Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Gene (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi, I Anna. I from a site
As you have already understood, I am very interested in you and in dialogue with you.
I will be very grateful to you if you answer me with full reciprocity.
I hope, you have not forgotten me ;)?
Now I want, that you simply would smile together with me :) and have written me the fast reply!
Expecting your reciprocity Anna!

Letter 2

Again «Hi» Gene! I write already the second letter, it really is pleasant to me, between us dialogue already begins, you are glad to it? ;)
Yes, I understand, that it is interesting to you to learn a little about me. I do not wish to weary you :)
To me 29. You already know, that my name is Anna. Me named so, in honour of my grandmother. It cool! is pleasant to You my name? ;) Yes, I will not begin to hide, your name is unusual to me, but …! You know, to me all new, your name and dialogue with you is pleasant. Oh …! To me it is really pleasant!
Ok, I will continue the story about myself. I was born in fine village Afonino. Which is in 30 km from Nizhni Novgorod. After school I have begun study at university, and have moved to city Nigniy Novgorod. Now I live in apartment which remained to me by right of succession from the grandmother. I have finished faculty of law.
Having collected the thoughts, and the outlooks on life I have understood, that work should be worthy, therefore I very much like my work «the appraiser of the real estate».
I like my work. As it really benefits people.
Yes, I perfectly understand, that you now think, that I the serious and strict woman. But I want, that you would understand, that I very sociable and cheerful person. I very much like to communicate with people. Probably, therefore round me it is constant people with fine mood. I hope, communicating with me, at you as remarkable mood. It is valid so?
If I have interested you (I hope, it is valid so?), I will be, is glad to receive the answer if is not present I ask to answer with the understanding letter. But I very much hope, that I am really interesting to you to you, as well as you to me!
;) I wait for your answer Anna

Letter 3

This morning, I stood at a stop of trolley buses to go on the affairs. And at a stop, I have seen the man with colours, with the big bouquet of scarlet roses. This man obviously waited the woman, he nervously looked at the watch, and expectations were full. Probably this girl was late. I stood and waited for the trolley bus, and my trolley bus all was not. Having seen this man with colours, I have thought of you, and how there will be our meeting. I have presented you waiting for me at the airport, in your hands a bunch of flowers, and you nervously look at the watch. You are full of expectation and anticipations! Both of us worry, but we are full of resoluteness and courage. To us it is not much terrible, but we are ready, ready to the happiness.
I have left in the thoughts, all is deeper and deeper in the dream.
But suddenly I have seen revival of the man with colours. He has seen the woman!!!! In their eyes there was a pleasure, pleasure of a meeting!!! On their pleasure, I have assumed, that they did not see for a long time.
My trolley bus has suddenly approached, and I have sat down in a trolley bus, not leaving the thoughts, and all road, I dreamt. Dreamt of us. Deeply in a shower, me it was not much melancholy, from that that I one. And that I have all, it only the dreams and your letters.
But also it for me pleasure!!! Your letters, give me dream of you. And my dream, gives me hope of the happiness in the future! I hope, you understand me!!!! I am glad, that there is a person who thinks of me!!! You should know, that I too think of you!!! I ask you write to me!!!! It is necessary for me as air!!!!!!!! We are not lonely!!! We together!!! I hope, you understand me!!!! Yours Anna

Letter 4

Hello, my lovely friend Gene!
I understand, that you wait in this letter from me new emotions of pleasure.
But, I before, I wish to tell to you about the past.
I the widow. Yes, it sounds rigidly and strictly. But, I the strong woman! I have gone through all difficulties of a lonely life and loss of the favourite person.
I was married for the close friend of the brother. We have lived the fine period! It were one of the brightest and happy periods in my life!
All has occurred very unexpectedly. My husband has left to serve in other country. Has got to a hot point. After a while I learn, that my husband was lost.
I never will forget this heavy time. There were many tears, experiences …. I have overcome all difficulties and now I am ready to new relations. As I understand, that the life proceeds! I am still absolutely young, and I want a happy life! I wish to love and be favourite!
Ok, we will not be about sad. ;)
Should be, it is now interesting to you, why I have decided to try dialogue on the Internet?
As you have already understood, I on the Internet and each step to dialogue with you for me intriguing and am very pleasant for the first time.
If it is fair, I cannot precisely tell, why I have decided to address in the Internet. But, I am very glad, what exactly you became my interlocutor. I very much hope, that our acquaintance will be not simple. You agree what between us there can be something more than simply friendship and dialogue? ;)
Hey! I hope my letter has not tired you, and your answer will be very fast, the truth Gene. The Russian woman Anna.

Letter 5

Oh! :) hi my foreign friend Gene! Your letters for me became necessity for my life!
I hope, your days as become bright thanks to my letters to you?
I very much would like, that you would learn about my family.
My parents live near to Nizhni Novgorod. Now my parents already on pension, but they are still full of forces and energy ;). They very much love each other! I too very much love the mum and the daddy! By the way, I am very similar to mum.
Yes, I have a brother... Now he lives in other city. But, we often gather all family and perfectly we spend time! And you? How your parents? It would be very interesting to me to learn about your parents.
Hey! The lovely friend Gene, I wish to hear your voice! Write me the phone number?
Missing on your attention Anna.

Letter 6

Hi Gene! Is very glad to devote itself to you again. With each letter I would like to learn about you more and more.
I hope, my desire is mutual?
Oh … Today there was very heavy day. I had a lot of a paper work. But thinking of you, I quickly with all have consulted. You know, with your occurrence my life became brighter, more interesting, even work began to bring to me more pleasures. It :) cool!
Gene...!Today I met the old girlfriends. We did not see for a long time, therefore there were many news and emotions, we have recollected the former times spent together. Wow, it was valid cool! ;) I has told about the changes which have occurred in my life....
All have supported me, as my changes this your occurrence in my life …! My girlfriends with care have concerned my dialogue with you and have wished only good and the blessing ….
You have friends? Which can really carry a heavy and responsible rank of the friend? I have a remarkable girlfriend to whom I can devote even the most intimate secrets of the life. You know, when I spoke about you, my best friend, Olga, have winked at me, and have hinted that in dialogue with you I will be very happy ;) …
Ok, I will finish this emotional letter what to receive your fast reply!
Wishing to you only positive mood Anna.

Letter 7

Hi, my man!!! How you???? Your letters are very interesting to me!!!
I think of you!!!!!
Hearts and minds, as parachutes. Function better when are opened!!!!
I accept your open heart and to be mutual to you!!!!

Letter 8

Hi, my sincere friend Gene! You simply do not represent, as it is pleasant to me to feel your attention! It is really fine! I like to write to you letters. As in each letter, I feel, how I put a part of. And it is pleasant to me to spend the happy particles in the letter for you!
Oh …. But, I should tell about the past as it is a part of my life again. And I want, that you would understand me and have accepted me such what I am …. Very much I hope, that you understand me as I did not speak before to anybody about it. I trust you and I do not want, that between us there would be any barriers.
Therefore I wish to tell about the husband again.
When I have lost the husband. I thought, that my life has stopped.
For me there was no sense for a life as I really very much loved it!
Yes, to me it was very heavy one, but, in human life there is no difficulty which it could not overcome. Therefore I now write you the letter. I communicate with you. And I am very happy, what exactly you have appeared in my life. I will not begin to hide, that I now test pleasant feelings. Thanks to which I can open to you. Therefore I ask, that you correctly would understand me and did not enjoy my trust. As I do not love lie and a deceit! If I speak to you about it, means, you have deserved it ….
Well, I will not speak much about it, simply I want, that you now would feel, that I really want, that our dialogue would not stop, that between all of us it would be good. I am ready to new relations, but …. Now all depends only on you! Therefore I very much hope for your reciprocity!
Ok, I will finish this difficult theme. As now I have you!
I very much hope, that I have not tired you, the words! As it is really my private world! And I want, that all would be based on the truth and reciprocity!
Your answer is necessary for me, therefore I wait for it already now!
With hope of understanding and reciprocity Anna

Letter 9

My important man!!! How you??? I hope, you think of me!!! How is the weather in your country????
In my country, weather becomes autumn!! In the street it is cloudy.
But in my heart the spring sun when I think of you shines!!
And me, this weather is pleasant. I like any weather, the main thing that thoughts on you did not leave my head.
Thoughts on you, all are more strongly installed in my heart. I hope it mutually???? I always aspire to learn about you, for this purpose your letters are necessary for me!!! Tell to me about you!!! I hope, you have light thoughts on me!!! Your letters, do good weather in my heart!!!!! Our dialogue is fine!!!!!

Letter 10

Hello my sincere friend Gene!
Again I rejoice to your fine attention! It really pleasantly pleases me and brightly changes my days!
No, I do not think, I am assured, that you as pleasantly rejoice to my lines to you. It is valid so?
Today on work I had a short day! Yes, there was a lot of work, but as a whole day was easy and pleasant! Actually in my work such days happen very seldom!
Therefore, I did not begin to lose time and have decided to visit the parents.
Yes, I was not for a long time already on a visit at the parents. And you? You often happen to the parents?
I do not know, whether I am ready to speak with the parents about you. I think - early?
Well, I will not speak much as I now really hasten on a visit to the, the daddy and mum. Hey, you would like to go with me on a visit to my parents?
Do not miss me, already tomorrow I will return to you!
Also do not think at all to vanish! ;) Yours Anna

Letter 11

Autumn, autumn - the Nature, simply stuns with the landscapes, still-lifes and an improbable combination of paints, tones and semitones. The reason from all this beauty and its understanding is stirred up. Silent whisper of the nature and grief music is heard.
But there is a force, capable to turn time wheel back and to mix seasons with improbable imagination. In the middle of winter roses can blossom and start singing nightingales, be dismissed a lilac and grasshoppers jump. Recede age and illnesses, new forces come, and the hope inspires and strengthens as never. The love, also is not present anything mysterious in this feeling, but it only at first sight so seems - the real magic, secret, great secret of a universe, a divine gift and a riddle. All seasons, all in the nature and the nature sing in all of displays this fine feeling, Love!!! And the beauty-autumn is an embodiment of feelings, melancholy on a native half. A sad appeal and passionate desire of love. Love - the most difficult and mysterious riddle in this life.
All it will pass. All will pass and again, again will move further and further on an eternity circle. Only the love and is subject to nobody to anything and will live eternally. So it would be desirable to devote these lines of autumn and love which it gives us, and it has turned out absolutely on the contrary - dedication of love and autumn of a life which is glad to arrival or returning of this fine feeling.
Autumn love - it such bright. I hope you understand me????. I wish to transfer all feelings and emotions, in this letter.
Too it is very pleasant to me to receive your letters. I ask you to write to me when you will have time! I wait your letters!

Letter 12

Last night, I have read the book, which author Paulo Coelho. I very much liked this book!!!
In this book, I have read very good words:
The great purpose of any human being - to realise love. Love - not in other, and in ourselves, and ourselves in ourselves find it. And here only to find, and this another is necessary. The Universe finds sense only when to us is with whom to share our feelings.
The love cannot be rejected, for it is food of our life. You will refuse it - you will starve to death, looking at the branches of a tree of a life burdened by fruits and not daring to break these fruits though here they - only a hand stretch. Any knowledge consists first of all in ability to listen to a voice of own soul.
(Paulo Coelho)
These great thoughts, inspire in me, desire to live. To tell the truth, I very much wanted will share the experiences with you!!! I hope you understand me!!! Tell to me, what you think???? I wait for your letters!!! Write to me!!!!

Letter 13

Hello my lovely and most necessary man Gene!
You know, each time starting to write the letter for you, I cannot simply constrain the emotions! As in me it is a lot of thoughts of feelings and to be simple desires with you on communication! Therefore I try to hide a storm of emotions in each word! The darling Gene, I very much hope, that you feel my attraction to you. It is valid so?
All that I want now, it is reciprocity and full confidence. You trust me?
As you have already understood, I have already arrived from the parents! Yes, many emotions from the last meeting are valid now at me!
This just fine!
The today's working day has passed simply perfectly! As I thought of parents and, about you mine Gene much.
But, today I have faced very serious and very touching situation.
The young pair, after some period of joint residing dispersed. It was very unpleasant to me to look at it. As the love which was between them, has collapsed, and the property section was their following step. I have faced it as it is my work. It was very heavy to me to make of the decision. But, the ending of their quarrel was just fine!
The love which was between them, has kindled again fire. And now this young pair new feelings wait.
This remarkable fact has presented me a good lesson. And I have felt, that such love. Love which is really capable to force to make people mad acts. After all, love, it not only happiness and pleasure, but a grief and a pain. But I have understood the most important thing, that the love learns to live and learns to forgive.
Having realised all it for one day and having taken a detached view of myself, I have understood, that I wish to love and I can love ….
But ….
No, I do not wish to show in this letter bad mood …. I simply want, that you now would understand, that dialogue with you gives me hope of love … on mutual love!
Yours Anna

P.s Very much I hope, that my lines will direct you on a correct way of your thoughts …

Letter 14

Hi, my necessary man Gene! How your mood? I am assured, that with you everything is all right, and your mood too the excellent. As at me now simply excellent mood! Yes, you correctly think. Yes! You influence my good mood! And now I want, what you would smile right now together with me … ;) Ok?
You know, you Anna has very much become bored of you and on your attention!? ;)
Hey! You know, even my mum has noticed changes in me! How? You do not know, what to me there have arrived my parents?
Yes, today to me there have arrived my favourite daddy and mum! Oh …!
This very pleasant event for me!
I would want that you have felt my relation to my parents. When I with them, I feel still the little girl. But, my parents already perfectly understand, that I already adult girl.
I did not wish to speak about you to mum. But, my mum has read it in mine Eyes. In the childhood mum saw all changes in my life, simply having looked me in eyes.
I even spoke nothing, mum has simply understood, that I have a man …
When we have been occupied by household cares, mum has unexpectedly asked: «the Daughter, you is enamoured?»
You do not represent, as I have been amazed by a mum's insight. I have become puzzled …
I did not know what to answer …. As I could not be defined in the feelings …
Mum, the real friend as thanking its understanding I have understood, that you and only you fill my eyes and heart with the feelings, which people name love …
Now you know about all my feelings, tell, that I spoke all …: «it is mutual?»
My daddy, not in a course of our female secrets … ;)
My mum knows all …

P.s Your man's attention is necessary for me more and more! Be a number …

Letter 15

«… the Daughter, you the mistress of the destiny, you choose the destiny. I want, that you would be happy» … (these are words of my mum)

Hello my man Gene.
I am am overflowed with pleasant, sincere emotions! I feel happy!
You know, today the bright, fine dream full sweet emotions has dreamt me!
Yes! In this dream we were together. You have come to me in a dream.
My, my man Gene!
I could not understand, sense of this dream. But … in the morning, already on work, I have understood … it is LOVE!
I wanted and it would be desirable to visit this dream till now! As I felt you, felt full reciprocity, care, understanding …
I do not like to trust in such signs …. But I think, that it is a prophetic dream. No, I am not afraid of it as in a dream there was you, and I am quiet. As it is valid, I think of you constantly!
Gene you know, never I accepted before those feelings which you bring to me constantly! This just fine!
Yes! You that person near to whom I will be happy! You feel it?
Communicating with you, I feel to you trust, respect and understanding! I very much did not have it is man's understanding and attention!
You please me every day more and more and more brightly …. I cannot tell precisely, that it, but it is exact not a dream.
This fine dream, has presented to me good mood for all day! I want, that would wash a dream, has stopped in a reality! You can make it? ;)
I can many and long speak about pleasant feelings of sweet love …
But, it would be remarkable, if you have now presented to me the reciprocity and have proved it in pleasant acts …
Your enamoured in you Anna.

Letter 16

Hi, my darling! I write you the letter because it is always pleasant to me to write to you!!!! I hope to you It is pleasant!!! You should know, that your letters are necessary for me!!!! Only your letters, rescue me from loneliness. Only your letters, give me pleasure, and inspire me on good dreams! Only with you, I feel young and capable to look forward, in the happy future. Only to you, I can open the soul!!!! I hope you understand it! I wait for your letters, every second, thinking about you! Only your letters, give me feeling of adventures, and from your thoughts, I feel freshness in each breath. I wish to feel this pleasure, more and more!!! I like it!!! I hope that in our future, we will please each other, looking in eyes each other!
And in the heart of your eyes, I hope to see my reflexion!!!!

Letter 17

Hi mine Gene! Today simply finest day! Remarkable weather, excellent mood ….
I …. Yes, I have dared … today, I wish to tell very important feeling to you …. No, I wish to admit to you....
Usually about it the first speak men. Therefore it is difficult to me to take the first step a little what to open in feelings …. I very much hope, that you, my man Gene, will understand me!
Today I much, more truly constantly think only of you. Having recollected all events from the very first our letter. I have analysed all changes in.
I have understood ….
I am not simply enamoured in you. Your fine man's attention has brightly worked on me.
And …. I have dared …!
I am ready to tell confidently to you …! I LOVE YOU Gene!
I am a little lost, as I admit for the first time love of the first.
But …. Now I feel ease, pleasant feeling of freedom …. I hope, my feelings are mutual …?
You feel, Gene, I LOVE YOU?
It is very important to me to receive from you your fast letter. As the further development of relations depends only on your understanding answer …
You accept my fragile heart, my love in your hands?
Ok, only do not drop and do not lose … ;)
Yes, this letter very difficult, … but is very pleasant! At heart, I madly hope and I wait for your mutual feeling and I feel it ….
With the hugest impatience I wait for your positive letter!
Only yours Anna …

P.s I love you!

Letter 18

Hey! The darling Gene, Hi …!
Today there has arrived my best girlfriend! She was on honey travel!
She has told to me about the to a trip …! Oh …! I am am overflowed with positive emotions! I am very glad for the girlfriend! In her eyes I saw and I see happiness and pleasure …!
If it is fair, I too would wish to test similar happiness..... With you!
You know, I did not wish to speak to you. But as my feelings of love to you do not give me rest.
Therefore I wish to be with you as it is possible quickly! I do not wish to wait more! I wish to belong to you and to take happiness in hand! To take you!
I thought of how we will be happy together much.
I did not begin to wait long …. I have learnt necessary formalities which are necessary for arrival to you … from the girlfriend My best girlfriend has advised to address in travel agency. This travel agency has helped my girlfriend to carry out travel on a honeymoon ….
I have addressed in this travel agency. I have counted up the financial possibilities. Also did not begin to postpone. Yes, I have concluded the contract with travel agency. And, have already begun official registration of papers for arrival to you my beloved Gene.
The darling, you is glad to it? You are ready to accept me? You is ready pleasures, to happiness and love?
I wished to give you a pleasant gift, and wished to arrive to you.
But I cannot constrain the emotions and feelings, I have decided to tell to you about this fine event. Oh …! It really love! I was once again convinced, that the love pushes on mad acts. You not against? ;)
You support my act?
You have not forgotten …? I love you! I am madly happy! I want, that you would feel and remembered it always!
I love you yours Anna!

Letter 19

For you my darling !
Love as a wind... You it do not see, but feel...
Sometimes of love die, and happens, that the love itself does not see sense to live further...
Where to me to take such song about love and about destiny that nobody has guessed, that this song about you...
Only yours Anna

Letter 20

Hi, my gentle angel Gene! You simply do not represent …! At me today very good mood! It is difficult to me to constrain emotions!
The love to you overflows me! I have feelings as if at me wings have grown! Hey! They really grow ;)
I wish to please you! Today I was in travel agency «tours of planet».
You know, this really good and reliable agency. As service in agency deserves due respect. I trust this agency.
In agency at once have begun registration of my documents. I have collected all necessary documents, for arrival to you, washing the necessary man Gene!
When I left travel agency, I have understood, that I really will near to you! It is fine! I feel already near to you! Love wings grow! And soon they will bring me to you! You are ready to meet me???
You know, to me have told, that official registration of papers will be not long, therefore to me have told, that it is necessary for me as it is possible to go soon to Moscow, in embassy of your country.
Therefore your full data are necessary for me, that in embassy would understand, that I will arrive really to you. It will help us will meet. I very much, that you will support me …. I love you!
Gene. You know, I was not on a vacation three years.
Therefore I did not begin to wait long. I have come for work, and the beginnings prepares for a vacation. Under the law it is authorised to me to go on leave at own expense for three months. I think, to begin with to us will be enough it time.
Therefore now at me just fine mood. As I already feel near to you!
Despite all pleasant moments and a positive course of events for arrival to you, I want, that you would remember, that I love you! And I very much hope, that it is mutual …
With love your, loving only you Anna …

Letter 21

Hello my favourite, and the most necessary Gene.
You know, today at me were a few free time. As the travel agency is near an ice palace. I have not restrained. Yes, you correctly have understood me, today I in a life stood for the first time on the skates.
WOW!! It was cool! My instructor (it my girlfriend), has persuaded me to go on a skating rink. The most interesting that my girlfriend many times has fallen, and I only two times. We had a huge entertainment.
Now I am ready to be with you even on ice! And you? You are able to go by the skates? ;)
My angel, today pleasant day. Many events please me. I am glad …
Today I will go to Moscow what to visit embassy, to pass interview, and to prepare necessary documents for arrival for you my love man Gene.
Oh …. The darling Gene, you know, now I worry a little. As I am not assured that will be with us a little. As you will concern me, as you will be concerns me.
Whether you will meet me at the airport. Many vague doubts …
But I have dared! Yes, for me it not simply to gather and go abroad …. Understand me correctly, after all I at all did not see you in a reality. Therefore I am not assured a little...
But, strong, I love you! And our love helps me to do steps on a meeting to you. Therefore I ask you, go to me on a meeting, do not leave me!
I love you! I hope, you understand me, my beloved …
With tenderness yours Anna.

Today I had a dream, this dream has been filled only by your tenderness …! This dream does not give me rest, I wish to be more likely with you, that this magic dream would be embodied in a reality!

Letter 22

Hello my loved! When the man makes brave acts, it usually consider romantic. I am ready to suck your cock When they are made by the woman, it is considered usually desperate or mad.

Letter 23

Hello, my darling Gene! I have very much become bored of you!
Yes has passed a few time, but I all the same miss on you. It is pleasant …!
Gene, I already in Moscow … you know, the road was tiresome. I travelled by the bus, and we were welcomed by road jams of Moscow. We were of more than three hours in a jam of machines.
I was very much surprised with this city. Mad city movement, simply dements … …
But all the same, at me good mood, I feel you as we become is more close to each other for one day even more.
Today I was in embassy of your country. Today there will be an interview, therefore you should be ready to that will call to you from embassy for your confirmation on my arrival to you. Probably, it will not be, but all the same, I very much hope, that you will be ready to accept a call.
At me still is affairs much for today, still it is necessary for me to find a lodging for the night in this hugest city. But you do not think at all to forget about me ;)!
After all I love you! I hope, you worry about me?
You in my heart, me so are easier! Your girl Anna.

Letter 24

Hi, my sweet man! Gene
At you good mood? You missed on me? You know, I the truth am very tired from vanity of all happening affairs, but …. But, I for a second do not forget that you are, that you my man. I love you! And my love to you does not cease to help to solve to me any difficulties. Me it is valid very pleasantly thinking about you, to feel the loving girl!
It is very pleasant for me!
You know, today at me many positive emotions.
But before I should tell, that I have met some difficulties. I did not know, that interview will demand payment. But cost has appeared small, therefore I have paid at once the necessary sum and already today have passed successfully interview.
On interview set different questions. For example, me asked about my relatives, whether was, who be in prison or in psychiatric clinic. If it is fair, I was not ready to similar questions. But I have consulted and there is already begun registration of my documents.
To me have told, that the visa and other documents will be already made out in the nearest terms.
My angel Gene, now it is necessary for me to go again to the native city. I will write you the hot kiss in sweet the letter to you at once as I will arrive to the native city.

My love Gene, I understand, that my letter not so brightly expresses my love …. Simply I want, that you would understand, that at me now affairs much and cares, for arrival to you. But I want, that you would feel, that I all belong to you, that I LOVE ONLY YOU!
You remember, I spoke to you about the bright dream? Yes, you correctly have understood me, I again had this fine dream in which we were only together! The fine moments sweet touches, hot kisses, gentle caresses were so real, that I had to wake up …. Having woken up, I have understood, that you are not present nearby, yes, I was upset a little, but I as was very glad, as now I for one day became closer to you …
What was in my dream? Well, it will be correct, if you dream about it, and we will tell to me in the following letter.
I love you! Yours Anna

Letter 25

Hello my angel Gene! I have already arrived to the fine city! At me just fine mood! As I am rather happy! After all I have you! I love you ! Now I very much wished to wink at you an eye, and playfully to present to you the kiss. (Smile)
And how your mood? You waited for my letter? Why I do not feel your smile? (Smile)
You know Gene, I should tell, that this letter will be short.
As right after how I have arrived to the city, I first of all have visited travel agency. I have told about results of interview, and process of registration of all necessary documents.
Gene, you know, me have very pleasantly surprised. We will tell so, to me have given not the big gift. To me have told, that for me there is a possibility of acceleration of registration of visa process, but for this purpose it is necessary, that you would contact travel agency and left the personal data. Therefore you should right now will address on a travel agency site «Tours Of Planet», or to write the letter to this agency. Here the address of this travel agency:
My lovely angel Gene, you should make it as it is possible soon. It is necessary for this purpose what to confirm that I will arrive to your country to you. And for this purpose, what to accelerate process of registration of the visa. I very much hope, that you will do it as it is possible soon. As our meeting really depends only on you. Therefore I want, what you as are possible soon addressed in this travel agency.
But! Mine Gene, you should not forget, that I really love you! Also what even in a dream I think only of our meeting with you! And it is very necessary for me to be with you! Only with you!
Well, my honey, I will finish this fast letter! What to receive your prompt reply.
Now, I want, that you again would present to me the smile!
I love you Gene! Yours Anna …

Letter 26

My darling, what such happiness?
The happiness is at everything, it in everyone, it inside, All that is necessary is to be able to see and feel it, to be able to accept it and to be able to give. It around, it in us!
He cannot be sold, it is impossible to buy, it is impossible to win in a lottery, it can be grown up only in itself … to Grow up from the pleasant word, told to you; a casual smile of the passer-by; from a call of the old friend from singing of birds …
Happiness always a miscellaneous different for each, different in perception and as a matter of fact, but all equally wish it to find.
For example, the female happiness lays on the next pillow. Waking up in the morning, kisses, whispers on an ear gentle words, cares of you.
Brings the camomiles collected on road home. Holds for a hand. In what to you does not refuse, indulges and grants any desires. He simply loves you Happiness - to give itself to it, to speak with it, easier to see nearby, to iron on hair, and then to fall asleep on his shoulder The happiness - simply to look against each other and to be silent.
To think of one for two desire, not to hide and not to hide the feelings
Happiness - to Love children, to kiss their chubby handles, to indulge them... To give them sweets and toys

Letter 27

Mister Gene Easley. You are welcomed by agency "Tours Of Planet"
For us huge honour to receive your letter. And as to answer all questions interesting you
Yes, we have been warned in advance by madam ANNA, that you will give us the information interesting us.
Your information remains confidential. And I, as the representative of agency, guarantee, that the given information will be used only for the designated purpose and will be protected from "third parties".
The given information from you is necessary what to accelerate process of registration of necessary documents for this purpose. Including visa registration.
1. It is necessary for you to give the following information in the nearest terms:
1.1Aao the full address (your country of residing, your city of residing, post or zip code, a home address)
1.2 your phone number (the international format). Your phone number will be used only in the event that will arise, any discrepancies in official registration of papers. And as in the event that our agency will require specification of your information.
1.3. Yours a name and a surname. (Attention! Pay attention to correctness of a writing. Correctness of official registration of papers depends on it)

3. Our agency requires confirmation of that that you agree on realisation of a trip of madam ANNA to you. (In the reciprocal letter you should confirm the consent)

As you should understand, that our travel agency cares of our clients. Therefore we offer you and your madam the following offer.
As you understand, our travel agency cares of stay of your madam in your country. Therefore instead of that your madam would spend money and time for this purpose what to reserve apartment in hotel, on it will be much easier if your madam lives in your house. You should give the written answer to our offer. If you support and give habitation to your madam in your house official registration of papers will be accelerated.


Yours faithfully travel agency "Tours Of Planet".

The licence of the ministry of tourist activity ? 77-AF-23223. The given out 15.11.2004 year.
You can receive the necessary information to the address:
For the additional information as you can address to the representative of agency in online under number ICQ: 3323565.

Letter 28

Hello my darling Gene! How your mood? At you good mood? You miss on me?
You know, the darling, every day I understand, that to me all is more difficult and more difficult to wait. At me such feeling as if time does not move. As I madly wish to be with you! And I greedy would like to devote all time only to you! Therefore I cannot wait! And I want only one, I wish to be only with you! I wish to belong only to you! You wait for me?
Oh … the darling, today at me responsible day! It is necessary for me to take away documents from work. As today the first day of action of my holiday. That is today it is necessary for me to finish small paper formalities. It is necessary for this purpose, that my arrival to you would be without additional barriers. Yes, my darling, Gene, you correctly has understood me, right after it, I can be free. But everything, I should make small tradition. Which was got on our work. All workers who go on leave. Cover a small table. For those who it is necessary to work. It is not obligatory, but everything, it is tradition. As all my colleagues are glad for me. We with them in good relations. They try to support me morally. All my colleagues are glad for us with you. Are glad, that we have found each other, that at us with you all is good. For forthcoming action, has bought the big pie, and I will celebrate this day with colleagues! As I should say goodbye to them before I will go to you, my darling! I so am glad, that soon we will together, and I would like to share this pleasure with all! Because I feel the happiest woman on this planet. And all thanks to you, my darling!
I love you and I will not get tired it to repeat. Very soon you will feel all my love as I will be near to you! You feel my love to you?
It is a pity, but it is time to me to finish this letter. As I should have time to receive papers about holiday still. But my love I will hope, that you will write to me very soon!
I give you a hot kiss with all my heart. My honey, do not think at all to leave me without the attention, and a sweet kiss for me!
With love, only yours Anna!

Letter 29

Hello dear sir Gene Lawrence Easley!
We sincerely thank you for cooperation. Thanks to you and your data, now process of acceleration of official registration of papers will be on much faster.
The mister Gene Lawrence Easley, now you need to wait only for fast end of official registration of papers for the madam Anna! It will occupy all some days.
We are assured, that your meeting will happen very soon.
As we once again wish to inform you, that the information which you have informed us, will be strictly hidden from "third parties", therefore you should not worries about it.

Yours faithfully travel agency "Tours Of Planet".

The licence of the ministry of tourist activity ? 77-AF-23223. The given out 15.11.2004 year.
You can receive the necessary information to the address:
For the additional information as you can address to the representative of agency in online under number ICQ: 3323565.

Letter 30

My solar, solar man Gene, «Hi»!
I have very much become bored of you, for this short time while I did not write you the letter! You know, Gene, actually it is very difficult to transfer all emotions in the letters. It is valid so! But I am assured, that you feel inflow of pleasant and positive energy which I send you in the gentle kiss.
My honey Gene, you know, at me today for you two news. Well, I think, that will correctly begin with bad news. My darling, Gene, today at me was very sated day. As yesterday we had a farewell supper on work. Today we have decided to gather with the girlfriends and easier to spend time together. But it was only in plans of today. Since the earliest morning I had to visit travel agency urgently. As our meeting should take place already very soon, therefore it was urgently necessary for me to solve small questions in travel agency.
My angel, Gene, for this time which I was out of the house, there was the hugest problem. And nobody is guilty in it.
Ohh …. The darling, in my apartment has occurred a flood. Yes, the real flood the problem that one of water pipes has simply given in to destruction and had a hole. Water followed and has flooded the bottom apartment which was under me. It is simply awful …. I do not have words what to transfer all emotions.
Today at me will be has put much what to have time to resolve this question. As I am really very upset by the occurred case.
Yes, there are also positive news. Yes, even very good news.
When I have finished work in agency, to me my documents have told, that, for arrival to you are already ready. Therefore I will receive already soon these documents, and I will arrive to you! And, I very much hope, that at me it will turn out to solve a question with a flood in my apartment.
Well, my gentle angel Gene, I will finish this disturbing and pleasant letter. As it is necessary for me to finish many affairs. I very much hope, that you really understand me.
With passionate love, your sweet Anna.

Letter 31

Hello my man Gene! How you? At you all is good?
Ohh …. Gene, you simply do not represent …. Today very difficult day for me, since the morning. It is simply impossible to transfer it in words.
As you remember, I had yesterday the hugest problem which very much disturbs me till now. Yes, I will not begin to hide. I cried today. As it really is very serious.
My angel, Gene, today since the earliest morning, me was necessary to undertake the decision of this problem again. My neighbours are very rich people. In their apartment very expensive repair has been made. Because of a flood, the part of their fine apartment has been destroyed.
Yes, it is very bad. Therefore, what to avoid the further trial, I had most to put the finance what to solve this problem. As it is a correct and fast variant.
My darling, to me now really it is very heavy. I already said to you, that I saved money, for arrival to you. Yes, it is valid so.
Yes, I have resolved problems with neighbours and with a flood as a whole. But, I have spent all money which I protected for a trip to you.
Therefore, today, when I have come to travel agency. I have really begun to cry. As there to me have told, that all my documents are already ready, and I can receive documents. Including the visa. Yes, it is certainly fine news. But, to me will not give out these documents until I will not pay.
But, as you already know. My darling, Gene, I have spent all money for the problem decision. Therefore I now not in a condition to solve difficult, no, very much very difficult problem with the finance. My darling Gene, I do not know what to do...!
After all I really love you! And I really wish to be with you! You understand, the darling Gene? I love you, and I am ready on everything what to be with you. But, I cannot anything, make! L as the help is necessary for our love. I do not know to whom to address, and where to search the help. What to me to do, my honey? How to me to rescue our meeting? Our love?
To me it is very bad, the darling … after all I love you, each section of the heart, each atom the smother …
The darling …. I wish to be with you … do not leave me!

Letter 32

Always there will be people who will cause you a pain. It is necessary to continue to trust people, easier hardly to be more cautious.

Letter 33

My angel Gene, «Hi»! I love you!
My dear, I am madly glad to your letters to me, it is really pleasant for me! As only you now give me hope of tomorrow. Only thinking of you, I see our meeting. Therefore, I want, that you now really would feel me, my love.
You know, Gene, I again was today in travel agency. To me again have confirmed, that my documents for arrival to you are already ready. It is good, it really is very good. As the travel agency really helps us to meet! It as is pleasant for me!
But, Gene when I think that between us there was a financial barrier, at me the mood at once falls. As this barrier is really insuperable to me one.
Therefore, today I have told the problem in travel agency. I have told about how I love you! That only you now in my thoughts!
As I have told about a problem with financial difficulties.
You know, Gene, I was surprised to calmness of employees of travel agency.
At first I have thought, that it is a little wrong. But, when employees of travel agency have offered a variant of the decision of a problem, I have agreed.
My honey Gene, me have told, that you can carry out travel agency fee. For this purpose, you simply should address in travel agency, and solve this question with them.
My angel, Gene, would be just fine if you have helped me to solve this problem. As I now actually do not have any possibility to solve one financial problem. Understand me, my darling! Now only you one in a condition to solve this difficult question. And only you are now capable to rescue our meeting, our sweet love.
Therefore I ask, that you would address in travel agency and helped me to solve this difficult question. My darling, you should understand all problems which have appeared very unexpectedly, and you should contact simply agency what to solve a financial problem. Yes, as it will be fine, if you make remittance directly to me. Therefore you should send money or is direct to me, or to address in travel agency and to solve a problem!
My angel, I ask you, understand, that our love requires your help!
And only you are now capable to solve it.
I very much hope, that you will not leave me one. I love you, my unique man Gene!
I will finish this letter what to receive your fast positive answer.
Your loving, only you Anna!

Letter 34

Hi my most favourite, my most expensive, my best man on light, my unique elect Gene. It was the hugest happiness to read your remarkable, full of words inspiring pleasure in my heart the letter!
Yes my soul rejoices every day, each hour every second, after all our love is capable to pass all barriers, our love this strong feeling on light is capable to overcome all difficulties, after all!!! I think our love it is possible to give for inspection by scientist that they could invent the strongest, fireproof material! We do the world better by means of sew love, after all in the future we will be together and we can create together a miracle, our child!!! I most of all dream to have the child from you!!! My favourite our love it.... You Remember advertising where it was spoken! Is a drink half-glass. Pessimists consider that the glass half is empty, optimists consider that the glass half is full! We love each other, but we not together so give we will find the middle and we will fill this glass of our love!!!
My honey I love you, I love, I love. I love. I love, (I love + I love) x I love!!!
My honey I will wait for your letter with the hugest impatience!!!
All love only for you, only for you my unique elect of soul and a body, yours Anna

Letter 35

My dear, I still have not received from you the letter. I want that you have as soon as possible written to me.
I as want that you remembered, that I all time wish to receive from you letters

Letter 36

The Mr. Gene Easley, your future wife should pay to us for the services rendered to her. It is the passport, the visa, medical inquiries and many other things. You can send her 1237 dollars.
If you have what that doubts that you can send money directly in agency. You can send???

Yours faithfully travel agency "Tours Of Planet".

The licence of the ministry of tourist activity ? 77-AF-23223. The given out 15.11.2004 year.
You can receive the necessary information to the address:
For the additional information as you can address to the representative of agency in online under number ICQ: 3323565.

Letter 37

My gentle man Gene, to me really it is very pleasant, that you are ready to help to collect to me our meeting, our love! This just fine!
Now I feel, that you that man who should be only near to me! And I very much hope, that you are ready to help me! My honey, for this purpose what to pay cost of services of agency, me it is necessary only 1237 dollars. Therefore I hope, that it will not be for you a problem as all documents are already ready, and, now it is necessary to pay it only. My darling, I will be very grateful to you if you do it as it is possible soon. As I actually want, as it is possible to be soon with you!
My dear Gene, I today I learnt about possibilities and payment variants.
For this purpose, that you could carry out payment, you can translate money to directly me personally, or you can send day to travel agency.
But for this purpose, what to pay services through travel agency, it is necessary for you to connect with travel agency simply.
Therefore you should decide to whom to transfer you money. If you translate money in travel agency you should contact travel agency simply.
If you decide to send money to me you simply should will address in the company «Western Union» or in company "MoneyGram". As these companies the most reliable also are most effective.
As I already visited these companies, therefore I wish to inform you that you should know details of my data.

My full name: ANNA
My full surname: VOKHMYAKOVA
My address: Russia, city of Nizhni Novgorod, Mira st. 17, 23

My angel, I very much hope, that you will really constrain the word, and will carry out the help for me as it is possible soon!
I love you! You hear, you are necessary to me!

Letter 38

The Mr. Gene Lawrence Easley, we are very glad, that you are ready to send money to madam Anna.
When you can send her money??? Very soon she will arrive to you.

Yours faithfully travel agency "Tours Of Planet".

The licence of the ministry of tourist activity ? 77-AF-23223. The given out 15.11.2004 year.
You can receive the necessary information to the address:
For the additional information as you can address to the representative of agency in online under number ICQ: 3323565.

Letter 39

In this world it is impossible to remain absolutely alone. Here always something connects the person with others.
If you want, that the life smiled to you, present to it at first the good mood. It is more useful to people of all to do that promotes friendship strengthening. If there are no disputes, insults and passions - means, there is no also the return. Pleasures, pleasure, love. After all just because there is a despair, disappointment and grief, on light the Pleasure is born. Where go - you anywhere will not meet delight without despair. Here it also is the Present … And still there is a Love. There are words which remain in a shower for all life. I hope you me understand!!! Write to me, what you think??? It is very interesting to me, with what our relations, will be in the future????

Letter 40

Hello my Expensive man, I am very glad again, to write to you.
The weekend, is days off and me to become very boringly. I do not have not enough your attention.
In our country weather very bad.
I hope that you can cheer me up having written to me.
I very much do not have your letters. I with impatience will wait from you for the letter.
Only yours Anna

Letter 41

Hi my darling. I still did not receive from you the letter.
I very much miss under your letters. Therefore I wish to ask you that you have written to me as soon as possible. I miss under your letters.
My honey, I hope that you understand me and will write me the good letter.
I wait from you for a fast reply.

Letter 42

Hi my darling. How your affairs? How there has passed your week-end? How you spent the days off?
My dear, I want that you have written to me as soon as possible. I want that you all time to receive from you the letter. I madly miss on them... I miss on you. I wish to know all time that occurs to you. I hope that you understand me.
I wait from you for a fast reply.
Yours Anna

Letter 43

Write to me!!!! I wait for your letters!!!
I think of you much!!! It would be pleasant to me to receive from you the letter!!!!!!!
I wish you pleasant time!!!! I hope at you all well!!!!

Letter 44

The love is a drug
Today having woken up in the morning, I have understood, that "drug" took upwards, and that it is more without a small portion in day, at an o'clock, per minute, I simply will not live. This that feeling when in elements of pleasure and if not you constantly are required to be, I never would test this not clear to me a condition. In the beginning of ours with you of relations I very much would like to glance to you inside, to learn what you?
The love is a drug But the more deeply I learnt you, the more strongly to me was wished to shout, shout for fear, to shout with happiness, to shout and call to the aid from a magnificent condition in which plunging, I could not see myself, hear myself, but only unconsciously to understand that to me very well, and that I test that it is impossible to describe words is it is possible to feel only. All it, I named love.
After all the love is a drug. First I had euphoria, ease, feeling of full dissolution. Next day I wanted still. For that moment I have not had time to be involved yet, but the sensation was pleasant to me, I have been assured, that at any moment a smog to do without these fine feelings.
I thought of you two minutes and forgot at three o'clock. But gradually began to get used to you and has got to full dependence on you. And then I thought of you three hours and forgot on two minutes.
If you were not a number I tested the same, that the addict, the deprived next portion of a potion.
And such minutes as the addict who for the sake of a dose is capable to go of a robbery, on murder and on any humiliations, I am ready on all for the sake of love. I did not stop and I will stop before what and who cannot overpersuade me to go back.
If the person though time has enjoyed a love elixir not to get rid any more of it, it remains in blood. And that I do all, I will do, all reminds me of the first drop of love which has got to my blood together with you. Pursues me everywhere, follows me, until then while I do not feel completely devastated and helpless. And only then I turn around back and I understand how many tortures mixed with pleasure I could go through.

Letter 45

Hi my dear. How your affairs???
Today at us fine weather. The sun shines. But nevertheless in the street minus temperature. My darling, what weather in your country???
My honey, I want that you you have written to me as soon as possible.
I with huge impatience wait from you for a fast reply. I have become bored of your letters. I hope that you understand me.

Letter 46

Hi my dear. How your affairs???
You could not tell more about yourself? I would like to learn about you more...
I would like to receive your photos. You could not send them? Please.
With impatience I look forward to hearing. Please, write to me

Letter 47

WoW - That that occurs to me ….
I notice, that I think of you much! Today I went along the street and had pleasant thoughts on you.
I have so deeply plunged into dream of you, of how our time if we were together would be pleasant. I have so deeply plunged into the dream that did not notice anything around.
As you already know, in Russia now there is a cold weather and roads and sidewalks, are partially covered by ice.
Today, when I went along the street, I have so plunged into the thoughts on you that did not notice anything around. Suddenly, absolutely casually, I have slipped on slippery road, and have fallen to the Bum))))
… …. It was so funny, and I am sick … … smiled …. I did not stop to think of you. I thought of that, as though you laughed over me)))) To tell the truth, I would not take offence at you because to me it was very ridiculous. I think, what you would like to see it???? It was valid funny))))
…. After that, I thought that if you were nearby it has not occurred.
I have presented, as you have caught me in your strong hands. Ohh ….!!! It to me would be very pleasant.
To tell the truth, I would like to feel your man's support. It would be fine!!!!
Unfortunately, at present I am far from you. But you should know, that I think of you!!!!
Write to me, I always wait your letters!!!!!

Letter 48

Love - one of the most important feelings of the person. It is mysterious and incomprehensible, in it it is so much contradictions and implied senses, that all attempts to solve «the love formula» to deduce its laws or to give out a chemical compound look somehow ridiculously and it is a pity …
Still yesterday you lived easy, considered expenses, talk shows looked and planned to wash all curtains in apartment. And today - have casually got acquainted with It and … What - such curtains? Ah, these … Yes well them! Here if words it was possible to transfer, this inexplicable feeling …
I would like to hope, that once we will be together!!!!

Letter 49

When the love comes, the soul is filled with unearthly pleasure. And you know, why? You know, paternal this sensation of huge happiness?
Only because, that we imagine, as if the end to loneliness has come. I feel your presence if you write to me. I ask you, write me the letter if you have a free time. I very much wait from you for the letter.



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