Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Lapina to Forrest (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Forrest!!!
As you know my name is Lyudmila, I am 34 years.
I live in Russia in the city Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republik.
It is small, but very beautiful city.
It is located on the river Small Kokshaga which proceeds through all city.
Our city is berried in verdure. Here it is a lot of parks, avenues,
The nature simply perfectly. I very much love the city. For me it is the finest corner on the ground.
I was born and have grown here. The population in city only 250000 person.
From our city to Moscow of 850 km.
I have decided to write to you because I search serious relations for friendship or love.
Would you like it?
Now I want to tell a little to you about myself.
I live with mum and the younger sister.
My mum's name is Natalia. She is 56 years. She does not work.
The last year she has left on pension.
Also receives from the state pension.
My sister's name is Masha. She is sister 22 years.
She is the student. She studies at university.
I studied in pedagogical institute and there I learned the English language.
The English language very much liked me and after study in institute I went on rates of the English language.
But then I did not begin to go on these rates as I had to work much.
Has passed already a lot of time and now my English language it is not so perfect.
So, that you do not condemn me if I do mistakes in offers.
I write to you from the Internet of cafe. My sister has resulted me here.
She speaks, that many lonely people which want too will get acquainted and to be friends.
She still speaks, that many people meet and marry.
She too goes to the Internet of cafe and she has many friends from the various countries.
She simply would correspond with them what to be friends.
She speaks, that it is very interesting.
I for a long time resisted and did not want to go.
I did not trust, that through the Internet it is possible to correspond and find friends.
But she has persuaded me and I have come to the Internet of cafe what to try and find out that this such.
I have written to you and you have answered me. It is very interesting to me.
I was possible for you I shall set questions? Your life is very interesting to me.
Write please where you work and than are engaged?
Where do you live? You have been married? You have children?
I do not have children, is simple my life has not developed a little.
I was married but now I do not want to tell about it.
I shall tell to you about it in the following letter.
I shall send you the photos, you could send me them too.
I very much like to look photos.
Thanks you big, that you have answered my letter.
I with impatience wait for your following letter.
I very much liked to correspond with you.
I wait for your answer.
Your new friend Lyudmila
Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Forrest!
Thanks you much, that you have answered my letter.
It is very pleasant for me.
How at you an affair? How mood?
At me very good as you have answered me.
If it is fair, I very much liked to correspond with you.
It is very interesting to write it to you. Many thanks, that you have written to me.
I want to tell today to you about the life.
I work in children's garden. I very much love the work.
I the tutor in average group. I bring up children which 4 years.
I teach them correctly to talk, consider and we teach with them letters of Russian.
And still we with children play various games much. I very much love all these children.
All of them very good and clever. You love children?
As I promised, now I shall tell to you about my life.
I studied in Mari pedagogical institute. I am the tutor of children.
Studies n me very much I was pleasant also has finished study with distinction.
After study I have gone to work in a kindergarten. I have grown fond of the work.
When to me there were 25 years I has married one good young man. He was 26 years.
We lived happily 5 years. He loved me I too loved him.
He had small shop.
We had very good, big and beautiful apartment.
But after 5 years of a joint life, that that happened.
He started to play much a casino and to drink much.
He did not come home and if came was very *****.
He has ceased to be engaged in work. He only also knew, to drink and play a casino.
He started to sell all things from our house.
He has sold the shop and has lost money in a casino.
When I tried to stop him, he has struck me and then I left to live to mum.
He has lost and has spent on drink all: an apartment,
the machine, and shop.
I at all do not know where he is now and that with him.
I at once have divorced from him and more never saw.
It is very sad history of unfortunate love.
Then I tried to meet other men. But all of them very much like to drink *****.
When they get ***** they do not supervise the of action and can even strike.
I any more do not want such life.
And then to me the sister has advised to come in the Internet of cafe that would will get acquainted to men from other country.
She speaks, that at foreigners other kinds for a life.
And they completely not such as Russian men.
She speaks, that you very polite with girls. And never will offend the girl.
It so? How you concern to alcohol? Do you drink?
Thanks you big for all. That has read my letter.
I very much liked to write to you. It is a pity that I cannot write to you every day because I work.
I shall come here in a day. Well?
I wait for your following letter.
P.S. The answer quickly please I very much wait
Letter 3

Hello my love, my dear Forrest!
I am very glad to receive your letter! How your affairs, my lovely?
I hope, you not against, what I call you so? If to you to not like,
write to me and I shall not speak you so. How your work? I'm fine.
I am happy! I am happy, because have found the person whom I love.
You, my dear Forrest! I really hope, that my feeling is mutual.
I'm fine. Today I went for work. You remember, I wrote to you about the new girl in our group.
And so today on dances she has fallen and has broken a hand.
I was not at this time, other teacher looked for them.
But I till now in a shock.
Simply awfully. I shakes from it and now. I do not know, that now will be.
Probably, this teacher will dismiss. It is very bad.
Other children speak, that she was pushed with any boy, but precisely still it is not known.
I any more do not want to think of it. Excuse,
Forrest, that you the problems.
I very much love you and I want to share with you all ideas which are in my head.
I very much would want to embrace you and to kiss.
I would like to tell to you one million tender words.
I want, that you were the happiest the man on light.
What can I make for you, my love, my dear, my gentle,
my lovely?
Write to me please, what you think? Of what you dream.
You know, now I am very happy, because I know, that is not lonely now in this world.
My mum, the sister, girlfriends - all this is good.
But there should be a man which you love of which you think with which it is possible to plan on the future.
The future together.
I love you very very.
Yours Lyudmila
Letter 4

Hi my dear love Forrest!!!
Today I was included in the Internet of Cafe and has seen your letter.
It was very pleasant to me to read your letter. Very strongly it is a pity but most likely I shall not write to you approximately about three weeks.
The business in that that in the Internet of Cafe has come time to pay for services of the Internet. The monthly payment for services of the Internet costs 70 $.
I receive the very small salary and at me no at the given moment of such money.
But you do not experience as soon as I shall receive the salary I at once I shall pay money in the Internet of Cafe and we with you shall continue to correspond.
The salary at job to me will give on on August 16. I think what not strongly has upset you.
Excuse me please, but I simply do not have other exit.
Yours Lyudmila
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