Romance scam letter(s) from Daria Borisova to Greg (USA)
Letter 1
hello stranger! )
i'm Dariya. interesting and good educated woman. ))
i wanna to meet interesting man. Hope that we can talk more later.
Letter 2
Hello ! Very nice that you answered me! I would like to make our acquaintance continued)! I accidentally use this opportunity to communicate on the Internet, but for you it's new! .... I recommended my friend to find a husband abroad through one marriage agency in our city. I'm just so many times had to hear the eulogy of foreign men. And the only reason I decided to find a man by correspondence abroad. Our men are very different mentality, most of them believe that the woman is a device for cleaning the rooms, laundry, as well as a personal Chef in the kitchen)))). It should always stay home and wait for her husband. I've got a different vision of a serious relationship with a man. I believe that women should be invisible to her husband's support, he must love not only for what it is accurate and a good homemaker, but also for her personal qualities. I hope you understand me?? .... And what's your opinion?? .... I'll try to be attentive to your letters, and I will try to be a limit sincere in their answers to your questions. So do not hesitate to ask them to me. Probably not a lot you want to hear about the image of my life. I often go in for sports because it helps me to be in good physical shape, as well as raising the internal tone))))! I was a child did ballet, and gymnastics, so I have a good figure. I also love riding our bikes. By the way tell you more about myself and about my life, I hope you are interested to learn about it? ... Just wish I could learn more about you. I was born in Moscow, 1984 October 5, my parents named me, Dariya! on a horoscope I "Libra". I was born in the year of "Rat". I went to school, then came to the University I studied on a budgetary basis at one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I always try to make it easier for my mom her efforts. My mother alone raised me all this time, I understand how hard it was to me, and I love her very much !.... Now I'm student, studying in graduate school. I like to constantly evolve. I do not really speak perfectly written English, so I use a translator program, it helps me to properly build my suggestions. Say you understand my English?? if not, I'll try a double, though, and so I really try to be understandable for you ))))! I live with my mom. My father died from a car accident when I was 3 years old! My mom is from that time has not yet lived with a man because his father was very fond of me and my mother said that life should be to love one man forever. I met with men, but I did not have sex, I'm 26 years old and I still did not have sex. Many men do not believe it when they tried to take care of me. But I did not want to persuade anyone in this. I believe that the girl should remain faithful to her husband, even at a time when it still is not on the horizon )))))! By nature I am a very fun and freedom-loving people. I like to communicate with the company and can not support any conversation, my friends, but I did not have them a lot, always happy to meet with me, because to them I have a lighter )))))). Tell me about yourself, how much is your life you currently enjoy, that you would like to change it? Do you like it when a smart girl or do you like silly ))))). Okay, I think to finish its current letter because I have yet to do something which homework. By the way just want to say that I will not get to write to you every hour since I use my computer at the University. Today I finish, I hope tomorrow you answer me and then I can write you again. Waiting for your letter. Dariya!!!
Letter 3
Hello Bill! I confess, I am very pleased again to hear from you. A feeling that this letter, I waited on you all of life:)))! Why .....? .... Because I do not believe that such a man as you are still lonely and wants to continue dating me. I have always enjoyed success in men, but once I did not pay attention to their courtship. Not because I am a proud and arrogant, but because in my list of priorities in the first place, has always been education and training. I very rarely went to dances and parties organized by my fellow students. In second place for me has always been and remains - is taking care of my mom! Mum - is someone whom I am grateful that I have today. And you tell me about your parents? What is your relationship with them? .... Tell me about your life, whom do you work? How to spend your free time after work? On their own interests ..... How long have you been in love?? I like to do jogging, riding on horseback, as well as skating. It helps me to shoot my stress and relax from school! After these sessions, I feel in good form. I like to always be on our toes and have a good mood! Life is beautiful when we create it ourselves so ;))))! By its nature, I am very cheerful person. I like to communicate with companies and can support any conversation. My girlfriend and I have it only always happy to see me, she said that my character is like the light in the darkness:)))! I easily find common language with people, probably because I love the people)? I men always ask the question, what I want from men? ... I do not have the exact answer to this question. So I always say, do not forget to drop the toilet seat )))). I do not care 30 or 60 years old man, I believe that everyone should be interesting to him was not boring, and age this is not a hindrance. I hope you are not interested in just sex with me, but also a serious relationship?!
For me, not the color of important rights, and his religion.
For me the more important that a person was a decent and honest. I can forgive a lot, but not a betrayal and a lie!
Are you able to forgive the betrayal and lies?? I hope you're the best person who can respect the opinions and feelings of women!
I believe that the soul and thoughts should be transparent as water! I am a lot more desirable to write to you, but unfortunately I have a lot of classes, and I need to continue their education. Do not miss ..... Bye ..... Your Russian girlfriend Dariya! P.S. Please try to answer my most of my questions because I am very important to know your opinion and your answers! In advance thank you for your attention and effort in their responses.
Letter 4
Hello Bill! I am very pleased that you responded to my thoughts!
I'm not going to learn and work together. First I want to get a job, save up money for education. And only then do further training.
I have a certain amount of money, they have enough to pay for visa processing. But not enough to buy a ticket and I would like you to help me with the purchase of tickets. I would very much like to continue training and want to do it in your country. I hope you understand me correctly.
I think you can help me to realize my dream. I'll be very grateful. I, in turn, promise to take care of you, take care of cleanliness of your home, the cooked food and its honesty in a relationship with you!! .... The invitation can be made in writing. The invitation should contain information about the purpose of the visit (you can write to the guests), place of residence of the invited person (that is me - where I live in your country) ....., your exact address and phone number)). And here is my data in order to properly arrange Invitational! I BORISOVA DARYA!.: I live at: index 192007, Moscow ul Rastannaya, Building 17, Apartment 24. We have no home phone, as the house was put into operation recently. At the bottom of the invitation, you need the date of writing the invitations, and your signature. With this invitation I can send a travel agency and get a visa to stay in your country. This will increase the likelihood of issuing me a visa. Today I have a long talk with my mamoy.Potomu that she wants to know more about you. She asks where you live ?.... How old are you and what you look like. Because this morning when I left from home to school she asked me about it. I told her that the late and rushing to class, and after her talk! I do not know how I tell her about you. I know exactly what to talk about what we're going to live under one roof, I tell my mother until I could not. It did not take it. It is better not to know about what I want to live with you! And then she would think about what I want to stay in your country. Her about it is better not to think))))! I'll really interesting! You understand my thoughts!? I can hope for is that you always I will try to understand what we have not talked to you? ... I very much hope that soon I will be able to ask mom for money to buy a new phone. Mom does not give me money to buy a phone. I'm not complaining because I'm very calm without him. You know how happened to me when I had a phone?? Me at night, at any time to call, and I could not stop talking on the phone))))! This is probably the worst thing that is in me, the endless talk on the phone))))! Tomorrow I'll pass on the information that you send me a travel agency. Let the process paperwork will already be committed. You do not mind ????..... Because I plan on finishing graduate school, immediately leave the city. Since I am more than confident that if the will which is not how many days, these days mom will find me to new suitors)))!! I am very tired of this fact. Want more freedom, understanding, love, respect, confidence, feelings. But alas, those men who I know from my mom did not own it ((((!.... I think there is no reason for me to be upset, as there is a man who is for me the lighthouse, OASIS, which only need to get and life will seem twice nicer;))! .... I hope you know which man I'm talking )))))). Well, I was pleased to spend time with you. I hope you all too well? .... Please write, I'll be waiting! Darya!
Letter 5
Hello Bill! I was very pleased to read your letter, thank you! I knew that the world is full of kind and helpful people, but I could not believe that you will be precisely the man who would respond to my prosbu.Ya very grateful to you! It seems to me that just such a man as you deserve a life of great happiness. Maybe your happiness and my happiness will we find each other, and we love each other "till death ",... Both are expressed in Russia! I would love to make our acquaintance progressed and I think the best thing that we can understand each other. You seem to me a very open and honest man, you can tell what you think people around you ?!??!?! .... I would like to know the opinion about you, your close circle !!!!! But now I can assure you that for me you are very kind and confess honestly, very courageous man. When I graduated, I went to a travel agency. There I reported that to calculate my cost of my trip to your country, they need to know the name of the airport and the city where you live! .... So now I ask you about that you told me this information? .... I'll wait for an answer! ... Just assured me that your invitation via email is enough in writing, even on the computer. And also I would very much like to learn about the culture of your city, about the mentality of the people? ... Suppose you have made contact with the neighbors you are friends with them? ..... We can go to visit neighbors and ask them for salt, sugar, bread ... ))))! It is not shameful, and create good friendships among neighbors)))! We also used during the celebration, birthday or other holidays to sing songs. We do this all the family acapella )))). I think it's fun event and everyone always likes to hear. It's more of a tradition of Russian man. Do not know why I am telling you this, perhaps you should get acquainted with me better, maybe our traditions will help you to know me more. What can you tell me about yourself, there's something that you would like me to tell you about myself? .... I would like to hear from you, your thoughts, your actions, your life, how you spend the most time?? Tell me please, I will be very interesting to learn about you! On the farm, I certainly did not live, but I've lived in the village of his grandmother. There, I had to hammer the chicken, geese and duck. I even milked a cow. Unfortunately, my grandmother died and my mother sold her house, and all that was there to buy an apartment a little more. To be honest I was very sorry to sell the house. I liked to ride in the summer in the village. My grandmother very often went into the woods for mushrooms, pick berries. It now remains only to remember those days. I love jokes, I once joked at home, and I laughed for so long that my mom when she heard about my joke she could not stop laughing. I unscrewed the handle on the refrigerator door, and attach it to the other side of the refrigerator, what was the surprise of my mother, when the fridge door did not yield its strength ))))))))))))))))))! I always try to come up with interesting entertainment that has become routine more fun and interesting ))))) I hope one day I will cheer you;)! I like to look at the faces of smiling people! I believe that humor is the decoration of our lives and people should be able to laugh and smile even on themselves! Today in class, my teacher was joking and we all laughed. He said ... "To live in prosperity, we must work hard and learn not to rely on luck and God." We have tried to reflect on these words, and then he continued, after which the entire audience laughed out loud. He said. "Now do not ask me stupid questions, and give me time to check the winning lottery numbers in the options that I'm playing!" ..... I've been so not laughing )))))))))))))) After my conversation yesterday with my mom, I now know for sure that mom is going to give me in marriage, at the end of my study! To avoid this, I continue to convince my mother that I needed to continue to learn. And that my decision to leave the country permanently. The main thing now have time during the leave the country on graduation. my study ends after 13 days, I must buy a ticket to that date. Well, I was pleased to write you this letter. I wish you an enjoyable day or evening))). I hope at our meeting;). I wish you did not get bored, and feel good. Your little girl from Russia, Daria!
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