Scam Letter(s) from Monica Walkin to Mark (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello Mark
Am glad to hear from you well am am citizen from the state California but my dad citizen from The republic of Benin republic coz he has alot of properties there he as is inheritance there .. why mum was spain i hope you can understanding me now ..well today just help my grand ma clean house, washing, cut glass,cooking ,i will be at church tommorw i understanding u have been hurt before but all u just need to do is to have faith an trust in our conversation i hope you understanding me i have been hurt also so i know the feeling of begin hurt and i have promise i will never hurt anyone coz i know the feeling of begin hurt , and i like caring for my man and give him 100% of love and respect to my man well you are free u can ask me more question i will answer u back can u send me your picture so hope to hear from you.

Letter 2

Honey, Remember i told you that my late dad was a international business man before is death..he told me that my whole late father properties{Companies, estate and cars} have been sold for the amount of $38Million by the Federal Security Agents and have been held into a finance account.... So, i was told that i have to come and claim my money from them, so as soon as i get the money, So, i was told that i have to come and claim my inheritance from them, and i will spend just 1 week and couple of days, but as soon as i get the money, i will be coming to meet in the state....he has Companies,estate and cars there, and all was sold for that amount,just become he is dead and no one never go there to handle his properties, cos i and i hate traveling out of the state......Honey, he was coming home from Chiapas , Mexico so after his departure at Portland airport, he had a car crash on his way driving home.... I am leaving here tonight Love, Honey i want to get this for i and you and our kids... $38Million is a large amount of money, which i think my late father will be proud of me if i could get my right from there stupid i will need to be there for provide some doc for the properties i could claim it and get back to the state i hope you understand me my love i love you so much kiss you so much my love .. let me know when u got this mail i will let you know when am at there tommorw i love you so much.. Hope to hear from let me know what are u going to send for our birthday

Letter 3

Hello sweetie heart how are you doing today my queen how is weather over there hope everything is alright with you my love , Thanks God i have a save trip to that country i was told you on Tuesday nooni just get there in about 2 hours ago my love as am there i quickly booking for an hotel and get my laptop connected that i can be able to communicate with you baby . am happy i read from you now t is nice to hearing from you yeap now i know you caring for me with all your life now baby i could not wait to hold your arm and give you bath and kiss you tight i want you beside me my queen i have been thinking maybe they did not have internet service here but am happy they have internet here my love so i could still communicate with you am happy with that my love i think i have lost you but the internet still make me have you back .. sweetie they are around 11am here right i hope you will be around 12am so sweetie heart i wish we are together now it will better honey i love you so much my love so sweetie heart i went out with the lawyer today and talking the them around here said i could not received any gift it will better if u can send me money through western union that is what they said i think u can assist us with 250 pounds or 300 pounds or any amount you can afford so i can buy all what i need for my birthday and Micheal birthday also so my love i wish we are together but i know we going to be together soon my love so i have to go outside with my lawyer now i will check my e mail later and i will give you the address where you will send the money ok i love you so much..Hope to hear from you



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