Scam Letter(s) from Mary Williams to George (USA)

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Letter 1

nice hearing from you .i think i should let you know more about me also and then you will understand why i need to be more careful about start with i grew up all my life in england but had to come over to the states when mom died.then i started working with dad as his personal auditor.then i met this asshole who also work with dad too and dad gave him so much trust cos he was my fiance then.but later he came up with some bullshit.l.he went away with dads money but dad felt it was a planed work.
i tried to let him know i was out of that but all effort yield i had to move on with my life,then i moved to 10,jackson avenue.Long island city New York . i decided not to see any men cos of the shit i went through.but later after about 3 months body demanded...hope you know what am talking
so out of despiration,i met this bastard a nigerian who claimed to be in love at first but i never knew he was after my he lied to me of some oil bussines in his place in i went with him.but getting there.he came up with some shit.tried also to run with my money but i was so smart this time to get his i had to run to the police to let them know what was going from there i was taking to the hotel where am talking to you and really hope to come back home soon cos ere is full of bullshit.get back to me then we could talk more.



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