Scam letter(s) from Diana Sokolova to Ioannis (Greece)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Ioannis
You are so much liked me, that I cannot wait to see you. Today I was in agency of travel. I have buy visa.
And I wanted to buy tickets. But tickets cost 860 USD. It is price with return tickets.
I have get my salary, it is just 500 USD. As you know, teacher in Russia not so rich people.
And I paid 100 USD for visa. Then I paid for tickets my 400 USD. I have no more.
I want to ask you help me to pay for tickets. I have already visa, so I need just a tickets.
Can you pay in agency of travel 460 USD. For me impossible to find this sum.
Darling, I have nobody. Just you can help me. I leave in agency your e-mail, they shall send you information.
I give to you travel agency information. Travel Freedom
907452 Russia Bryansk
Modestova 36, office 17
Tel: +7 4832 5836295
Fax: +7 4832 5838573
Letter 2

Darling Ioannis
I am waiting to meet you for a long time. I am realy dreaming about you.
As I told you, trust very important in serious relationship. I want that you trust me. I send you copy of my passport.
Now you can see, how I am serious with you.
Will be waiting for your letter lovely.
Genlte kisses, your Diana
Letter 3

Hello Mr. Ioannis
My name is Galina. I am manager of agency of travel.
Today I have speak with Diana Sokolova.
She buy the visa and wanted to buy flight tickets.
But she pay for tickets only 400 USD.
The tickets cost 860 USD. Diana said that you can pay other sum.
You need to pay only 460 USD.
I send you flight information for Diana Sokolova.
You can pay via international system Western Union.
Address: 907452 Russia, Bryansk, Modestova 36, office 17
Contact person: Galina Kostoglotova, main manager
If you have some questions, you can contact me anytime.
Phone: +7 4832 5836295
With best regards, Galina
Letter 4

DATE: 26 JUNE 06 -------------------------------------- FLIGHT INFORMATION
AeroflotSU 295 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation Terminal 2 10:35
E. Venizelos (ATH), Athens, Greece 13:15 ATHENS - MOSCOW 9 JULY 2006
AeroflotSU 296 E. Venizelos (ATH), Athens, Greece 16:50
Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation Terminal 2 21:10 ______________________________________ AIR FARE 780.00 TAX 80.00 AIR TOTAL USD 860.00
INVOICE TOTAL USD 860.00 ______________________________________ RESERVATION NUMBER(S) LH/L34CL
Letter 5

Hello Mr. Ioannis
I want to inform you that Diana Sokolova has taken her tickets.
Thank you for using our agency.
With best regards, Galina
Letter 6

Hi my darling Giannis
I am just now come from agency of travel.
And I have my tickets. I am so happy.
Thank you very much. Soon we shall meet.
See you the 1 of July.
Kisses, your Diana
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