Scam letter(s) from Jemimah Darko to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jeff Good Morning,
Wow i like the pictures you sent to me and it is very lovely as well,I can't wait to be with you and taste that thing of yours that belong to me my dear.Well you know my ex boy friend treated me very badly and that was why it keep a very long time before planing on looking for a good man like you to settle down and share the rest of my life with and i knew you are the good man my heart desire and the kind of man am looking and my dream has comes through as well,Larry told me this morning you called last night and i was at sleep by then so i gave my phone to him that whenever you called he should say hi to you and hear your voice as well OK my dear...I just took some new pictures for you this morning and i hope you would like it as well OK my dear.Hope to hear from you soon and work very hard for me OK my love....Love you so much and i can't wait to be with you....... Brandy....
Letter 2
I just took this pictures for you in my hotel room now and i can't wait to see yours also my dear....Hope to hear from you soon.. Brandy...
Letter 3
I just had an accident that Larry and 5 of my workers had an accident on 20minte so i need to rush to the hospital now,i told Larry not to drive the car because here is not my country and Larry did not listen to me because he want to go and pick up the workers..Am rushing to the hospital now...see you soon...
Letter 4

Hello Jeff,
I am at the hospital now and the doctor said before he would be able to take very good care of them i will need to pay for everything and i check for the price of everything and it would cost me $1,200for the treated and the repairing of the car because all the body of the car is burn and it must to repair but i am having $1,000 here with me now because i did not bring enough money because of the contract so i would like you to help me with $200 i will pay you when i return back next week to the State...i wanted not to do the work anyone but seens i have already started it i need to finish and take my money OK my love...i would be very grateful for you to help me take very good care of them because i have no one apart from you and my only brother left Larry my love..Hope to hear from you soon... Brandy....
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