Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Tihonova to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

Thanks for that that you have answered my letter, it is very pleasant for me.
Let me to be presented and tell you about myself. My name is Ekaterina I live in Russia. To me of 26 years. At me blonde hair. My eyes blue.
My growth 174cm. My weight 53kg. I have finished Pedagogical university,
and I work as the mathematics teacher. I live in the city of Kazan. My city is located approximately in 435 miles from Moscow. I have mum and other relatives, unfortunately at me don't have father. Now, I want to tell to you a little about me directly. I am a good girl and I think myself very romantic person. I search for that the man which the family would interest.
I am rather open in dialogue to anyone. Ideal the man what is beautiful inside and outside would be my. He should be the good friend who could trust, address a difficult minute which would care of me. I think that you could be him in the future. I want to learn about you more. What you like?
You have family? Children? What your work? You love the nature? You have pets? You can send your photo? I think, that it - is enough for the first letter... If you are really ready to begin long and serious relations with the woman from Russia, write to me....
I shall wait for your letter....
With the best regards, Ekaterina

Letter 2

Hello, my dear!
I very much like to send you the letters, and to receive them from you. Your letters are filled by any energy, I do not know, how you do it, but with each letter, which I receive from you, at me the interest to you raises, and I would like to read your letters more often. I change e-mail. I shall wait your further letter on mine new e-mail: You very much like to me, and I think, that our relations have very good future. I change e-mail, because it is known some by the extraneous people. Therefore I have registered new e-mail.
About it will know only a few people, which are dear to me. You for me the dear man. Therefore I ask you to write to me on new e-mail: I shall wait from you of the letter on new e-mail.

Letter 3

Hello, mine dear!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. Excuse, that I not always answer on your questions. With my mum recently happened to a mountain. She again had an intimate attack. The glory to the god, now to her became better. I very much experienced in this occasion and consequently I not always attentively read your letters. I hope, you forgive me. You spoke, that want, that I to you should have arrived.
But for this purpose it is necessary more information concerning me. I of the ladies to you it:
My first name: Ekaterina
Last name: Tihonova
Country: Russia
In my opinion it is enough of it, that you could send me money, that then I could arrive to you. From you it is required:
First name:
Last name:
MTSN (10 digites)
I have given you the information, now business costs behind you. I shall wait for your letter.
Her screwed up ertica story (read it carefully and see what I spoke about!
Hello, my love!!!
You spoke, that can to me arrive. Better it it is not necessary to do.
You, likely, know, that in my country the youth very much does not love the foreigners. They name themselves "skinheds". Probably, you heard about them. I do not want, that they have caused you a pain. For us it will be better, if I shall come to you, it even will be cheaper.
Tomorrow I can go in travel agency and find out everything, that is necessary for our meeting. In the letter you have told, that would like to hear from me the answer to yours of caress. Excuse, that I have not written about it earlier, I did not have on it time. And now I was released from work and consequently I have written to you, that I would want to do with you:
You emerge from the shower. I am sitting on the bed, trembling in anticipation, the fantasies I conjured about being with you about to be realized. You open the door, and stand still for a moment. I. Our eyes meet, and I feel a chill of anticipation. Slowly, you approach me until you stand in front of me, proudly waiting to be worshiped. My heart stops. I am in awe of the wonder that the universal life force has created for me: you, man – perhaps the only reason for a woman to keep on living. Still sitting, you slowly draw me to you while you are standing, and softly breathe on my nipples, between my breasts, down to my stomach. You seize my hips and gently rub my belly with your lips and my face. I feel the tight muscles of your abdomen, marveling at the thought that soon I will accept you inside, a persistent invader seeking rapture. I now stand and slowly remove you, not nearly as soft as your skin, until it falls on the floor. I embrace you,
savoring the wondrous feeling of your body against mine. I gently rub my lips against the nape of your neck. You brush against the top of my breasts, enveloped in a luminous, pearly skin, so thin that microscopic veins show through. I am stirred with impossible urgency.
We kiss softly, then passionately, until we both lie down on the bed and press our bodies together. You lie on your back, and allow me again to taste your body. I gain softly kiss every inch of your velvety skin, your neck, your ears, your breasts. You turn over, and I kiss the back of your neck, down your spine, lingering on the beautiful firm mounds. You restore me to my back, kiss the soles of my feet, working my way up your legs, indulge for a few minutes on you upper thighs. I wait for you to draw my head between your legs. I place my hands around your hips, seize each buttock with my hand and spread your legs. Your pennis; you want me to adore it. But you suddenly become reticent, and try to push my head away. I cannot be denied. I pin your hands down and start to lick your pennis. You respond and strain for me to get closer to you. Then you gently spread my legs even more.You start lapping my slit up to my clit. You gently blow on my cleft, then run your tongue between my inner and outer labia on one side, then the other, while holding the two together with your lips. You move down, and lick my pussy from bottom to top,
slowly sticking your tongue inside and out, as deeply as possible. You then spin your tongue around the threshold for a while. Boldly, You moisten two fingers and insert them in my inner recesses. You move up to my clit and softly rotate your tongue around it. I am now dripping wet, and your penis is painfully hard. I am getting out of control — you want me to stay on my back, spread my legs further and let your manhood into my essence, so that you can deliriously and selfishly explode inside me. I arch my back, and thrust my pelvis further against your mouth. You are to the edge of orgasm, but I stop you. You protest in frustration. You spread my legs even more and prolong the agony. I am taking my own sweet time. You blow on my clit, take it into your mouth just briefly, flick it just the very slightest bit. I squirm and moan. You are ruthless. I moan. I feel your pennis wildly. You continue loving me, your penis still stiff and pressed inside and below my clit, until my climax makes me shudder.
You slowly ease into a restless slumber. I withdraw my tongue, and gently kiss your belly. I rub my lips, laden with your delicious moistness, on your inner thighs, then your belly. I talk to you,
stroke your body, caress your breasts. I keep making love to you quietly until you subside. You suddenly move away, grab my shoulders,
throw me on my back, and voraciously take my penis into your mouth.
You use your tongue to caress my member, and start moving your head rhythmically, up and down my shaft. I become alarmed. I am now close to achieving a climax — indescribable pleasure, temping me to let go.
I mustn’t. I won’t. I need to experience more of your body, and I push you away. You angrily let my throbbing penis go, throw me on my back,
then straddle me on top. You hold my arms down while you slowly lower yourself on me. I feel that your womb opens for me, and you descend on the shaft, slowly. I savor parting and penetrating you until we totally join. I stretch to kiss your breasts. You moan. You need to move, to feel my hard cock inside you. You need to control me so you can control your own pleasure. You start moving your hips up and down,
sideways, forward and backwards, until you moan and I feel your explosive orgasm. Your pleasure excites me even more. I keep you riding on me, until you have another orgasm, then another. You collapse on top of me. I gently kiss your lips and taste you for a few minutes. I then turn you over on your back, while still inside you,
and kiss your breasts and your neck. You moan. You are spent. But I want more you. I need to feel your body quiver with pleasure once again. I want you to accommodate me, and spread your legs allowing me to penetrate deeper and deeper into the further recesses of your womb.
But I don’t want to climax just yet. I want to feel more spasms of your body and the sweet music of your ecstasy. I steadily move inside you, changing rhythm, alternately plunging and withdrawing, fully inside, then out so that only the head of my penis is inside you. A few shallow moves, followed by gradual deeper plunges into your glorious within. I am now deeply inside you, and I increase my thrusts. I feel you completely — your sex, your belly, your chest,
your arms and legs. We kiss passionately. I need to feel your delirium again. You are tired. You protest, but I can’t stop. I relentlessly thrust inside you until you respond again, move you hips against me,
surround me inside you and climax once more and yet again. I feel the spasms of every muscle in your body. I am delirious with passion. I feel your ecstasy and your cries of pleasure. Your shuddering body drives me wild, but alas, soon you subside and ease. We lie together for a few minutes, awash in delight. You are spent, but I am not. I want to experience more of your body inside and out. I need to climax inside you. It’s what I need, what I crave. I want to invade you once more, quietly, and selfishly. I now need you to endure me passively,
to offer me your open flower for my exclusive pleasure. I now thrust slowly inside you, while lovingly kissing and tasting you. I push with my arms to arch my back and raise my chest while I am making love to you. I want to see your body while I posses it. I want to witness my intrusion; I want to see your body accepting me. I want to take it all into my senses: your breasts, shoulders, abdomen and pussy filled by me. I feel like a voyeur. I marvel at the beauty and pleasure of the moment. I need to join you. You generously start moving again, but I stop you. I ask you to stand still, and to softly accept my invasion.
I quietly climax, a moment of bliss, then I lay my head on your chest with a sigh. We lovingly bask in languor. I marvel at the exquisite knowledge that I inhabit you.



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