Scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Joo (USA)

Letter 1
I want to tell you a couple of things about myself – for you to know with whom you are communicating.
I live in Sarov.
I will tell you about my job in one of the next letters.
I’m 28 years old. My name is Nastya. I have blonde hair and dark-blue eyes.
I’m 5’4 feet high and I weigh about 119 pounds. I’ve never been married and I don’t have kids.
I live alone in my flat.
When I have some free time to spend I’m meeting my friends – mostly in the gym.
I love going to the pool, I often go to movies. I don’t like loud parties,though.
That’s why most of the time I stay at home alone – I read books and watch TV.
All in all, I can say that I’m just a usual girl who’s looking for serious relationship.
If you write me again, please, tell more about yourself – about your job, your hobby…
I promise to tell you more about myself too! ;)
Letter 2
I promised you to tell more about myself.
I was born on November, 22nd. Now I live in the city where I was born - Sarov, Russia.
I live alone. My parents died 7 years ago. They were very good people.
It's really hard for me to talk about them - I start crying every time I do.
That's why I don't want to talk too much about it all. I hope you will understand it.
I don't have any brothers or sisters - probably that's the reason why I value my friends and colleagues so much.
I've never been married and I don't have kids However, I started thinking about starting a family when I turned 28.
That's why I decided to write you! I've already deleted my profile because you replied to my letter. Now you are the only one to whom I write letters!
I have to go abroad on business trips from time to time.
I've never been to your country. I guess it must be really interesting.
I studied in Moscow (the capital of Russia). I've got a degree of higher education.
I'm working for a commercial and industrial company as a Deputy Quality Assurance Engineer.
I'm responsible for procurement and sale of wood.
I work 5 days a week. Sometimes I have to work on Saturdays too. If I'm on a business trip, I don't have any days-off at all.
Please, write a couple of things about your city, about the place you work at.
Next time I will tell you about myself as a person - about my hobbies and so on.
Don't be afraid to ask me whatever you want to. I can say I know English pretty well, so I can write and speak it.
I'm sorry if I make some mistakes, though, my native language is Russian.
Waiting for your letter!
Best wishes, Nastya.
Letter 3
What's the weather like in your city now? It's the middle of the spring here!
The temperature is about +5? degrees centigrade here now.
I often have to go to forest because of my job.
I control the process of wood. I feeling you got be really responsible to do this job.
I often get tired at work but I even like it!
I don't spend too much time in the office, that's why I don't always have the opportunity to write you.
I hope that you don't get too offended because I can't write to you every day.
I guess you want to know why I haven't been married yet and why I don't have any kids.
I live in a small town. It's pretty hard to find a good man here.
I see a lot of men around me but I don't see and don't feel anyone who can fit me.
Another couple of things about me. My favorite season is the summer.
Only time of the year when I can go swimming and sun-bathing a little!
Sometimes we drive to the sea with my colleagues. I adore camping!
I prefer Russian cuisine but I have to admit that the European one isn't that bad too.
I like rock but I can say that my music preferences change often - I can listen to everything from classics to pop.
What food and what music do you prefer? Tell me about it - it really interesting!
I want to know you better.
Waiting for your next letter
5+5+6=16 ))))))))))))))))))))))))
Letter 4

I hope I didn’t draw you away from something important…
Are you ready to read my letter? Aren’t you tired of all my stories yet?
I’m sorry if I didn’t answer some of your questions. I’m trying hard to understand your letters and write everything correctly.
I can entrust my secret dreams to you now. I used to talk about it all only with my friends.
It is about the relations with men. I had several attempts that didn’t work out very well.
I don’t want to talk much about it. It all was about deception.
That’s why honesty is what I value the most in relations! Do you agree with me?
I want to trust my man – and I want him to trust me! That’s the main thing! Matti, you agree?
You ask, why I have chosen you. I did not choose you from thousand men. I have no an opportunity frequently and long to use the Internet.
I’ve been working outdoors a lot today. In the evening I had a chance to write you!
I’m a little exhausted after a hard day at work and I feel so happy if I see a letter from you in my mailbox.
I’ve been to many European countries on business trips – Poland, Bulgaria...
However, I’ve never been to your country.
Write to me again! I’m waiting!!!
Letter 5
so what next!? i want write you!!!
I've been working a lot today. However, I have some free time to write you a letter.
Last evening I told my girl friend about our relations.
She's married and has two children. I often visit her and play with her kids.
I love children and dream of having mine.
I think that family is the most important thing in our life.
I dream of having a really happy family! Do you think the same? Do you dream about it too?
What is your dream?
I love spending weekends at home watching TV. Sometimes I go to the cinema to watch movies.
I love comedies and melodramas. Do you like cinema?
I'll be waiting for a letter from you.
Every single day it’s getting more and more interesting for me to read your letters.
I’m waiting for them. It's such a pleasure for me to answer you!
Letter 6
We’ve got wonderful weather here! It was storming recently and the sun didn’t come out for so long.
However, the sun pierced through the clouds today and the storm was over.
I’ve been writing you for several weeks already.
However, I’ve got the strange feeling that I know you for so long...
Don’t you feel the same? It is a very pleasant feeling for me...
It’s a warm feeling. It reminds me of summer, the time when I go to the seaside or walk along city alleys a lot.
I collect flowers and enjoy the warm breath of the sea!
I started writing about my friend in the last letter.
She’s very happy for me. I’m smiling more often now! She approves our relations.
She’s a very wise person – I always listen to her opinion.
However, I don’t want to tell anybody else about our relations. That’s a really personal matter.
Do you think the same?
I want see you! We can make it!!!
Waiting for a letter from you! WRITE ME!
Letter 7
I’ve been working for so long today, that’s why I can’t write a big letter.
My work soon finished. I work since August up to and of May.
After it I have long holiday - 2 months. Therefore I work very much now and weariness.
However, it’s better to write less than not to write at all! Do you think so too?
I’m missing your letters. I’m so happy when I see a new message from you and I get really sad when I see that my mailbox is empty.
I’m thinking about you every single day. I’m glad that we are writing to each other.
Do you like reading my letters? I hope it’s not boring for you. I really hope so.
I’ve learnt so much about you in the last few weeks. I think that you know a lot about me too.
That’s why I can call you “my dear”. Is it OK with you?
I’m interested in you and it’s a real pleasure for me to communicate with you!
Maybe our correspondence will turn into something more…
I will write you later. Blowing a hot kiss from Russia to you!
Letter 8
I have some good (I hope) news for you today!
I went to other countries on business trips before.
Therefore i can go in your country without many problem!
I don't know the exact date yet, though.
If you are interested - I'll be able to inform you about it a little later.
I think that we can meet!!! We must meet! Hope you want it!! I want it!
Of course! The meeting will replace a thousand words! You agree with me,Matti?
Waiting for your letter with the expression of your attitude towards it all.
You and your opinion mean much to me. Write me!
Letter 9
It’s so pleasant to read your letter! But write me more... your letter is shot!
First! I'm glad to hear that you are happy because I'm going to come to your country.
If I have an opportunity I will try to get into the city that’s the closest to you.
Please, write me which international airport is the closest to you.
If I have a choice, I will arrive to that airport!
I will try to find out the exact dates of my trip. I will try pay all my expenses!
My dear Matti! I get so anxious when I think about our meeting. I want it so much.
I hope you do too. I can't express my feelings in this letter.
It all is in my heart! I hope that you understand it...
Oh... I'm so excited. I think about you every single day.
Letter 10
I got you letter – thanks for the information.
I will try to fly to the country via Helsinki.
I will make the visa in your country a little later.
I have Russian citizenship and work on government.
That’s why I making a visa without a big problem for me.
I’m getting ready for the trip. It all makes my hands so full.
I don’t forget about you, though, I’m thinking about you every single minute!
Matti, how are you, the weather, your work, your family?
I will give you the exact dates of my trip as soon as I find them out!
Most likely, I will have to go in the end of May or in the beginning of June!
Matti! You are in my heart!
I’ll wait! Many kiss! xoxoxo

Letter 11
I miss your letters! I write you every time I have the chance to.
I'm getting ready for the trip now, today I went to another city to get the necessary documentation.
I will get all the required documents there and then move on to your country.
I hope that I will be able to fly in your airport.
I will inquire about the exact dates and the duration of my trip when I arrive.
However, I think that we will be able to meet each other no matter what!
I hope for it and dream of it.
We solve together how long I can stay with you! OK??
You’re in my heart – I want to see your eyes and talk to you.
I will write you later. I’m looking forward to meeting you!
Letter 12
We will meet each other really soon! My vacation was finally approved.
I’m so happy!!! Are you?
Will you show me your city? What’s the most interesting there?
I will have enough time to communicate with you! My trip doesn't have strict time limits.
That's why I’ll be able to spend enough time with you.
I want to be with you as soon as I’m done with it all!
We will be walking in the street, sometimes stopping at restaurants...
I’m in a very romantic mood – I hope that we’ll have a really great time together.
Letter 13
I have wonderful news.
I paid my visa and consular fee! It was expensive for me but I do it!
Now I can go for the documents in Moscow! After this I will fly to your country.
I wait this very much! I will be able to hug you soon!
I can see your eyes! I will talk to you! I could hug you!
This will be a great day in my life! I dream about it!
Tell me about the first day our met! Matti what you do make?
How you represent our meeting! I'm nervous now )))))!
Hot kiss!!!!
Letter 14
I am writing to you from Moscow. I came here by train and settled with
my girlfriend!
We studied it at University. I know her for many years and she agreed to let me in her apartment.
I don't want to spend money for a hotel. This is expensive for me.
I do not want to spend money in vain! My Documents are readiness.
Remained make some more reference and book a ticket!
In next letter I will write the exact date of my trip! I think it will be pleasant for you!
I want our meeting!
Matti I want to meet you at the airport! I see your eyes and run to you!
I want to hug and kiss you! Maybe this is folly, but I want to hug and kiss you!
I want to hold you to a romantic dinner by candlelight!
This will be the most beautiful time in my life! I hope in yours too ...
We spend a great night in together... Oh ... This is just a dream ...
I hope my dream is realized!
Letter 15
I am writing you a letter from Moscow's Internet-cafe.
Today I went to Consulate and wanted to get a visa. But I have one problem.
I gather all the required documents and my visa are almost approved.
But I must grant copies of travel’s documents. I asked the airport for the ticket.
I wanted to buy the ticket in Helsinki to Fri 5-June .

8:10 pm Depart Moscow (SVO)
Arrive Helsinki (HEL) 9:00 pm Fri 5-Jun
Duration:1hr 50mn Finnair 156
Nonstop flight

I was able to find a suitable flight and wanted to pay for it!
I found the cheapest price! But they demand to pay 300 Euro as
Additional airport taxes! This new rule is Russia's air department! I said that I had not enough money.
But they make a helpless gesture and said, "this is your problems". I am in despair! I must pay for the tickets to get a visa.
But I do not know where to get another 300 Euro. I spend a lot of money for my trip to you.
I did not want to ask your help! I think that alone will be able to fly to you.
But the new Russian laws to **** my dream! I am in despair.
I don't know where to request help.
My prince Matti! I understand that I talking nonsense ... I am ashamed ... but I want to ask your help!
Can you give me 300 Euro.
I should pick up the visa in a few days! Otherwise, it will be blocked and I have to collect the inquire again.
I promise that I returned the money as soon as I earn it!
If you can help me I would be grateful to you!
I can get your money through Western Union.
Here is information for you:
Anastasiya Stalina (my full name)
City - Moscow

If you can send me help - write your full name and home address.
Even I will need 10 number (MTCN)
I look forward to your help! I will wait your letter!
You are my last hope! Again, sorry that I ask your help!
But I think that you understand my situation.
Always yours!
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