Swatson
Age: 32
Name: Julia
Age: 37

Scam letter(s) from Sonya Spasova to Vanakos (Greece)

Letter 1
Hi sweety
Yes i take the money but i have a big problem with my passport
When i take money go to one shop to buy something for you and for your brother,but when i need to pay i see that my notecase not in the bag
I go back in the union but they tell me that not find it
Now i come from the police, where an application for lost documents
In 15 december i will have again my passport and i promisse to find money and come,becouse i like you so match
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