Scam letter(s) from Kristina Sevruk to Norbert (Germany)

Letter 1
Bonsoir mon nouvel ami!
Je suis heureuse de vous ecrire, tu m'as plu.
J'ai etudie votre structure sur le site.
Je voudrais apprendre l'un de l'autre plus et etre les amis et non seulement, etre plus que les amis.
M'appellent Kristina.
J'attendrai de vous la reponse avec l'impatience.
Mon espoir est que vous me repondrez!
Je vous promets que je vous parlerai plus sur moi et vous envoyer beaucoup de photos
J'espere recevoir la nouvelle sur vous!
Ecrivez me sur ma poste.
Letter 2
Je suis tres heureux que vous ecrivez. Et je pense que vous aussi faire attention a moi.
Il est si gentil.
Merci pour tes nouvelles photos, je les aimais, tu m'es sympathique.
Ton age pour moi non le probleme, ce non principal dans l'amour et les relations. Tu es d'accord avec moi ?
Je suis 32, ma date de naissance Novembre 30, Sagittaire signe du zodiaque.
Je suis nee et de vivre en Russie dans la ville de Saratov.
est une ville situee en 860 kilometres de la capitale russe de Moscou.
Et dans quelle ville habitez-vous?
Parlez-moi de vous-meme? Je suis curieux de tout savoir de vous.
Mon nom est Kristina. Quel est votre nom? C'est quand ton anniversaire?
Vous merveilles sans doute pourquoi j'ai rejoint le site que je vis en France?
Oui, je veux vous dire la verite tout de suite et ne veux pas vous tromper.
Entre nous, il devrait y avoir aucune confiance.
Avez-vous d'accord avec moi?
Je me suis inscrit sur ce site pour la France, parce qu'elle pensait que ce site est seulement pour les residents de la France.
Vous avez probablement mal compris, je suis de la Russie?
Vous voulez probablement savoir ou je peux ecrire et parler en francais?
Lorsque j'ai assiste a l'ecole, j'ai vraiment aime le francais. J'ai vraiment aime etudier le sujet.
Et vous avez un sujet de predilection?
Apres l'ecole, je suis alle a l'universite. Et l'universite a enseigne le francais.
Mais je n'ai pas eu la pratique, si mon ecriture est un peu deroutant a vous,
Je vous demande pardon pour mon francais.
Mais j'espere que vous comprenez l'idee de mes lettres.
Et ou avez-vous etudie? Quelle est votre profession?
Je vis avec ma mere. Qui vivez-vous? Parlez-nous de votre famille?
J'ai envoye ma photo. Je veux que vous, aussi, m'a envoye une photo,
afin que nous puissions en apprendre davantage les uns des autres.
Et ou travaillez-vous? Que faire pendant votre temps libre?
Vous aimez la poesie? J'aime beaucoup la poesie, j'ai meme compose un poeme, quand j'etais au college, mais maintenant, j'ai quitte ce business.
Et vous savez comment jouer un instrument de musique?
J'ai demande cela parce que j'aime beaucoup ecouter de la musique, en particulier dans le spectacle vivant,
Je pense qu'il est tres romantique.
Je suis une femme tres romantique.
Ce temps est revolu, je vous l'ai dit, mais je vous ecris pour vous de mon amie Anna.
Je n'ai pas d'ordinateur a la maison, et c'est le moyen le plus abordable pour moi de vous contacter.
J'espere que vous avez apprecie. Je pars avec un grand C hate votre lettre
J'espere vivement que vous me repondrez.
Bonne chance le jour.
Letter 3
Hello Norbert!
How are you up? How are you feeling? How are you was your day?
Thanks for your new photos with your daughter, I loved them, you are nice to me.
Yes, I would like to come to Germany really.
I want to tell you about someone I work with. As you already know in a previous letter I wrote, that after graduation I went to college. I went to the doctor.
And now works at Children's City Hospital.
I really like my job. I like helping people and do good to them,
My work involves children, I help small children, I take care of them after surgery, I spend a lot of different procedures and make them injections.
I'm sending you photos and a white lab coat at work. And he works with you? What is your profession?
Did you like my picture?
You have a lot of photos? I want to ask you. You have many friends? You share with them my emotions and feelings?
Here I have many friends and have a good childhood friend.
We often meet her and tell each other some news.
Best friend, her name is Anna, we had been friends since childhood,
We have studied with her in the same school, lived in one house and spent all my childhood together.
Anna like a sister to me, I'm with her I can talk about everything and share with their problems.
Anna has already got married last year and she has a child.
I'll send you a picture with my best friend Anna.
I live with my mom. I'm the only one in the family.
I very much love my mom and she loves me.
My mom 58 years old, she works as a shop in the food store.
My father died 4 years ago in a car accident, I'm scared now, remember this story.
I also send you a picture with my mom.
I have a grandmother to her 85 years. Tell us a little about my family, okay? I'll be very glad. You drink alcohol? Do you smoke? Do you play sports?
I do not smoke or drink, I do sports I run in the morning and go to the gym.
I have not talked to you, but I write my letters from my friend Anna and I therefore can not write very often, because I do not have a computer at home, it is very expensive that would be good to get a new computer.
But I will still respond to your every letter.

Now I must go, I'll wait for your letter and answer it! All the best to you! Good luck!
Letter 4

Hello Norbert!
How are you?
How do you feel?
Your age not a problem for me, it not the most important thing in love and relations. You agree with me?
I just came to my girlfriend Anna. I am very glad to see your message.
You have pleased me very much. You raise me up, even the soul was good.
I am so pleased to communicate with you. And you with me interesting to talk?? Today we have a wonderful day, the sun shines.
Do you like pets? Do you have any pets?
I have a cat, her name Tishka.
Also I have a dog, her name is Bonny.
I love Bonny, and walk with her every day.
She told me as a friend.
In Russia there is a proverb, the dog is man's best friend!
Also I have a little rabbit, I love him too, he's so small and delicate. I can sing. And you know how? What music do you like?
And without music, our lives are not nice. Yes? I listen to music on the mood when I have fun I listen to more fun and live music.
And when I'm sad I listen to the lyrics.
Sometimes my friends go to a club to dance, have fun.
You go somewhere fun? would you like to dance with me??
I would very much like to dance with you. We are with you till you drop would have circled in the dance. My mom gave me a music school and I went to music school.
I really liked the music school, I went to school to 15 years.
I am also sending you a picture when I was in school, I was then 9 years old.
Then I went to college musical. I can sing you a few beautiful songs. My friends like the way I sing. I think and you'll get better. Unfortunately I must go, but I wanted to write you another.
Write to me necessarily answer, I look forward to.
Letter 5
Hello Norbert!
That came a wonderful new day.
You see me every day is getting closer and closer. Today I went to my friend and once again received a letter from you, it's so nice!
I am very pleased to communicate with you.
I am very pleased to write letters to you and answer your questions
I hope that you just pleased to write to me! " Thanks for your new photos with your daughter, I loved you a two, you to me are nice.
I already spoke concerning your age, for me it not the most important thing in relations.
I also am glad, that I was pleasant to your daughter, I think in the future to a smog to find with it common language, I wish to transfer greetings of your daughter. Today is fine and I hope to go with friends to watch a movie theater.
You love going to the movies?
I really like watching movies in the dark and on the big screen.
My friends know me very well. They are very fun, I like my company.
All my best memories are of friends and parents of course!
I'm so interested in every day to learn more about your life about your family. Can you tell me about your friends? I have a feeling, that you also very fun and energetic friends.
I love nature: the woods, wild animals and birds is very romantic and beautiful!
Do you like walking? You love to swim in the water? I love, I do not know how to swim before, but my friends taught me. Do you like nature? You are a romantic like me:) What will you do today?? I think you just spend a good time! I am very interested to learn more about you and your city, about life, about what is going on there every day.
Of course, I sometimes watch the news, but I do not particularly like this program, because basically they say about what's going wrong in the world!
I think that you like my writing. I look forward to wait for the next letter from you.
My time has come an end. By the way, I want your new photos:)
Good luck to you to continue the day, my dear!
Your Kristina!!! PS I am sending you a picture with my friends
Letter 6
Hello my dear Norbert!!!
Here I am again my friend.
I am very pleased to once again receive your letter, you will not find it romantic??
I like it a lot:) I'm so happy to communicate with you so pleasant.
How are you? "I hope that all is well.
What doing now? What do you do? We've got cold weather, very cold and Russia is very cold, will soon be winter.
And what is your weather? Thanks for your photos with your daughter, I loved you a two.
Yes, I can pull out you at cinema in the future and walk with me =). My dear Prince, do you mind if I call you that? I hope not:)
I like to refer to you this way.
I would like today to write you about us, about what awaits us in the future?
Of course maybe it is too early to say whether we are together, but you know I am very much attached to you for those days.
When I see a letter from you, it makes me sad to spoil the mood, but I know that you are sure to please, I'll read your next letter:) And look'll wait.
It seems to me that we are all very well developed, do not you think?
I do not want to rush things, but I want you to know all of what I think.
Tell us what plans you have in your life?? Have you thought about this? I want to create a strong family, I think that this is done, I hope so.
And you want to start a family?
I hope that all my dreams come true and yet I will give happiness.
And I'm very glad I will. My, I must finish and send a letter which will lift your spirits even higher, I very much hope that it will be like:)
I look forward to your letters.
Have a great day and know that I am also very good days.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Norbert!
How are you? How mood? I have a good mood.
I am very pleased to once again receive a letter from you. So good to get a good energy from you.
I feel that I'm not alone, because you've got.
I have a conversation with you. When I read your letter, I feel very good feelings for your soul.

Our city Saratov is very ancient. He has a lot of flowers and trees.
We have a pine grove, where we can have a rest
Outdoor summer. In Russia there is the Volga River, it is very deep, long wide.
I'll send pictures of my city.
In our city there are many cultural monuments.
How many monuments in town?

You love to visit attractions in your city? Do you like visiting a museum?
I like it. Sometimes we have a museum, which is the name of our great
Russian king, his name is Peter III, but it's not just a museum where you can
watch any great paintings and sculptures. This is - a very old museum.
And it goes every where and the show is terrible show. I love wax museums. You love this museum? And I want to ask you if you are a pessimist or an optimist? And I - an optimist. I always think about the future with hope.
I've always has a hope to believe. For example, I hope to start a family a nice person.
I very strongly love the work. So, what I can tell you even today?
As a child I dreamed to be a doctor. I liked playing with my mom in
Game: "hospital" when I was a child. If it was possible to return
childhood, would you return it? What do you think is your childhood, was to be happy?
I think you write me a charming letter. Good luck to you!
Your Kristina. Your Kristina. which went to the movies today.
With best wishes yours Kristina.
Your friend from Russia Kristina.
Votre Kristina.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Norbert! I just came to my girlfriend Anna.
Again, I am happy to see again your charming letter. I am very glad that you write me letters and do not regret at this time!
I am very grateful to you for, what do you give your time that would write me a letter.
Thank you for this!
How was your day? How mood? I think that all is well with you. In all my letters, I asked you many questions and I was glad to receive answers from them because for me it was very important because I knew you better than at the beginning when I saw your profile on the site. Then I did not have on you or any representation.
What are you people. I only knew how old you are, and what country are you! But now I know much better about yourself and you also learned a lot about me.
Every time I read your letters, I got more and more recognize you.
I am very happy about that because when I met and began to communicate with you by e-mails
I have everything in life has become much better and all thanks to you and I want to say thank you for it.
After all, you gave me hope in my life.
Me to you was very boring, even my friends noticed it and we with them a lot of time talking about it. Everyone understood my situation, because I'm the only one among my friends who are with anyone and I'm very hard among his friends, because I envy them and I feel very bad because of it.
I am 32 and I have not even the man who would always beside me would support me in all my problems and troubles that happen in my life. It is very difficult when it does, it's the worst thing that you have in life, in 1932 not to be with anyone
I think you understand me because you also do not have the man who would support you.
By the way I almost forgot to ask you, can I call you dear, you do not mind if I'm going to call you so? I hope that you will not mind? Well I will finish my letter on this. I hope that it will not hurt you a lot for the soul because it was a lot said.
And it was a lot of sincerity in the letters. I went home.
Waiting for your letter as soon as possible. Your forever Kristina ...
Letter 9
My honey Norbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the very nice letter.
I am very sorrow without you both. Every day I go to my friend Anna with
One desire to see your letter. I go along street, and I dream about you.
I want to look in your eyes and feel your strong shoulder close
To mine.
Norbert You have changed all my life for me.
I have long lived without a purpose. All days mixed up together, and
It was very monotonous. I lived from one day to another.
It was not enough for me to anyone. Now I know it was you Norbert
I am very grateful to you for this. You grabbed my heart, my opinion, the field
Today I went bowling for the first time, with my best friend Anna,
I really liked it, did you play sometime in the bowling alley?
Also, I shot at a shooting range with a gun, I do not know how to shoot =) you know how to shoot a gun?
You'll be one to teach me to shoot with a gun?
I send you photos in bowling and in the dash. Thanks for your new photos, I loved them, you really like me, and I wish to be near to you. Today I wandered around the different sites for my girlfriend, and found this one verse about love.
So I decided to dedicate it to you. I hope that you will like it. A dream to me today, please -
I so miss you.
But only a dream not out of pity,
And as if by accident ...

I love you like the sky loves the wind,
As tenderly as a wave of sea sand.
Without you I do not have the sun,
Without you all life diagonally.

You Keep me warm in my soul,
You light up my life,
With you I like a happy dream
You - a miracle! I love you! Fine I'll wait for your reply soon.
One thousand and air kisses for you my prince. Your Kristina, thinking of you ...
Letter 10
My dear Norbert I was very glad to receive your letter.
How are you? how was your day today?
Thanks for your new photos, I loved them, you are nice to me.
Also thanks for your phone number, I to you will call today from a public telephone booth, I wish to hear your gentle and tender voice.
Dear Norbert, today I went with my mom to church and put it on your candle.
I go to church with my mother once a week.
For me there is not what is now happier than to read a letter from you my dear.
In them such kindness and honesty, which is very pleased with me. I now fully trust you and your words. Your letters fill my heart and soul of high heat!
You came into my heart as a ray of light in a dark empire. You're an easy band in my life.
I just can not imagine my life now without you. I want to be with you.
I can not keep their feelings to you now. I want to tell you that I love you !!!!!!!!!!
I really love you. I realize now this. I previously could not understand what feelings I have for you.
But now I know that I fell in love with you. I do not when it is not falling in love with a man so quickly, but I'm glad that I fell in love with you. And I'm sure that this love will be eternal to you.
And now if we are so far apart, then I will not be easy to maintain, I would die for love of you. My beautiful Norbert I want to be with you now, I want to be your days and nights of my life. Enjoy the stars under the sky with you, I do wish with all my heart.
And if our desires are the same between us, we are made for each other!
We should be together. now you're my prince, and I'm your princess for one century.
In me now are not forgotten feelings that I can not even express in words.
My sweet I could not even imagine that I could find my other half, at such a distance. I pray that you would not lose my love!
I promise you. Because I promise I always will do everything for you. I did when I will not leave you.
I'll always be with you. I promise you. Indeed in my life finally fit all.
Happy not only me but my mom happy. She sees that I'm finally beginning to smile.
I just changed as I began to correspond with you. My dear I want to Norbert you I am very strongly attracted to you now after all the words spoken by me. I can not be what another one!!
My love I'll finish this its not a great letter, I can no longer write to you that what I was overwhelmed with feelings, and I'm very hard to write to you all. I look forward to your letter. With much love to you your Kristina!!!
Letter 11
Hi my prince Norbert! What is your mood, my angel?
I liked to speak on the phone yesterday with you and was glad to hear your gentle and tender voice.
Thanks for your congratulation, to me were pleasant. Thanks for your music, it were pleasant to me.
My thanks to you all just fine, you're helping me to keep on our toes.
And that would not happen to me, your letters always lift my mood and in such moments, I realize not all that bad, because I have you! And all the sadness go away, my heart is filled with no conceivable warmth of your words. I think that our meeting with you closely. Anyway, I hope so and wait for it to look.
I want to hug you as quickly as possible, lean against your shoulder and gently whisper: love, my angel I'm so glad that we met!
And I'm sure that the moment of our meeting, will be the most unforgettable is not in our lifetimes, I would like this more than anything else.
I pray to God that it went as quickly as possible, because I can no longer restrain his feelings.
Soul and rushes to you on the wings of our love, bypassing long-distance and not met on the road is not any obstacles! I think that we will be with you the happiest people on earth!
I believe in it, and do not think anyone in this world is luckier than me!
I want this!
We are very happy couple, and around, even though thousands of miles, not to find people happier than we are.
I hope to emotional response, impregnated with warmth and great desire.

My mom always trusts me and understands me and watching me from the outside understand that I am really lucky.
She wants to give you an ardent and sincere regards, and all the parent wishes to heart that our relationship continues for many years,
She truly believes in our bright future!
Mama sincerely thank you for what you have done her daughter a happy, and wants to hug you in his strong arms.
Take from me my most sincere wishes, my hot kisses and my most passionate embrace! I long to have two loving hearts are beating together, to continue in the same pace forever!
and these two loving hearts - our hearts! Your sincerely love Kristina!!!
Letter 12
Hello my dear and darling Norbert. I love you. You are the most expensive that now I have. Thank you again for contacting me. Nice, definitely.
Generally, very good that we always understand each other in our letters.
This means a lot to us, sure. Why? This shows that when we're together
We will always be a mutual understanding to each other and sincere feelings. I have a good mood today. On the street today, great weather, the sun is shining and on the street was warmer than it was before .. It is a pity that you are not next to me.
I read all the suggestions in your letter with a trembling heart.
And with every word of it is becoming more and more.
My sweet, we should be together connects our hearts with you, and keep each other's hands.
We should be together but how we do it with you my prince?
I really want to come to you, but where can I get money that would pay for the entire trip to you.
I do not know. I do not see the word money, they're all always interfere in everything.
In this world without money is not something you can not do.
They did not give us meet each other. Ah, if only it were that simple.
I would just like to sit on a plane and fly to you on wings of love.
My dear mom just understands me I'm without those ****** money can not come to you and to be near you.
It is just like I'm upset because of this. And understand me as I now bad.
I even wanted to sell was not that things that are at my house in order that I was able to gather not a lot of money for my trip to you.
But my mom talk me do it. My lord that we need to do that we would merge into one dance of love?
I do not know what you and I do now, my love.
To me, I was uncomfortable to ask you that about what have a good education from her mother.
And I can not ask what kind of people. I just that I can learn is what kind of price - all I will consult.
why we would not be living for me for a long time, was close to you.
We are in for a long time enjoyed to mutual love.
It is so beautiful sounds, but so hard to achieve.
Fine I'll wait for you to respond as soon as possible.
1000 kisses for you my prince.
With all my love for you is your Kristina !!!!!!!
Letter 13
Hello my favorite Norbert!!!!!!
I'm glad to see you again on the letter.
I will now call to you today, wait for my call.
Today I went to a travel agency to learn all about the trip for you.
In our city there are many travel agencies and I had a very long queue before you know all the information.
I told them that I want to visit your country and asked what documentation for this I must gather.
I explained that I must have a passport, certificate from work, medical tests and also should I get a visa by which I can be in your country.
I was told that the best way to start to get a tourist visa valid for three months, it is easier to obtain.
But behind all these documents should I pay money. They thought it happened 390 euros.
I did not know that it is so expensive. But really all over Russia such price to pay.
To obtain these documents should I pay 390 euros. My love I do not have that kind of money, for me it is a very large sum.
So now I ask for help from you. Can you help me with this sum of money?
My angel, I certainly understand that you probably will get mad at me, but I really do not know how I still find the money.
I am very ashamed of you, ask you this money. But my desire to be with you, it is stronger than pride.
I want our relationship continued. My love, in principle, I told you all I wanted, now I'll wait for your answer.
It will be very sad if you refuse to help. I really is very sad and ashamed.
But I believe that we will be together! I know it will happen. Please answer me my letter!
I love you!
I wish you a pleasant day!
Letter 14
Hello my honey Norbert! I am very happy to receive your letter.
Thank you for your sincere and warm letters.
This is very good when you know that the world is the man who trusts me and loves me. I love you very much and I want to be with you forever.
I can not wait for the day when we can meet each other.
I loved yesterday to speak with you over the phone, I liked your gentle and tender voice.
You're not supposed to do for me an invitation, I already signed the contract yesterday in the tourist company, and I need to pay and make the document here in Saratov. Do you understand me? Are you ready to help me with 390 euros for my documents?
I can not wait for the day when we can have a first conversation, our first hug, and our first kiss together.
This day we will remember all my life.
I want this to come soon. I would be happy if all of what we dream and what we want, will soon come true.
I wish to inform you, my dear, I never felt so much love in my life.
I know I can trust you, respect you and that you will always be with me.
you created by God for me that we were together and that I share with you my life. I love you my prince
Your bride in Russia
Letter 15
Good afternoon my love Norbert.
Today I have not received from you the letter.
What happens?
I was reached from you by letters.
I wait from you for the answer.
I love you very strongly.
You are very necessary to me.
Soon our meeting will occur.
And we will spend much time together.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours for ever Kristina.
Letter 16
Good evening my love Norbert.
I am glad to see from you the letter with the great pleasure.
I like to receive from you letters.
I have concluded the contract in travel company and now it is necessary for me to do documents here in Russia.
You understand me?
You are ready to help me about 390 euros for my documents?
Your letters lift to me good mood.
You say, that have fear to send money, but we are already familiar with you much and for a long time we have dialogue, I completely trust you, also you should trust me.
If I like to have from you only money I would not write for a long time already to you.
You agree with me?
If not this money we would meet for a long time already.
I love you very strongly.
And for a long time it is ready to our meeting.
You are necessary to me only one.
I will wait from you for the answer.
Yours for ever Kristina.
Letter 17
Good evening my love Norbert.
I am glad to see from you the letter with the great pleasure.
I like to receive from you letters.
I understand all. That now in the world it is a lot of deceit and many girls whom deceive, also are many guys whom wish to deceive the girl, was cases when girls oao?aee from Russia to men from other country and then got to slavery much, and also were prostitutes them sold.
You understand me too?
I trust you and you should trust me, without trust at us that not to turn out, you agree with me?
We should have trust each other.
I cannot find such money to visit you, also to me who cannot help with this sum of money, all deny assistance, for all this huge money. You understand me?
Last hope if you will help me if is not present then we will meet more.
I love you very strongly.
And for a long time it is ready to our meeting.
You are necessary to me only one.
I will wait from you for the answer.
Yours for ever Kristina.
Letter 18
Good afternoon my love Norbert.
I am glad to see from you letters.
Your letters cheer me up.
Today at me the day off and I have come again to my girlfriend Anna to read from you letters and to write you the letter. I go every day to Anna home can write you letters.
I cannot already live and one day without your news.
Me adheres to you and I should write every day to you letters and receive from you letters.
You agree with me?
Yes, I understand, what you wish to send me the invitation, but I have concluded already the contract to me it is necessary to pay money here in Russia in travel company, you understand me?
I love you very strongly and soon we will a number.
Our meeting at last that will occur, I waited for a long time for this meeting.
I cannot live without you.
I love you very strongly and I think of you every minute much.
Today at us in Saratov is warmer-12 than degrees and it is snowing.
How at you weather?
Today I will go with my girlfriend Anna to shop to look to it a winter jacket.
You that will do?
I love you.
Also I will wait from you for the answer.
Yours for ever Kristina.
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