Scam letter(s) from Oksana Grigoreva to Stavros (Greece)

Letter 1
My love Stavro, I am glad to receive your letter.
First of all I want to tell you that I understand the situation with Vlasis. There is not any problems. I think we made friends with him and after a while he learns about our relationship. As for my son, then he will be a lot easier. Simply, he is too young and does not understand what a relationship between a man and a woman. But I am 100% confident that you will like it, you're such a wonderful man.
My prince, with regard to the phone. My phone is not repaired. But I was able to borrow the phone with her friend. She recently bought a modern phone, and the old lay at home. I asked her about that she lent it to me until that moment until I get back to you. She agreed. so now I have a telephone and go with him to Moscow.
That night I hardly slept. I'm thinking of you and me, our meeting and so on. These thoughts were in my head almost until dawn. So I could not sleep for more than a couple hours. But despite this I am very cheerful now, and I was quite sleepy.
Now I write you a letter very fast, because after 50 minutes will fit on a bus to Moscow. I'll write you a sms message as soon as I move off from their city. I think that you can not get through to me tonight. Simply go to the track, and there all around the forest and communication likely will not catch. But do not worry. As soon as I'll be in Moscow, I immediately write you a message. Deal? Just seems to me that in Moscow, many internet cafes and I can write you a letter as well.
My mom and Kirill are also dressed. They go see me at the station. Uffff, I now have a strange feeling. But I like it. Tomorrow I'll be in Moscow and received his visa. As soon as I'll be in Moscow, I immediately leave their belongings in the cloakroom, then take off in a motel room at night and then go to the Embassy.
Okay, I end my letter, my love. I need to go. The bus will not wait for me. :)
I love you and send you to the meeting.
Kiss tenderly, your Oksanochka!
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