Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Fedorova to William (USA

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Letter 1

Hello William! At you everything is all right? How your health? I always try to answer you as soon as possible.
Recently I think of our future to be together soon. I think correctly? After all we have got acquainted with you, whether to learn we approach each other and then to try to build relations. At us mutual liking. I think, that it is very important. Probably it is destiny, that we have got acquainted with you on the Internet. I trust, What is it happens not simply so. But many questions remain opened until we can be together. Moreover, I want, that this communication has really got stronger and was very strong. You want it? I hope, that you will be in earnest about my words because it is really serious and important for me. I trust all your words and I want, that you also trusted me. Certainly it is difficult. But we need to be trusted each other. I wish to show also to you, that my intentions are really serious and consequently I wish to meet you. We got acquainted not to correspond. The truth? Therefore I have resolved to meet you. I will wait for your answer.

Letter 2

Hello William! I thank you for the message. You are in my thoughts always. I know English language. Simply I know it not so well. But in general I know it enough not badly. For me very big pleasure to see your messages which are filled by your dreams and thoughts on the future :) It is very pleasant to me to plan with you. I wish to wait meetings with you as soon as possible. I do all more likely to legalise papers for a trip to you. I will inform you about all. I think, that it is better to you to know where to us to meet in your country. I wait, when you will write me the airport where I should arrive? When exact date and time of my arrival excitement all will be closer and closer will be known. But I think, that pleasure of that we will meet and we will be together will be more than any excitement. You agree with me :)? What at you new? At you everything is all right? I here do not know that to me to travel may cost monies I cannot pay. You want us to be together, agree? You seem to convey to my heart that is what your heart wants also. Perhaps it might be good if you might help me with the expense of travel to you? Visa papers I can do with my office where I work. It is expensive to do paperwork but i will make it so because I believe destiny commands it. Travel service says ticket to see you is $3,000 USA dollars. Will I be staying in your home or do I need to find hotel? Maybe you can advise me of a nice hotel near where you live? If to be fair I believe we should share the cost of our special meeting. If you will help me my William, we can be together soon! I will find my bank information to send money but my friend Nadya says you can send it with western union and it will be quicker and cheap! You know of this and how it works? I wish to write to you, that it is very pleasant to me to receive yours the message. This only thing that does us more close now. And consequently I wish to see much more often your messages. I also always try to write to you as it is possible is more often. As I have a free minute I write to you.
The truth recently at me a problem with the Internet. But sometimes I happen in Internet cafe and I write to you therefrom.
I wish to change something in the life. I so am glad, that the destiny has presented to me you. You became for me the person who has changed my life. Since I have got acquainted with you I began to feel somehow in another way. It is difficult to explain it, but this very good feeling. I would like to rejoice lives. Let you and are far from me, but you wait for me.
You wish to see me near to you and it is very pleasant for me. It actually is fine also I thank you about it. I write to you about it fairly and I want, that you have understood that you to me are very expensive. I have understood, that I wish to be near to me and that to me will be very sick, if I lose you. I feel as goes warmly from your words. And consequently I want, that these sensations were always. And what you feel, when receive my messages? My feelings to you are mutual? I ask you, write to me about it. I will wait for your answer.



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