Scam letter(s) from Janet Mark to Ronny (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi Darling i didn't get a scanner at where i live so i have to go to the near by town to do it that was why i wasn't able to send you a copy.the other one also told me they will send to my email and its took hours before i got the mail.i dam them for not able to send the copy in time i hate it.By the way how was your night and your health as well i miss you so much darling.i will be online this evening so i will know if you are able to arrange for the ticket then Goodness i can not really wait to see you and hold you whiles i give you sweet and slow kisses allover your body.i love you with my clean heart till then catch you later bye for now.
Letter 2
Hi honey,
since yesterday i have been thinking so much,i couldn't close my eyes the whole night till now cause i'm so confuse if i'm going to lose you because the declaration (statement of account) issue .Honey as they told me yesterday that this money is only check at the customs office to make sure i'm being safe from any accident that may occur if don't meet the person (You) that i'm traveling to then i can use that money to have a return flight,food stuffs,transport and hotel bills or will wait till the person sees who she/he is coming to, and the money is given back to the traveler on the spot when they finished don't think when its check they will not give back the money or not refundable no. so please if there is a way you could try and get this money to me today then i can show to them this evening so i don't lose the flight i will be so thankful and i will be very happy in my life to be with you for rest of my life.i have loved you from the begging till now so if i lose you then maybe i have to take off my life from this earth cause i can't stand any are my true love that has made very happy than any one has ever made.i love you deep inside my heart honey so please don't let lose this love and trust cause i know there are more happiness ahead of us when we are married .i know its not easy to get the money .and if you can borrow from a friend then we give back to the person when we cash it tomorrow at any nearest bank in Belgium.i hope you will try your best so i don't lose my flight .thanks
Forever Yours Lawrencia.
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