Romance scam letter(s) from Elvira Brian to Peter (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello my love Peter!!! For me the big happiness to start to write this letter and I want to thank you that you to write a plenty of letters. Therefore I want to answer under the order all your questions and I ask you to not worry because at me everything is all right. I had no opportunity to write this letter earlier how here in Moscow weather was awfully cold. Certainly I have warm clothes, but in the street strongly to slide boots. I have decided to remain in an apartment which could rent here in Moscow and consequently once again I want to tell to you, that I feel perfectly. I very much missed all these days that could not check up a mail and read your warm words. I love you and my feelings will continue to grow every second. Now I want to answer all your letters which are in my letter box. I shall be very grateful to you when you can give for me a cellular telephone and it will enable us to keep in contact always between us. When you will be on work we can frequently speak by phone. My love to me very much is pleasant to observe this picture where you are in various clothes, without clothes, with a smile on the person and always when I can look at you my heart starts to beat in faster rhythms. Should you tell, that money which you to send for me are at me and I ask you to not worry. Today there was no opportunity to visit representatives of embassy more to learn what flight it will be possible to reserve and I hope at me there will be an opportunity to buy tickets in that city where it will be convenient for you to select me. It is very a pity to me, that again it is necessary to have these problems which force you to doubt of me. But why we experience, when I could receive this money. The police already started investigation from this occasion and I hope shortly they can catch these people which try to use my name in the personal purposes. I also have checked up why you to receive letters early in the morning. Between Russia and Australia is a time interval. It seems we are with you at 10 o'clock, it is a difference on time. You hurt me very much when you speak by these awful words and I many times asked you to calm down because never I am going to deceive you. To a regret now I can not tell on what number I can buy tickets and tomorrow I shall be exact to know, when we shall meet and when my visa will be ready. Now when I have reached last letter from a plenty of your letters I start to understand from for what you constantly to experience and me it is very a pity, that you had to test such heavy time with the last attitudes 10 years ago. Certainly this girl deserves prison and the police can necessarily find this person. Also should you tell, that on this the planet is good people and one of these people am I. My heart belongs only to you to one and I do not want to communicate with what or other men. Let we should have such big problems at registration of all these documents, but we can gather with forces and shortly we shall meet. Tomorrow when I can pay tickets date of our meeting will be already known and I hope these news will be the smile on your person brings. I love you and I shall have dreams, that today you can be in my dreams. Winter so cold, that I need your heat. I to miss you. Yours forever love Anastasiya.
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