Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello John !!!I am very glad that you have written to me... I hope that we can communicate to you well...
To begin with I simply would be desirable to write to me about me.
My name is Ekaterina!I am now absolute one, and I search to myself for the man.I hope that we will communicate with you. I will wait!

Letter 2

Hello my friend John !I would be glad to receive your letters every day.
But when you do not have time to write to me, I understand, and I wait.
I should go to Internet cafe to write to you. As to your age, I to you wish to tell at once that you did not worry any more in this occasion. Because I search for the man which is more senior me. You probably are surprised??
It so, for me is most of all more important respect and understanding, love. And these things I can receive only with the man which me is more senior, because he has lived already long life, and it has an experience with women. I would like it John ... Understand?? Therefore you should not be surprised to it... It is very heavy To me to build relations, me constantly offended, offended, I almost never realised, that such respect...As to my work.To me of 30 years... My birthday on November, 21st... Yes, my mum of 49 years!! I work as the children's tutor in a kindergarten. This work very much is pleasant to me, I always wished to bring up children.From my house to Internet cafe very big distance.Therefore I write to you when I go for works, or I come back home.I have now a free time and I to spend all free time I spend with you to write to you.You know, that we so are awfully familiar with each other, but I gradually, already get used to you.It is very pleasant to me to read your letters.!I search for the favourite person on the Internet because thereI can find the person to which I really expensiveAnd necessary, the person who will love me as happiness I am very glad that our dialogue proceeds, because the more we learn about each other, the we become closer!To me it would be very pleasant, if in the following letter have answered some my questions:
1. You live alone?2. You love pets? You have pets? And you prefer what animals?
3. Tell than you like to be engaged at leisure?4. Which you search for the woman? On photo my mum!!!!And on what you are ready to go or risk for the sake of the woman loved?Now I will wait for your letter))) your acquaintance from Russia ekaterina!!!

Letter 3

Hello John ...It was very pleasant to me to learn about you still something new... Many thanks, that you have answered my questions...)
I with pleasure will answer the same questions:1. No, we live together with my mum...2. I very much love pets, washing itself favourite animal-this the dog))) At me is a small poodle)))3. At leisure I very much like to be engaged in reading of books (novels, dramas), to listen music (in basic classical) and also when to me it is sad, I always like to walk on coast (it very much is pleasant to me)
4. In the man I search for most simple-it kindness, understanding, and trust, love, tenderness.. The white prince on a white game is not necessary to me... It is just necessary For me warmly and tenderness of the man....I hope that not too has upset you with the answers?)))I will look forward your letter. Your ekaterina!!!

Letter 4

Hello John .I am very glad that our dialogue proceeds.. I gradually start to learn about you more and more. It very much pleases me. Also it is assured, that it very strongly pulls together us. Now for me it is very important to learn you better... You have very strongly interested me...In this letter I will write you some-thing very interestingly about me. I hope to you it is pleasant:)In this letter I would like to know your most most favourite hobby... The Hobby for the sake of which you can distract from everything and is engaged only one hobbies... I, for example, is cookery. I since the childhood very much liked to prepare. When I, havea free time, I try to spend him on kitchen, I very much like to prepare... tell what your most favourite dish? I hope that I could prepare for you...Please describe also in detail as well as I, about your favourite hobby...?It would be very interesting to me to read it...I hope that you liked my letter!?Now I will wait for your letter. It is very interesting To me to read your answers...
I will wait. Yours Ekaterina!!!

Letter 5

Hello John !Weather is now very bad.But I in Internet cafe.
I have decided to write you pair of words that you did not think, That I forget about you.In this letter I would like to tell a little to you about Russia... I hope that in the following letter, you to me will tell a little about ?In RussiaThe majority of men represents here alcoholics, and it is very difficult to find the person.Youth, here very much not good and their majority, use about drugsAlso there are various crimes.
I to you will tell why I here, in Russia one. I had many relations, and I had to break off all, and there was only one reason-it alcohol... I do not love people who very strongly take a great interest in spirits. I understand only what are capable to supervise itself, and do not behave in the company of good people not as pigs. To me it is now very lonely, and consequently I one and consequently I search to myself for the man abroad. I do not have not enough understanding from men... I am very glad that I communicate with you, and I realise, that that you understand me...
I do not want children whom they grew up in such conditions.I have started to try to search for the person through the Internet.The free time at me is now, and I with pleasure write you this letter.In general, to write you letters and to read your answer very pleasantly and, and especially when you to me write.I want that you today, all time smiled. Your ekaterina!

Letter 6

Hello John .How there has passed your today? .
I'm fine. I communicated today with mother concerning you. It was very glad that I have found you... Recently, as I with you communicate, I constantly smile and at me always good mood.. Even my mum has noticed in me changes to the best. And all it thanks to you John . She says, that is very glad for me, and that I communicate with you. She is not afraid for me. Because I have you John . I too am very glad John , that we build relations, and we correspond every day. I am very glad that you attentively have read my letter about Russia. I to you can tell that I tried to build some times relations with the Russian men, but all is useless, because at me it has not turned out anything. And I had constantly most to break off each time relations, and all because of alcohol.
. I do not love, when for me have no respect. I do not know why so occurred, but was so. And I am lonely now.
And I wish to leave Russia.... I hope

Letter 7

Hello my dear John ...
In this letter I wish to write you something very important. Since that moment as we have started to communicate, I constantly think of you... You have changed my life... I constantly think of you... Sometimes it seems to me that you that type of men with whom I wish to concern, only you understand me. You for all this time have written to me so many pleasant and gentle words, to me for a long time and anybody did not do it... I start to realise, that I long searched for you. I wish to be together with you. Understand John ??? I do not know, that there is to me, but it so. John I want a meeting with you, I very strongly wish to see you, I so would like to be together with you, spends with you our time, to walk together with you, it so is remarkable. I hope, that you will read this letter, and write to me even more pleasant words..I will wait... Your love Ekaterina!!!

Letter 8

Hello my love John ...... I hope, what your day has passed well??? To me was so pleasantly to read your letter. It was so romantically and remarkably... I so would like it, I even represented too as we have together supper, and after a supper you a beret on the hands and bear me in a bedroom...
And there we make love... After that your letter, I wanted to you even more strongly, and I even more want now our meeting... I so wish to spend with you time, I want that we together walked, and that passers-by in the street said to us, that we very happy pair... Here I want it most

Letter 9

Hello my loved John !! I hope that at you everything is all right, at me all is excellent!
In this letter I very much would like to talk, on a theme which concerns both of us.
This theme of ours with you of a meeting.I sometimes so would like you to embrace, kiss, touch your breast.But you are not present near to me, and I so would like it!!!
I think that have found such person who is necessary for me.Which me will understand, think always of me.And this person - you!!!I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you, my love!!!I always asked when our meeting with you will be a reality.
And now I ask you, my love!What you think of our meeting with you?When our meeting becomes a reality?
Mine mum asked me that I transferred you Big and ardent greetings, and also the most strong embraces.Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most sincere And passionate air kisses, and also my the hottest and ardent Embraces from my loving heart.
You would like to feel my passionate kisses, and my passionate embraces from My loving heart?
I dream of feeling your passionate kisses and hot embraces.Sometimes your kisses, both your passionate and strong embraces at night dream me, But when I wake up you was not present near to me.To me it becomes very sad!!!I so want to be with you, my love!!!
You would like it, my charm?And now my time has approached to the end, and it is time to me to leave,But I leave with ideas on you, my love!!!
Yours ekaterina !

Letter 10

Hi my love John !
I so am glad to receive your letter!My loving I so wish on faster to be with you!Loved I went to travel agency yesterday, and you do not represent whom I has met,I at all did not know the old girlfriend that she works in round by the operator!!!It so is good, it simplifies all my darling. She was very glad to see me!We with her have gone to a coffee house to have a drink coffee, and to talk to recollect former times!I her did not see 5 years... I so am glad that we have met her.I to her have told about that that I have found you my Loved and have told to her thatI am going to go to youShe was very glad for me, that I have found the Loved person!I talked to her very long about you! She has promised to help us!
It so remarkably my kitten!She has told that the passport for travel abroad the visa and the ticket to arrive to you will be necessary for me, she has told that she will help to make the visa and the passport quickly through familiar in embassy, it for me so is pleasant, that in the world there are such good friends.The visa becomes my dear about 3 month and she has told that will make within one week if I bring to her all inquiries and photos for the visa and the passport and 484 $ more to pay all documents.Loved I already have made all necessary documents and inquiries today to me still it will be necessary to go to a polyclinic that to me have given the inquiry that I am healthy and I can fly to you.I only have one problem at me now only about 60 $and me does not suffice 424 to give for documents and they would begin to be made out.Loved I wish to ask for you the help, for me it would be very pleasant if myLoved have helped me with these documents to arrive to it.My girlfriend has explained to me that the fastest way to help me,it is the bank company the Western union, she the best and the fast as to me she has told,that as soon as you send money that they at once come as e-mail.Here she nearly has not forgotten to me has told that my full addressand a name and a surname will be necessary for you to send money.Name and Surname: EKATERINA SNEGIREVA!The country: Russia City: Ioshkar Ola !I hope that you will help me my Loved to arrive to you.If you can send today 424 $ that I tomorrow would give them toagency and the visa and the passport would be ready in a week it is thefastest way which to me my girlfriend has offered.I very much miss on you my Loved and I want as it is possible to be more soon with you.I hope for you, I will try to come today in the cafe Internet once again.
For now I will go to Hospital to do inquiries.Your love ekaterina!



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