Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Shevchenko to Michael (USA)
Letter 1
Privet moyo Solnyshko Michael, In Russian it means "Hi, my Sunshine", you see, I decided to give you some of the lessons of Russian language. Hope you don't mind them :-))) I wish you to give me some lessons in English language also. I know just several simple words and phrases in English, not long one, so extra lessons will be very useful for me, dear. I wish to learn English language very much. I'm sure it'll be practical for me. What do you think about it? Thank you a lot for the photos you have sent me today. Here it is really sunny today. In the morning the temperature was below zero and when I went outside it was so cold that I was really surprised that it can be so sunny and cold at the same time. Anyway I like such a weather much more then when it is raining. I wish to tell you that I can't explain it, but this year it is no difference for me that the Summer has finished and the Autumn came and that it'll be winter very soon. I am so happy cause of any weather, cause it is life and I like life really a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends say that I'm very stylish. I am working as a choreographer at the children's school of arts.
I like my job really a lot. I enjoy my profession very much and I think that it also very important when you enjoy the job you doing and people you are working with. Am I right? I always have in my mind some ideas about some dances and some holidays for people. I think I am a creative person and I like music and to dance very much. What about your job? I'm really interested in everything about you. Will you tell me about it? What do you enjoy in the life? Do you like to spend the time with your friends, or are you a person that prefer to stay at home and watch TV? I wish to tell you that I'm active person and I like to spend my free time with my friends. I also like to go to the swimming pool. I hope that your intentions are as serious as mine. I have never been married and don't have children, but I think that it's the time to create a family and to become happy at last. My life is a bit empty without my the only one beloved... Do svidaniya (means bye for now),
Letter 2
Privet moya lubov' Michael, And here is another lesson, it means: "Hi my love". I'm so happy that you answered me. Thank you a lot for the photos you have sent me today. I liked them really a lot. here there are a lot of women and not a lot of men and even among the men that are here, it is really difficult to find a good one, cause men here drink a lot, they have sex with every second women and it doesn't matter for them that they are married. I wish to tell you that in my country men don't look inside a woman, they see only her appearance. They are not interested what a woman is thinking about only if she thinks about to have sex with them they become interested.
In my country men stopped to notice woman's beauty. There are too much beauty around them. Truly speaking I was shy to come to the firm today and to ask if there is any letter from you. You know I'm new at it and I thought that when I come and ask about your answer everybody will be laughing at me, cause I'm waiting for an answer at all. I was afraid you might be not too interested in me, more after I have wrote you that I don't speak English and I also don't have a phone at the moment. Everybody here is so kind and good. I was shown your letter and after I paid the money for it, it was translated for me. I sat down at the table here, took a pen and started to write you this letter... I was thinking a lot about what to write and at last... at last I decided to write you about one day, it was not long time ago. I wish to tell you about 2 photos that I brought to send you today.
One photo was done at the dinning room at the studio I work.
I think that it is funny and decided to send it to you as well. I was eating my dinner when I was suddenly caught by the camera ))) and the other photo... it was done when we came to the competitions with my group and I was staying on the street close to that building and showed my children one position from their dance. I was dancing and at the end of the dance one Mom made a photo of me, I was not waiting for it, so I don't know if you like that photo or not. So today you'll get 2 different photos that were made at different places, but both suddenly )) Do you have any photos that your friends made joking on you or just when you were not waiting for? It'll be interesting for me to see some of them if it is possible. Tanya
Letter 3
Hi Michael, It made me so happy when I read your words as I thought I must be crazy to be feeling like I do but hopefully you are feeling the same. Thank you a lot for the photos you have sent me today, my dear. I liked them really a lot. I have never tried to ski before, so if I try it with you, then it'll be my first experience. I have never been anywhere abroad and unfortunately I have never had an opportunity to travel a lot around Ukraine as well. I couldn't imagine my life without you in it, and can't wait till I can make our dreams come true and we can kiss and hug each other forever.
I always think of you when I am in bed as I find it difficult to get to sleep, I just lay in bed and think of you and get very excited. Like you, I will do everything I can to try and bring us together. I too find myself thinking of you many times during the day. Everyday my feelings grow stronger and stronger and no longer I feel as if I am in control of them. I too dream of the beautiful day when we can meet, and I know it is not far away. I find myself dreaming of you all the time, hold you in my arms, kisses your lips, touching your body, I want to go to sleep at night with you in my arms and feel your naked body next to me and wake up every morning and the first thing I will see will be your wonderful smiling face. I want you to go to work everyday knowing that you are working to build a wonderful life together and rush home from work with a bunch of flowers for your beautiful wife knowing that she will be waiting with a big smile a big hug and a wonderful kiss for you. I feel myself dreaming of our life together and feeling as one, sharing all the good and bad times together, laughing and crying but never having one moments doubt that whatever life throws at us nothing can ever break our love forever, anyway its only my dream so i hope I haven't scared you too much. Your Tanya
Letter 4

Dear Michael, We represented the bureau of the translations "TranslationGroup", which located in Russia. Some time ago we've opened a filial in Ukraine. Your lady came to our firm and made contract with us for the next services: providing of Internet connection, her own e-mail address, translation of any kind of different texts. Today Tanya came to our office and asked us to inform you that she won't be able to pay for the correspondence with you for some time. she is afraid that you'll be worrying about her silence. The proposition from our firm: We are an international firm that works with any country of the world. So, if you are interested to help your lady to pay for your correspondence, please, contact us, and we'll send you our price list. (The prices are the same as for Ukrainian clients). Sincerely Yours,
Letter 5
Dear MR. Michael, As you showed your interest in the further communication with your lady Tanya, we would like to provide you with the information according payment of the service. In this price list, we have tried to include typical services that we offer on a regular basis at standard prices. We also offer a variety of individualized services. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you would like further information regarding the continuation of communication with your lady Tanya you can write us your message and contact us. We'd be more than happy to help! Services that we propose: 1. Typing, translation and sending a letter from your lady to you in English, per 1 letter --------------------5 USD 2. Typing, translation of a letter from you to your lady in Russian, per one letter -----------------------------5 USD 3. Photo scanning / sending/, picture printing / receiving/-----------------------3 USD 4. Scanned letter of a lady, per 1 page ----------------3 USD 5. Conversation with your lady on the phone with an interpreter (per call/ conversation)-----------------0.50 USD per minute 6. Showing your INTERNET greeting or personal WEB-page to lady on screen---------------------------2 USD 7. Skype chat is---------------------------------$6 USD per minute If you are interested in monthly plans, you may not use the services for translation of separate letters. The price list for this type of services is here: 1. per month-------------------------------------------230 USD 2. per two month --------------------------------------400 USD The payment can be done via: - Western Union, - Bank Transfer. After making payment, contact us and provide with full information with the details of transfer! It should be: - your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number. Information you need to have for making payment: the name of receiver Tanya Shevchenko the TOWN Pervomaisk the address Gradusova st. 7a zip code 93200 country Ukraine We appreciate your time and we are here to help you and we will be glad to have you as a costumer. We hope for our future cooperation. Thank you for using our service. Faithfully Yours, President of the
"TranslationGroup" Company,
Vladimir Nikolaev.
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