Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Vorobjeva to Jeffrey (USA)

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Letter 1

There is the saying that if you want something to be done well, do it yourself. So, I am following this wisdom saying and would like to introduce. So I am following it. My name is Natalya, I am from Ukraine, Lugansk city, Do you hear about this city? I like my city because I was born here, but it will be not hard to relocate to other country if I will find my man, because I think that I must go to my man where he will be . In our time we have the net, phone, so I will communicate with my parents and it will be not hard for me, because I want to build my life ,as I want. I was born on the 15 of July, I am 33 years old.

Letter 2

Hello my sunny jeff!!!!!i am very happy again to get the letter from you.
oh my sunny i dont know how much it will costs but i think that i need only the passport to go to you and it is all. And i can buy the thickets and go to you, so i think it is not hard to go to you.
So please dont worry about it.
but my dear can you say me when will you send me the money to go to you??? I must know it because i must know when i can go to the passport, oK? ok i will be waiting on your letter.

Letter 3

Hello my sunny jeff!!!!!I am so happy to get the letter from you, you make em so happy, i am very happy that i got 3 letters from you, it is very pleasant for me.
My dear i miss you very much and i want to be with you, you is my man on all my life.
Oh my dear it is very pleasant from your side that you want to help me to go to you, it is very good from your side and i dotn know how i can thanks you for it, really.
My full name is
Vorobjeva Natalia
MY full address is
Lugansk region,
Vatutina Street 68
Here it is my full name and address and i will be very happy if very soon i will meet you.
i am waiting on this moment very much and i hope we will be together.
ok i will be waiting on your next letter, kiss

Letter 4

Hello my sunny Jeff!!!!I am so happy to get the letter from you, you make me so happy from it. my dear man you know i want to meet you very much and it is my main dream on this moment, really. my man Jeff i wan to go to you very much, i will do all that we will be the happiest people in the world.
Today i went to the agency to do the passport, so it will be ready in 2 weeks, but my dear they also told me that i need else some other documents. I need 70$ for the documents from my work that they guarantee my working place when I will come back, $100 for the police report and $85 for medical document and $65 for visa. So i need else 250$, i am very sad from it and i don't know what to do with it, really.

I want to meet you very much, it is my main dream on this moment and i will do all that you will be the happiest man in the world, really. ok my dear i will not take a lot of your time, i will be waiting on your next letter, kiss



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