Romance scam letter(s) from Irina to E. P. (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello! Thanks for your letter! Let’s begin our communication!!! Hope it would be pleasant for both of us!
My name is Irina, I am 26. My native town is Alchevsk, Luhansk region. It is not very big town, but I love it very much! My family is not very big unfortunately. I have no any sisters or brothers, but I have many cousins. My father is an engineer and my mum is teacher of physical training. She grafted her love to sport to me! I have many friends and I love to spend time with them!!!
I finished university in Luhansk and now I am working as a manager. When I was studying at the university I began to develop my English, because I understood that knowledge of this language will help me in future. And now I can see that it helps, because I can correspond with you. Well, I have no PC at home, but I have in on my workplace. I can write letters to you when I have a couple of free minutes. I hope it is not a big problem if there is a wish to communicate.
I have never been married. I am very active and positive girl, I can charge everyone with my energy and optimism! I feel that others feel comfortable and free with me. I am always ready to help my friends, to support my close people. Also I am a volunteer! I am gladly helping other people who need it. For example I gather people in order to help children in hostels. I like helping people and I try my best to do it. I like children very much! And I try to feed homeless animals when I can.
But I feel that I need something more! I dream to give all my love to one and only man and make him happy!!! Money, social status or distance doesn’t matter to me! I am just looking for real feelings and emotions!
Well, if it has interested you, write me please about yourself! About your family and friends! About nature around you! Wait for your letter!
Letter 2
Hi there!!! I am very glad that you wrote to me once again! I read it with interest! It is very pleasant to communicate with you! So, if you don’t mind, I will tell you a little bit more about me. But of course our life is too short to learn everything about somebody. Nevertheless we will try to!!!
Surrounding people say that I am strong, independent and cheerful person. Actually, I am, I can easily go somewhere, organize some crazy event and gather people. I am the leader. So I think my work fits me perfectly!!! I don’t need anybody to say what to do. I know what I want from my life and I take it!
But when I am at home I turned to another girl. I think the main goal in every woman’s life is to create a healthy and beautiful family; so it is important to be a good host. I love to do some work about the house to make it snug and pretty. I live alone separately from my parents so I need to do everything by myself. I like cooking and potted plants. Do you love them?!? I have a lot of!!! Especially I like violets. As for cooking I believe the simpler food is the healthier and tastier it supposes to be. Do you agree?!? Also I have a big aquarium in my flat. I like it so much! It reminds me of sea where I spend every summer a few weeks!
I spend a lot of time with my close friends! We can go to a cafe, night club or barbecue. We often go to a sea shore in summer! I adore sea, and you? In winter we prefer skiing in Carpathian Mountains. I am a good skier! Maybe one day I teach you and we will descent on the ski run somewhere. Two times a week I am going to a sport center! Actually, I have been doing gymnastics for nearly all my life!!! My mum taught me.
Well, when I am at home, sometimes I feel like I am a little girl. I need someone to fondle me, to take care of me. That's why I am looking for reliable, down-to-earth, loving man.
So, write to me please what are you doing in your spare time?!? Do you like active kinds of rest? Maybe you are also going for a sport? Waiting for your letter with impatience!
Kiss you on a cheek,
Letter 3
Hello, dear! I am very pleased to receive your letters! It is becoming more and more interesting to me. I see that you are not an ordinary man! Actually, I have never met someone like you! I didn’t even know that kind of man exists!!! :) *joking* I feel understanding and warmth is growing between us. And I like it so much!!!
This morning when I was going to my work I saw a homeless cat and my heart was bleeding. You see, my dear, I have no any cat or dog at home because of some reason. When I was a child I had a pet – beautiful black cat. His name was Barsik. I don’t know why but he was so unlucky from the very beginning. When he was 4 year old he had an accident with car. It is a miracle but he stayed alive. But he had two operations on his back paw. They were successful but he began to limp anyway. Since than we loved him even more! And one day he suddenly vanished. Just disappeared without a trace. I cried my heart out. My mum couldn’t see me in such a state anymore. So she told me that we should write an announcement and disseminate it all over the town. In this announcement we wrote cat’s appearance, that he suffered two operations and we would give remuneration to one who brings Barsik home. Please, please, help us somebody!!! We did so and waited. But nothing happened. Nobody calls. And since that time I decided not to have a pet. Sorry for writing you such useless and unnoticeable events, but I hope such small things help to understand each other better!
My mum and dad are a great support for me. I meet them every holiday. Especially I like a tradition when all our family gathers on my birthday and we are going on a picnic somewhere near the water. All that preparations are very interesting and pleased to do!!! I think that birthday is a family holiday first of all. I have a lot of relatives and all of them are coming on 15th of June: my cousins, aunts and uncles, two of my niece and nephew… The more relatives the more presents! :) *joking* Ballyhoo and hubbub everywhere! Everybody talks and laughs and I am in such a good mood!
As for you, my honey? Have you any pets? Or maybe you dream to take care of me?!?To tell you the truth, I would like it very much. I feel that I need to be near you. I have never felt like that! Tell me, honey, do you feel the same?!? Write me about your family! Maybe there was some day you want to write me about? I am waiting for your letter! Kiss you!!!
Your Irina.
Letter 4

Hi my honey, I am so happy that we found each other! I can’t even dream about! If somebody has told me earlier that I would meet my soul mate so far away, I wouldn’t believe!!! But it happened! I miss your letters so much! I think more and more about how it would be to meet you in reality. And what about you, do you want it too?! Life is full of surprises, and it makes it be so great and unexpected!!! I feel that our meeting is not accidental. I think we are to be together! How do you think?!? Do you want to be with me, my sweet?!? Because I have never wanted to be with anyone like I want to be with you now!!!
Now I am always in such a great mood that I feel a necessity to help other people even more! I want everybody to be as happy as I am! And I am doing my best to realize it! Last time when I and my friends-volunteers were in hostel we brought the toys and sweets to the children. Oh, you can’t even image their eyes! They were sparkling!!! I was maybe even gladder than they were.
And what about you, honey? Do you have any high goal to reach in your life? Or tell me just about your plans, what are you dreaming about? Is there anything that you want to realize? Share with me, my love, and I hope I will be able to help you!!! My sweetest babe, write to me! Send you the thousand kisses!!!
Your Irina.
Letter 5
Hi, my sweetest babe!!! All my days are full of expectancy now and I can’t stop thinking about our meeting, about you and what we would like to do together, where we would like to go.
My dream is to visit London in autumn. I don’t know why but I have being always dreaming to see real famous English rain! Do you know my babe that in autumn a great parade is holding on in London: everybody is in costume and everything is so colorful and stylish!!! This fancy-dress ball is dedicated to new lord mayor. People are going through all city and lord mayor at the end of parade vows fidelity to the queen. Grandeur and fascination! I can image like you and me are in the chic costumes and confetti is falling down on us. So romantic, do you agree?
I dream that maybe you and me together will once visit London in autumn and see that amazing event!!! To be near and close to you in such a great and unforgettable parade – what would be better!?! And after that we could go under the English rain, hugging and kissing. How do you like the idea, my sweet?
Have you ever travel far, my dear? If yes, write me about it!!! Maybe you have some funny story connected with it? Tell me where you would like to go with me, with your beloved baby?! Wait for your reply! Kiss you avidly!!!
Your Irina
Letter 6
Hello, my dearest!! There is no minute I don’t think about you! I think now I have no person closer to me than you are! You understand me like no one does!!! I feel like nothing is impossible to me now!!! I eagerly want to be with you and I know that you want to be with me too!!!
Yesterday I was watching my favorite film “Gone with the wind”. Vivien Li is starring in it. It is my favorite film!!! I saw this movie a thousand times and every time I feel that I found there something new. You see, the main character Scarlett reminds me of myself very much. Yes, I think if she had been real we would be soul mates. She is strong, fearless, independent and stubborn as I am!!! In everything she does she brought her passion and invincible will! She is self-reliant and decisive. And of course beautiful!!
You know, my dear, when I was watching this picture this time, I was thinking of you, of you only. I imaged that you are Rhett and I am Scarlett like we are kissing for a first time. I tried to image your lips, your sweet mouth love, passion and danger!!! And nothing else matters! Only their love and our love, my sweetest!!!
But I know for sure that in difference with Scarlett I will never make such a mistake as she did! I found my real love and I will not ever lose it! I want to be with you, my baby!!! I want you to know it! What is your favorite film or a book, honey?!? Is there any character which resembles you? It is very interesting to me!!! Write to me, I am waiting! But don’t keep me waiting for long!!! Kissing you!
Yours Irina.
Letter 7
Hi, my sweetest darling! I want you to know that I want to be with you most of all in the world!!! Now my life seems to be impossible without you!!! I want to spend my lifetime being near you! Now we know each other closely enough and I can tell that in spite of distance and certain problems we let our love grow and develop. All I want now is seeing you! It doesn’t matter where and how it would be! Of course, I can image our meeting in the most beautiful place on Earth, but in reality most possible that we will firstly see each other in the airport or some other not so romantic place. But for me it doesn’t matter! Because we are what we are and while times and places are changing, we remain to be the same. I just want you to hug me tight and kiss me! I want to tell you: Hello, my honey, I have been waiting for you for all my life! Straight to your beautiful eyes, just like we have never being separately. And since than we would stay together, because nothing is better for me! It is going to be our first meeting, and as for our first date I think we will decide together where and when it should be.
Say to me, dear, that you want to see me too! That is all I need to know! I have never met such a wonderful man as you are and I know I will never meet again. You are the only one for me. You are everything for me now. I am waiting for your reply and I guess it will make me very happy!!!
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