Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Phil (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Phil.
I am very glad that our dialogue proceeds.Even more strongly to underline to you my liking I to you has decided to make a photo "hi Phil", I hope that is pleasant to you, and I too very much would like to see from you something similar... I gradually start to learn about you more and more. It very much pleases me. Also it is assured, that it very strongly pulls together us. Now for me it is very important to learn you better... You have very strongly interested me...In this letter I will write you some-thing very interestingly about me. I hope to you it is pleasant:)In this letter I would like to know your most most favourite hobby... The Hobby for the sake of which you can distract from everything and is engaged only one hobbies... I, for example, is cookery. I since the childhood very much liked to prepare. When I, havea free time, I try to spend him on kitchen, I very much like to prepare... tell what your most favourite dish? I hope that I could prepare for you...Please describe also in detail as well as I, about your favourite hobby...?It would be very interesting to me to read it...I hope that you liked my letter!?Now I will wait for your letter. It is very interesting To me to read your answers...
I will wait. Yours Ekaterina!!!

Letter 2

Hello my love Phil...... I hope, what your day has passed well??? To me was so pleasantly to read your letter. It was so romantically and remarkably... I so would like it, I even represented too as we have together supper, and after a supper you a beret on the hands and bear me in a bedroom...
And there we make love... After that your letter, I wanted to you even more strongly, and I even more want now our meeting... I so wish to spend with you time, I want that we together walked, and that passers-by in the street said to us, that we very happy pair... Here I want it most of all Phil...
I hope, that at us all will turn out. I will wait for your letter... Your love Ekaterina!!!

Letter 3

Hello my dear Phil... I have read your letter. Thanks for your words, very much would be desirable me, that
That you spoke that to me was a reality. Please forgive me, that I write you now the such
The short letter, but I cannot write more to you because I spoke to you that I
I use, Internet cafe to write to you. I very much am afraid to lose with you touch, at me now
Debt in the Internet-kaf 180$. I do not know more to whom to address, I wish to hide nothing from
You, at me are not present such money. And I ask the help from you mine Phil.... Please write me the answer.
Your love ekaterina!!!



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