Scam Letter(s) from Anna to Johan (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello dear!!!
How are you today? I really hope that all good for you!!!
Please, read this letter very attentive!!!
My name is Anna, I'm 27 years old woman from Russia.
I have no bad habits and I like sport so much!!!
I'm search for serious relations ONLY and I want to have a family with serious and kind man from Europe.
Please, answer to me if you have interest to me.

Please, answer to me on this e-mail address:
And send to me your photo. Ok?
In my next letter I will write more about myself and send my photo too!!!

Anna from Russia

Letter 2

Hello dear!!!
How are you today? I really hope that all good for you.
I'm so happy to receive your answer to my letter now!!! Thanks you for that!!!
Also I like your photo very much!!! You are nice man!!!
For the first I want to say that I got your e-mail address via Internet dating web site. Sorry but I don't remember their name.
I gave to them my letter and they sent it to you... I hope that you understand now how I got your e-mail address...
As you know my name is Anna, I'm from Russian Federation, I live in city Zelenodolsk, it's about 800 km far from Moscow.
I'm 27 years old right now, but my birthday is December, 15, 1982 and I will be 28 years old.
But all my friends tell me that I'm look on 20 years old only :) It's good, I think...
Ok, I'm looking for serious relations and I want to have family with good man in future!!!
I have no any kids and never married before...
I'm not smoking and drink. I like a sport, I'm active woman and I like an active kind of rest.
I like a camping and walking in mountains, in wood...
I'm good cook also... I like the noisy companies and rest on the nature.
Also I like a music so much!!! I like all kinds of music, except HIP-HOP or RAP....
Ok, it would be great if you will answer to me again TODAY and we will continue our communication!!!
I can use Internet every day so I will answer to you as soon as I will have answer from you.
I send my photos right now and I hope that you will like it...
Till soon,
Yours friend Anna

P.S. I hope that you can understand my English. I studied it for 9 months only....

Letter 3

Hello again dear!!!
How are you today? I really hope that all good for you!!!
I'm fine now because I have your letter again!!! Thanks you for this!!!
I see that you have interest to me and it's good because I want to develop our relations!!!
I'm happy that you understand my English. But I really hope that you will help me more with your national language also. Ok?
I will help you with Russian also. If you are not against, of course....
Now I want to tell you a little about me...

My name is Anna. I'm from city Zelenodolsk, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. I'm 27 years old.
My BIRTHDAY is December, 15, 1982. I was born in city Kazan. It's very beautiful, and big city.
I'M WORKING AS DISPATCHER IN TAXI. I earn about 350 euro per month.
I live with my mother in city Zelenodolsk. My father is not live with me and my mother.
My parents are divorced 10 years ago... But I love my father. He is my friend !!!
He live in other city now. I have communication with him via Internet also...
I have no any sisters and brothers. Also I never married and have no children.
I'm not smoke and drink. I think that it's good...
I have good figure, I think....

My Stats: 88-58-90
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-grey-green
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Fave girl: Julia Roberts, Monica Belucci
Fave guy: Jim Carrey, George Clouney
Fave colour: Blue, Red or Pink
Fave Food: Russian, European

I like sport and dance very much. I'm enjoy it !!! I like to walk on the park. I like a nature !!!
Oh, I don't know what to say more... I really hope that you like to read this letter...
Please, ask me your questions also. I will try to answer you in my next letter !!!
Till soon...
Yours Anna

Letter 4

Hello my dear!!!
How are you today? I really hope that all good for you.
I have good mood also and I hope that you will answer to me today after reading this letter!!!
Ok, I wrote to you with big pleasure and I want to say you some things.
Once again I got your letter via Internet dating agency. Sorry but I don't remember their name.
I gave to them my letter and they sent it to you. Now I'm very happy that you answered to me.
This is my first connection via Internet with man from other country. I hope that I will have good luck.
I want to say that RIGHT NOW I'M IN MOSCOW and waiting for my tourist Schengen Visa for travel to EUROPE.
I dreamed about trip around all Europe so much and so long!!!
Now I have all chances arrive to Europe because I will have my Visa in few days already!!!
I will get it on December, 2, 2010.
I wanted to have this travel my my best friend Elena, but she could not get holiday from work and now I must travel alone...
But I don't like this way and I want to find a companion for my travel.
Because of this I addressed to Internet dating agency and asked them to send this letter to you...
So if you have interest to meet me in EUROPE I will be very happy to get your answer today!!!
We can write a letters to each other every day. It will help us to learn each other better and better. Ok?
Also I would like to have a family in close future and I hope that I will find good man in EUROPE... Probably YOU...
Ok, write to me, if you have interest to me...
I will wait your letter so much!!!
Yours friend Anna

Letter 5

Good morning dear Johan!!!
How are you today? I really happy to receive your letter again and I wish you good day to you!!!
I'm really happy that we have communication with you. It's very important and interesting for me!!!
Ok, in my letters I can write to you more about me and my life so you can learn more and more about me!!!
Once again I want to say that I'm in Moscow right now and waiting for reception my tourist Visa.
I'm staying here in small hotel and I use Internet-cafe for communication with you. Do you understand me? I hope so...
Ok, I as I told to you already I like sport so much. I'm active woman!!!
I like football (soccer) and swimming so much!!! Also I like to dance!!! I enjoy it!!!
Also I like to cook. My favorite food is meat and various salads. I like to eat tasty and useful.
Very soon I will cook for you, I hope... Ok?
I like motorbikes and bicycles... And autos, of course!!! I have a driver license also!!!
I like a speed but I drive very accurately and easy. I will prove it to you soon...
My work (TAXI dispatcher) is not easy. I must to speak speak and speak all time...
So I don't like speak to much when I have free time from work...
I like to listen and think... I like to make an analysis... Do you understand what I mean? I hope...
I really dream about happy and strong family with good man!!! I want to find man who will love and respect me. I will do the same...
I don't like lie and treachery. Bitter truth is better than sweet lie...
What more I can write to you in this letter??? I don't know...
When I write my letter you can to read all my ideas and dreams...
I'm absolutely fair and honest with you. I hope that you can feel it...
Till soon,
Yours Anna

Letter 6

Good morning for you my lovely and dear!!!
How are you? How was your night? I really hope that all good for you!!!
It's 11.30 in Moscow right now...... December, 2, 2010...
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is happened!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to my travel agency in the morning and I got my Visitor Visa, so I'm ready fly to you, my Lovely!!!
Which emotions do you have now, Lovely? I hope that you are happy!!!
I'm happiest woman on the World!!!


Now I will go to my travel agency again and will learn about fly ticket!!!
With love,
The happiest woman on the World,
Yours Anna



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