Scam letter(s) from Katrina Efimova to William (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear William!!
I am very glad that you interested in me and I also want to know you better!
I am a novice in internet dating so I hope i will find my love and happiness!
Internet is quite a new thing in my small town, so I am only learning how to use it here in the internet cafe.
How can we start to know each other? I will try to tell you a bit about me: My name is Oksana, I live in a small town Chervonograd near Lviv, I live with my parents, but i dream to have my own family.
I have a great family - mom, dad and older sister who is a teacher of English - so I can speak quite good English too!
I graduated the university 2 years ago, i have master degree in Psychology and now i work in a kindergarten - I like this work, but i think it is only a start of my career - i am an ambitious person. But my future husband will always be number one in my life!
I dream to find someone who is ready to build life in two, who is mature and family oriented, caring and has strong character. Dear Chris, what are your wishes about future? Do you think our dreams can be common? To tell a little more about me - i am 25, my sign is Cancer, never been married. I am sporty, 166 cm tall and slim, I do not have any tattoos, do not have bad habits, even-tempered, loving and tender. Love kissing : )))) You? : )) I try to tell you as more as i can, of course it is not enough so I'll write you much more in my next letter.
Please tell me more about you, your character, you goals, your experience - I will be waiting for your letter! I want to send you also some photos, they are recent, just the way i look now : ) Many kisses and have a good day!!!!
your new friend
Letter 2
Hello dearest William!! At you everything is all right? I thank you for the message. I always try to answer you as soon as possible.
Recently I think of our future and that can at us with you more and more turn out. I have understood, that even if we will communicate with you some months, but all will dare at our real meeting. I think correctly?
After all we have got acquainted with you, whether to learn we approach each other and then to try to build relations. At us mutual liking. I think, that it is very important. It is necessary to listen to the heart.
And my heart speaks, that I did not miss you. Probably it is destiny, that we have got acquainted with you on the Internet. I wish to write only to you and to give only to you my heart. I am ready to try to build the life in other country. I look forward to meet with you soon William and hope you feel same. Do you agree? I am able to begin visa process from my work and have checked to flight ticket to your country. What airport do you wish me to arrive at? Will I stay at your home or hotel? Ticket is affordable to me as I have saved for it. But visa paperwork is big expense to me. It may be necessary to ask you for help in this area. I am told to be prepared to have $2,200 with me to complete the visa paperwork. If you would help me with this, i will be able to come visit you without fail. i look forward to your replies. Many hugs and big kisses to my one. your Oksana
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