Scam letter(s) from Maria Ivleva to Owen (England)

Letter 1
Hello dear Owen! I'm glad your new letter. This means that you do not forget about me and we are for each other all the same what that means. I feel that gradually become attached to you. You become part of my life ...
Thank you for your beautiful words. And I like to hear it. And I see that you're a smart man. And I feel that I was starting to fall in love with you. And I can not do anything about it. On the one hand me a little bit scary. But on the other hand, I see that you are kind and good person and you do not do anything bad to me.
You know you changed my world, he became more emotional. when I tell you about myself, about life, about work, friends .... it gladdens my heart and thoughts of you have become so not interchangeable. I think that we have chosen destiny. If I did not have Internet access, we would have with you is not met. Can I jump to conclusions, but I'm sure that it is fate brought us together. I am glad that we could find on the Internet each other. Because the Internet is a lot of people, and we have found each other again. I do not even know what happened to my life now. I think that it would proceed as boring. The quiet, monotonous life. But you brought into my life meaning. I was curious to live, I get emotional when I read your letters, I began to worry for you, I want to know what you are doing.
It sounds strange, but it's true. I thought that love can be found easily, in light of the many men that I've like me. Years pass, and it turns out that I was all alone. Now I began to have your letters. My life has become better and I do not want to stop our correspondence. I feel that you write to me with all my heart, for me it is very important. I know how you feel about me and you my pretty. And I hope all is mutual. Maybe you funny to read about this, but I say, as I concern to you, I speak honestly and sincerely, sincerely and wholeheartedly. I know that the eyes are the mirror of his soul, if I saw your eyes, I saw all your soul ... So I wanted to tell you about my favorite time of year. I like the spring and summer. And you know why? I love it when all the blossoms in spring, when the first leaves, then flowers and even the air is clean and so nice. Summer likes to swim, relax in nature. I love to barbecue or barbecue. My friends say that I have good at it. I even send you a photo. I hope that you enjoy. Waiting for new messages and stories about themselves. I kiss you Mariya
Letter 2
Hello my dear Owen!!! I am glad to receive your letter. Today I talked with my boss. I told her about our situation. At first she was surprised to find that I love so far. But then she said she could help me. She said that there is a program of training abroad for teachers in Russia. I have the opportunity to get a referral for an internship in a school in England. I heard about this program before. But I do not think that any teacher can use this. My boss said that I can use this program because I have good references, great experience and I know the English language. Training program means a job in England for 3 months. I get a work visa and contract for work. But in order to take advantage of this program, I need to pay for a passport, visa, medical examination, insurance and tickets. For the paperwork I need 450 pounds. I was very upset when I found out that amount. Because my salary is only 150 pounds a month. But if I'm working in England, my salary will be from 1000 to 1500 pounds for 2 weeks. Dear my heart almost stopped when I saw your offer to get married. I mentioned this to my mom. She said that you're a real man because you do not expect a miracle, you yourself are creating a miracle. And your words sound like my dream. I think we can discuss that as soon as I come to you. I am waiting for your letter my dear. Mariya
Letter 3
Hello my dear Owen!!! I am glad to receive your letter. I am very pleased to hear about what you're doing all that we were together. I am very grateful to you for it. I see what you really want us to be together. It means a lot to me, my dear. I want to say you're the only man in my life. And I want to be next only to you. I also have good news for you. Today I talked with my mother. I told her about our plans to meet and be together. My mom wants to help us. She said there will I receive the documents (visa and passport) That it will pay for my tickets to you. This means that I need only 450 pounds to come to you. I hope you will be very glad to hear it. My mom sends you greetings. Darling I miss you. Very difficult for me to be one here. And I just want to be closer to you.
So I was able to touch you. I want to lean upon your ******. To feel your warmth and hear your heartbeat. I think my heart beats with yours. Because every minute of my day is with thoughts of you.
Sometimes it makes me sad. But I remember that I have you. And I feel much better. Though you away from me. But my thoughts are with you.
And my heart breaks for you. I want us to be together soon my dear.
With love to you my dear. Mariya
Letter 4

Hello my dear Owen!!! I am glad to receive your letter. I'm sorry that I'm not writing my address I will send my address to you in this letter. But I do not want you to send a gift in the mail. I wish you gave it to me personally. I want to get it out of your hands and hear the words of congratulations. You said that you could get a bank loan. I hope it did not bring a lot of problems for you. I do not want you to have a lot of headaches for me. If you took a bank loan it means that I can help you with payment for this loan. As soon as I come to you and get a job training program I'll give you all your costs. I'll give you every last pound. I want everything to be honest. I do not have bank accounts. Because I get cash for my work and never use bank transfer.
I asked my girlfriend how to send money from abroad. She said that her husband was a sailor. And he often sends her money from other countries. He used the money transfer system MoneyGram. To send money you need to know the address of the bank and my full name. You can find out about MoneyGram in the near to you bank.
I give you my data:
Mariya Anisimova
Russian Federation
City Sarapul
Lenin Street, house 64 apartment 18
And the address of the bank. In my town there is no bank that can receive money transfers. Because my city is poorly developed and it is small. But the bank is in the nearest big city of Izhevsk. Izhevsk is located 60 kilometers from my town. Buses run frequently so that I can at any moment to go to Izhevsk.
Bank Address:
Russian Federation
Maxim Gorky street 156
Darling, if you need more information then just ask me and I'll write you all you need. I'll wait for your letter my dear. I love you and really miss you!
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