Scam letter(s) from Olga Chiernopazouwa to Bo (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello, my love Bo!
How your health today? I hope a fever has ended? I very much worry because of your health. Now such deceptive weather. It seems, what not so it is cold, but actually it is deceptive. I wish, that your health was as it should be. As we plan to meet soon. Can thoughts on it will lift you on feet. So it is remarkable, that your brother lives near to the airport. Thus you will not have problems to meet me at the airport. I hope, that soon we will together. Probably, together for ever. You the person closest to me. You my beloved. Unfortunately, I do not have new photos with themselves. I will send to you next time. I promise. I went to travel agency, as well as promised. In travel agency to me have told, that I can visit Denmark, as the tourist. So easier to receive the visa. Except the visa I will need to make out the passport for travel abroad. And also the insurance. The travel agency makes these papers quickly. Registration will occupy only 10 days so I will have time to arrive to you already on November, 1st if I begin official registration of papers within the next few days. Cost of registration of all documents 246 euro. Also learnt about the ticket to Copenhagen. Return ticket cost makes 449 euro. So noieiicou my travel to you makes 695 euro. Bo it is very big money for me. I cannot find them at all desire. It is a shame to me to recognise it. So if we wish to meet, I should ask you about the help. Tell you you can send me this money that I ordered manufacturing of documents and air ticket booking? I very much hope that you can help, because I wish to be more likely together. I have got tired of loneliness. Only you bring to me pleasure every day the letters. I wish to test this pleasure in a real life. Pleasure of dialogue with you. I wish to nestle on your strong shoulder, to smile and embrace you. I wish to be with you.
I very much worry. I send the letter and I wait for your answer.
Sweet kiss.
Yours lovely Olga
Letter 2
Hello Bo
I came into Internet cafe before going for work. I was very glad to speak on the phone again with you yesterday. I worried your long silence. I hoped, that you will please me with the letter today. And it is valid, I had a smile after perusal of your letter. Though, I did not know, how to it to react. My surname really Chiernopazouwa. No other surname can be. And to it there is an acknowledgement in my passport. I at first did not understand, whence you found Masleynko. But has then recollected, that I have written you it in the first letters. We only have begun acquaintance with each other. I was afraid, that you can use me somehow. I was afraid, that you can play with me. Therefore also has written to you Olga Masleynko. Masleynko sounds in Russian, as "a small piece of oil". This the first, that has come to to me mind when you have asked me my full name. I did not wish to speak you the present surname as was afraid, that you can use it in the bad purposes. And as though you have arrived on my place if you in the first letters asked a full name and the address? Really you would not begin to worry? It seems to me, that you as have begun to worry. You not the simple man. You cautious. I have understood it under your letters. And I think, that you as something have thought up to secure yourself. I am right? Or I am mistaken? Now I trust that to you. And I even have sent a copy of the passport for you. If I did not trust you I for what did not do it.
My darling Bo! I understand, that you do not trust me. But it already for you becomes obsession. You behind yourself did not notice it? You search for an occasion not to trust. Constantly something you check. And I the pure kind Russian woman who loves you. I have found the happiness - I have found you. If I could, I would arrive to you for a long time already. But you know my financial situation. If you do not trust, come itself to me. I speak you any more for the first time it! In what a problem. I now become very malicious. I do not understand, how so can be, that my beloved does not trust me. At me never such was in a life. I am always fair with all. Including with you. Not really you given by pleasure to scoff on to me and to think out any charges for me? And devil's money has for you such great value, what you are ready to offend me? Yes I am ready to burn all banks on light that was more never any money. It angrily all mankind!!!! I in fury of what for you money has such great value, what you are ready to lose me - the happiness?!?!?!? But you will have money and you will live easy further!!!!!!!!!!! You will find other woman And you will forget me soon if I do not arrive to you!!!!!!!!! To you probably has no value, that I love you and never I can to live without you!!!!!!!! Excuse, but I in fury!!!!!!!!! I should finish the letter and will calm down.... Excuse, that shouted in the letter... But I cannot constrain the emotions...
Letter 3
Hello my love Bo! It is very a pity, that I have not received your letter today. Probably you are engaged in preparation for our meeting and consequently could not write to me. Today my day has begun simply remarkably. I have woken up early, but I have slept. As soon as I have woken up I have recollected you and have smiled. After all tomorrow I will already see you!!!!!!!!!! And from this thought to me it became very pleasant. I have already collected all things and was prepared for a trip. In some hours I will leave to Moscow. Mum spends me. By the way, I promised to tell to you concerning a surprise which it has prepared. I will not speak all. I wish to tell only, that mum will send together with me our family relic. My mum wishes to tell it, that you are a member of our family. :) I think to you the gift is pleasant. :) By the way, together with me to the airport my girlfriend goes. I am not guided at all in Moscow. Therefore the girlfriend will see off me. In the morning I will have an interview in embassy, but it only formality. In the evening we will be together with you!!!! I wish to tell, that our dreams become a reality. I love you and soon I will tell these words to you looking in eyes:) I at all do not trust in the happiness. You can present to yourselves, that already tomorrow we will be together :)! At me all as in reality, but all as though in a fairy tale. We meet you of all tomorrow, TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It simply fairy tale for me. If I have a free time tomorrow I will write to you.
Well now I will finish the letter to you.
It is a lot of kisses for you.
Tomorrow evening meet me at the airport!!!
Yours Olga
Letter 4

Hello my dear Bo, you do not imagine that happened. I am in Moscow and have gone to embassy to pass interview for a start to you. But I had very big affliction there. I in a shock now and I do not know as to tell to youit. To me have told in embassy that cannot pass me in Denmark, if I shall not have with myself a living wage on every day, it makes 50 euro in day. In agency to me have issued the visa for 45 days and consequently now it is necessary for me to have 2250 euro. I do not know what to do now, to me have told according to rules I should show that at me ismoney and then me will pass at the airport at customs house. I do not have such money and I very much suffer now. I have no any familiar in Moscow and consequently I cannot borrow such sum now. It is very a shame to me before you but I do not have other exit except for that how to ask it you. I shall not spend this money, they I need to be shown only them at customs house at the airport. I shall give you it as soon as I shall come to you because it is necessary for me only to show in the airport that me have passed. I so suffer now I cannot constrain some tears because we are divided with some hours and now this unique problem before our meeting. I once again want to apologise before you for this situation. To me it is very bad now and I suffer strongly because I do not know what to do now. It is the most desperate situation now and I am afflicted I do not know what to do now. All my hope only on you now I so want to see you and I want that it has ended as soon as possible. Now I sit in the Internet of cafe and I wait for your answer, I hope that you will answer me as soon as can. I with impatience and alarm wait for the letter from you and I think that you can understand my difficult position. Write to me please as soon as you can. I every minute shall check a mail from you. My dear Bo am very much upset, I do not know that to me to do. Without this money of me will not let to Denmark. They should make sure that I have money to provide myself in Denmark. This money to show them at customs house at the airport are necessary for me. 2250 euros I shall not spend these. I shall bring them with myself and I shall give all sum completely. I explained them athat I go to you and that you have money and I shall live at you. They to me have told that such rules and that without this money I cannot arrive to you. But they to me have told that it is their work and they can make nothing. They to me you unique who can help me. I now one in Moscow and me there is nobody to address for the help. I very much suffer and I can not calm down. Bo, I very much want you to meet. I do not want that it could prevent our meeting. I do not know what to do. I once again want to tell to you that I shall give you this money at once as I shall arrive to Denmark. I shall not spend this money, I only shall show this money at customs house and they will pass me aboard the plane. I can hope now only for you! Now I sit and I pay. I very strongly suffer. I now in the Internet - cafe also wait for your letters! I understand, that we have the some difference in time, but I hope, that you will answer me as soon as can.
Yours Olga
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